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April 2001

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March 31

Hi everybody,

After a considerable time there is a new release of RexxAutoStart.

RexxAutoStart 1.8.0

What's new?

- NEW RexxAutoStart is now a PM-program, it was ported to VX-REXX. - NEW Interrupt startup process at any time.
- NEW Progress bar to see how much has been done.
- NEW 3 cool new sound events configurable with the OS/2 sound object. - NEW configurable position and color.
- NEW setup RexxAutoStart with PM-program, commandline or enviroment variable

Where can it be found?

- binaries now ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/incoming/rxast180.zip
- binaries later ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/util/wps/rxast180.zip
- source now ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/incoming/rxast180src.zip
- source later ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/util/wps/rxast180src.zip

March 31


March 30, 2001 - Junk Spy Version 2 will be released in just a few weeks with a special introductory price of $39.

The introductory special is $20 off the suggested retail price and includes one full year of updates to Junk Spy's spam detection database (a $24 value). Registered users of Version 1 get an extra $10 discount - making the upgrade price a mere $29. The introductory pricing will run through July 31st. Details about upgrading will be sent to users soon.

Junk Spy monitors your email to identify and remove the junk mail you don't want. For more information about Junk Spy and to download the preview of Version 2, visit http://www.sundialsystems.com/junkspy

Sundial PR

March 31

The IBM Browser is now available from Software Choice.


March 30

New release of RSJ CD Writer for OS/2 Version 3.55

"After a successful BETA test period we now announce the new final OS/2 version, containing the long awaited DAO support."

More information on RSJ for OS/2: http://www.rsj.de/stage/en/default.asp

Upgrade/New order page:


german, french and english versions available.

March 30

MIDI Station Sequencer 3.0 Beta 1 Available

Just want to let you know that the new version is available. After some exhaustive testing I've found a few issues I need to resolve before I declare this version finished but they're not showstoppers.

I'll probably be posting another version sometime on Sunday which will resolve the remaining issues.

You can grab it from here:






Please let me know what you think of the new look and feel.


Christopher Hodges


March 30

Enhanced E update

PillarSoft has updated their website with downloads of the latest version of the Enhanced E Editor.

New features in v2.0 are:

This is a major revision with a visual overhaul as well as some of the subsystems. Some of the changes are:

 New animated toolbar icons and format.
 Relocated history pulldown, ring arrows and LED.
 History box is wider and now carries full path and filename.
 Added sound ticks to toolbar.
 Allow loading history into ring at startup.
 Reworked Text to IPF conversion. Much faster and cleaner conversions now.
 Reworked Mime decoding for speed and cleanliness.
 Reworked progress indicator for decoders etc.
 Updated printing subsystem with new printing format and preview mode.
 Updated printer setup dialog.

We won't bother you with the full feature list again but invite you to take a look at our website for more information. As per usual... there is no charge for this update.

The PillarSoft Suite has also been updated with all the latest versions of our software and can be downloaded from our website.

The Enhanced E is $25 and is available through BMT Micro, Mensys and others. The PillarSoft Suite contains this program plus 12 more OS/2 utilities for only $99.

Downloads and more information:


Enhanced E:

PillarSoft Suite:

Wayne Swanson

March 30

Although you don't see a lot on the internet about DrawIt development. It is still going strong. Lately version 3.3 has been delivered to Mensys and will later in April be delivered to BMT. I'm very hard working on exports with gradient/fountains fills and some of the following points:

- Rotation of objects which is in the current version a bit of a hassle.

- Groups can be packed to one layer and moved to different layers.

If there are features you miss in DrawIt, please let me know.


March 30

Since the start of offering Pop mail accounts we have had request of web based e-mail handling. So for those of You that have been waiting for this feature it is now available. To be able to use the web mail You have to apply for a Pop account. This can be done at:


The web mail feature can either be found at OS2 World.Com main index page or directly at following url:


The web mail will be part of the upcoming new layout of OS2 World.Com. Until then You have to login on a separate page.

Best Regards,
Kim Haverblad
OS2 World.Com
Stockholm, Sweden


From: Kim Haverblad kim@os2world.com

March 29

Opera is moving forward with its OS/2 development. Super!!


"Status: Currently a closed (not publicly available) late alpha version. The first Public version of Opera for OS/2 will be a Technology Preview, followed by a Public Beta version. Opera for OS/2 has been tested on Warp 4 and WSeB (OS/2 4.5). Opera 5 for OS/2 is closely based on Opera 5 for win32, and should work the same way.

Here's what Opera for OS/2 does so far:
Renders HTML 1, 2.0, 3.2 and 4.01 Pages
Renders XHTML 1 Pages
Supports XML 1.0 with CSS stylesheet
Supports WAP pages
"JavaScript": Executes most EcmaScript 1.1 (Ecma-262 v.3)
Supports CSS 1 and most of CSS 2
Plug-in support for native Netscape-compatible plugins (mostly untested).

Here's what Opera for OS/2 doesn't do yet:
Printing - attempting to print crashes Opera
Some preferences don't work
Messaging - attempting to send messages crashes Opera"

March 28

New release of z!

z! is a VIO mp3 player for os/2!

-> whats new?!
[march 28, 2001]
x fixed some quirks with the mute functions
x disabled adapter sharing by default - causes problems for too many ppl..


March 28

Hot off the presses from our JFS developer. I STRONGLY urge all JFS users to apply it. Get ftp://testcase.boulder.ibm.com/ps/fromibm/os2/jfs0328.zip. Here's the readme: The jfs0328 file contains the latest JFS.IFS/JFS.SYM , UJFS.DLL/UJFS.SYM, the JFS.TDF and the TRC012F.TFF file.

Please unzip this file in the \OS2 directory after you have made a backup of the following files.

The modules contain some important fixes.
Fixes in JFS.IFS:

Trap when swapper file is on JFS volume.
Hang when swapper file on JFS volume is being truncated.
Hang with heavy file I/O on JFS volume

Fixes that have gone into UJFS.DLL:

Cyrillic character files being moved into the lost+found directory. Chkdsk takes a long time to complete Phase0 ( logredo ).

March 28

New Warpzilla release

IBM has updated the warpzilla browser.


March 28

Updated the Trackpoint drivers for IBM Thinkpads

IBM has updated the Trackpoint drivers for their Thinpkpads. The driver is available in several languages


March 28


Lotus had released the incremental updates from version 5.0.6a to version 5.0.7 of Lotus Domino for OS/2.

Download it at:

March 28

Updated PC Card Director for IBM Thinkpads

This package provides PC Card Director software for IBM Thinkpads using OS/2 Warp 4.0. This package have been tested on IBM Thinkpads with the following PC Card controllers:

Texas Instruments TI1130

Texas Instruments TI1131

Texas Instruments TI1225

Texas Instruments TI1250A

Texas Instruments TI1251

Texas Instruments TI1251B

Texas Instruments TI1420

Texas Instruments TI1450

Cirrus Logic CL-PD6729


March 28

It's getting harder and harder to find out what's new out there for OS/2 users. I wandered into http://www.pmview.com/and learned that Peter released PMView 2000 2.20 yesterday. Go and get it!

March 28

ConfigTool 1.0.0 released

ConfigTool is CONFIG.SYS editor with searchable database which explains the entries, sort and checking routines, boot/recovery options and suggestions for optimization.

New in version 1.0.0:

- expanded Cfgtool.dat (1195 entries)

- bug in croatian and german.ini fixed

- check reworked once more

- configurable backup directory

- search reworked

- additional informations on 'mainpage' and in 'check' added

- delete nonexistant paths in 'sort' added

- more possible settings

- workaround for bug in xworkplace

- workaround for bug in personal rexx

To download ConfigTool 1.0.0, visit:


Authors: Goran Ivankovic and Klaus Staedtler.

March 27

Here's a petition for Creative to release the source code for the Aureal Vortex/Vortex 2 driver so that the Linux guys can perfect their driver, and possibly someone will then be able to port the driver over to OS/2...


Please everyone, join the petition...

March 27

DirDiff v1.00 is available.

Wolfram Schmid, elosoft GmbH (w.schmid@elosoft.de) updated DirDiff, a directory compare program for OS/2.

DirDiff compares all files in two sub-directorys or two whole directory trees and locates which files have been modified, which files have been created and which files have been deleted.

DirDiff is a useful tool primarily for software developers and it is Freeware.

New in this releas:

- Shows the scan process

- Shows sum of all file sizes

- Scan of sub-directorys switchabel (ond/off)

- Abort of file scan possible with ESC

- Also available as WarpIn archive

Features of DirDiff:

- Compares files in 2 different sub-directorys

- Searches also in whole directory trees

- Spec of filters for file names

- Spec of pathes and filter at the command prompt

- Deletion of files direct in the result list

- Different action for files of the result list. Eg. 'opening of PMdiff', 'call of the cmd line' or 'opening of the WPS folder'.

- User configurable action

- Stores all program settings, window size and position

Web Site (english):


March 26

New Beta gphoto2

Hi all

Since the last beta release I have had several success stories on cameras working with gphoto 2 on OS/2! This is the latest build from the tree, camera list is now 112 items !

have fun and enjoy !



March 26


I'm looking for OS/2 Tivoli Customers. I'm making a little survey on this OS/2 area to know impressions about these tools.(like User Administration and/or Security Manager for OS/2)

If you know any OS/2 Tivoli Customer please let me know also which components are they using.

If you know any customer please contact me at martin@os2world.com

Martin Iturbide

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