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September 1999

Warpstock 99

By: Luc Van Bogaert luc.vanbogaert@pandora.be

Warpstock 99 Atlanta, third edition of the international OS/2 users convention, will be held at the Georgia International Convention Center on October 16, 17. The event features some of the most prominent people and companies of today's OS/2 community. Warpstock offers a unique selection of lectures, software presentations and training sessions, targeted to corporate users as well as SOHO and individual users.

Warpstock history...

Two days of peace, love and OS/2... this was the original blueprint for the first Warpstock event in Diamond Bar, CA in 1997. The key factors for success were all there from the very beginning : a hard working team of volunteers, an informal setup, friendly atmosphere and quality presentations and lectures. This is what makes each Warpstock an unforgettable experience.

To secure Warpstock's future, a small group of dedicated OS/2 advocates decided to incorporate the event. With Warpstock 98 attracting close to 400 visitors to Chicago the next year, they more than succeeded in creating a worthy successor for the first edition. Some attendees came over from Europe and Australia to participate in what turned out to be a genuine OS/2 fest. Warpstock had become bigger, but it hadn't lost its unique and friendly atmosphere of fun and excitement.

The best Warpstock ever...

With only a few weeks to go, the event team is now operating at full speed to make Warpstock 99 Atlanta the best Warpstock ever. This years edition has one of the best convention sites in the Atlanta area. The GICC has a huge exhibition hall and modern conference rooms, fully equipped for professional presentations. We have been working together with the Sheraton Gateway Hotel and Delta Airlines, offering Warpstock visitors significant reductions on their traveling expenses.

The Warpstock 99 program will certainly appeal to every visitor. For the first time in the history of the event, IBM has been extremely cooperative and is planning for several presentations and training sessions on Java and OS/2. Sundial Systems and Serenity Systems, two longtime Warpstock supporters, will be presenting some of the most exciting software that has ever been available for OS/2. Of course, many more vendors will be in Atlanta to present their new products. In addition to the exhibitors, we are scheduling a variety of lectures and presentations on various topics. Some of the most knowledgeable people in their field will be presenting on topics such as internet, networking, programming and more general user topics. Keynote speaker for the event will be Peter Coffee, technology editor for PC Week. Finally, we would like to invite everyone to the Warpstock Saturday night Social Event, aka as "The Party". It's the best way to finally meet OS/2 enthusiasts from all over the world, made possible through the generous support of our sponsors VOICE and Mensys.

See you in Atlanta!
Luc Van Bogaert
Warpstock 99 Event Team

Details about Warpstock 99, the event schedule, a list of exhibitors
and how to register can be found on the Warpstock web site -

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