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June 1998


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Warpstock: Great Strides Forward

By: Stan Sidlov, Event Chairperson for Warpstock '98,,

I am very pleased to publicly state that in the week of turmoil Warpstock has experienced due to the resignation of the 4 person Chicago Organizing Committee, that Warpstock'98 has come out much stronger and more viable than it was before.

How can I say this? I can say this because the Warpstock Steering Committee has jumped in and cashed in favors owed, and there have been a doubling of vendors who have committed (to be announced shortly) to come to Warpstock'98. Stardock announced in its recent news letter to its customers that it would be attending, and a number of other vendors are in the process of writing their press releases. Sundial has also publicly announced that they will attend, ".. Warpstock '98 is a must for us." The WSC has announced that the allotted table space for each vendor has been significantly increased and made into a much more workable area. We are also contacting and have received favorable responses from various hardware vendors who are supportive of the OS/2 community. We hope to offer a number of hardware vendors showing how their products work well in an OS/2 environment.

I can say this because Volunteers from the original Chicago group who have responded to the requests from myself and the Warpstock Steering Committee (WSC) have come forward and said that they still Believe in Warpstock and that they still Support Warpstock. One Chicago person stated it, "I am NOT a quitter, and I DON'T like walking away from things that I started." We continue to hope that the other members of the original group members come forward and continue with their assignments. This event has also brought out other people in the Chicago area, and elsewhere asking, "How Can I Help?" -- The Warpstock Web Site continues to be updated with a new volunteer page and a more sophisticated volunteer interests' survey. We realize that many people who are interested in Warpstock don't wish to receive or monitor our Warpstock e-mailing list. The WSC has created a new moderated list for announcements only. Send a e-mail message to In the body of the message put the commands: subscribe [new line] end . This mail list will enable people who wish to follow the 'news' for Warpstock, and will be the list where we will be posting location announcements, vendor sign-ups and other news.

Additionally, we have had offers of assistance with a new advisory panel, notably, Alan Zeichick the former editor of OS/2 Magazine and the motivator for the OS/2 World conventions. We hope that Alan can also be a speaker at Warpstock'98.

All this does not imply that we don't have any problems. We DO have problems. Chicago's Warpstock was fundamentally based on the availability of IBM's Chicago Offices. Specifically, the conference floors, the cafeteria and IBM's own network facilities. We are contacting IBM senior managers to support our use of the building. Based on my experience with IBM NY, as a member of the NY Warpstock Bid Committee, there is no guarantee that IBM can provide any 'free site.' The WSC and a group of Chicago based volunteers are currently canvassing sites in Chicago and its environs for a suitable location. It is difficult to find a location that is within the pricing range and that has suitable facilities that are not already booked. IF YOU KNOW of a suitable site, we would love to hear from you. IF YOU HAVE a suitable site and you can get your corporation to sponsor our use of your facilities, you will have our gratitude and we will be happy to negotiate an appropriate quid pro quo with you. Location information should be sent to Larry B Finkelstein, the President of the Warpstock Steering Committee.

We continue to look for new volunteers, and I will be contacting people to choose new coordinators for the open positions now assumed by the WSC members.

We continue to book vendors, both HARDWARE and SOFTWARE. We are investigating ways to help more of the smallest ISVs to attend. We are investigating an idea to have a rotating demonstration of software/hardware on the vendor's exhibit space so that those ISVs who find a table, too expensive a proposition can demonstrate their work. This will be geared to the one-person ISV doing shareware and who may use BMT Micro, Indelible Blue, J3 or their own web site to book sales. [Please note that this is NOT an announcement of an open floor and requires registration.]

We continue to refine what we are looking for in speakers, and will certainly find out if we can have Ralph Nader attend and address us on his vision of IBM giving the source for OS/2 to the public. We are planning to create and hold the various sessions based on interests. We are searching for people who wish to give technical presentations in various disciplines, as well as answering those issues that the OS/2 SOHO, and home users face daily. We hope to offer more classroom style sessions like the very popular REXX sessions that were held last year. I am hoping that we will have a series of classes on JAVA for both the end user and developer.

We continue to REGISTER guests. I can not stress how important it is for Warpstock '98 to have as great a following as possible. Remember, we will NOT have a Free Site. This means that we have to register more people to offset the costs of the facility, the AV equipment, janitorial services, setup and breakdown costs and advertising. We need to double the size of last year's Warpstock. We are going to need that commitment from the OS/2 Community on their attendance before October. The WSC have extended the reduced pre-registration fee until the end of June to encourage this kind of support. Last year, there were a number of people who paid for their registration knowing that it was not possible for them to show -- a donation and token of support that is unequaled. If you know that you can't attend, registering now will still help us meet our goals. If you find it possible to attend, you will have registered at a reduced price. I would enjoy meeting more of the electronic names I have been reading on-line for so many years now. Warpstock is still happening. It just needs YOU.


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