VOICE - General Meeting for 2004-01-24

12:37:58 <WalterOS2> This VOICE meeting is in progress...
<WalterOS2> Agenda is at: http://www.os2voice.org/agendas/voice_2004-01-24.html

<wdl> Ah well. Meeting now?
<wdl> Or is it worth it?
<WalterOS2> Probably not. :-(
<eCSNL> hello
<WalterOS2> Hi Roderick
<eCSNL> Ooops sorry
<eCSNL> I dropped by at 21:00 or something
<eCSNL> and it was even emptier hre
<eCSNL> I thought the meating has been cancelled...

<WalterOS2> eCSNL: I got to the meeting late.
<WalterOS2> So few people have showed up, that we wondering if we should have a formal meeting.

<wdl> Time to dust off the By-laws - give'em a Spring cleaning?
<WalterOS2> Our by-laws are weird: does NOT require a second/alternate signing authority, but DOES call for an audit committee.
<WalterOS2> Anyone remember VOICE actually having an audit committee?
<MADodel> There have never been any committees that I was aware of
<KenKrchnr> Well, if you had one what would they audit without a treasurer's report? :-)
<WalterOS2> Dust off: There are a couple of changes to the by-laws I want to make, anyway.

<wdl> Sounds like it's time...

<wdl> And do, DO, get the By-laws cleaned up. [ snip -wdl ]

<WalterOS2> How would you feel about putting together a list of changes to the by-laws and emailing it to me?
<WalterOS2> It would save me a lot of time, and I seem to be rather busy these days.
<wdl> Me? Where's a current-for-real copy?
<WalterOS2> On the web site at: http://www.os2voice.org/bylaws.html
<wdl> I don't trust the currency of VOICE web-pages. ;-) or :(
<WalterOS2> I doubt there's a hard copy anywhere.
<wdl> Ooooh. Bad cess! ;-)
<WalterOS2> That hasn't changed in several years, so it should be current on any server.
<wdl> OK. I'll use that one.
<WalterOS2> There may have been a hard copy once, back in the 'dark ages'
<wdl> Take awhile to get to the task. Be patient?
<WalterOS2> Sure.
<WalterOS2> Bill: Thanks for all your work, suggestions, et. al.
<WalterOS2> Let me know if we're working you too hard.
<wdl> Sure. --> Asidem - my wife's toe-tapping again... :(
<WalterOS2> For supper..or for the dialup?
<WalterOS2> :-)
<WalterOS2> Mine will be will be shortly.

<WalterOS2> So I guess, we should wrap this up.
<WarpedOS2> howdy folks
<WalterOS2> Howdy!
<wdl> With toe-tapping in mind: I move we adjourn.
<WarpedOS2> Just got back in. had to tear apart my snowblower...bent a drive shaft
<WalterOS2> All in favour, type Aye.
<wdl> Aye
<WalterOS2> Vaughn: You mean you have some snow there? hehe
<WarpedOS2> lots of it Walter
<WalterOS2> hehe..we've got lots here--and it's very cold.
<WarpedOS2> cold here too around -17 C.
<WalterOS2> About the same here, I think. Way below what it normally is Jan.
<MADodel> Aye
<WalterOS2> Aye
<WalterOS2> Where's Ken?
<WarpedOS2> guess I am too late for something
<WalterOS2> Or something. I'll email you tomorrow about what I had in mind..
14:31:10 <WalterOS2> Motion is carried. Meeting is adjourned.