General VOICE Meeting - 16 January 2005

There was no published agenda.

Summary - Decisions/Announcements Made
1. With VOICE pdf file unavailable, the President placed the questions "Is you are interested in OS/2 or eComStation, where do you go?"; "If you live for example in Australia or you are a company and need OS/2 help, where do you find help nearby?" A discussion followed on the need for creating a central list of Users Groups.
2. We will have a SpeakUp next month. Details later.
3. The treasurer reported that about 20 individuals became members as a result of the Norman Anti-Virus offer. There are now 146 members in VOICE.
4. The treasurer will investigate other bulk purchases for VOICE. Golden Code Java was suggested.
5. Discussions on sponsoring a Netlabs project is in progress.
5. Next scheduled meeting is the 5th of February 2005.

Meeting Log
Chairman of the meeting Roderick Klein called the meeting to order at 13:42:42 EST
<eCSNL> OK I discussed this with Walter.
<eCSNL> We don't have much time since Walter
<eCSNL> will have his Warpdoctor meeting in some about 1 1/2 hours.
<eCSNL> I hereby declare this VOICE meeting for the 16 of January 2005 opened.
<eCSNL> Chairman is Roderick Klein and JWE is the secretary this meeting making the log.
<JWE> Logging has started.
<eCSNL> Not this meeting I was supposed to reveal
<eCSNL> With all of my suggestions bundled in a document as a discussion peace. This has backfired.
<eCSNL> Who was at Warpstock maybe remembers that I had that whacky Thinkpad 600X laptop with problems ?
<eCSNL> I mean with that Warpstock US.
* MikeG 600X are good laptops...
<eCSNL> OK it seems nobody remembers that. Well the third day at Warpstock US my laptop started to get hardware troubles.
<eCSNL> I have not been able to get the VOICE document of the laptop yet.
<eCSNL> I need to get another laptop so I can get the data including the VOICE document of the laptop.
<eCSNL> So until I get the hdd in a new laptop I can't transfer the stuff of that laptop :-(
<eCSNL> The laptop is beyond workable :-(
<eCSNL> It hangs quite often. But its not that strange considering the long amount of hours it has been working.
<eCSNL> Instead of waiting
<eCSNL> for the document there is one item I hope somebody would start to work on.
<eCSNL> Here is my question is you are interested in OS/2 or eComStation.
<eCSNL> Where do you go?
<eCSNL> If you live for example in Australia or you are a company and need OS/2 help, where do you find help nearby?
<eCSNL> Nobody seems to have an idea?
<eCSNL> :-)
<MikeG> Are you asking for suggestions ?
<eCSNL> Well its kind of small test this...
<eCSNL> So yes...
<eCSNL> What suggestions can you come up with..
<Gord> No idea for nearby help. Internet only.
*eCSNL* Knock knock I would like your opinion on the channel :-)
<eCSNL> Well that at least gives me some kind of confirm what I was thinking of.
<MikeG> Nothing local -- also just internet.
<eCSNL> We have no central list of user groups.
<eCSNL> What I think would help is if we would on have a list of local user groups in countries that people can contact.
<eCSNL> How these groups would interact with VOICE is another item.
<Hawklord> There used to be a list at OS/2 Connect
<eCSNL> That's something a little bit later down the road.
<eCSNL> I'm afraid you phrased that right :-(
<eCSNL> There used to be a list....
<MikeG> Yes, but are there really that many active groups ?
<eCSNL> Does that matter is the question ?
<eCSNL> Over the last year I still bumped into active user groups I did not knew about exist...
<eCSNL> You know why these user groups die of?
<eCSNL> Because people don't know that well they are out there!
<MikeG> That OS/2 Connect list is very outdated
<eCSNL> Just like
<eCSNL> The website says copyright 2004...
<eCSNL> But I can't find any mayor updates.
<Hawklord> The Swedish user group doesn't seem active now either
<Hawklord> I have an updated list of software and hardware I'm using on my personal website
<Hawklord> It happens that people find it :-)
<eCSNL> Well anyway. Who wants start making of list of user group websites that are active so we can put these user groups on
<Hawklord> I can do it
<Hawklord> I like that kind of work :-)
<eCSNL> What is your email address again?
<eCSNL> I think I know it
<Hawklord> OK
<Hawklord> Noted
<Hawklord> I'll try to verify that the user groups are really active
<eCSNL> On the point of speak ups.
<eCSNL> I will send out an E-mail to Micheal
<eCSNL> Michael Necasek
<eCSNL> so *we* will have a SpeakUp next month again.
<cest> Blorb... 14:18:15
<eCSNL> hello
<eCSNL> cest welcome to this meeting
* MikeG Great....
<eCSNL> Well there will be a SpeakUp if Micheal can join that is...
<MikeG> Michael indicate once that he would do it ....
<cest> "meeting"???
<cest> VIP only?
<Gord> cest No
<cest> thx
<Gord> cest You are welcome to join in.
<walteros2> sorry to be so late everyone. I had an "upgrade" party over the weekend, resulting in both desktops becoming (temporarily, I hope) non-functional, and there was no IRC software installed on my notebook. :-(
* walteros2 Gord yes
<cest> <-- greenhorn, therefore easily confused when using irc... ;-)
<eCSNL> No problem.
<eCSNL> And I'm afraid he has run out the door again...
<eCSNL> I was trying to see if I could find Adriaan Geschwend
<eCSNL> of Netlabs.
<eCSNL> He is extremely busy with his job and running a company and doing Netlabs work.
<eCSNL> I have asked him which project he needs funding for so VOICE can decide if we can do it.
<eCSNL> We'll sponsor it.
<eCSNL> So that's why you don't hear anything about this...
<eCSNL> Except this boring update :-)
<Gord> Also is there any info from SourceForge about PMMail/2 advancement?
<eCSNL> Well it was announced it would go open source
<eCSNL> But I just checked sourceforge
<eCSNL> no source code as far as I can tell.
<eCSNL> I like pmmail but the question is if the OS/2 community will have the man power/interest to maintain the pmmail.
<Gord> I think so.
<Hawklord> Here's some news;act=ST;f=1;t=93
<Gord> What's the next item on the agenda?
<MikeG> Guess not.... :0
<eCSNL> re
<eCSNL> sorry
<eCSNL> The next agenda point.
<eCSNL> Sorry about the delay laptop trouble.
* eCSNL wonders when things would go easy here :-)
<eCSNL> Gordon
<Gord> Yes
<eCSNL> How many people became a member of VOICE
<eCSNL> because of the Anti Virus deal ?
<Gord> About 20
<Hawklord> It was a good idea
<Gord> Yes, very successful.
<Hawklord> Perhaps same deal could be made for other programs?
<Hawklord> For instance Golden Code Java
<Gord> Which program?
<Gord> They do have a group license plan, don't they?
<Gord> I would be interested in that.
<Hawklord> Yes
<Gord> Anyone else here interested?
<MikeG> Me - Golden Code Java - very interested
<jep> I've already showed my interest to the UK group and last to a french guy...
<jep> GG helped me out there
<Gord> And the results were ...?
<jep> So you may want to talk/sell the idea to them too
<Gord> I will check the terms of the license plan and report back.
<Gord> VOICE now has 146 members.
<eCSNL> Gord about the money transfer from Mensys.
<eCSNL> The person who does accounting
<eCSNL> was sick the first week of january
<GG> If I can add a work about what jep said: we still haven't reached the minimum number of licenses required (10).
<GG> If I can add a *word* about what jep said: we still haven't reached the minimum number of licenses required (10).
<Gord> Minimum number of licenses for what?
<Gord> I think Walter needs the channel now for WarpDoctor.
<Gord> I move we adjourn.
<GG> Gord: Golden Code Java user group discount.
<Gord> GG I will check its terms.
<eCSNL> In favour of closing say Aye.
<Gord> Aye
<GG> Au revoir to all! ;-)
<APG> Aye
<jep> Aye
<eCSNL> aye
<JWE> aye
<eCSNL> I hereby declare this meeting closed
Meeting adjourned 18 December 2004 at 15:06:00 EST