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April 2001

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March 02

Due to requests and with the gracious permission of the sponsors, the DXR2 DVD Device Driver Contest has been extended till July 1st, 2001.


March 02

Focus on OS/2 News for This Week:

New Article:

Even after nearly 7 years FileStar/2 remains one of the best and full-featured file managers on the market.

News and Links:

Requiem for Dan Casey, a loyal friend of OS/2, who will be greatly missed.

WELCOME TO eComStation
eComStation has a new web site and an attractive new face. Here's the place to come for the latest news and info.

For more News and Links, see http://os2.about.com/library/blnews.htm
Walter F Metcalf http://os2.about.com

February 28

Gewels has been ported to XFree86/2

Gewels is Gnome clone of Jewels, whis is a tetris-like game. If you are not familiar with Jewels, just try it, you will understand soon.


February 28

I'm uploading to my web site a first beta version of eStylerLite for eComStation.


If you are using the GRADD video driver you also need


Read the readme.txt file for more details about it.

This version will only work on eComStation!

This version features:
- enhanced titlebars (solid color, image, gradient)
- enhanced push buttons (various styles)
- Windows keys support
- enhanced shutdown (APM + reboot + program list)

-1) I'm willing to know how the shutdown feature works.
-2) Please disable overlapping features of other enhancers to avoid conflicts
-3) If you are using Styler/2, after the eStylerLite installation, before rebooting, you have to modify your OS2.INI file (see readme.txt for more details)

February 28

Lutz Wagner has released version 1.994 of his CDMagic program.

from the website http://www.cdmagic.de

CDMagic's audio functions include:

playing CD tracks
"grabbing" tracks and converting them to WAV and/or MP3 format
recording analogue sources (records/tape decks, etc.) and storing as WAV and/or MP3 format
creating playlists for WarpAmp and/or PM123
creating MP3 tags
fetching CD track data via CDDB and now the FREEDB server

CDMagic's Database functions include:

dBase compatibility
playing tracks from the database
database printing
importing information from MP3 ID tags
export-feature: if your harddisk is full you can archive selected titles to (e.g.) CD, while still being able to automatically find them for playing

CDMagic's "Cover" functions include:

scanning CD covers; up to nine images for each CD
presenting all covers as thumbnails
defining special areas on the cover image and assigning them tracks from the CD, so that a mouse click on that area starts playing the title

CDMagic offers the most comfortable way of getting your CD music into your PC: by utilizing the integrated access to the CDDB-database from the internet you need not enter all the data for title, artist etc. by hand. In just seconds you build your personal MP3-database in your PC.

The newest version features an GUI installation system, and includes alfons, leech ("grabbers"), and BladeEnc as an MP3 converter.

February 28

CDRecord 1.10a15 for OS/2 released

Chris Wohlgemuth (the developer of Audio-Data Cdcreator and other useful things for OS/2) has ported the newest version of CDRecord 1.10a15 to OS/2




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