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December 1999


By: Abel McClendon - VOICE Secretary - secretary@os2voice.org

Well, another year under our belts and the the bells of Christmas have been ringing since before Labor Day. VOICE has a endured a banner year and is growing. VOICE is investigating incorporation and is making progress on that front. We increased our membership and have begun an evolutionary project called WarpDoctor. For those who are new to the newsletter or haven't seen related articles to this project they can be found on the web @ www.os2.voice.org by following the WarpStock99 link. and also some more in the speakup logs. I made a pledge to write a column a month for the VOICE Newsletter and this is the second. I hope you continue to find my articles informative and entertaining. Since 'Tis the Season I will write my letter to Santa.. for all to see...

Dear Santa-
I know you know who I am, so I will skip the introductions. There are a few things that I'd like to run by you before you pack the sled for your annual journey. I will not bring up the things you obviously misplaced on your harried rounds last year, but I do appreciate you delivering the wisdom to Judge Jackson so he could make his most delightful 'Finding-of-Fact'. I want to tell you I will leave you some Cherry-Twinkle cookies by the server and some milk beside the network station. Now let's get down to business:
Santa, I want WarpDoctor to become a reality, please deliver strength, fortitude and wisdom to those involved in the project.

I want an OS/2 community that is united in purpose and united for POWER. Please deliver wisdom, tolerance and community spirit to all those interested in the longevity of OS/2.

I want a strong and active VOICE organization. Please deliver wisdom, and perseverance to the members and <btw> a typing course for the secretary wouldn't hurt....

Lastly if you could swing it.. a few wise words for me to write in the year 2000.. so these folks won't have to read another letter to you in January...

Thanks Santa, I know your bag is full, the requests I made don't take up much space so I have faith you shall deliver...

Hopefully Optimistic in Rural Hall.

PS: If I didn't leave out enough cookies they are hidden in the empty black server case ....you can have all the cookies.. and it won't hurt my feelings if you replace them with a dual cpu board.

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