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January 2003

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December 07

eComStation's new Australian Web Site

December 7th 2002

Orion Solutions launches major update to both the Orion Solutions and eComStation (australia) web sites.

The release is intended to provide an easier to use web site for existing and new users.

The sites are also being hosted internally for the first time, and we would be interested to know if the speed is acceptable to users. (however we do expect that it may run slowly after this announcement!)

Secondly we are officially announcing the ability to pre-order eCS 1.1 which, at this stage, we expect to be shipping at the beginning of February 2003.

Lastly we hope you all have a joyful holiday season. May you cherish this time with family and friends. Enjoy :-)

Yours Sincerely

Mark A Rogers

Principal Consultant
Orion Solutions
PO BOX 1492
Wodonga Vic 3689
Ph 02 6056 5455
International +61 2 6056 5455
Fax 02 6024 1042

December 07

Test NIC drivers...

I need OS/2 users there help. I don't know if VIA has yet released the NIC drivers I have for OS/2. I need people that can test the drivers that have a VIA NIC chipset build on there motherboard. PLEASE NOTE, don't confuse the NIC chipset from VIA with Realtek 8139 or 8129 chipsets also found onboard on a lot of motherboards with a VIA motherboard chipset.

I have already been in contact with VIA about there AC 97 audiodriver . Thats why there have been 1 or 2 new releases. People who get system sounds under OS/2 that are played fast I can not help. The chipset on your montherboard (from VIA) only then supports single rate. That means playback and recording at 16 bit 48 Khz Stereo. The drivers are not perfect and I will send them some more bug reports soon.

I don't have vendor and chipset ID's. VIA has been asking if I can give feedback. If have the following drivers for which I need testers:

For the chipset:


The NIC chipsets can also be integrated on the montherboard chipset (meaning not visable on the motherboard it self). If VIA has already released the drivers let me know if you have any bugs with the drivers.

Roderick Klein

December 06

New kernels on testcase

Dec 6 12:37 1,069,487
Dec 6 12:37 1,172,190
Dec 6 12:37 1,012,586
Dec 6 12:37 1,107,775
Dec 6 12:37 1,015,033
Dec 6 12:37 1,110,101

[Moderator's note: As always these are not officially supported by IBM unless they tell you to use them. Please send any followup to comp.os.os2.bugs on usenet. Also note that files are only on IBM's testcase for 2-3 days, so if you want to try these get them now. Make certain you back up any files replaced and don't try these on a production system. Read any readme file before applying any changes. If your system is working well, and you have no problems addressed by these updates, do yourself a favour and don't mess with this. You have been warned.

From the readme.txt acompanying these kernel files, changes since the last testcase kernels(20020822):

Fixes to problems that exist in released code:
20021010 revision 14.091c
- put back in the IRQ fix in os2ldr. seems to be ok
- took clock01 out of the package.
20021028 revision 14.093a
PJ28871 trap with TRACEBUF= .../D=ALL in config.sys
- fix an obscure trap in KernelFaultEntry on debug kernel only
- fix a trap if Kern32ReadFileAt called and an ISS is installed
- fix a trap if Kern32ReadFileAt called and an ISS is installed (the fix was not correct in 1028)
- trap in w_dup trying to do DosDupHandle to target handle outside range of current max file handle number PJ28941 trap 000e routine VMAliasToAlias doing procdumps on some systems]

December 06


PLEASE! Remove VIDEO2.INI first!

* mp3 audio seek fix

* sometimes sound dissappears after pause. possible fixed :)
* WMA2 decoding moved to native

* Movie window is not closing when loop enabled
* Movie window is not changing size, when loop or movie window enabled

+ new hotkeys for movie window:
Q/A - Sync correction +/-

Warp Overlay only hotkeys:
W/S - Hardware brigtness (Pressed with control will reset to default)
E/D - Hardware contrast (Pressed with control will reset to default)
T/G - Hardware saturation (Pressed with control will reset to default)
Y/H - Hardware hue (Pressed with control will reset to default)

+ single copy running: when wv already running, second wv just exit if second wv have file name as parametr, wv pass it to first copy, which start play it immideately
* memory leaks
* trap, when media without sound plays after media with sound + postprocess (seems doesnt works, but eats cpu :) )
* WV engine changes:
- always latest libavcodec :)
- avi sync fix
- mpeg2 3DNow -> MMXEXT for motion compensation
- WMA 1/2 native audio decoding (ffmpeg)
- increase A/V threads stack
- audio playback & codecs fixes
- sync fixes

Program URL:

December 06

DFSee 5.06 released; LVM/VCU replacement

DFSee is the SWISS-ARMY-KNIFE for disk and filesystem problems. With FDISK-like displays, analysis and recovery, FIX commands, UNDELETE for HPFS/NTFS, imaging and cloning. More details at:

With the 5.06 version DFSee can now completely replace LVM.EXE and VCU.EXE for compatibility-volumes, modify AND create ... Plus it uses an easy to operate dialog-window for LVM now!

Direct download links:

Most important functional changes:

- LVM Interactive dialog, create NEW info, many new options! - CREATE -L option creates LVM info; Smart FAT type: 01/04/06/0b/0c - FDISK Made almost modeless, commands now work from all FS modes - VCU New command, clear old info and generate new default LVM info - MODE New command, set display size and windowing dynamically - PART -c or parameters '+c' or '++c' performs CHECK on each partition - RESIZE Automatic execution of LVM command after resize

Check DFS*.TXT files for details, all changes listed in DFSHIST.TXT

Registering DFSee will give you the right to use all 5.xx versions and get support plus a reasonable amount of assistance by email. Existing 4.xx registrations can be upgraded to 5.xx as well.

But even more important, it enables further development of DFSee!

Regards, Jan van Wijk

December 05

OS/2 Device Driver for WatchCard PCI (Antrax GmbH) V1.0

[Note: Site is in German. Reading it via Babelfish I'm still not sure what the WatchCard is for. It appears to be an addin ISA or PCI card that monitors the PC for system errors or looping conditions and performs a hardware reset.]

December 04

osFree snapshot released

osFree binary snapshot
December 5, 2002

1. General status

This release is not intended for production use. Its goal is to conclude the work being made on the open-source osFree project. The released set comprises several command-line utilities, requiring a working OS/2-compatible system.

Many of you may ask what the need for these utilities are. You may already have a copy of OS/2 Warp and no need for another ansi.exe. The answer is simply opensource. While you own a binary copy of ansi.exe you have not rights to the source nor may you spread the copy you have. To build a new OS compatible with OS/2 all tools are needed not just a new kernal. The osFree team are activly looking for more developers. If you feel you have the interest in an opensource OS/2 dont hesitate to join. It should be noted that no component has been subjected to extensive testing yet, so the components may only be *deemed* complete because the required functionality is implemented. The file ( can be found in the incoming directory at hobbes and on several other ftp sites.

2. Contacting the development team

A web site dedicated to the development is at
To join a public discussion forum, please sign up at:

FTP site:
FTP write-only \"drop zone\":

Anonymous read-only CVS: Password is \"readonly\".

-> URL:
-> Hobbes:
-> FTP-Search:

December 04

Calculates the mouse input rate in the OS/2 GUI

December 03

New BT32.SYS

I've uploaded a new version of BT32.SYS/LXAPI32.SYS and it's applications to

BT32.SYS is a driver for BT8x8 based TV cards. It was ported from the linux bttv driver.

With the sample application in this package you can
- View TV
- View Teletext
- Hear Radio

December 03

Sarg - Squid Analysis Report Generator

Sarg - Squid Analysis Report Generator is a tool that allow you to view "where" your users are going to on the Internet. Sarg generate reports in html, with fields like: users, IP Addresses, bytes, sites and times.

December 03

CBIRC - Java IRC Client

I'm glad to announce a public preview version of my Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client CBIRC.

Some of the features are:
+Single document interface (SDI)
+Complete RFC 1459 compatible
+Ident support
+Displays mIRC styles and colors
+Displays ANSI colors
+Displays CTCP/2 styles and colors
+URL's are highlighted
+Intrinsic web browser
+Flood protection
+DCC chat, send, get
+Transfer window with transfer statistics
+CTCP version, userinfo, clientinfo, action, finger, source and time
+Automatic reconnect and rejoin channels

CBIRC is written in Java. I recommend to use IBM's Java 1.3.1 with WebStart support.

You can download CBIRC at:

December 03

Mozilla 1.2.1

Mozilla 1.2.1 is out. This is our latest stable release and users of all previous versions are encouraged to upgrade to this release for features, as well as performance, stability, and security fixes. It contains the fix for the DHTML bug that prompted us to pull Mozilla 1.2. See the release notes for more info.

Program URL:

December 02

LaBella homepage


LaBella now has a ( preliminary ) homepage, where you can get some information on whats comming !

Kim Foder

December 01

Name competition winner announced


Some time ago I started a naming competition for my new program.

And the winner is :

Michael Baryshnikov

Michael suggested 'LaBelle', and I have decided to call my program for 'LaBella', but as the idea came from Michael, It is only fair that he gets the price of a registered version of either C-Side or LaBella after his choice.

Thanks for the large amount of names I have recieved over the last three wee

LaBella will be released shortly, stay tuned for more info.

Kim Foder

E-Mail :

Homepage :

December 01

Ghostscript v8.00 released

Haven't seen it mentioned somewhere but ...

Artifex Software Inc. and artofcode LLC are pleased to announce the release of Ghostscript 8.00, the most comprehensive software solution for page description languages. Ghostscript is a leader in PDF, PostScript, and PCL technologies. Ghostscript 8.00 features the following new capabilities:

DeviceN color

With the 8.00 release, Ghostscript now offers true DeviceN color space support, natively rendering spot colors, multicolor images, and gradient effects up to 8 color planes. DeviceN also affords direct and precise control over ink balances in large format inkjet devices. Ghostscript currently powers inkjet RIPs from Best Color GmbH, Xerox XES (in partnership with Caldera Graphics), MacDermid/ColorSpan, and Mutoh America.

Spot color

Ghostscript 8.00 fully supports spot colors and Separation color spaces. This functionality is actually a subset of DeviceN color spaces, and hasa high performance implementation.


Ghostscript 8.00 also brings native rendering of overprint and overprint mode, as specified in PDF 1.3, and PostScript LanguageLevel 3. Thus, Ghostscript's power and efficiency is now brought to new domains, including packaging, high end prepress, and others.

Well Tempered Screening

Integration of "Well Tempered Screening", an imagesetter-optimized screening technology from artofcode LLC. WTS produces exact irrational angles, as opposed to the rational supercell approximation common in most competitive RIPs. Dots are exceptionally smooth, even at relatively high rulings and low resolutions. Screener-induced (internal) moire is virtually eliminated. In addition, the WTS integration provides significantly higher throughput when rendering precise color angles than previous Ghostscript releases.


Ghostscript now implements DiskN file resources within PostScript, significantly improving the integration with font downloading utilities.

Ghostscript 8.00 can be downloaded from and

Please see Obtaining AFPL Ghostscript 8.00 for more details.

Direct download:

December 01

UpdCD fix 2.25 has been released


new: added resource file integration (warp 3, wseb, cp)
new: support for mpts and tcp/ip 4.3 fixpaks (cp, warp 4, wseb)
new: flash plug-in installation uses CID procedure now (all)
new: added tools (73_TOOLS) add-on to install zip, arj, etc. (all)
new: aligned with cp fixpak 3 (ecs)
new: added support for dd fpk 3 (ecs)
new: aligned with latest ecs update files (ecs)

fix: i2oxport.sys should not be added double to the config.sys (all)
fix: fixed problem with tcp/ip 4.3 fixpak install (warp 4)

December 01

ePDF v1.0 for OS/2 and eCs

ePDF (formerly known as PS2PDF) is a PM tool for PostScript to PDF conversion, which uses GhostScript as back-end. With ePDF you are able to create PDF files with user definable document informations from any application which supports printing.

more information and downloads:

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