05-18-98 17:18:32 <Freiheit> Okay, we shall begin our SpeakUp session with Christopher Wright of Desktop Communications now
05-18-98 17:18:41 <Abraxas> Considering the small turnout, I see no reason to go Moderated, tonight .... we'll just have an open discussion. If a lot more users join, later, and it gets confusing, we'll do the "moderated thing"
05-18-98 17:18:55 <CWBrenn> Fine with me.
05-18-98 17:19:05 *** RobertE (single_2us@RipNET-05-059.Brockville.recorder.ca) has joined #VOICE [17:19:05]
05-18-98 17:19:19 <Freiheit> Okay, now that we're starting we're getting a bigger turnout--I like that :)
05-18-98 17:19:47 <Freiheit> Alright, Christopher would you like to make an opening announcement about what you do, about your site, etc?
05-18-98 17:19:53 <CWBrenn> Ok...
05-18-98 17:20:24 <CWBrenn> I want Desktop Communications to be an impetus for further development in the publishing arena.
05-18-98 17:20:30 *** mEAt (sheckel@zeus.hdssd.hitachi.com) has joined #VOICE [17:20:30]
05-18-98 17:20:57 <CWBrenn> I feel OS/2 has a lot of people willing to support it, but that there hasn't been a lot of focus in terms of developing for OS/2.
05-18-98 17:21:35 <CWBrenn> There's been a lot of "we want an app that does 'x'", but everyone is thinking about large, name-brand apps, and those only do so much.
05-18-98 17:22:02 <CWBrenn> OS/2 already has some great graphics apps, and is starting to get some cool multimedia apps, so I thought that would be a good trend to develop.
05-18-98 17:22:24 <CWBrenn> I can pause for comments/questions, or I can go on... whichever you folks want. :)
05-18-98 17:22:44 <Freiheit> Well, let's get to some questions :)
05-18-98 17:22:59 <CWBrenn> Ok...
05-18-98 17:23:40 <Arkay> I noticed you started up the Project Toolbase again. Could you tell us what you're trying to do with that?
05-18-98 17:23:52 <mandie> CWB: post your homepage url
05-18-98 17:24:05 *** beep (sdtaylor@usr1-p38.fwb.cybertron.com) has joined #VOICE [17:24:05]
05-18-98 17:24:06 <Freiheit> http://www.dtcweb.com
05-18-98 17:24:07 <CWBrenn> mandie: Desktop Communications http://www.dtcweb.com
05-18-98 17:24:32 <CWBrenn> Arkay: Sure. P:TB is an attempt to give us a map of what's already available for an OS/2 publishing environment, and what we still need.
05-18-98 17:24:47 <Swanee> CWBrenn: Can you give us a basic understanding of your choices for your graphical work and what abilities are found lacking in themif you are
05-18-98 17:25:16 * Swanee hit "enter" accidently. 20 lashes...
05-18-98 17:25:19 <CWBrenn> Swanee: "Simplicity is good because I don't do complex very well." :)
05-18-98 17:26:10 <CWBrenn> Back to Project:Toolbase...
05-18-98 17:26:31 *** Walter has left #voice [17:26:31]
05-18-98 17:26:43 <CWBrenn> For example, looking at the Graphics Design section of P:TB, we see that there are a lot of design packages, but no color correction software.
05-18-98 17:27:12 <CWBrenn> Photo>Graphics, Embellish, SX Paint are all good apps, but they won't prevent you from choosing a color that looks one way on the monitor and looks another way when printed out.
05-18-98 17:27:22 <Projects> got that right...
05-18-98 17:27:54 <CWBrenn> Project:ToolBase is something I want ISVs to find useful as well. If they see there are already 4-5 graphics design packages, but no color correction software -- then they see an untapped market.
05-18-98 17:28:13 <Freiheit> CWBrenn, for comparison, could you name an app or two that *do* have this feature (color correction)?
05-18-98 17:28:20 <CWBrenn> Obviously, P:TB needs to get a bit more complex before that part of it is obviously useful.
05-18-98 17:28:32 <mandie> CWB: your Compatible hdwe category...scanners etc?
05-18-98 17:28:35 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: ColorWorks has it to some extent, but that's the only one I really know about..
05-18-98 17:28:47 <CWBrenn> Mandie: That should be up by the end of this week.
05-18-98 17:29:13 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: it's more useful to have a general color-correction utility than one for each application.
05-18-98 17:29:21 <Arkay> CWB: what, if any, feedback would you like from others in regard to P:TB
05-18-98 17:29:51 <REXX> gotta go
05-18-98 17:29:53 *** Signoff: REXX (Ta ta! :)) [17:29:53]
05-18-98 17:30:04 <CWBrenn> Arkay: I want all the feedback you can spare about _everything_. :) The only way it will do what I want is if it works the way people want it to. If you would like to see a different layout, more information, more categories, please let me know.
05-18-98 17:30:34 <CWBrenn> I'm still trying to automate it to some extent, and that's proving a painful process, so initially changes will be slow coming...
05-18-98 17:31:05 <Arkay> The layout looks great. I was thinking more along the lines of info on apps and such.
05-18-98 17:31:46 <mandie> Arkay: I see where you're coming from..input from those who have had experience with the individual apps
05-18-98 17:31:52 <CWBrenn> Arkay: I've put up a P:TB submission form on the feedback area of the DTCWeb site. You can submit anything you think is applicable, then I go out and track it down to get more info...
05-18-98 17:32:19 <CWBrenn> Arkay: also, anyone who would like to _review_ and _evaluate_ the software, I'd like to include a full-blown review for each item on the database.
05-18-98 17:32:37 <CWBrenn> Contact me at wrightc@dtcweb.com or feedback@dtcweb.com if you're interested in this.
05-18-98 17:32:39 * mandie stops typing as CWB just said it
05-18-98 17:32:46 <CWBrenn>
05-18-98 17:33:27 *** ZerosKewl (ZerosKewl@203.dialup.power-tech.net) has joined #VOICE [17:33:27]
05-18-98 17:33:42 *** Signoff: mEAt (EOF from client) [17:33:42]
05-18-98 17:33:47 <CWBrenn> Another thing I'd like to develop further is the Digital Sounding Board, which I envision as (ultimately) a place where the end user can tell ISVs precisely what they think software should do and how it should work.
05-18-98 17:34:00 <mandie> CWB: get the developers involved...let them know what you're doing and then request a review copy of their program
05-18-98 17:34:15 <mandie> CWB: either to be reviewed by you or someone who volunteers to do it
05-18-98 17:34:20 <CWBrenn> And ISVs, in turn, can tell end users how they would like to develop software for OS/2 and get their feedback on that.
05-18-98 17:34:48 <CWBrenn> mandie: I plan on doing that, but I need to bulk up P:TB a bit more before I start knocking on ISVs doors...
05-18-98 17:34:49 * RobertE has set away! (auto away after idling 15 minutes) .gz.
05-18-98 17:34:57 <Freiheit> So you're looking to eventually have a full-blown discussion forum?
05-18-98 17:35:41 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: sort of. I'm not sure if a discussion forum would be focused enough, but I'm aiming for something like that.
05-18-98 17:36:05 <CWBrenn> The problem with discussion forums is posts are generally very brief. I want people to go into detail about what they want software to do.
05-18-98 17:36:43 <CWBrenn> Especially people who want to publish. When you're designing multimedia, what do you envision as the best way to go about doing it? How can an ISV help?
05-18-98 17:37:15 <CWBrenn> If you maintain a web site, what is the single most frustrating thing you have to do, and what would software have to do in order to make it easier?
05-18-98 17:37:23 <Freiheit> So perhaps something more like IBM's Requirements Submission form?
05-18-98 17:37:33 *** os2hq (os2hq@user-37kbb1f.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #voice [17:37:33]
05-18-98 17:37:50 <os2hq> Howdy, neighbors!
05-18-98 17:37:56 <Freiheit> (which is at http://www.software.ibm.com/os/warp/pspinfo/pspform.html by the way, in case anyone isn't sure what it is)
05-18-98 17:38:04 * Projects looks at the clock, then looks at os2hq...
05-18-98 17:38:10 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: yes, but set up in a way so that everyone can see all the posts, and respond to them with their own. I see it as kind of a forum where everyone trades white papers...
05-18-98 17:38:22 <os2hq> heh. Just got home....
05-18-98 17:38:23 <Terrulen> Chris, why did you pick Desktop Publishing in particular?
05-18-98 17:38:52 * Swanee hopes Projects has duly noted this on os2hq's time card.
05-18-98 17:38:55 <CWBrenn> Terrulen: I love the idea of being able to sit in front of a computer and communicate with a huge audience of people in a way that a newspaper couldn't have done 50 years ago...
05-18-98 17:39:03 <Projects> hehe
05-18-98 17:39:18 <CWBrenn> I've always been passionately interested in all forms of publishing, so I figured, hey! Combine two interests! :)
05-18-98 17:40:00 <Terrulen> CWBrenn: So, "Desktop publishing" to you is more than just working with traditional media like print magazines and the stuff you need Quark Express for?
05-18-98 17:40:34 <CWBrenn> Terrulen: Absolutely. Although I use the term "Desktop Publishing" in Project:ToolBase for that kind of stuff, in actuality DTP is using a computer to publish, plain and simple.
05-18-98 17:41:30 <CWBrenn> The idea behind DTP is that you can do it autonomously -- the single most powerful, enabling gift computers have given us.
05-18-98 17:42:49 *** madodel (madodel@cable032110.cable.str.ptd.net) has joined #voice [17:42:49]
05-18-98 17:42:50 *** #VOICE Mode change: +o madodel by AbraxBot
05-18-98 17:42:55 <CWBrenn> The third thing I want to do is to try and get ISVs and end users to get together to come up with a bunch of standards for publishing software... this is a lot more difficult than P:TB and the Digital Sounding Board...
05-18-98 17:43:01 <CWBrenn> ... and not something I can do alone.
05-18-98 17:43:18 <Swanee> Standards such as...
05-18-98 17:43:59 <CWBrenn> Swanee: well, the idea is that publishers are looking for software that are guaranteed to do certain things, and if they've never heard of OS/2 products because they've never heard of our ISVs, why should they consider OS/2 as a publishing platform?
05-18-98 17:44:15 <Freiheit> That would be the thrust of your other page, The OS/2 Computer Publishing Platform (http://www.dtcweb.com/DTCWeb/OS2CPPC/os2cppc.htm), correct?
05-18-98 17:44:54 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: Yes. Not terribly fleshed out at this point. I had a bunch of stuff I was going to add to it, but it died in the great crash of 98...
05-18-98 17:45:21 <Terrulen> Do you have any visions of a publishing utopia this way? Any "dream medium" you have in mind? :-)
05-18-98 17:45:22 <Freiheit> :(
05-18-98 17:46:04 <CWBrenn> Terrulen: I think all forms of publishing are valid, from the street-radical passing out flyers, to 4-color magazines, to web sites, to multimedia cdroms... to performance art. :)
05-18-98 17:46:42 <Arkay> CWB: what would be YOUR favorite form of publishing?
05-18-98 17:46:53 <CWBrenn> Arkay: That's tough :)
05-18-98 17:47:41 <CWBrenn> I've always dreamed of starting up a magazine or a newspaper in some form or another. On the other hand, I'm very interested in music as well (I play in a band and muck about with sequencing). In college, I interned with the Discover Channel...
05-18-98 17:48:17 <CWBrenn> ... and wrote quite a bit of material for some of their CD-ROMs... and I've discovered I enjoy web design and creating comic strips... so I'm pretty much interested in _everything_. :)
05-18-98 17:48:49 <Arkay> a man of many talents :-)
05-18-98 17:49:02 <CWBrenn> Arkay: I never said I was _talented_ in all of them. :)
05-18-98 17:49:04 <Freiheit> So you want to make music, put it on CD, make your own CD inserts, and write your own album reviews--gotcha :)
05-18-98 17:49:15 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: every musicians dream.
05-18-98 17:50:15 <CWBrenn> Basically, if it helps you communicate what you want to say more effectively (and at less cost) then I like it.
05-18-98 17:52:08 <Freiheit> All right, as far as the music part of the publishing goes...
05-18-98 17:52:51 <Freiheit> What would be your recommendation for someone who's just starting out? Whick apps (or types of apps) would you recommend to this person to help them get started with minimal time/effort?
05-18-98 17:53:11 * Freiheit notes he personally has some interest in this topic :)
05-18-98 17:54:09 <Freiheit> I've tinkered with a few of the MIDI and MOD trackers, but I don't feel any of them are designed for anyone who hasn't used one before.
05-18-98 17:55:01 <Freiheit> argh, I hate lag :(

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05-18-98 18:02:18 *** The topic for #voice is: Welcome to VOICE ... Speakup tonight with Christopher Wright ... 8:00PM EDT
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05-18-98 18:02:18 <CWBrenn> Swanee: don't make me paranoid like that. :)
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05-18-98 18:02:18 <Swanee> lol
05-18-98 18:02:18 *** MADodel (madodel@cable032110.cable.str.ptd.net) has joined #voice [18:02:18]
05-18-98 18:02:18 <beep> nep its the m$ mafia nuking us
05-18-98 18:02:24 <Freiheit> Well that was no fun
05-18-98 18:02:28 <Projects> !op
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05-18-98 18:02:43 <mandie> hmm
05-18-98 18:02:44 <MADodel> Did something happen or was it me?
05-18-98 18:02:44 <Projects> damned bot
05-18-98 18:02:44 <Arkay> gotta go now anyway. figures. see ya. CWB keep up the good work!
05-18-98 18:02:44 *** #VOICE Mode change: +nt by mandie
05-18-98 18:02:49 <Freiheit> !op
05-18-98 18:02:53 <Swanee> bye Arkay
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05-18-98 18:02:54 <CWBrenn> Thanks arkay.
05-18-98 18:03:08 <Projects> MADodel: happened to me too I think
05-18-98 18:03:09 *** Arkay has left #VOICE [18:03:09]
05-18-98 18:03:15 <Freiheit> So, where were we?
05-18-98 18:03:15 <trixer> router probs at our uplink
05-18-98 18:03:23 <CWBrenn> Um, any more questions?
05-18-98 18:03:24 <trixer> on the phone with em now
05-18-98 18:03:40 <trixer> power probally
05-18-98 18:03:45 <mandie> trixer: wondered..I pinged out...but dyndns.com is back up and running
05-18-98 18:04:04 <trixer> they'be been having power probs today
05-18-98 18:04:04 <SunnyBear> we hd bad storms tonight
05-18-98 18:04:14 <CWBrenn> It's En Nino's fault! :)
05-18-98 18:04:22 <CWBrenn> Er, En=El
05-18-98 18:04:34 <SunnyBear> we lost power here for an hour+ and they lost it too..
05-18-98 18:04:56 <SunnyBear> yeah what CWBrenn said
05-18-98 18:05:21 <beep> who`s nuking us
05-18-98 18:05:50 <trixer> beep, no one is nuking
05-18-98 18:06:25 <beep> hmm
05-18-98 18:06:43 <CWBrenn> Anyway, does anyone have any more questions?
05-18-98 18:07:01 <Freiheit> Yes, I had a question on music publishing
05-18-98 18:07:07 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: shoot.
05-18-98 18:07:32 <Freiheit> What apps would you suggest for someone just beginning in MOD tracking or MIDI sequencing, etc?
05-18-98 18:07:45 <Freiheit> I've toyed with a few of the ones out there, but they all seem to be fairly...umm...
05-18-98 18:07:51 <Freiheit> beginner-unfriendly
05-18-98 18:07:54 <Freiheit> daunting
05-18-98 18:08:18 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: at this point, there are very few music apps available for OS/2 for beginners... and there is only one MOD composition program that I'm aware of.
05-18-98 18:08:28 <CWBrenn> PMPoze, I believe it is called.
05-18-98 18:08:39 <Freiheit> right, I gave that a try
05-18-98 18:09:06 <CWBrenn> Applications don't usually start out easy to use. That comes over time and development. How easy was WordPerfect when it was first released?
05-18-98 18:09:13 <Projects> !op
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05-18-98 18:09:14 *** Projects (plazenby@kitimat-2-04.yellowhead16.net) has joined #voice [18:09:14]
05-18-98 18:09:15 <mandie> hmm
05-18-98 18:09:21 <CWBrenn> Poor Projects...
05-18-98 18:09:21 <Terrulen> There was a recent release of a MIDI tracker announced on Warpcast.
05-18-98 18:09:30 * Projects kicks the bot
05-18-98 18:09:32 <os2hq> Proj, Bot is allergic to you....
05-18-98 18:09:39 <Projects> hehehe
05-18-98 18:09:43 <mandie> now try
05-18-98 18:09:47 <Projects> !op
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05-18-98 18:09:49 *** Projects (plazenby@kitimat-2-04.yellowhead16.net) has joined #voice [18:09:49]
05-18-98 18:09:51 <CWBrenn> Terrulen: yes, I have that in my approach database, haven't put it on the web site yet...
05-18-98 18:09:52 <mandie> lol
05-18-98 18:09:53 <Projects> heh
05-18-98 18:10:22 <os2hq> Boy, that happened to me last nite.... every time I wanted ops. Finally Abraxas fixed it up nice.
05-18-98 18:10:22 <CWBrenn> Projects: why does the bot hate you so? :)
05-18-98 18:10:48 <Projects> CWBrenn: VoiceBot's alway's been an anti-social type :)
05-18-98 18:11:12 <os2hq> Well, I'll say one thing: I like your effort a LOT, CW.
05-18-98 18:11:14 <MADodel> !op
05-18-98 18:11:14 *** #VOICE Mode change: +o MADodel by VoiceBot
05-18-98 18:11:19 <Swanee> Projects: Probably written in Cobol :)
05-18-98 18:11:22 <MADodel> Gee works for me. :-)
05-18-98 18:11:23 <CWBrenn> Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the other part of DTCWeb that's been languishing lately... MediaSquared.
05-18-98 18:11:24 <mandie> not to all :)
05-18-98 18:11:24 <os2hq> I just wish we could get the same thing going for Accounting apps.
05-18-98 18:11:28 <Projects> bah!
05-18-98 18:11:29 <CWBrenn> os2hq: thanks. :)
05-18-98 18:11:44 <Projects> os2hq: yeah!
05-18-98 18:11:45 *** #VOICE Mode change: -o MADodel by MADodel
05-18-98 18:12:03 <os2hq> Accounting is to OS/2 what Big Banks are to IBM. The problem is, the OS/2 dev community has failed to come up with lots of great, powerful, professional Tax and Accounting apps.
05-18-98 18:12:13 <os2hq> Think about it.... stability is VITAL to accounting systems.
05-18-98 18:12:20 <os2hq> Not as much for games & such...
05-18-98 18:12:41 <Freiheit> I don't know hq, the Super Nintendo is pretty stable
05-18-98 18:12:43 <os2hq> But, DTP is another of the 3 "critical areas" I've wanted to see blossom for OS/2.
05-18-98 18:12:44 <Freiheit> :)
05-18-98 18:12:47 <os2hq> heh.
05-18-98 18:12:51 <Swanee> os2hq: Agreed...
05-18-98 18:12:55 <CWBrenn> os2hq: I'm pretty sure most banks develop their own in-house accounting software.
05-18-98 18:12:58 <os2hq> DTP, Contact mgmt, and Accounting.
05-18-98 18:13:08 <os2hq> CW: Yes, but I mean for small business.
05-18-98 18:13:19 <CWBrenn> os2hq: IBM doesn't care about the small business. :)
05-18-98 18:13:23 <os2hq> OUR SOHO targets need accounting, and OS/2 is a good fit OS-wise.
05-18-98 18:13:25 <Freiheit> Yes, DTP is a must in our increasingly web-centric (in particular) society
05-18-98 18:13:36 <os2hq> CW: true, but they don't care much for DTP either!
05-18-98 18:13:37 <MADodel> CWBrenn: what is mediasquared?
05-18-98 18:13:42 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: DTP is a must for big businesses, too...
05-18-98 18:14:08 <CWBrenn> MADodel: MediaSquared will be (someday, ahem) a multimedia-based magazine that will be a "how-to" for OS/2 publishing software.
05-18-98 18:14:09 <os2hq> CW: Your #1 obstacle, IMO, will be Font Rendering.
05-18-98 18:14:22 <CWBrenn> os2: yep. I'll get to that in a sec.
05-18-98 18:14:38 <os2hq> Fonting seems to be the OS/2 screen's weak link... everything else is superior to the other stuff.
05-18-98 18:14:52 <CWBrenn> At the moment, most people have no idea what they can already do, publishing wise, with OS/2 software already out there.
05-18-98 18:15:19 <MADodel> Publishing as in Web or paper?
05-18-98 18:15:26 <Freiheit> both
05-18-98 18:15:30 <CWBrenn> MediaSquared will attempt to give them an idea. For example: it's already possible to create PDF documents (to a certain extent) with GhostScript, which is freely avaialble for the OS/2 platform.
05-18-98 18:16:16 <CWBrenn> It's also possible to take something you've laid out in, say, Lotus WordPro and take it to a service beureau to get it professionally printed, though there are limitations to that.
05-18-98 18:16:28 <CWBrenn> It's now possible to record and master audio CD's with OS/2.
05-18-98 18:16:34 *** Signoff: beep (Connection reset by peer) [18:16:34]
05-18-98 18:16:50 <CWBrenn> I'd like MediaSquared to address how to do these things, as well as evaluating the merits and weaknesses of the tools used.
05-18-98 18:17:08 <CWBrenn> I almost had the first issue ready to roll. It went away. :(
05-18-98 18:17:16 *** beep (sdtaylor@usr1-p12.fwb.cybertron.com) has joined #VOICE [18:17:16]
05-18-98 18:17:28 <CWBrenn> It's been very difficult to overcome the inertia to get that set up again...
05-18-98 18:17:47 <Freiheit> understandable
05-18-98 18:18:16 <CWBrenn> At any rate, MediaSquared is being designed in NeoN StoryBook, which is a really cool multimedia authoring program from Compo Software, the parent of NeoN Grafix.
05-18-98 18:18:39 <CWBrenn> It's no Macromedia Director, but it can do some nice things.
05-18-98 18:18:54 <Freiheit> Well Director has had many more years to develop, too
05-18-98 18:19:02 <Freiheit> that never hurts :)
05-18-98 18:19:08 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: yes. True. :)
05-18-98 18:19:20 <CWBrenn> OS2Hq: about fonts in OS/2...
05-18-98 18:19:43 <CWBrenn> *sigh* This is something that is almost out of our control, but there are things happening in that respect.
05-18-98 18:20:10 <CWBrenn> FreeType/2 is a replacement .dll for Warp 4's Truetype font support, and it will even work on Warp 3 and even OS/2 2.1...
05-18-98 18:20:46 <CWBrenn> It greatly improves the appearance of TrueType fonts -- at least, it does on my machine, it didn't seem to do anything one way or the other for some other people.
05-18-98 18:21:01 <Swanee> If I may comment here, In one of my rare forays into my win95 partition, I noticed the fonts looked terribly jagged, No Antialiasing that I could see. It became impressed on me that OS/2's fonts looked better than windows', at least on this machine. I am left wondering what is wrong with our font rendering.
05-18-98 18:21:37 <CWBrenn> Swanee: At one point in time Kris Kwilas had a screen shot of fonts under NT next to fonts under OS/2... the problem became painfully apparent there...
05-18-98 18:21:53 <Swanee> I guess I missed that...
05-18-98 18:21:53 <Freiheit> I think I saw that
05-18-98 18:22:30 <CWBrenn> OS/2's font support isn't the best in the world in terms of monitor display... but it prints out just fine. And, like Swanee noted, our font display isn't that terrible, either. No worse than older versions of MACOS...
05-18-98 18:22:37 <CWBrenn> ... and they're the original platform for publishing...
05-18-98 18:23:30 <CWBrenn> In my opinion, either a 3rd party vendor will come up with a proprietary and cheap font replacement for OS/2, or IBM will eventually improve its support. Maybe not today or tommorrow, but sooner or later.
05-18-98 18:24:36 <CWBrenn> Comments? Questions? Obscene remarks? :)
05-18-98 18:24:42 <Freiheit> heh
05-18-98 18:25:08 <beep> challege to beat nt`s fonts
05-18-98 18:25:10 <Freiheit> Well no matter who comes up with it, I'm hoping for anti-aliased fonts
05-18-98 18:25:29 <Freiheit> it's hard spending as much time as I do staring at a monitor that doesn't look overly nice
05-18-98 18:25:35 <CWBrenn> beep: well, we don't need to try to beat it right off the bat... but we _can_ keep that in mind. :)
05-18-98 18:25:55 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: the higher your monitor's resolution is, the better the fonts look.
05-18-98 18:25:57 * Projects has never had a problem with font display here
05-18-98 18:26:07 <CWBrenn> Of course, the harder it is to read for some people...
05-18-98 18:26:09 <Projects> that would explain it then
05-18-98 18:26:19 * Freiheit can't go very high--have to keep things reasonably large in order to be able to see at all
05-18-98 18:26:30 <CWBrenn> Ah...
05-18-98 18:26:34 <Freiheit> but in 800x600 it's not *bad*
05-18-98 18:26:45 * MADodel has a 21" running at 1600x1400. Looks pretty good to me.
05-18-98 18:26:46 <Swanee> Comment? I'm glad there is someone like you to carry the torch for DTP. Thanks Chris.
05-18-98 18:26:54 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: well, you should know that at low resolutions, anti-aliasing is _terribly_ innefective, and sometimes even makes text look worse...
05-18-98 18:27:02 * CWBrenn wants MADodel's monitor. :-)
05-18-98 18:27:44 * CWBrenn 's 17" is going to die horribly in about a month or so -- he has to leave it on all the time or everything looks yellow for about 45 minutes after turning it on...
05-18-98 18:27:52 *** beep is now known as OS2pos
05-18-98 18:28:02 <mandie> yayaya..the pos is back!
05-18-98 18:28:12 * MADodel wants his 21" also. ;-) He's on a 17" right now til the new box is networked.
05-18-98 18:28:28 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: as too 800x600 it depends on the size of the monitor... 800x600 on a 21" screen wouldn't look too great.
05-18-98 18:28:38 <OS2pos> mandie ;)
05-18-98 18:28:47 <CWBrenn> Swanee: Thanks for the support.
05-18-98 18:28:50 <MADodel> CWBrenn: It's not a MAG 17DF is it?
05-18-98 18:28:59 <CWBrenn> No, AcerView 76i
05-18-98 18:29:12 * Projects has a mag dx17 that's on it's way out...
05-18-98 18:29:26 <Projects> for the third time I might add
05-18-98 18:30:08 <CWBrenn> Well, if people are running out of questions, I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you what I plan for the DTCWeb site in the future, and how any noble volunteers could get on board and help me out. :-)
05-18-98 18:30:11 <MADodel> My 17" loses all red every once in a while. I have to pull the cover and wiggle the connector on the inside. Eventually it will go completely.
05-18-98 18:30:12 <Swanee> Freiheit: Are we the only guy's around that have 14/15 inchers?
05-18-98 18:30:22 <Freiheit> apparently
05-18-98 18:30:47 <Freiheit> volunteers are what VOICE is (supposed to be) all about :)
05-18-98 18:30:48 * Projects has several 14" and one 15" also
05-18-98 18:30:53 * MADodel has a 15" on my old 486 Gateway. That's my 4 year olds box now. :-P
05-18-98 18:31:00 <CWBrenn> Ok, here goes...
05-18-98 18:31:25 * Swanee is starting a second job at 7-11 selling slushies for a new monitor...
05-18-98 18:31:30 <CWBrenn> For Project:ToolBase and the Digital Sounding Board, basically the best way to help out is to participate in their growth...
05-18-98 18:32:10 <CWBrenn> ... for the Digital Sounding Board, for the moment just email me any ideas for software you'd like to see in the publishing environment, why we need it, how it could best work.
05-18-98 18:32:40 <CWBrenn> Anyone with experience in setting up a message board on a web site, feel free to offer any advice you have...
05-18-98 18:32:51 <Freiheit> I wish I had such experience
05-18-98 18:33:17 <CWBrenn> For Project:ToolBase, do not hesitate to point out any innacuracies with anything currently listed, and please submit anything that seems it might apply.
05-18-98 18:33:50 * Freiheit will submit Home Page Publisher--or maybe let MADodel do that since he uses it
05-18-98 18:33:54 <mandie> CWBrenn: do you have cgi access?
05-18-98 18:33:57 <CWBrenn> Also, anyone who has had luck integrating an Approach database with a web template, please let me know :-(. I'm not married to approach, so if you know of an OS/2 database product with superior web integration, please let me know about that too.
05-18-98 18:34:19 <CWBrenn> mandie: yes -- Netcom hosts me on a linux server. However, I have only a 1GB per month data limit so I need to be careful about how many CGIs I use.
05-18-98 18:34:35 <Projects> CWBrenn: you should look into Maxbase
05-18-98 18:34:39 <CWBrenn> Terrulen, I'll be following you e-zine preprocessor column closely.
05-18-98 18:34:55 <mandie> CWB: I'm following that column also :)
05-18-98 18:35:07 <CWBrenn> Projects: I have. I find it really hard to use, and you need something installed on your site to make the java interface work.
05-18-98 18:35:08 <Terrulen> CWBrenn: Good! One more to warp and corrupt! Bahahaha!
05-18-98 18:35:09 <Swanee> Me three...
05-18-98 18:36:12 <CWBrenn> Ok, for other things. Anyone with any skill in any kind of publishing -- be it web, graphics design, multimedia, MIDI, or "Traditional" DTP should immediately volunteer to write "how-to" columns for MediaSquared :-)
05-18-98 18:36:37 <os2hq> Good stuff.
05-18-98 18:36:40 <Freiheit> Well I'm HTML skilled, but I do it by hand
05-18-98 18:36:41 <CWBrenn> Unfortunately, I won't be able to pay anyone right now (but if ISVs take enough interest in it to advertise there, I will as soon as I can).
05-18-98 18:36:51 <os2hq> Well, time for me to go, folks. Thanks very much, CW.
05-18-98 18:36:55 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: that's not a problem. Write about HTML Design.
05-18-98 18:37:00 *** os2hq has left #voice [18:37:00]
05-18-98 18:37:08 <Swanee> OH OH! If mandie finds out you need help everyone needs to steer clear...
05-18-98 18:37:12 <Swanee> :)
05-18-98 18:37:17 <CWBrenn> Whoops, he left faster than I can type...
05-18-98 18:37:19 <Projects> hahahaha
05-18-98 18:37:21 <CWBrenn> Swanee:
05-18-98 18:37:27 <mandie> swanee :)
05-18-98 18:38:00 <CWBrenn> Finally, I always appreciate design advice and suggestions about the web site. It will probably be redesigned somewhat in the future to make it easier to navigate...
05-18-98 18:38:23 <Freiheit> Hmm...one thing for your forthcoming hardware section...
05-18-98 18:38:27 <Swanee> CW Are you looking for general reviews of some of those items? (even if you have previous reviews)
05-18-98 18:38:38 <CWBrenn> Oh yes -- and if you find typos, please tell me. I'm not an editor (as I'm sure Terrulen will agree).
05-18-98 18:38:39 <Freiheit> since DTP of the print format is only as good as the printer it's done on...
05-18-98 18:38:42 <CWBrenn> Swanee: yes.
05-18-98 18:39:15 <Freiheit> I'm just now noting that Lexmark have released (today) OS/2 drivers for their Color Jetprinter 5700 (1200x1200 dpi)
05-18-98 18:39:17 <mandie> CWB: ever think about approaching someone else to host your page? maybe you'd have more flexibility
05-18-98 18:39:28 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: !
05-18-98 18:39:34 <mandie> freiheit: scsi?
05-18-98 18:39:53 <Freiheit> SCSI? It's a printer--parallel port as far as I'm aware
05-18-98 18:39:56 <CWBrenn> mandie: I thought about that. Don't really know who to approach at this point. So far, Netcom has been an excellent provider for their price.
05-18-98 18:39:58 <Freiheit> it's like a $250 printer
05-18-98 18:40:07 <mandie> oopss... i was thinking scanner ;0
05-18-98 18:40:09 <Freiheit> inkjet
05-18-98 18:40:16 <CWBrenn> If you know anyone who is offering full CGI, unlimited bandwidth for free, please let me know. :-)
05-18-98 18:40:36 <mandie> you don't find many that will give you cgi access
05-18-98 18:41:12 <CWBrenn> Oh, I just thought of one other thing... at some point (after I finally get all the paperwork cleared and register DTC as a proprietership in my county) I'm going to try and attract advertising to help support the site...
05-18-98 18:41:22 <CWBrenn> ...PLEASE tell me what kind of ads you _hate_ so I can avoid them.
05-18-98 18:41:38 <Freiheit> No, but I know of one that offers unlimited webspace for free (I don't know if they have any limit on bandwidth)
05-18-98 18:41:42 <Swanee> CW Non OS/2 ads :)
05-18-98 18:41:50 <mandie> I like Terrulen's idea....that all banners be the same size
05-18-98 18:42:02 <MADodel> Freiheit: That's great news. I thought that was a win-printer.
05-18-98 18:42:13 <mandie> I've since conformed to that on my homepage and it looks much better
05-18-98 18:42:54 <CWBrenn> mandie: I like the idea of giving some people the opportunity to advertise cheaper... but I do want to keep the ads sizes limited...
05-18-98 18:43:10 * Freiheit dislikes Java-based ad banners ('cos they grab focus away from anything and everything)
05-18-98 18:43:30 <mandie> CWB: good idea...$X get's you on the front page with ?x? size banner....:)
05-18-98 18:43:39 <CWBrenn> Freiheit: don't worry, I can't work with java to save my life...
05-18-98 18:43:54 <CWBrenn> mandie: that's the idea. :)
05-18-98 18:44:25 <CWBrenn> OK, so unless anyone has any more questions, I've pretty much covered everything -- I think.
05-18-98 18:44:57 * Freiheit can't think of anything just now
05-18-98 18:45:23 <Freiheit> though the log may need some touching up due to the system outage :(
05-18-98 18:45:33 * Swanee is drained of all intelekchual kontant...
05-18-98 18:45:53 * CWBrenn realizes that he suddenly has the opportunity to edit everything to his whim... ;-)
05-18-98 18:45:56 <mandie> CWB: thanks alot for coming...we'll support you in anyway we can..just let us know
05-18-98 18:46:06 <trixer> ok
05-18-98 18:46:09 <CWBrenn> mandie: you can count on it. :)
05-18-98 18:46:10 <trixer> everythings fixed
05-18-98 18:46:13 <mandie> hehe
05-18-98 18:46:25 <CWBrenn> Thanks for inviting me to speak... er, type...
05-18-98 18:46:25 <Swanee> Thanks CWBrenn! Great job.
05-18-98 18:46:38 <Freiheit> Thank you for coming.