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April 2001

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March 18

Hi all,

if anyone is interested Yuri Dario ported to OS/2 the latest eggdrop (1.6.3.) and one of the latest ircd server (hybprid 6.0..):



bye :-)

March 17

CoolFM 1.2 released (from: Konstantin Okounkov : admin@os2.ru)

We're happy to announce CoolFM 1.2 - a new version of our FM-tuner control software.

What's new in this version:

- Now, CoolFM is compatible with SysTray! CoolFM can be managed through system TRAY. Hide it and forget it ;-)

- Play with Joke Dial to tune stations!

- AIMS 2, Zoltrix, FMP, GemTek tuners fixed

- New skins arrived!

- Interface is separated from hardware control

- Many small features introduced.

- Many DEMO restrictions removed.

We believe that customers will make step towards us too.

Demo version is available to download from our site, commercial version will be released tomorrow.

CoolFM WWW: http://os2.ru/projects/coolfm/index.phtml.en

Systray WWW: http://os2.ru/projects/systray/index.phtml.en

March 16

TiMidity plays MIDI and Module (.MOD) files. It does it in software without depending on any hardware MIDI support your soundcard might have. Sound quaility can be much higher because it limited by your CPU's power and memory rather then your soundcard's power and memory.

TiMidity usally comes as a stand alone player. TiMidity MCD is a special version that installs at part of OS/2 Multimedia system so that most applications that played MIDI files through your soundcard before, now can play MIDIs through TiMidity at a higher quality. This includes the Multimedia Workplace Shell objects and the Plug-in pack for Netscape.


Sound quality should be better then before. You can now play MOD files as well as MIDI files and you have the option of using SoundFonts as well as GUS patches. TiMidity no longer generates the C:\TIM.LOG file by default.



Darwin O'Connor

March 16

Deadline for upgrade to eComStation extended

According to a posting by Joachim Benjamins (Mensys) in the ecomstation.announce news group, the deadline for upgrades from Warp 4 to eComStation has been extended to April 30th, 2001.


March 16

Artem introduces OS/2 drivers for Wireless-LAN at the CEBIT

In a response to my e-mail a representative of Artem called me today to tell me the following:

- At the CEBIT fair, Artem is going to introduce new OS/2 drivers for the COM-CARD product line.

- The driver is planned to support all PCMCIA cards, all ISA cards, and several PCI cards with adapters for PCMCIA.

- According to Artem's representative, they are the only manufacturer of Wireless LAN products with OS/2 support (thanks to the banks).

( Thanks to Christian Hennecke for the translation. )

http://www.artem.de (Site is German only)
http://www.bintec.de (Some pages in English)

March 16

DirDiff version 0.96 is available.

Wolfram Schmid (w.schmid@elosoft.de) released DirDiff 0.96, a directory compare program for OS/2.

DirDiff is a useful tool primarily for software developers. It compares all files in a sub-directory or whole directoty trees and locates which files have been modified, which files have been created and which files have been deleted. DirDiff is Freeware.

Features of DirDiff:

- Compares files in 2 different sub-directorys

- Searches also in whole directory trees

- Spec of filters for file names

- Spec of pathes and filter at the command prompt

- Deletion of files direct in the result list

- Different action for files of the result list. Eg. 'opening of PMdiff', 'call of the cmd line' or 'opening of the WPS folder'.

- User configurable action

- Stores all program selltings, window size and position

Web Site:


March 16

There is a new Java update located at ftp://testcase.boulder.ibm.com/ps/fromibm/os2/javatest.zip 21 meg in total as it includes all update files (new jre, runtime, toolkit and samples).

Fixes since the last public release are:
| o118-20001202|12985 |IC29629|N/A |Java code
hangs |
| o118-20001213|12994 |IC29096|N/A |Scaled animated gif freezes with
| o118-20001223|12992 |IC29630|N/A |rounding error in
jdk |
| o118-20010114|13016 |IC29631|N/A |while creating
model&clones |
| o118-20010124|13015 | |N/A |Access violation problem when JIT
on |
| o118-20010217|13047 | |N/A |Applet not loading properly in
Browser |

Note that this is not (yet) a public release and of course, your mileage may vary!



Moderator's note: As always be aware that anything on IBM's Testcase site is unsupported by IBM unless they tell you to install it.

March 16

Netbeans 3.2

Netbeans 3.2 has entered the beta-testing phase. A stable release is due out soon.

I happen to be the official OS/2, eCS supporter for Netbeans. As such I encourage everyone to try out the latest builds and report any bugs you locate. Any feedback would also be welcome.

Netbeans is an open-source IDE for developing Java software. You can find a copy at http://www.netbeans.org/

March 16

The March issue of the OS/2 eZine is out at http://www.os2ezine.com


>From the Editor
Delivering up another issue chock-full of OS/2 goodness.

And Now for Something Completely Different. . . sort of
Pete Grubbs makes some decisions.

OS/2's Long Life Elixir
Fernando Cassia explores one of the options from A New Path Part I.


VyperHelp 1.11 by MekTek
Robert Basler reviews a fast easy way to make online help for OS/2, Windows and the Web.

Watching the Tube with Cinema/2
Alex Grotewohl tells us about using Cinema/2 to watch TV on your OS/2 system.

Acrobat Viewer 1.1 for OS/2
Robert Basler looks at an alternative to Acrobat Reader 3.0.

WarpUp! January 2001 Edition
Marco J. Shmerykowsky, P.E. finds an easy way to update your OS/2 system.


Converting CD's to MP3's
John Bijnens looks at automating MP3 generation.

VisualAge C++ 4.0
Douglas Clark explores an impressive OS/2 development environment but if you want it, you better act fast.

Into Java Part 15
Simon Gronlund talks about catching and recovering from errors in your Java code.

Discussion Forums

Robert Basler
Editor in Chief, OS/2 eZine

March 15

New Fixes for TCP/IP 4.3 and 4.2

IBM has relaesed new fixes for TCP/IP 4.3 and 4.2

For 4.3:

APAR IC27649 :

A trap occurs in afinet.sys while bringing down a ppp connection.

For 4.2:

APAR IC27255


A trap occurs in afinet.sys after connecting to the internet through a dialer and while bringing down the connection.

Moderator's note: These fixes are not actually new, but are newly posted to IBM's fixes site. IC27469 was released on IBM's Testcase site last November as a possible fix for this TRAPe when using a dialer problem. The above files have a March 14, 2001 date on them though, but the files inside the archives are dated 09-21-00 for ic27255.exe and 11-15-00 for ic27469.exe.

March 15

PillarSoft has updated their website with downloads of the latest version of the Enhanced E Editor.

New features in v1.5 are:

Character Stripping - Strips a selected number of characters from the beginning or end of selected lines. Word Stripping - Strips a selected number of words from the beginning or end of selected lines. Text Insertion - Inserts your text to the beginning or tags it on the end of selected lines. Paragraphing Tool - Combines adjacent lines into paragraphs.

Add these new features to the upper, lower, mixed and toggle case tools along with space stripping and line sorting and you have the meat of some very powerful text formatting tools. Formatting text pasted from an html page, email or other source is no longer an arduous process. If you have a special need, the Enhanced E will even run your own plugins written in Rexx.

For example:

One of our early (and very good, I might add) customers wanted to swap characters at any cursor location (apparently to correct typing errors?). A tiny 800 byte plugin made it a hotkey event. A single-spacing plugin weighed in at a mere 700 bytes. That is not to say that plugins are limited in size or functionality, their limits are reached only by the users imagination and Rexx prowess.

We won't bother you with the full feature list for the editor here but invite you to take a look at our website for more information. As has been the case from it's first release... there is no charge for this update.

The PillarSoft Suite has also been updated with the new versions and can be downloaded from our website.

The Enhanced E is $25 and is available through BMT Micro, Mensys and others. The PillarSoft Suite contains this program plus 12 more OS/2 utilities for only $99.

Downloads and more information:


Enhanced E:

PillarSoft Suite:

March 13

New BETA of gphoto2 for OS/2

Hi all

Today I uploaded a new beta of gphoto2 for OS/2.

- build process modified and beatified

- tested with my sony camera !

- previous build was probably unable to work in anyway

- 16 Cameras added more to come

list at : ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/gphoto/list

Beware this is a beta and only tested with one camera !

Beta testers welcome !


Moderator's note: GPhoto2 is a command line app released under the Library GNU Public License.

March 13

New Epson Printer Drivers

IBM Japan has a new EPOMNI4.DRV (don't worry the driver is in english)



Epson Stylus Color 670

Epson Stylus Color 680

Epson Stylus Color 777

Epson Stylus Color 880

Epson Stylus Color 980


BTW. if you can't unpack the drivers, rename them to epomni4.lha so you can unpack them using LH2.exe or LHA213.exe

BTW2. The included Headcleaning and Headalignement tool can also be used with other Epson printers (tested with Stylus Color 860) Simply install an 880 and assign it to the same Printer Port as your previous Epson Model

March 13

The Psion to OS/2 Connection

Just a short note to let you know that the 'Psion to OS/2 Connection' website is now available at URL:


The website is dedicated to connecting Psion PDA's to computers running OS/2 and/or eComStation.

I would like this website to become a starting point for everyone using the Psion and OS/2 combination. Therefore your feedback is very much appreciated.

Hans Hockx

March 12

In the previous months i made different library available for Vispro Rexx and C users. Now after some work i made these same API available so that you can add them to any project without the need for any Vispro products.

The new APIs are a Progress Bar, 3D animated button, Transparent Object.

All you need is the library and a C compiler, so far it as been tested on VAC++.

I plan to make other object available down the road. If anyone has written some Window Class and whish to make them available to everyone, i can integrate them in the Library.

So good Luck and good programming, we need more OS2 Programs so start coding :-)

you can this library at http://www.zeryx.com and go to the download page.

And please do not upload on hobbes for now i whish to measure the interest in this library, so if you upload it anywhere else i will not get an accurate download count. unless you can give me the info on the number of downloads per day i would prefer it remained on my web site.

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