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February 2000

February 19

The next meeting of the Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG) will be next Saturday, Feb. 19, at 9:00 AM PST.

NOTE: We have a new meeting location: we will be meeting at Eastside Christian Schools (Heritage Campus) in Anaheim at 2528 W. La Palma Ave.

Exclusive! New Product Launch at SCOUG!

Are you tired of writing your passwords on yellow sticky notes or using the same password for everything so you don't forget? Would you like a secure place to keep all your passwords and secrets? Come to the next SCOUG meeting for the ultimate solution, as IDK unveils KeyRing/2.

KeyRing/2 acts like an impregnable safe filled with all your passwords. Only you can open that safe with a master password. KeyRing/2 has a number of sophisticated features that SCOUG members will be able to see when developer Kevin McCoy demos the new product at the launch.

The KeyRing/2 product announcement was published on WarpCast on Feb. 4 at http://www.os2ss.com/warpcast/wc4783.html.

After the presentation, we'll have Q&A to help you with your questions/ problems, and then a raffle. After a short break, then the Saturday SIG meetings:

Programming SIG: In January, Steven Levine proposed a multi-month programming project of updating an "abandoned" OS/2 freeware or share- ware application (with the approval of the program's author, of course). Toward that end, this month the SIG will consider several candidate applications for this "Adopt an App" project.

In addition to discussing the SIG's "Adopt an App" project, we've invited the meeting's main speaker, Kevin McCoy of IDK, Inc., to hang around for the Programming SIG. Kevin will discuss how VX-REXX DLL's written in Virtual Pascal/2 were used in the development of their new product, KeyRing/2. He'll also share his experience with general development issues of REXX DLL's.

General Interest Group: TBA, but see http://www.scoug.com/gig/index.html to see as to what to expect in the coming months.

Internet SIG chats happen several times each week. Join them! (For further information, go to http://www.scoug.com/chat/index.html)

Monday, February 21, 7 PM PST meetings at Eastside Christian Schools (Heritage Campus):

The OS/2 Help Desk will have volunteers to give you hands-on assistance solving your hardware and software problems.

The Networking SIG will be meeting at the same time/place as the Help Desk in the new computer lab. If they haven't finished yet, they'll continue setting up a new network. Come help and find out what all it takes. (For further information, go to http://www.scoug.com/netsig.html)

Thursday, February 24, 7 PM PST meeting at Eastside Christian Schools (Heritage Campus):

The Sundial SIG will meet in the computer lab. In January, they got a look at techniques used to produce SCOUG's monthly newsletter, OS/2 For You. Next, they'll see what's involved using templates, graphics, varied width columns, fixed size text areas, footers, and more to create a polished newsletter.

How to get to Eastside Christian Schools (Heritage Campus):

The Eastside Christian School (Heritage Campus) in Anaheim is at 2528 W. La Palma Ave. It is on the south side of the street (about 200 ft. E of Magnolia) on the Grace Baptist Church property. It's a 2-story office building close to La Palma Ave. with the address of 2528 up near the roof. (It's between 2 large apartment complexes and can be easily missed). Turn in (south) there. Park in the front lot. For the general meeting, go up the stairs in the middle of the building along the parking-lot side. Then go down the hall to your right. For the SIG's, go in at the middle on the ground floor and down the hall to your right.

Freeway exits: (subject to change due to freeway construction on I-5 and the 91 freeways)

1) North I-5 (from central/south Orange County): the La Palma exit has re-opened. Get off at La Palma and turn left (going west over I-5). The school/church will be on your left side.

2) South I-5 (from Los Angeles): take the Magnolia exit and turn right going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the school/church will be on your right side.

3) West 91 freeway (from the Inland Empire, etc): take the Magnolia exit and turn left going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the school/church will be on your right side.

4) East 91 freeway: take the transition to I-5 south. Stay to your right and take the Magnolia exit. Turn right going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the school/church will be on your right side.

OR: Go to:


there is a map to the school, plus a more detailed map ~driving directions from Yahoo! Come and join us!

February 04

The Belgian HCC OS/2 User Group will be holding its next meeting on February *4th* 2000 at the usual location:

Kultureel Centrum De Kam
Beekstraat 172
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

Please note that the meeting will be held one week earlier than originally planned.

The meeting starts at 20:00 with a summary of this month's OS/2 news, some tips and interesting web sites.

Luc Van Bogaert will demo Sundial Systems' latest product: Junk Spy. Thanks to Sundials support, a free copy of this product will be given to one of the attending members.

Main topic of the evening is a demonstration by Feike Oldenhuys of Papyrus, the German suite of office applications.

See you all next Friday!
Luc Van Bogaert.

February 01

The Swiss OS/2 User Association has her monthly meeting on February 1st.

This meeting will be about:

1 ) FX Communications Injoy Internet Dialer/Firewall and Tunnel/2 VPN network Software

2) Discuss the proposition of the club board to maintain a Software-Database on the associations Website which carries information about software running under OS/2 together with a Report on the Software's functionality.

Meeting point:

Meeting room on the first floor of Hotel Krone Unterstrass, Schaffhauserstr. 1, 8006 Zurich. Parking and Tramstop Kronenstrasse (lines 11 ~14) are in the vicinity of the hotel.

The meeting starts at 19:30 h

Our referee:
Frank Dekker

January 26

The OS/2 SIG of the Philadelphia Area Computer Society invites all interested computer users to attend the January meeting:
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2000 7:00 - 10:00 PM
The Episcopal Academy, 376 N. Latches Lane, Merion, PA


The main feature at the January meeting will be a presentation of Java by OS/2 SIG member David Moskowitz, well-known computer consultant ~author. All interested folks are invited to attend and hear about the latest Java developnments.

- What's New with Java
Java 2 and Its Components
Java 2 Enterprise Edition (incl. e-Business Capabilities)
Java Add-ins
Java Security
Visor Palmtop running KVM (small kernel Java VM)
- Java in Web Commerce
Java Tools for e-Commerce
Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlets
- Developer Information
What you need, where to go and resources
- Summary

A brief preparatory announcement will also be made of a Build-a-Thon II (build-your-own) group project which is being planned for meetings during this coming spring.

Other agenda items include SIG business matters, OS/2 news, new software releases, Q&A session, software raffle, etc. An OS/2 system will be on hand for demos of OS/2, Java, Internet, etc., as time permits. Free light refreshments will also be available.

Mark the date and time: Wednesday, January 26th, at 7:00pm, to hear about all the new and exciting developments, or if you have questions about OS/2 Warp and Java. OS/2 SIG meetings are open and free for OS/2 users, their guests and all others interested in learning about OS/2 and associated Java technology.

WE SUPPORT THE JAVA LOBBY: http://www.javalobby.org

Further information, directions to Episcopal Academy, and other useful information about the OS/2 SIG activities may be found on our web site at http://www.phillyos2.org, or contact SIG Leader Larry Lavins: llavins@worldnet.att.net, or phone (215) 878-9609.

January 25

*** Special New York City OS/2 User Group Meeting ***

Topic: An Evening in New York with Brad Wardell of Stardock
Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

R.S.V.P.: Henry Ferlauto (ferlauto@mindspring.com)

Location: IBM Building - 590 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022-2524 (Southwest corner of 57th Street and Madison Avenue)

Directions (via Subway):

+ 4, 5 or 6 to 59th Street (~Lexington Avenue) - Walk two blocks south to 57th Street and then two blocks west to Madison Avenue.

+ N or R to 5th Avenue (~60th Street) - Walk one block south to 59th Street, then one block east to Madison Avenue.

For complete subway and bus maps and schedules, please visit the MTA web site at:



Brad Wardell is in town for a few days and is has agreed to stop by to demonstrate Object Desktop 2.01 for OS/2 and Stardock's upcoming new OS/2 game Stellar Frontier!

In addition, he will give a presentation on OS/2 Past, Present, and Future and be available for question and answer sessions and general conversation.

Stardock's home page is:


January 25

The January Meeting of The Triangle OS/2 USers Group will hold its usual meeting:

Tuesday January 25th, 2000
IBM Sales Office 5th Floor
4800 Falls of the Neuse Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609

Please check our web page for more details:


Steve Kissell

January 18

Tomorrow Night, get a sneak preview of a soon-to-be-announced product...

--> Turn any OS/2 machine into a network probe!

Using any NDIS compliant MAC driver, Network Trace will connect to and capture frames from a local area network.

--> Take a trace on any segment in a network, in seconds!

Any remote control technology, such as Telnet or IBM's Netfinity (TM), may be used to operate Network Trace from its simple command line interface. The resulting trace file is easily transferred back from the remote site via any file transfer tool, such as FTP.

--> No additional hardware required!

Easily deployed as part of the normal software change control process. Operates using hardware already deployed; no specialized hardware devices or options are required. Provides the benefit of a LAN probe in every segment of the network, without the hardware deployment and support costs.

As if there needed to be more... Hedges' Top-Ten List

Roger Borrello
Atlanta OS/2 User's Group Secretary
Eddress: rfb@GoldenCode.com

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