Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education

July 1998


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Interview with an OS/2 User

This month VOICE interviews several business OS/2 users. One a custom computer system/networking business owner, a government scientist, and an educator. Our first interview is with Charles D. Smith, owner of Krystal Computers and an IBM BEST TEAM Member

VOICE > What kind of business are you involved in?

Charles > We build custom machines and networks for small business 50 seats or less. Some of my clients include doctors, lawyers, real estate people, plumbers, electricians.

VOICE > Can you please describe your current use of OS/2 in your workplace? What kind of hardware and software are you using for OS/2? Approximately how many pc's are running OS/2 at your site?

Charles > I use nothing but OS/2 at my business on all my machines and the reason is it works with very little problems My hardware is very diverse from 486's all the way up to Pentium II's. I use only OS/2 software at my site PMMail, Lotus, etc.

VOICE > How did you decide to use OS/2? What features were considered important for this project(s)? What previous experience was there with OS/2 and other operating systems?

Charles > I have close to 15 years in the computer business, I have used just about every OS in one form or other. The reason I chose OS/2 is because it works, it is stable and it is cost effective.

VOICE > What other operating systems if any were under consideration or are used for your business? If you use OS/2 in conjunction with other OSes in any form of a network, how well does OS/2 work with these other systems?

Charles > I used Windows for awhile then when an IS manger from a very large firm told me about OS/2 I tried it and have not turned back.

VOICE > Do you foresee continued/increasing use of OS/2 in this fashion?

Charles > I would love to keep using and recommending OS/2 but if IBM is going in the direction it looks like they are going I will start recommending OpenLinux to my clients. WSOD is not for everybody and IBM needs to realize this. Fat clients will be needed for a long time to come.

VOICE > Are there any changes that you would like to see to OS/2 that would facilitate your continued use or expanded use of OS/2?

Charles > Better support by IBM for me and my clients

VOICE > How have IBM's statements that they are targeting the medium to large business sector affected your work or your decision to continue using OS/2 for this/these task(s)?

Charles > Like I said before if it continues this way I will switch to Linux

VOICE > If IBM licensed another company to sell the OS/2 client to home/SOHO users, would it affect your usage of OS/2 (would you use more OS/2 clients for your work, etc)? If this company could add features, what features would you like to see added?

Charles > I think this would be a step in the right direction for IBM. That way they could cover all bets large and small. I would like to see the same things supported for OS/2 that is supported by MS. USB, Parallel port scanners, all the of the shelf stuff. You would be amazed at how many small business buy of the shelf

VOICE > Would you be interested in a refreshed version of OS/2 Warp 4.0, that is a new install package that included all fixes and new enhancements as well >as new harware support since the original release?

Charles > YES

VOICE >Has your business been contacted by IBM about the potential use of Work Space on Demand? Do you see any use for that product in your business?

Charles > NO


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