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April 2003

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Officers and Staff

There are Six Officers presiding over VOICE affairs. They are common OS/2 users, voted into office by the membership of VOICE, and act solely to carry the VOICE of our members to the rest of the world. They are:

Position Name E-Mail Homepage
VOICE Board of Directors
President Walter Metcalf -
Vice-president Wayne Swanson
Treasurer Peter Lazenby
Secretary Andrew Welty
Marketing Vaughn Bender
Liaison Officer Jeremy Workman -
Assisting the VOICE Board
System Administrator Abel McClendon
Web Master Jeremy Workman -
Editor Mark Dodel
Associate Editor Robert Shallenberg -
Associate Editor Julian Dominic
Associate Editor Jim Gorman -
News Editor Andrew Welty -
German issue of the VOICE Newsletter
Editor Christian Hennecke
Translator/Editor Philhard Ackermann -
Translator/Editor Manfred Agne -
Translator/Editor Bärbel Hennecke -
REXX Interface Martin Kiewitz -
Translator/Editor Thomas Klein -
Translator/Editor Karl Reinberg -
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