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March 2004

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February 14

LanScan/LanScan4 version 3.0.1

LanScan/LanScan4 version 3.0.1 is available for download:

"Program LanScan is a tool for the network administrator. It allows to scan any addresses range for any class TCP/IP networks. As the result instant list for the all working devices of TCP/IP network which have legitimate IP addresses will be produce.

Scanning could be done with issuing ICMP Echo Request (PING) packets or/and issuing ARP Request packets (this approach can be used for Local Area Networks only, which computer is connected to).

LanScan can run as standalone program or/and as server, which allows to use remote administration or/and remote viewing the scanning results. "

February 13

Caravan 3.07 has been updated

Caravan 3.07 has been updated (2/9/2004). This is an application server which has built-in http, smtp, ftp and database engines. It also provides a scripting language, a dynamic compiler and basic features needed to develop, test and run applications.

"OS/2. Addressed a known vulnerability in caravan."

February 13

NetBeans 3.6 beta

NetBeans 3.6 beta is now available (2/6/2004) for download. NetBeans Developer is a Java IDE written in pure java. The IDE is based on JFC, and uses it's full feature-set. Full support of JavaBeans, use the BeanWizard to generate your own beans in minutes. Integrated full-featured text editor, debugger, compiler, pluggable Look & Feel, and Form Editor with advanced layout manager support.

February 13

PMVNC beta 1 - With Source Code - VNC Server


PMVNC beta 1 (VNC Server for OS/2 & eCS Presentation Manager.) is available for download and includes the source code.

"VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is remote control software which allows you to view and interact with one computer (the "server") using a simple program (the "viewer") on another computer anywhere on the Internet. The two computers don't even have to be the same type, so for example you can use VNC to view an office Linux machine on your Windows PC at home. VNC is freely and publicly available and is in widespread active use by millions throughout industry, academia and privately."

February 13

Security/2 SSES-alpha-0.2.2


"Security/2 is a multi-user system for OS/2. It provides controlled access to files, drives, drivers and other OS/2 stuff, based on access control list for each user. Security/2 has modular structure and can be easily (i hope ;)) extended and provides a API for developers to enable their applications be multi-user."

Web site:
Support forum:

February 12

ePDF PS 30.800

The postscript printer driver ePDF PS 30.800 has been released.

This driver comes with a lot of page sizes up to ISO A0, and it is optimized for PDF creation.

- using latest ps printer drivers from IBM (v30.800)
- new page sizes Dia and 8 x 11 (for presentations)

February 12

Firefox 0.8 released
Firefox 0.8 for OS/2 -

The Browser, Reloaded

[Note that FIreFox is the new name for the browser only build of Mozilla, formerly known as Firebird.]

Firefox is an award winning preview of next generation browsing technology from

Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead.

New in 0.8

* Easier Downloading
* Installer
* Pinstripe Theme
* Extension UI
* Better Bookmarks
* DOM Inspector

Mozilla Firebird becomes Mozilla Firefox

February 10

Don Eitner's OS/2 programs go open source

Effective February 10, 2004 the following programs, developed by Don K. Eitner, are released to the open source community under a BSD style license.

DECalc (version 3.44)
DEsplit (version 0.65 alpha)
HTMLtoPDF (version 1.01)
SmartBackup and SmartBackupPM (version 1.1)
WordWrap and WordWrapPM (version 1.61)

The programs and source code (all Rexx and DrDialog resource files for the PM interfaces) can be downloaded from

The BSD style license was selected so that I may continue to develop my own programs while allowing others to develop new features or implement portions of my programs in their own without limiting their ability to collect payment for their work or to build proprietary extensions.

February 09

InnoTek Font Engine update (FT2LIB_230_Preview5) available

NOTE: I noticed that according to another post on the Innotek support forum this version of FT2LIB "will also timeout on March, 31st but hopefully we will have something newer by then..."


On the Innotek Support forum:;f=38;t=000002;p=1#000000

We have just released an important update to the InnoTek Font Engine version 2 series which addresses a number of issues that many users have been suffering from. For running OpenOffice for OS/2 beta 2, this update is a must have!

February 09

InnoTek Font Engine update (FT2LIB_230_Preview5) available
On the Innotek Support forum:;f=38;t=000002;p=1#000000

Achim Hasenmueller posted 2004-02-09 13:50

We have just released an important update to the InnoTek Font Engine version 2 series which addresses a number of issues that many users have been suffering from. For running OpenOffice for OS/2 beta 2, this update is a must have!

"The InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 (powered by Freetype 2) is a port of the Freetype 2 font engine to the OS/2 Warp platform which provides a tight integration with the OS/2 graphics subsystem. It is designed to be able to replace the OS/2 font rendering subsystem for selected (tested) applications.

The benefits of the Freetype library compared to the default OS/2 font engine can be summarized as follows:

* greatly improved font rendering quality for both TrueType and Adobe Type 1 outline fonts

* 8-bit (256 color) anti-aliasing for smoother font display

* subpixel rendering for LCD screens

* better support for displaying Unicode font data

* more accurate character spacing

* enhanced APIs going beyond the capabilities of the OS/2 graphics subsystem (such as glyph outline query support)"

InnoTek_FT2LIB_230_Preview5.exe (650KB),

February 09

Tame/2 1.0RC2

For those who don't know Tame/2 is a scanning suite.

Printgraph replaced by FaxView (laserjet.drv works now) FaxView again as default viewer added (Thanks to Harald Pollack) User selectable Viewer in setup added Sane 1.0.13 builds with Intel byte-order for Tiff (Thanks to Franz Bakan and Maeda Haruyuki) Histogram for orginal and edited scan added Vanishing child-windows fixed Shadows for bubble-help added Updated and corrected Scanner.dat Hide windows when scanning in setup added Close/open Selection Info window added Updated drusctr016.dll (Thanks to Chris Wohlgemuth) Updated rxmmio.dll (Thanks to Arnim Schwarz) currently unused. Keep temporary files added in setup Limit printable scansize to 40MB replaced by warning screen (100MB testet, no sys3175 in pmgpi.dll )

These scanner work (tested)

Microtek Scanmaker 600 **
Microtek Scanmaker 630 **
Microtek Scanmaker 330 **
Microtek Scanmaker 636 **
Microtek Scanmaker V6USL **
Microtek Scanmaker X12USL **
Microtek Scanmaker X6 **
Agfa Studioscan IISi **
Microtek Scanmaker E3
Microtek Scanmaker E6
Microtek Scanmaker II
Microtek Scanmaker III
Highscreen Perfectscan
Highscreen Highscan
Escom Power 3000
Epson 1200
Epson 1640
Epson FS200
Epson GT5500
Epson GT7000
Epson GT9500
Epson GT9700
Epson 1240
Epson 1640USB
Epson 1650
Epson 1660
Epson 640U
Epson 636U
Epson 610U
Epson 2400 PHOTO
Epson 3200 PHOTO
HP 3+ **
HP 3P **
HP 3C **
HP 4C **
HP 4P **
HP 5P **
HP 6100C **
HP 6200C **
HP 6250C **
HP 6300C **
HP 6350C **
HP 6390C **
Mustek MFC600S *
Mustek MFS6000CX *
Mustek Paragon 1200A3Pro *
Mustek SE12000SP *
Mustek SE12000SP Plus *
Trust 19200 *
Medion MD9890 ***
Mustek SE6000S ***
Umax Astra 1200S
Umax Astra 1220S
Umax Astra 2100S
Umax Astra 2200
Umax 12S
Umax S6E
Umax PowerLook III
Linotype Hell Jade
Plustek Optic Pro
Avision AV 620
Avision AV 630
Canon FB620S
Canon FB1200S
Canon FS2710 *****
Sharp JX250
Agfa Snapscan 1236S ** and ******
Nikon LS20
Nikon LS1000
Devcom Blackwidow 9636 PRO
Nikon LS2000

February 08

OS2 World - Large Poll has been updated

Due to the fact that there is now more office applications available for OS/2 using either 16-bit windows version or together with Odin or using the latest version of OpenOffice Beta for OS2. We would like to ask you what office application that you run.

The current poll, Which office suite do you use under OS/2, can be found at following url:

For those of you that have participated earlier in polls at OS2 World will hopefully notice that we have started to use a new poll script developed by StuffedGuys. Among other this new scripts offers the possibility of submitting suggestions on future new polls and as well a poll archive.

February 08

UpdCD 2.41 fix has been released

UpdCD 2.41 fix has been released. This is a fix release which must be installed on top of an existing UpdCD 2.40 installation.

Some of the changes since version 2.40:

fix: Unformatted drives should not be selected during addon installation
fix: should not be added to classpath for Java 1.3.1
fix: JAVA 1.3.1 update was copied to the wrong dir (ecs 1.1)
fix: Made FC/2 addon installation source a zip file to preserve object icon
fix: Made SysBar addon installation source a zip file to preserve object icon
fix: Addon installation program did not correctly identified empty addons
fix: UpdCD now really kills Warp 4 registration program
fix: Peer (and probably other) syslevel files were not updated correctly

new: Integrated LxLite 1.3.3
new: Regenerate cdinst.??? to support drive B:
new: Aligned with Warp 4 fixpak 17
new: Added JAVA 1.1.8 fixpak support for eCS 1.1 and CP
new: Aligned with Innotek Fontlib rc2 and rc3 (or higher)
new: Added support for PMFax Pro update (Warp 4)

UpdCD can be used to create an updated OS/2 Warp 3/4, WSeB, CP 1/2 or eCS 1.x installation CD-ROM.


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