General Meeting from 01/17/00

mandie   ah, why can't they email them to me :(
Sector   Maybe we should invite Steve Ballmer to one of our speakups, Bill Gates II.
Sector   I'd like to see Mr. Soyring in one of thses chat sessions ... moderated of
Sector   course.
mandie   now I know why they didn't bother :)
Sector   Don't ask me, I just live here
mandie   lol
Sector   Well, the first one at least could be usuable...
mandie   ah, Adrian...yes
mandie   You might have more pull with him than I do :)
*  Sector gives mandie a ten mouse power engine to pull with
mandie   hehe
Sector   Ok, now where's that vice president to call this meeting to order¨
Sector   (besides being fashionably late as usuall)
*  WarpHoss thinks Swanee may attempt a coup.
Sector   Yeah, maybe he's busy planning that
mandie   he's probably trying to find his bow tie...can't wear a tux without a bow tie you know :)
mandie   lol
WarpHoss   lol
WarpHoss   could be lookin for guido... or someone to help him with the coup attempt.
mandie   with Wayne....ANYTHING is possible :)
*  WarpHoss abstains from agreement.
Sector   Hi MADvirc
mandie   hiya Mark
MADvirc   Hello all
MADvirc   Are we bothering with a meeting tonight?
Sector   We've got one scheduled...
Sector   Just not too many participants
mandie   I think we should discuss WarpTech 2000
WarpHoss   Amongst a few other things.
MADvirc   OK then someone list an agenda
mandie   oh yes...*those* too :)
mandie   you are MAD! :)
mandie   I didn't see any agenda posted....did I miss something?
WarpHoss   WPTCH2000 , speakup ideas, WD and anything else that comes up.
WarpHoss   In the tradition of Dan and Swannee informal is best.
MADvirc   Neither did I, but I haven't felt well all weekend, and I'd like this to go smoother then meetings have been of late
WarpHoss   I would too MADvirc.
WarpHoss   Sorry to hear you been feelin bad.
MADvirc   No big deal, just tthattime of year
*  Sector thinks MAD needs a nurse
*  WarpHoss thinks since Swanee is alone he'll be along shortly...
mandie   8:15 cutoff and then you start the mtg, plz :)
WarpHoss   So Mandie... what about WarpTech2000 and the POSSI gang?
WarpHoss   ^^^^^^ me just did start the meeting.
Sector   Ok, we've got another 3 hours and 5 minutes then mandie...
mandie   ok, from the WarpTech planning list..I'm not sure if it's posted yet or not
mandie   Exhibitor fees will be $350 until 2-29-99
mandie   then $450 thereafter
Rat-Salad   brb
WarpHoss   Steep.
mandie   each booth registered includes 3 lunches for one person
mandie   additional lunches will be available for $25/ea
mandie   I think so too...I wonder if it is worth our while
WarpHoss   and a massueuse 2 of those 3 days?
mandie   there should be :)
Sector   Oh, WarpHoss want's to fund it out of his own pocket
MADvirc   $25 for lunch?
WarpHoss   !Not!
MADvirc   or is that for 3 lunches?
mandie   maybe the massage is during lunch?
mandie   >Additional lunches will be available for our cost of $25 each.
WarpHoss   hey now that could work! :)
mandie   per W2K email list
mandie   we need to do some financial analysis
mandie   we have and will continue to support Warpstock..
mandie   now there is WarpTech
mandie   I don't know if there will be another WarpExpo West or not
mandie   but that would be 3 annual events
mandie   I don't think our budget can handle that
Sector   Hey, WarpExpo West didn't cut into the budget...
MADvirc   Were we ever officially invited to WT?
mandie   no no...I'm not saying it did
Sector   Nothing currently planned that I know of for another one though
mandie   BUT, we should be contributing to help SCOUG also
mandie   that came completely out of the SCOUG budget
mandie   on the other hand
mandie   if they had the financial resources to pull it off...then we shouldn't feel that we need to contribute
MADvirc   Well if we could just get more people to join we could do a lot more for the OS/2 community.
Sector   That would be good
*  WarpHoss thinks that our committment right now is to the members and our own projects. We should ask ourselves a few questions... before we decide.
Sector   WarpStock helps with membership, WarpExpo West resulted in zero new members, don't know about WarpTech
mandie   WarpHoss: agreed....if WarpDoctor is going to start costing us...then we need to get some figures
WarpHoss   1. What will WPTK2000 do for our existing members.
mandie   zippo
mandie   but then again...what did WS99 do for our members?
WarpHoss   2. Will WPTK2000 do to increase our membership?
WarpHoss   what will oops.
MADvirc   Did you mess your pants?
mandie   I highly doubt we would see many new members from WT2000
WarpHoss   3. Will WPT2000 benefit or help us towards our goal of educating the OS/2 Commununity?
MADvirc   Well it should help there although.....WT2000 is slated to be a technical
mandie   conference...and we might get alot of play out of presenting WarpDoctor
MADvirc   Agreed on that I agree, WT2000 will have a lot of POSSI members I would
Sector   imagine, but how many would look to joining VOICE as well¨ WEW was SCOUG, and we didn't pick up any new members there...
MADvirc   To present though do we need a booth?
mandie   we wouldn't be educating the os2 would be it has nothing to do with our goal
mandie   I wouldn't think so
WarpHoss   WT2000 is OS/2 focused is it not?
mandie   yes it is
mandie   but WE are not putting it on...
mandie   3. Will WPT2000 benefit or help us towards our goal of educating the
mandie   OS/2 Commununity?
WarpHoss   if we participate it's possible it could. //Iphrased that question wrong.
mandie   it almost sounds like we're under the umbrella...and that's not the case
mandie   do we have volunteers that are willing to man the booth for 3 days?
WarpHoss   I'd volunteer but travel of that disatnace is out of the question on those dates.
MADvirc   I won't be there. Anyone else planning to be there?
mandie   I won't be there
Sector   Not me
MADvirc   Do we have any members local to Phoenix?
mandie   yep, POSSI's president :)
WarpHoss   Well So far I haven't seen anything to justify the expenditure.
mandie   but, I don't think we could tie him up for 3 days :)
Sector   Some SCOUG members are planning on attending, including Dave Watson who is also a VOICE member
MADvirc   Well we could ask our members
WarpHoss   and if WD progresses to the point we need to announce it then what's another 100 or so?
MADvirc   I certainly wouldn't spend $350-450 without knowing someone will be there
WarpHoss   I vote to NO to booth at WT2000.
mandie   presentation shouldn't cost us
mandie   nay here also
MADvirc   Lynn gonna be there?
Sector   Hmmm, not sure
Sector   Guess we could ask him when he gets back from the theatre
Rat-Salad   back
Sector   wb Rat-Salad
MADvirc   I'd say no to wt2000 at this point. Maybe next year if we have the funds.
Sector   Hi Chrissy
Chrissy   hey
MADvirc   Has any1 heard from Wayne or the Peters?
Sector   No on the booth, maybe a presentation though
WarpHoss   What do you think about WT2000 mandie?
mandie   I say nay
mandie   I don't think that VOICE will benefit from it
MADvirc   If Lynn is going he would handle the presentation I would think.
Sector   Wayne was in here last night...
WarpHoss   and not completely can the presentation idea if the need arises?
mandie   unless...WarpDoctor needs some promoting and we have someone available that knows what they are talking about to do so
WarpHoss   ok agenda item one handled.
MADvirc   item 2?
WarpHoss   Suggestions for Speakups.
mandie   I haven't heard from any members as yet
*  WarpHoss wanted to make sure no one disagreed with item one bein handled.
mandie   can we go back to 1
mandie   just for a second
WarpHoss   sure.
WarpHoss   Robert left with his rules....
mandie   I think we should present the idea to the members
WarpHoss   ahh an ammendment.
mandie   we should also tell them...that it will be based on volunteers being available to man the booth
MADvirc   Funny, I think someone else said that
WarpHoss   ok. Not a bad idea.
MADvirc   :-)
mandie   Mad: ah, I must have missed it
mandie   if they do vote to get a booth...and if we have the volunteers to man it
WarpHoss   We are gonna base our decision to get a booth on availability of personnell to manage it?
madodel   Well we could ask our members
WarpHoss   hmmm....
mandie   yep, I missed it :)
WarpHoss   I did also.
WarpHoss   :(
mandie   well, atleast it's good to know that we're still on the same wave length :)
MADvirc   OK, WH want to draft a memo to the members?
WarpHoss   I'll see what I can whip up.
Sector   Cream¨
WarpHoss   Merengue.
WarpHoss   Anyone have any other ideas for WT2000?
*  WarpHoss going once....
*  WarpHoss ..... going twice ......
MADvirc   gone
WarpHoss   kewl.
WarpHoss   ok Suggestions for speakups.
Sector   Sold to the gentleman in front with the VOICE t-shirt Back to item 2. How about Jim Read of FileStar/2 fame? I had
MADvirc   asked him a while back, but he was busy. Said he'd consider doing one though.
WarpHoss   Lynn requested the Netlabs guru as Sector brought up earlier.
mandie   that would be good...they've just released an update
MADvirc   He also handles Unimaint now that SoftTouch dropped all OS/2 products.
mandie   UniMaint also has a recent CSD
WarpHoss   I would suggest the guy from FreeOS.
*  WarpHoss also thinks it would be acoup to get Daniela Engert for a special Saturday session.
mandie   great idea!
MADvirc   Any chance on the Odin guys?
WarpHoss   that's the netalbs gut Adrian Geschwend.
WarpHoss   isn't it?
mandie   yes
WarpHoss   I type too fast.
WarpHoss   :)
mandie   I believe he's busy with exams right now.....
WarpHoss   but in month or soo....
WarpHoss   maybe not as busy.
mandie   right...I would just hold off emailing him for about a month
mandie   I'd like to get a schedule setup for the entire year
MADvirc   Dani would be a great speakup. She has a hand in a lot of things going on
mandie   or atleast 3 months in advance
*  WarpHoss thought the liason was going to do that... contacting and arranging....
mandie   WarpHOss: I will and do :)
WarpHoss   danke.
mandie   unless, someone has something going on the side with someone :)
WarpHoss   :) your good at it.
madodel   KICK MADvirc :your dead
mandie   well, that was very serious!
madodel   Emtec FTP froze and eventually took everything else with it
WarpHoss   hmm we should have taken him seriously when he said he didn't feel good. :)
mandie   lol
Sector   Since he's still here I would guess it was one of his clones that got sick and was killed off...
madodel   or perhaps I'm the clone and killed the original?
WarpHoss   so mandie how many do you have on your list?
Sector   That could be too
mandie   right now I have Jim Read, Adrian Geschwend and Daniela :)
mandie   I think it's time to have Tim Sipples back and I'd like to invite Mike Persell
WarpHoss   Do you have a particular person in mind ... ?
mandie   Mike has taken a new position in IBM, but I'm not sure what it is
Sector   Mike's in Austin at the moment for a week
WarpHoss   hmm... pshychic mandie.
mandie   hehe
WarpHoss   Just to toss out an idea.....
mandie   toss on
Sector   The clone has come back for revenge­
WarpHoss   as for something that would garner attention,
WarpHoss   and get maximum bang for the time spent....
madodel   yes?
*  Sector is holding his breath...
mandie   stop hemming and hawing....get to the point :) what do you folks think about 2 special guests at once in a
WarpHoss   discussion amongst themselves... moderated by one or two others...
Sector   Could be interesting, who do you have in mind¨
WarpHoss   Say on a saturday... ..
MADvirc   How about Tim Martin and Dan Casey?
mandie   yes, who....we don't want to put two developers up against each other :)
WarpHoss   ROFL
mandie   LOL
mandie   better yet...Tim and Esther!
WarpHoss   Nooo I didn't mean two developers against each other...
MADvirc   OK, Tim, Dan and Esther
WarpHoss   Timur.
mandie   do you plan on paying him!
mandie   what would Timur discuss?
WarpHoss   j/k.
WarpHoss   no seriously...
mandie   wonder if there's any news on the Netscape homefront
WarpHoss   Say Persell and Kaply...
WarpHoss   or maybe God forbid the presidents of scoug and possi,
WarpHoss   or the guy from and scoug president.
mandie   hey, SCOUG is taking an active part in WarpTech
WarpHoss   any combo of those we have in line...
MADvirc   mandie: did you ever ask WT if they would like to do a speakup?
WarpHoss   I'd like to get Dan Porter.
mandie   I would need to know the topic and I wouldn't want any two together that would cause problem
WarpHoss   And the guy from Relish...
mandie   MAD: sure did...right after we discussed it and Esther felt it was too early
mandie   I can extend another invite...they do have more info to present now
mandie   WarpHoss: why would you want Dan Porter?
mandie   I can see alot of flaming due to him dropping the ball on JStreet Mailer
mandie   he's basically stopped supporting OS/2
WarpHoss   Why not? I'd like to know the real reasons behind his failures as a vendor for OS/2.
MADvirc   Speaking of JSM, We could ask the PolarBar crew to do a speakup
mandie   well, I made a couple of requests for him to do a speakup and never got a respons
WarpHoss   yes we could MADvirc.
mandie   and that's when he still supported os/2
MADvirc   WH: Lack of customer support
WarpHoss   I like the idea... of the dual speakup .. as long as we set the topic and arrange the right two people.
WarpHoss   gsahca : please forgive me for not greeting you earlier. welcome to #voice.
gsahca   Thank you and good evening
WarpHoss   Redoaks. Long time no see.
Redoaks   Hello Warphoss & all
Redoaks   Did anyone elses GTIRC blow up?
Redoaks   I'm back on EZirc
mandie   Redoaks: do you have the latest ifx for GTIRC?
mandie   ifx=fix :)
Redoaks   Mandie ???
mandie   just a sec
Sector   Blow up in what way¨
Redoaks   Locks the desktop to a 3-finger salute
Sector   On startup¨
*  WarpHoss lets the channel drift...
Redoaks   Sector-yes
Sector   Ctrl-ESC twice will fix that
Sector   Or the latest patch for 3.x also fixes the problem
MADvirc   WH: we about done with item 2.?
Redoaks   Tried it-no go
Sector   Started with Fixpack 10 or 11
MADvirc   5
mandie   Redoaks: go here and check out the CSD
Redoaks   OK Thanx Mandie
WarpHoss   I think we are about done MADvirc.
Sector   It sure wasn't fixpack five, I didn't have the problem till either 10 or 11...
MADvirc   Hmmm, maybe that's why I can't seem to use GTIRC 3 in W4 FP12 anymore. Works fine on WSeb though
Sector   Get the latest patch, or hit Ctrl-Esc a couple of times after starting
mandie   the freeze became a problem with fp11
mandie   a notice went out August 4, 1999
Sector   Yeah, thought it was 11, but I never put 10 on this system I use for IRC so I wasn't sure
Redoaks   I went from FP8 to FP12
mandie   It was due to a problem loading OS/2 multimedia modules
mandie   I'd suggest the CSD :)
Sector   That doesn't work for 2.07 though...
mandie   no, it's for 3.0
Sector   Uh huh...
mandie   where are we with the agenda
WarpHoss   we finished item one and item 2 is almost gone.
WarpHoss   item 3 is anything we didn't cover in one and 2.
mandie   that about covers it :)
WarpHoss   lol.
WarpHoss   for those who weren't here earlier :
WarpHoss   !ask log
VoiceBot   [log] (Sector)
WarpHoss   hello IronHead you snuck in when I was distracted. :)
mandie   that's a pretty broad statement :)
WarpHoss   lol
Ironhead   hi WarpHoss Thats how I get things done!
WarpHoss   ok so item 3 is general interest. Anything anoyone wants to bring up or discuss?
Redoaks   yeah-does anyone know how well Aurora replaces the Warp 4 on a desktop?
Rat-Salad   does great here
MADvirc   Do you need SMP?
WarpHoss   the beta or WSeB?
Redoaks   I'm not sure, I really want an upgraded Warp
Sector   Aurora was the beta of WSeB
Redoaks   Will it run Win OS/2
MADvirc   It certainly certainly isn't worth $1600 for a desktop
mandie   Brianna is requesting a lullabye...brb
Redoaks   Look what people pay for NT
MADvirc   unless you really need SMP
Redoaks   What is SMP?
Sector   Symetrical Multi Processing
MADvirc   Symetric Multi-Processing
Sector   More then one processor in the same system...
Redoaks   Thank you
Redoaks   I don't need that, but who knows in the future
Redoaks   Is there anything Warp4 does that WSeB cannot?
Sector   What do you need upgraded in 4¨
MADvirc   RIght now WSeb = W4+FP10 with the addition of SMP support,TCP/IP 4.2.1. Minus VTD and the bonus pak apps.
Redoaks   IMHO 4 needs a kernal upgrade. Sooner or later something will come up Daniella cannot patch
Redoaks   I don't like Linux and hate MS.
MADvirc   Good night all
Sector   You left out the server addons, not too usefull on the desktop though
mandie   nytol :)
Sector   Goodnight MADvirc
MADvirc   I am using LAN Server, but not PSNS
MADvirc   BTW, it seems WSeb(the Aurora GA) doesn't like Peer
MADvirc   And changing anything in MMOS2 is a real PITA. there is no Selective Uninstall for MMOS2 as there is in W4
Sector   Hello DSOMber1
DSOMber1   Hello all.
MADvirc   But WSeb does have DOS+win-OS/2 support