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December 2003

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November 01

NewView 2.12.9

- Fix crash at shutdown
- Remember dropped fonts.
On topic area, Drop+Shift sets fixed font.
- Remember application font and size to fit
- Options form more compact.
- Fix problems loading from read-only media
- Don't crash if default fonts not present

NewView is a free replacement for the original OS/2 or eComStation online help system.

Major enhancements are:

- New user interface (split window)
- Select and copy direct from window
- Easy to use global (all files) search
- Remembers size & position
- Most recently used files list
- Smooth scrolling display
- Current topic always highlighted in contents
- Can go forward as well as back in history
- Options for fonts, colors and more
- Annotate help files
- Bookmarks
- Fully resizeable
- Automatic web, ftp and email links
- Drop files to open
- Open additional files
- Automatic language selection
- Automatic index creation
- Enhanced file dialog with help file titles

November 01

New Linksys Wireless (802.11b and 802.11g) game adapters (bridges)

Linksys has just released two Wireless Game Adapter units, one conforming to the 802.11b standard and one conforming to the 802.11g standard. These allow connectivity back to the appropriate access points.

While primarily designed for the PlayStation/X-box/GameCube crowd, the fact that they need no drivers means they will work on any OS platform, including OS/2. They are external ethernet connected devices, so you can move them between systems as required. Due to the volume market prices are not much more than plug in PCI cards.

more details at:


[Moderator note: Linksys also has a nice table showing the differences between the 3 wireless standards (802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a) at http://www.linksy]

October 31

Mozilla 1.5, Thunderbird 0.3 and Firebird 0.7

October 20, 2003 Mozilla 1.5 (Zipfile:> ) has been released.

Also available are Thunderbird 0.3 (Zipfile: ) and Firebird 0.7 (Zipfile: ).

Please Note: These releases require updated C runtime DLLs (libc04: ).

October 31

New kernels (20031031) on IBM testcase FTP site

Download from

"This contains fixes since xr_e002/xr_m015/mcp/acp. Important note: If you use the OS/2 SES facility, you need a new sesdd32.sys dated April 2001 or later to use this kernel. Also, a matching dump formatter (df_ret.exe), provided separately, is required, if you want to analyze a dump from this kernel. Finally, note that os2ldr is only required for the >64mb memory detection mentioned below."

As always these are not officially supported by IBM unless they tell you to use them.

**** Please send any followup to comp.os.os2.bugs on usenet. ****

Also note that files are only on IBM's testcase for 2-3 days, so if you want to try these get them now. Make certain you back up any files replaced and don't try these on a production system. Read any readme file before applying any changes. If your system is working well, and you have no problems addressed by these updates, do yourself a favour and don't mess with this. You have been warned.

The UNI and SMP files are for WSeB/ACP/eCS Pro (SMP kernel) and the W4 files are for post FP15/MCP versions, including eComStation. Only use the SMP kernel on a machine with more then one CPU.

Here are the latest changes in this version, as posted in the readme file. (See the Readme for a complete listing):

Fixes to problems that exist in released code:

JR19236 trap 000c in w_NewSize

October 31

DFSee version 5.54 released.

An update to the menusystem introduced with version 5.52, with more DFSee functions and command accessible through the menu.

The menu-system will make using DFSee MUCH easier for the less experienced user, not only because you can simply pick the desired functions from a menu, but also because there is context sensitive help on every menu-item.

Note: Although fairly stable and quite usefull, the menu system in version 5.5x is considered BETA. It will be officially introduced and suported with the upcoming version 6.00.

DFSee is the SWISS-ARMY-KNIFE for disk and filesystem problems. With FDISK-like displays, analysis and recovery, FIX commands, UNDELETE for HPFS/NTFS, imaging and cloning. More details at:

Direct download links:

Most important functional changes since 5.52:

- MENU Added 'Create new partition' to the mode=FDISK' menu
- MENU Added 'Display Raw partition info' (walk disk tables)
- MENU Added 'Create default LVM info (VCU)' to FDISK menu
- MENU Added 'Recover files from list' to Action->list menu
- MENU Added 'CHECK' of filesystem for HPFS, NTFS and FAT
- MENU Added reboot to selected OS partition (setboot)
- MENU Sector Lookup Table display for HPFS, NTFS and FAT
- MENU Added Identify sector; HPFS, NTFS and FAT, using SLT
- MENU Added parameter specification for a script being RUN
- CREATE Added interactive dialog to specify most properties
- FIND Changed progress indicator to include percentage done
- CHECK NTFS Bad-MFT-Fixup recognition, continue checking
- QUERY Added Minimum and Grabable partition-size for resize
- RECOVER Use SelDirFileDialog to specify the destination DIR
- progress indicators, format now 'xxxx of yyyy ZZZZZZ (nn.n%)'
- SAVETO Fixed cmd-loop on bad sectortype currently selected

Check DFS*.TXT files for details, all changes listed in DFSHIST.TXT

Registering DFSee will give you the right to use all 5.xx versions and get support plus a reasonable amount of assistance by email. Existing 4.xx registrations can be upgraded to 5.xx as well.

But even more important, it enables further development of DFSee!

Regards, Jan van Wijk

October 31

BlueCAD 1.0 free download

The new website is so far only available in Italian. Other language version will be available soon. Starting with BlueCAD 2.0 the product is win32 only. They have graciously made the latest 1.0 version available as a free download.

You can download for free last BlueCAD 1.0 version, for Windows and for OS/2, in all available languages. No technical support is available for this BlueCAD version.

"BlueCAD is the CAD solution which gives you powerful drafting tools fully exploiting the Windows and OS/2 Warp's best features.

BlueCAD was conceived and developed specifically for professional users and students: due to its flexibility, speed, facility and low price, it is ideal for mechanical and architectural planning, for producing technical documentation and as a tool for office automation. BlueCAD can dialog, integrating itself, with desktop publishing, word processing and painting products, therefore it is a necessary tool for personal productivity.

Drawing with BlueCAD is very easy. Due to its intuitive user interface you will be familiar with BlueCAD very quickly. The use of contextual menus and drag&drop tecniques enable the inexperienced user to also be immediately productive. If you need some information about a BlueCAD command, a complete on-line contextual help system is always available to give you support. Furthermore, if you would like to add new features to the program expanding its functions, it is possible to create new commands using the C/C++ (Windows) or REXX (OS/2) programming language: BlueCAD's macro interface enables you to access all program's functions."

October 30

New Innotek Java

Java 1.4.2_02 was released by Innotek moments ago, grab your free copy @

Whats new:
- updated to the latest Sun 1.4.2_02 release which
includes the latest bugfixes and security enhancements

- refuse installation if a prerelease version is currently in memory (locked files)

- fixed error in Java Web Start that would prevent startup of Java Web Start on some systems

- fixed keyboard layout switching once again

- rewrote PM keyboard message hook processing

- several bugfixes based on customer feedback

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