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September 2004

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Translation: Christian Hennecke

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

July 9, 2004 - The first letter from Bill Armstrong deals with Thomas Klein's article NUTS: Norman Update TroubleShooting from the July issue.

Thanks for the article on NVC update problems. I experienced the reboot message after completing an update a few weeks ago. After a few messages to the main Norman contact address (I couldn't find the support address on their confusing website) they included a fix in a later update, and instructions regarding using the delnvc5.exe to repair the problem.

I appreciate the work that went into the article. It's nice to know I wasn't the only one who has experienced a problem with NVC. I will certainly keep the information gathered by Thomas Klein, just in case.

July 12, 2004 - nikk, developer of dvddao, comments on Ines Schmitt's article DVD writing with files larger than 2 GB from the July issue:

I've read the "DVD writing with files greater than 2 GB" article in the recent VOICE Newsletter and would like to add a couple of comments.

  1. dvddao accepts input files greater than 2GB, so the -split-output option of the mkisofs2 utility is not needed on JFS and other file systems supporting files over 2GB (since the main idea of the article is to write files over 2GB in size to DVD, we can assume that we already have such a file system). So the command line is:

    mkisofs2.exe -l -o e:\cdcopy\track -v -log-file burn.log e:\backups\burn
    dvddao.exe -d 0,1,0 --speed 2 -v 3 e:\cdcopy\track
  2. dvddao accepts data input from standard input stream (stdin) and thus one can write DVDs without writing the intermediate image file of great size to HDD with the following command:

    mkisofs2.exe -l -v e:\backups\burn | dvddao.exe -d 0,1,0 --speed 2 -v 3 -
  3. The dvddao program is a separate native OS/2 product, it is not part of the cdrtools or cdrecord package as one could imagine from this article.

  4. The mkisofs utility from the current cdrecord 2.0 which is distributed by Jörg Schilling does not generally support files over 2GB, only mkisofs2 from the cdrtools2 package does.

June 14, 2004 - In regard to Mark Dodel's July editorial When do we get ACPI support?, Dieter wrote:

I saw your article in OS2Voice about ACPI. ACPI is available for OS2/eCS, but only for the VIA chipset. I found it on Hobbes when I was installing eCS on my laptop. If you have a VIA chipset and just install the program, without tinkering it doubles the battery life of the laptop. It runs on my laptop now, longer than a year, as a charm. I believe a Russian guy wrote it, and I never contacted him, but I do now :-), and perhaps he knows how to, or can, do it for other chipsets.

Mark Dodel's reply:

Are you talking about Andrew Belov's That is pretty much just for the basics, like CPU and fan control. ACPI is much more involved than that. It replaces almost all BIOS controls and is responsible for allocating system resources. There are small parts like this being addressed here and there, but for OS/2 and eCS to stay relevant is an ACPI framework that can perform most of the features that now are built into Windows. I don't know if Linux has these capabilities yet, but perhaps something can be ported from there if it is available.

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