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November 2003

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October 11

OS/2 Java Corner updated!

OS/2 Java Corner has been thoroughly updated!

Thanks to numerous contributions from visitors (Thank you!!) it now contains well over 180 entries, each with its version no., the Java version required, a short description and its url, sorted in the categories:

- Java for OS/2 and eCS
- FAQs, tutorials and books
- Java resources and software sites
- Communication
- Development
- Games
- Graphic and image
- Multimedia
- Palm
- Scientific
- Various

New is the category 'Palm' containing Palm-related Java applications.

All applications have been reported to run well with IBM Java 1.1.8, 1.3.x or Innotek's Java 1.4.2 Kit for OS/2 and eComStation. For your convenience, all new entries are in bold and red.

Please feel free to send me your additions, corrections, wishes or other comments!

October 11

Major change coming to SETI@home - OS/2 Users Get BOINC'd

The SETI@home project announced a major change in the project in the very near future. The following are the two lead paragraphs from the announcement posted on the site:

We will soon release a new version of SETI@home, based on BOINC, a general-purpose platform for distributed computing projects like SETI@home. Eventually other distributed computing projects (like Folding@home and will also use BOINC, and you'll be able to share your computer time among projects of your choosing.

BOINC makes it possible for us to release new versions of SETI@home without requiring you to download and install new software. It will also let us do new analyses of the SETI@home data, looking for other types of radio signals (such as short pulses from evaporating black holes).

Unfortunately, OS/2 is not among the platforms that will initially be supported. You can read much more about the transition and work unit transfers and other issues at.

October 10

PDE Desktop Environment v0.06

PDE Desktop Environment v0.06 is available for download:

"PDE is an alternative graphical environment for operation systems OS/2 and eComStation. PDE is the programs set, the main goal of with to make OS/2 look more beautifull, to change WorkplaceShell."

October 10

WPI Distro project publicly available

The WPI Distro is a hierarchically structured collection of applications packaged in WarpIN format to ease mid-scale installation and deployment.

October 10

FAT32.IFS 0.97 official release

A new version of the Netlabs FAT32.IFS driver, currently 0.97b has been officially released in WarpIN format. A .zip file will be officially available soon.

October 09

Norman Virus Control Version 5.6 for OS/2 available

All Customers of Norman Virus Control will get the new version 5.6 with the Internet Update now.

What's new in NVC v5.60?

* Full-fledged Norman Sandbox functionality has been added to the On-demand scanners and NIP programs.The Norman Sandbox is by default active in NIP, while the default is off in On-demand scanning. Sandbox is Norman's patented technology for detection of new, unknown viruses using a safe virtual computer inside your computer, where the viruses are allowed to reveal themselves without damaging your system.

* In the tray menu, a shortcut for starting/stopping the On-access scanner has been added.
* Messaging - logs are now also available as text.
* The new decompression library can handle multiple archive file formats.

New in the OS/2-Version:
* Support for Messaging via eMail,SMS or SNMP

October 09

NewView 2.11.1

NOTE: Full manual install now REQUIRES many more steps. See readme.txt!
- Now compatible with OpenChat
Thanks to Harald Pollack for Module Rename code
- Install now sets up "ibmview", a working copy
of the old view, when doing a full install
- Open dropped files
(on contents, index, topic etc)
- Optionally open files without closing current files
- Esperanto translation from Jonathan Moylan
- Fixed problem with filenames containing underscores (_)
- Extra space at end of italic text
- Fixed decoding of linked images (e.g. rxtt.inf)
- Fixed garbage in topics for automatic links (e.g. neusreng.inf)
- Fixed color #7 e.g. Voice Newsletter headings

NewView is a free replacement for the original OS/2 or eComStation online help system.

Major enhancements are:

- New user interface (split window)
- Select and copy direct from window
- Easy to use global (all files) search
- Remembers size & position
- Most recently used files list
- Smooth scrolling display
- Current topic always highlighted in contents
- Can go forward as well as back in history
- Options for fonts, colors and more
- Annotate help files
- Bookmarks
- Fully resizeable
- Automatic web, ftp and email links
- Drop files to open
- Open additional files
- Automatic language selection
- Automatic index creation
- Enhanced file dialog with help file titles

October 08

Weasel mail server updated to version 1.68

The Weasel mail server has now been updated to version 1.68. You can obtain it from

or from

or from Hobbes.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 1.66, and you are using filters, it is essential to read the new information in the manual about filters, since the parameter-passing rules changed in that version.

Since I failed to send the notice of the previous release to the VOICE mailing list, the list of changes below is a bit longer than usual.

LIST OF CHANGES (since version 1.65)

Version 1.68 (8 Oct 2003)
New limitation: POP3 users will see only the first 1024 messages in their mailbox. (But they will see the next 1024 after the first group has been fetched and deleted.) This change has been made necessary as the result of the current campaign by junk mailers to crash servers that support anti-junk measures.
More permissive rules about which Setup options can be changed without restarting the server. See WEASEL.INF for the details.
Fixed: handling of the "no valid users" case when mail is relayed.
Fixed: damaged header line in the case where the Return-Path header is more than one line long.
Fixed: undesirable looping behaviour when a secondary relay keeps re-attempting to send mail that has already been rejected by the primary server.
Scavenge utility removed from the distribution.
Added the filter names and "serialise filters" option to the list of things that can be changed without restarting.
Corrected misleading "no relay path to destination" that is sometimes given when a different message would be more appropriate.

Version 1.67
Fixed Setup bug (couldn't turn off SMTP authentication).
On POP fetch, add an extra CRLF for mail that violates the SMTP standard by ending lines with LF rather than CRLF. (Only old Unix software does this, as far as I know, but apparently there are still people who use old Unix software. In addition, we have to allow for spammers and Microsoft, both of whom tend to introduce new standards violations without prior warning.)
Expanded the set of Setup parameters alterable without having to restart the server.
More careful definition, in WEASEL.INF, of which Setup options take effect immediately, and which ones require the server to be restarted.
Rule change: unregistered users may use multidomain mode, but only the first domain will be supported. (The ultimate aim is to migrate everyone to multidomain mode.)
Updated VIOSetup to support some (but not yet all) of the new configuration options supported by Setup.

Version 1.66
Major change to filtering system. Filters may now be called at up to five different times during an incoming SMTP session. If there is only one local recipient, there is also an option to replace the default final filter by a user-specific filter, or to skip the filtering for some users. As a side-effect, the order of parameters passed to the filter has changed, therefore existing filters need to be modified.
Fixed a bug that would cause Weasel to fail if SMTP was disabled. Since this bug has been present for many versions, and has never been reported, this tends to suggest that nobody ever uses Weasel in conjunction with another SMTP server.
Added a message to the log file to say "Delivered" or "Failed to deliver" for an SMTP outgoing mail item, to make it easier for log analysis tools to distinguish between success and failure.
Made the responses to spammers a bit more consistent with
RFC2821. (With some reluctance. I still think that
RFC2821 makes too many concessions to tolerating spammers.)
Moved endmail.exe and scavenge.exe to the tools subdirectory, on the grounds that most people won't need them.
Fixed: crash on invalid AUTH command.
Added an error message for the "No command supplied" case.
(An empty SMTP command should never occur, but the spamming software is getting sloppier in terms of ignoring the standards.)
Changed the upper limit on number of threads for outbound mail to 64.
Changed the default for "log outgoing mail" to FALSE.
Fixed: (rare) SETUP crash when working on aliases.
Changes in internal library implementations.
Fixed an error in CRAM-MD5 authentication.
Increased the stack size per thread to 64 KiB.

October 07

Security/2 SSES-alpha-0.1.8


"Security/2 is a multi-user system for OS/2. It provides controlled access to files, drives, drivers and other OS/2 stuff, based on access control list for each user. Security/2 has modular structure and can be easily (i hope ;)) extended and provides a API for developers to enable their applications be multi-user."

Web site:
Support forum:

October 07

OpenSSH/2 3.7.1p2.1
Web site:
Support forum:

"OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools that increasing numbers of people on the Internet are coming to rely on. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other network-level attacks. OpenSSH supports SSH 1.3, 1.5 and 2.0 protocols.

OS/2 version.
At this time, the current OpenSSH version is available for OS/2 with almost full functionality. To start VIO programs via SSHD use vioroute package."

October 07

FtpServer version 1.20 released

FtpServer, a shareware ftp daemon for OS/2 and eCS, has now been updated to version 1.20. You can obtain it from

or from

or from Hobbes (now in incoming, later in /pub/os2/apps/internet/ftp/server).

LIST OF CHANGES (since version 1.16)

Version 1.20 (04 Oct 2003)
Implemented the STAT command, which was the only command from the FTP standard that was missing. (Nobody seems to use it, but it should be there for completeness.)
Made the option of restricting port numbers independent of the 'behind firewall' option.
Reject PORT command with port<1024, or PORT commands from any guest user who specifies an IP address different from the IP address for the command channel.
Two-second delay after an incorrect password, and client is disconnected after three password errors.
Added a 30-second delay before sending the error message to a banned host.
More careful timeout check for an upload.
Corrected an error in time zone calculation.
Allow P@SW as a synonym of PASV.

October 06

New wvgui 20031006


Web site:
Support Forum:

"The program is representing GUI for WarpVision created by Alex Strelnikov It is not "launcher" for WV CLI, but includes latest WV CLI features In future, these sparated projects will be combined in one

plays video media formats: mpeg1/2, avi, asf, mov, mp3 audio, wav
audio codecs support (pcm, mp3, ac3, wma1, wma2, ms adpcm, mp4)
HWENDIVE/WarpOverlay support (color in YUV422)
autodetecting color scheme (not always works correctly)
fullscreen and windowed mode
aspect ratio on and off in windowed mode
skin support
playlist support
plays last played file (from stop place)
VCD support
basic DVD support (uncrypted)
DVD subtitles support
OSD support (On Screen Display)
reading and writing playlists in WinAmp format
drag'n'drop to playlist and control window (files and directories)
play loop for files and lists
basic (due lack of drivers which support > 2 channels except Ruediger "Rudi" Ihle CMedia drivers) multichannel audio support
PNG support for skins (thanks to Igor Saveliev aka gorynych)
pipe interface
Remote control support (Using Remote control daemon from TVSHOW project)
Single copy running: when wv already running, second wv just exit if second wv have file name as parameter, wv pass it to first copy, which start play it immedeately
Video snapshots"


PLEASE! Remove VIDEO2.INI first!

 Fixed MP4 Audio (FAAD)
 History will not save the same files (no sense)
 Fixed crash in AVI without BIH info

October 06

Mozilla for OS/2 1.5RC2 released

September 30, 2003 Mozilla 1.5rc2 has been released. The OS/2 version is available as a Zipfile. Installation notes can be found here.

Please Note: This release was built with GCC 3.2.2 Beta 2 and requires updated C runtime DLLs from Innotek.

October 05

Menu-driven DFSee version 5.52 released

A major update for the DFSee user interface!

Being functionally almost identical with the last version (5.26) this new DFSee version has had a MAJOR update in the user-interface by introducing a menu-bar with pull-down menus that let you operate most of the DFSee functionality in a very convenient way.

The menu-system will make using DFSee MUCH easier for the less experienced user, not only because you can simply pick the desired functions from a menu, but also because there is context sensitive help on every menu-item.

Note: Not every function in DFSee can be operated from the menu yet. Two significant ones missing are CREATE and RECOVER functions.

DFSee is the SWISS-ARMY-KNIFE for disk and filesystem problems. With FDISK-like displays, analysis and recovery, FIX commands, UNDELETE for HPFS/NTFS, imaging and cloning. More details at:

Direct download links:

Most important functional changes:

- MENU Added menubar with pull-downs for most DFSee commands
- TxWin Support context sensitive HELP one every menu-item
- TxWin Added blue background and SHADOW casting for popups
- TxWin Implemented standard FileDialog for open and save-as
- TxWin Implemented accelerator keys as shortcuts to menus
- TxWin Implemented Minimize, Maximize and Restore for windows
- PART Added 'Linux' as EXT2/SWAP creator name in the table
- GEO Refresh diskinfo after command, to make GEO active
- PART -w Better descriptions for DFSDOS 'beyond disk' warnings
- SIM WRIM Made -? help text more specific and to the point
- VOL IM Added -? help and new -f option for VOL command
- DFSUNFD Fixed right disk-selection after ALLOC command

Check DFS*.TXT files for details, all changes listed in DFSHIST.TXT

Registering DFSee will give you the right to use all 5.xx versions and get support plus a reasonable amount of assistance by email. Existing 4.xx registrations can be upgraded to 5.xx as well.

But even more important, it enables further development of DFSee!

Regards, Jan van Wijk

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