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July 1999

Form Letter Alert

by: Mark Dodel editor@os2voice.org

Been a while since I addressed the use of form letters from IBM. In response to my latest pet peeve of IBM releasing the new beta development package of Visual Age for Java, Dan Eicher wrote to IBM by way of LVG's page - http://www.ibm.com/cgi-bin/email-lvg.pl. Since Dan asked a straight forward question, IBM responded with it's standard OS/2 Fanatic letter, which claims IBM is continuing to support OS/2 so they can transition all OS/2 users to other platforms. That of course makes no sense, except perhaps to IBM. It of course never mentions Dan's question or provides even a remotely connected answer.

What can we do? Well we could do what IBM and microsoft want, and that is give up and move on. Or we can get mad and call IBM and their minions lot's of bad names and re-enforce the now well aged stereotype of fanatic OS/2 users. Or maybe we could just politely re-phrase and ask the question again and again until maybe we get an appropriate response. Anyway that is what Dan elected to do. If you want to know why IBM no-longer releases a beta of development tools for the OS/2 platform, then consider writing to Lou, or maybe just write directly to Ms. More - Lynne_More@us.ibm.com. You may want to tell her to skip the form letter as we OS/2 users don't care what IBM's vision of the month is, but that we would like to know why they have stopped putting OS/2 tools at least on parity with the windows versions?

Here is Dan's second letter to IBM in response to Ms. More's form letter:

So why can't you add the OS/2 version of Visual Age for Java on the Visual Age for Java CD?

-----Original Message-----
From: morecsat@us.ibm.com [SMTP:morecsat@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Friday, June 18, 1999 8:13 AM
Subject: Reply 126484 OS/2

Dear Mr. Eicher,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in IBM's OS/2 family of products and to assure you of IBM's continuing commitment to OS/2.

Our top priority is our customers - protecting their IBM investments and leveraging those investments to build a network computing environment for the future. Network computing offers long term benefits including the potential of reducing the total cost of computing. Our second priority is IBM's network computing strategy: e-business and 100% pure Java. OS/2 allows our customers to transition to network computing while continuing to support legacy applications. Let me summarize our current plans and strategy for OS/2.

Our strategy for client support is focused on OS/2 Warp v4 and WorkSpace On-Demand and the migration of applications to 100% pure Java. WorkSpace On-Demand v2 became available last October and offers support for a broader range of hardware devices, DHCP Boot, TCP/IP 4.1 enhancements, additional machine classes, a machine class creation tool, Network Station support and an application installation tool. A new Windows client feature, called WorkSpace On-Demand 2.0 Feature for Windows Clients was just announced.

A new release of OS/2 Warp Server, called OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, is now available. We expect that it will provide you with new levels of performance and scalability compared with prior releases of OS/2 Warp Server.

We are enabling the latest versions of Java on OS/2 with OS/2's Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java 1.1.7 is currently available and 1.1.8 is planned for release in July.

We are continuing to provide updates to both the OS/2 Warp client and server products via our Internet delivery site called Software Choice at:


Our continued hardware support is based on customer requirements that depend on OS/2 for mission critical applications. We continue to work with key hardware manufacturers to provide technical support for their development efforts and to negotiate support for device drivers that our customers request. We also continue to develop device drivers as part of our OS/2 development work. To provide support to customers that request specialized device support, we accept requests for price quotations to develop those device drivers. We will make every attempt to accommodate such requests, but we must note that such support may not be possible under all circumstances.

Thank you for your support of IBM and OS/2 and your interest in future software strategies and plans.



Network Computing Software

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