As an experiment we have decided to open up some phone lines that you can call if you have OS/2 questions. The reason to do this is because in a phone call questions can be asked while you are doing something (enabling you to track something better). Also we feel we can find fixes for your problems much faster because we can ask questions and get answers fast! Compared to a newsgroup/mailing list.

        Please note the following:

        Volunteer 1:

        Roderick Klein
        Location: Netherlands
        Phone number: (temporarily unavailable, new number soon)
        Timezone: CET (Central European time) CET = London time + 1 hour.
        Can be called 7 days a week from 20:00 to 22:00 CET!
        (Phone is unplugged outside of these hours).
        Please note you need to keep the phone ringing for at least 1 minute...
        People calling from the US dial:
        (see above note)