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November 1999


By: Abel McClendon - VOICE Secretary - secretary@os2voice.org

Warpstock 99, from my perspective.

Wow what an Adventure! I had a most wonderful time at Warpstock99. The event as a whole was well organized, well run and very informative. The "GICC" (Georgia International Convention Center) is a nice place to hold an event and the layout is as close to perfect as I have seen. It is really amazing that the everyday press in print, TV, and E-press continue with the view that OS/2 is dead... During Warpstock99 it was rather obvious that even a magician can't make OS/2 disappear. Warpstock99 served as an example of the resolve of the entire OS/2 community. Indeed there was more than one 'Magic Moment'.

I attended one presentation, gave one presentation and the rest of my time was spent either in the VOICE booth on IRC or walking the halls conversing with fellow Warpers. After my presentation which ,by the way, can be found on the VOICE website, Lynn Maxson lead a BoF(Birds of a Feather) session on WarpDoctor. It went very well and support for the project was offered from more than one attendee and some that weren't even there. One attendee even gave $25 to join VOICE and $25 to the WarpDoctor project. In my presentation I mentioned several times a 3 line phrase "United Community, United In Purpose. United for Power." This concept was so well received I was stunned. I had anticipated some negative commentary and/or argument. I received none of that directly. If there was someone there who heard about my presentation or the WarpDoctor BoF session and disagreed with the logic discussed in those sessions... they never mentioned it to me.

The WarpDoctor project is is being pursued by VOICE with the intent to gauge the interest in actually uniting the international OS/2 community and focusing the collective effort in a specific and directed manner. VOICE has always had an interest in educating and serving the OS/2 community. VOICE is committed to this project and to prove it are taking steps to incorporate. The central messages I delivered in my presentation, in the WarpDoctor BoF and when anyone asked were these -

  1. It is a recognized fact at VOICE that for the long term health of the OS/2 community, the entire OS/2 community must be a united community. With one direction, focused and funded. It is not a good thing for us to use our collective efforts at cross-purposes or even for duplicate works.

  2. VOICE is now sponsoring the revival of the WarpPharmacy. It is recognized that every OS/2 user has at one time or another required some assistance with OS/2. This project is called WarpDoctor.

  3. As soon as practical VOICE will incorporate, in order to facilitate the handling of funds.

  4. In order to ensure our investments in OS/2 well into the future WarpDoctor will be the project to gauge the interest and viability of a "United OS/2 Community".

    1. The members of the WarpDoctor project will have ONE vote each. The WarpDoctor Web site URL is http://www.warpdoctor.org

    2. The common knowledge base for the members at first will be the WarpDoctor mail list. To subscribe to this mail list go to : http://mailer.falcon-net.net:8080/guest/RemoteAvailableLists?prefix=W

    3. WarpDoctor will be a self-funded project.

Join VOICE today and be heard all over the world! Have your VOICE make a difference!

Some may ask (and some have asked) why so large a project for VOICE to start out with? Well, VOICE has always been about people to begin with, and VOICE believes that people will respond in a positive manner offering assistance where they can. We at VOICE know that this is a huge undertaking and we are counting on the entire OS/2 Community for support. WarpDoctor has the potential at this time to become a rallying cry for a "United OS/2 Community, United in Purpose and United for Power". The opportunity has been proposed. The Community will decide the success or failure.

One last note before my rambling in this article stops.... I was standing on the stage at Warpstock99 shortly after the magician rang everyone's bell with his parting lines about not even he could make OS/2 disappear. Perhaps it was smart of me at that moment to bite my tongue and not say what was really on my mind... Perhaps not. We will never know for sure for that moment has passed. I will write here my words I held in check that night in front of all the people in that room.. the SCOUG'rs and POSSI folks, the IBM'rs and a host of others gathered to share the 'Magic Moments', this is a forum where everyone who wants to can view it... And respond ...

"I want to thank you all for joining us tonight You know the magician was honest and he is a great magician.. Not even he can make OS/2 disappear. It would seem that IBM is trying to make OS/2 disappear for us SOHO/endusers and no matter how hard they try we keep it alive. My friends the magician admitted he could not make OS/2 disappear.... IBM has proven they can't either.... Folks I want you to know each and everyone of you can make OS/2 disappear, you have that power. And I also say to you If you look around you - you will also see the POWER to keep it alive. A 'United Community, United in Purpose is United for POWER'. "

This goes also for those reading this dialog.

Abel McClendon - VOICE Secretary - secretary@os2voice.org

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