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July 1998


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Letters, Addendum, Errata

The following refers to a tip posted in the May VOICE Newsletter -

I just found out on another list that what I had intended as an initial impression of the Microtek V310 parallel port scanner was picked up and quoted in the VOICE newsletter. Before anyone runs out to buy one, I'd like to clarify that this was a first impression. After using it for a while, and getting tired of booting to Windows to scan color images, I sent it back and got a UMAX Astra 1200S, which I can recommend to anyone.

The V310 will work in a winos2 session. However, if you try to scan an image more than a couple of inches square in color, the program crashes. I did not figure out how to solve that problem. This was true in spite of having given it 64MB of memory to work with. It's a good scanner only if you don't mind using it in Doze. There it works as well as any Doze software or hardware.

The Astra 1200S is a MUCH better investment for anything even moderately serious. With the CFM Twain driver, it scans directly into PMView. Its included Doze program also runs very well in a winos2 session, and will also pass the images to PMView or even to Faxworks.

I sincerely regret not having been clear that my positive comments were not based on a complete evaluation of the V310. Please don't send any letter bombs if you bought one on my "recommendation" and don't like it.

Regards from Madrid.

Mike Snyder

Regarding the editorial on what else but my editorial on the IBM/Microsoft connection in the June VOICE Newsletter -

Hi Mark,
I couldn't agree with you more. I have 'sat on' this issue by myself for a long time thinking that yet another 'complaint' is un-warranted. To my way of thinking, IBM is just as 'guilty' as Microsoft of 'uncompetitive practice' it's just at the other end of the spectrum that's all. If IBM continues to ignore the needs of OS/2 users and refuse to 'sell' this operating system I think a few good lawyers wouldn't find it too difficult to prove IBM is being un-competitive.
Thanks, Al Elias.

Regarding the review of XFolder 0.61 Beta in the June VOICE Newsletter -

As of July 2, 1998, XFolder 0.71 Beta was available at "Main new features since V0.60: extended sorting, new system sounds, folder contents in context menus, new delay enabled startup folder, a shutdown folder, user-configurable reboot options ("Reboot to Win95"). More bugfixes."


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