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April 2002

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There are Six Officers presiding over VOICE affairs. They are common OS/2 users, voted into office by the membership of VOICE, and act solely to carry the VOICE of our members to the rest of the world. They are:

Position Name E-Mail Homepage
VOICE Board of Directors
President Walter Metcalf
Vice-president Wayne Swanson
Treasurer Peter Lazenby
Secretary Andrew Welty
Marketing Phil Butler
Liaison Officer Judy McDermott
Assisting the VOICE Board
System Administrator Abel McClendon
Web Master Seth McFarland
Editor Mark Dodel
Associate Editor Robert Shallenberg -
Associate Editor Julian Dominic
Associate Editor Jim Gorman -
News Editor Andrew Welty -
German issue of the VOICE Newsletter
Editor Christian Hennecke
Associate Editor Frank Berke
Translator/Editor Philhard Ackermann -
Translator/Editor Manfred Agne -
Translator/Editor Markus Backwinkel -
Translator/Editor Dirk Baumanns -
Translator/Editor Peter H. Beier -
Translator/Editor Heribert Bieler -
Translator/Editor Cornelis Bockemühl
Translator/Editor Andreas Boesche -
Translator/Editor Thomas Galley -
Translator/Editor Robert Henschel -
Translator/Editor Thomas Kellerer -
Translator/Editor Carsten Kettner -
Translator/Editor Andreas Kieser -
Translator/Editor Thomas Klein -
Translator/Editor Marckus Kraft -
Translator/Editor Thomas Müller -
Translator/Editor Peter Weilbacher -
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