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July 2001

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Letters, Addenda, Errata

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to editor@os2voice.org. We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

June 6, 2001 - Here's an update to Don Eitner's article last month on the eComStation Preview :
A minor correction to my article for June (eCS preview) -- it has come to my attention that JFS is indeed included in IBM's MCP release.

April 24, 2001 - Here's an update from Andrew Stephenson relating to his article on the Adaptec 29160N SCSI controller adapter Adventures in Adaptec U160+ Land :
Adaptec have finally released BIOS 3.10.0 for their 29160N SCSI adapter card (NB, this model of card ONLY). URL (one line) is http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/driverdetail.html?cat=/Product/ ASC-29160N&filekey=29160N_bios_3100.exe

I have not yet tested this, beyond seeing if the *.EXE file will unpack. It will but, as it's a DOS app, you first must trim the name to fit the 8.3 naming standard. You then get a set of DOS- centric files, including a README. (IOW, as before.)

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