Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education

May 1998


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Spring Comdex

By: Judy McDermott,,

What can I say. I don't know why I expected to find OS/2 there to begin with. IBM was represented though...they had a booth in Windows World. I spoke with some of the attendees and they were also disappointed. Although none could give me a reason why, just that "It's not like it used to be". I guess Comdex itself has become so small that it was decided to combine it with Windows World. It will be held in Chicago for the next ten years.

For those wondering, NO, I didn't attend the Bill Gates keynote speech. Somehow he just has nothing to offer me. For those that haven't heard, and I'm sure those are few, the on stage demo of Windows 98 presented itself with the Blue Screen of Death when they plugged in the USB scanner and BINGO!

So I'll leave you with these closing thoughts.

Twas the first day of Comdex and all through the house
All systems were booted awaiting the crowds

The audience sat silent and listened to Bill Gates
Awaiting the demo of Windows 98

When up on the stage the demo began
plug in the scanner and show all the fans

When what to their wondering eyes did appear
but the Blue Screen Of Death
and the audience cheered

But I heard them exclaim as they strolled out of site
Nothing has changed, will they ever get it right!


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