SpeakUp with Sundial Systems (Topic: Relish time management/PIM) from 02/01/99.

<Kurt_P how easy is it to move data from Borland Sidekick for windows to relish?
<Randell Do we want to get (formally) started yet?
<mandie Randell: yes, I didn't want to discourage Kurt :)
<mandie VOICE would like to welcome Randell Flint of Sundial Systems
<mandie Randell would you tell us a bit about Relish
<Randell Let me answer Kurt's question real quick
<Randell Basically, no matter what PIM you have, if you can get the info out in a "comma separated" form...
<Randell you can probably get it into Relish.
<Randell Ok, a little about Relish.
<Randell We like to describe Relish (and it's kin, Relish Net) as a time management product.
<Randell Basically, that's means it's *primary* purpose is to keep track of things that you need to do or that you want to schedule
<Randell You can keep track of all the traditional kinds of "calendar" things like appointments, meetings, etc.
<Randell But one thing rather unique about the way Relish does this...
<Randell is that it *always* gives you reminders about the things on your calendar (unless you tell it not to).
<Randell Part of what it does is actively track each item you put in.
<Randell So, even if you don't have the program running at, say, 8pm, but you have something scheduled for 8pm,
<mandie one of the major features that I wanted was the reminders :)
<Randell it will remind you about that thing at 8pm the next time you start the program (to make sure you took care of it).
<Randell It's also designed to "hide" in the background while it's tracking things...
<Randell so most people *always* have the background processes (the "NOW Service Process") running whenever
<Randell their system is up. With this, Relish will pop reminders onto the screen even when it's
<Randell apparently not running... and those reminders are full featured. You can defer the
<Randell reminder to a different time, put all reminders on hold, even reschedule the event right from
<Randell the reminder.
<Randell There are some other neat things about the way Relish deals with calendar items but we can return to that later.
<mandie Randell: you don't have to make the change in the original if it's scheduled monthly?
<Randell Of course, it also includes a phone book though we don't bill it as a contact manger or anything along those lines.
<Randell mandie: I'm not entirely sure of your question... but the "orginal" of a repeating note is always the "next" one into the future...
<Randell that's the one that you would need to change.
<mandie ahh, ok
<Randell Relish Net extends Relish across the LAN...
<Randell Basically, Relish Net gives you everything in Relish plus the ability to do group scheduling,
<Randell meeting room planning, etc.
<Projects BoD meeting planning...
<Projects :)
<Randell What's neat about the Relish Net technolgy is that it *really* is distributed client server.
<Randell It manages databases of info on each client workstation and on the server... exchanging
<Randell messages back and forth to keep everything in sync (or resync after a disconnection).
<Randell I'm really proud of the fact that there is *no* polling on the network in Relish Net.
<Randell Everything is do with realtime messaging so you can actually see windows update
<mandie Randell: is the database passwd protected?
<Randell on multiple workstations almost simultaneously. (But that's a techno geeky thing.)
<joat mandie: if you want it to be, it is pw protected
<mandie joat: thx :)
<Randell mandie, each user's info is protected by a password for remote access and, optionally,
<mandie I'm not familiar with Relish net at all..but it sounds interesting
<Kurt_P What calendar formats are available?
<Randell a password for local access on their own workstation as well.
<Randell Relish (or Relish Net) actually uses all this same messaging technology on a single system as well.
<Randell If you have multiple views of your info open (such as when using multiple "buns" as we call them)
<Randell each window communicates with the background process which manages the database
<Randell of everything in your calendar/phonebook/etc. Whenever a window needs to be updated
<Randell because the info has changed, the content for the window is automatically recalculated and
<Randell the update "sent
<Randell the update "sent" to the window for redisplay -- without the user (or the window) doing anything.
<freiheit Very nice. I wish more of OS/2 worked that way. :)
<mandie so if a workstation is down, when it's restarted it will automatically update the database
<Randell freiheit, thanks
<Randell mandie, yes, without any user intervention
<Randell We really think the Relish (and Relish Net) architecture is strong and it has stood the test of time as well.
<mandie so Relish Net is a totally seperate program?
<mandie I should have ordered Relish Net :(
<Randell It would take me most of the time we have tonight to go over all the features... so rather than do that
<os2r is there any way to use it with Palm Pilot?
<Randell shall we open it for questions?
<mandie oh, I'm sorry.....I've done nothing but ask questions!
<mandie yes, questions .......... :)
<Randell mandie, Relish Net is currently separate... but is an upgrade from (ordinary) Relish.
<mandie ah, ok
<os2r sorry I rushed that...is there anyway to integrate it with PalmPilot?
<Randell os2r, a formal interface to the Palm Pilot is in the works but you can "kinda" (not easily) do it now.
<jadeh I'm interested in the Palm interface to, what does "kinda" mean?
<os2r I've had Relish since v1 but haven't used it fully until after I saw your demo at Warpstock...now I am using PalmPilot and want to keep using it
<Randell I guess I should say that we do have a major upgrade to Relish (and Relish Net) in the works... it will be called 2.3 (the curent version is 2.23).
<joat in Relish net, I want a global phonebook. so I created a 'Thing' with the name of my business. The plan is to put the major phonebook info there, attached to that Thing, and default to 'View as '. am I thinking correctly?
<joat that should keep the phonebook info on the server, and leave teh users free to create their own private books . . . .
<mandie Randell: any time frame for the upgrade release?
<Randell jadeh, "kinda" in this sense (honestly) means I wouldn't really try it unless you really need it. Rollin, who couldn't be with us tonight, does it with his own Palm Pilot and could provide some of the details if you drop a note to support
<Randell joat, yep... be sure to create those global phone book entries with a "public" privacy level so everybody can see (but not modify) them
<jadeh Randell: thanks, I'll contact Rollin sometime.
<Randell mandie, I was hoping we might be able to "preannounce" the 2.3 timeframe tonight... but I'm just not comfortable with were we are yet.
<DoubleT Randell: I very much want the Palm interface, too. Could Rollin post what he does now on your website.
<mandie Randell: ok, if I were to purchase it now, when the upgrade is released would I have to pay for the upgrade?
<os2r I second that, Randell
<Randell So, all I can say is "relatively soon"... most likely, there will be a public prerelease (beta) version available for some time (like we did with Mesa 2 2.2)
<Randell I'm see if Rollin can put together some of the info on the "temporary" approach to doing Palm Pilot exchange... just keep in mind that we are working on a "real" solution as well.
<Kurt_P what calendar formats are supported? One day, two day, Week, Month, Year? 8 hour day, 12 hour day 24 hour day?
<Randell mandie, we haven't formally announced anything about an upgrade but, yes, if you buy Relish
<Randell now you will be able to get 2.3 (when available) at no charge.
<mandie ah, ok
<DoubleT Randell: Could you tell us some of what will be in the not "formally announced" upgrade? :)
<Randell Kurt, we support alot of formats... the primary ones are day, week, month... but you can also pick *any* arbitrary time period from 1 second to many years.
*  mandie has reminders set up for the entire year
<Randell Most of what is going into the upgrade are things people have been asking for over the years...
<Randell Some (brief) examples...
*  joat would like to see a date-stamp and time-stamp in the memo-editor
<Randell * The ability to have a reminder at the *end* of the time period for which something is scheduled.
<Randell * Yes, joat, a way to date/time stamp memo entries (with our memo editor or your favorite editor)
<mandie sounds like a "Ok let's wrap it up" reminder :)
<Randell * Ability to "log" the duration of phone calls, etc, automatically
*  Sector wraps up mandie and hands her to Randell as a gift...
<Projects eh?
<Randell * vCard/vCalendar support
<mandie Sector :)
<Projects logging sounds good... from what I remember of Relish it didn't do that (5 or 6 years ago)
<Randell * New options for controling the modem when dialing a call
<Randell * lots of little user interface improvement
<mandie I tried to find a way to migrate windows organizer into Relish...did I miss something?
<joat vCard/vCalendar ?
<Randell * Ability to import/export "parts" of names/addresses, etc,
<Kurt_P Phone dialing? How well do you integrate with InJoy?
<Randell * Lots, and lots of stuff...
<Randell Kurt, sorry I don't know the specifics about InJoy
<Randell mandie, I didn't understand your question.
<mandie I wanted to migrate my windows organizer file into Relish...
<Randell joat, vCard/vCalendar is a big one... lets come back to that a bit later.
<DoubleT Randell: Are you saying we could start/stop a timer on a Todo item? For example, a todo might be something I work on for an hour now and then 2 hours tomorrow.
<Projects yeah, me too...
<Randell mandie, we don't specifically support the windows organizer... I don't remember is it has an export function (which you would need to be able to get the info into a form Relish could understand)
<Randell DoubleT, in 2.3, yes.
<DoubleT Randell: Nice. I like that one!
<mandie how about the option to automatically add holidays to the monthly bun?
<Randell mandie, the problem is with all the different holidays that people might or might not want. We are planning on having a file of available holidays that you can edit and choose from.
<mandie good :)
<Randell Oh, forgot one of my own favorite things in 2.3...
<Projects what are holidays? :)
<mandie projects: a US thing :)
<Projects ah :)
<joat Projects: holidays are when other people have days off
<Kurt_P Do you have a sample file showing the format required for a Data-base showing fields, data types, length restrictions etc?
<Randell There is an area code lookup function that can tell you "where" an area code is... we will be keeping this info up to date on our website and you can download the lastest listings (since they keep adding new ones almost every day)
*  Sector wonders what days off are
<mandie Randell: that would be very handy
<Randell Kurt_P, sorry, we don't publish the database format. However, we do document the import/export fields fairly completely and encourage people to access the data that way.
<Randell Kurt, I should also mention that Relish is *very* forgiving about data formats...
<Randell You can enter (or import) times, dates, phone numbers, etc, in almost any format and Relish will recognize them.
<DoubleT Randell: Will you be adding fields to the notes input screens? For example, in the phonebook, an email address field?
<Randell We actually have a small little AI engine in the product to figure out times and dates based on minimal info.
<Randell The phone book does not have a specific email address field though this is something we are considering... for now you can put it in the Remarks on in the (up to 32K) memo you can attach to any phone book entry (or anything on your schedule )
<Kurt_P If I want to use a comma delimited file to mass transfer from Sidekick, It helps to sort the records to the expected format to make it easy for relish to swollow a large file.
<Randell Kurt, agreed. But you can also tell Relish what order the fields are in... we don't require
<mandie Randell: how about a fields for Business / Home
<Randell any particular order
<Randell mandie, we do not have Business/Home phone number fields... instead you just enter the phone numbers in *one* field, label them almost however you want, and let Relish figure out what it what when it comes to dial
<jadeh Randell, I too would like to see an e-mail address field, in fact, it's almost mandatory today.
<Randell For instance, you could enter "555-1212 (home), 562-555-1235 work 333-1234 for fax" (yes, just like that) and it would figure it out.
<Randell I do agree that email addresses are becoming almost mandatory.
*  MADodel uses that for all his wifes numbers. I do wish the filed were just a bit larger tough.
<Kurt_P Before I retired, I tried to transfer from Sidekick to Lotus Notes PIM. Blew the whole setup and got IT reeealy ticked. Now I am IT and don't want to get mad a myself ;}
<mandie madodel: you have that many wives!
*  MADodel would like to see email and web page fields.
<MADodel ah that should be "wife's"
<Randell I know about the need for a longer phone number field... I definitely will admit the current limit of 78 characters is now too short...
*  MADodel has enough with 1 wife.
<Randell We will eventually increase the limit on the size of the phone number(s) field... but I don't know if we will get than into 2.3 (for reasons too complex to get into here)
<Randell Kurt, I can understand that frustration.
<MADodel What about improving the print function? specifically adding some customization beyond a title. I really would like to use some color and maybe add a graphic.
<DoubleT Randell: Would it be possible to add some userdefined fields, in addition to the remarks field, which could be used to sort/filter both reports and the buns views?
<Randell MaDodel, our long term plan for printing is for you to be able to print whatever you want from Relish using Clearloook... that would give you complete control over the prints...
<MADodel But no ime frame on that I take it? ;-)
<MADodel ime=time
<Randell In the shorter term, we will be adding some additional printing fuctionality... but we will not be adding anything approaching a "custom report" type of capabillity.
<DoubleT Perhaps the userdefined fields could tie in to DBExpert?
<Randell DoubleT, user-defined fields are on our list of future features... but it's not clear how much of that support will appear in 2.3 vs what appears in 3.0...
<Randell There are some distinct performance issues, particularly on the Net, when sorting/filtering on user-defined fields that cover multiple users info.
<Randell Oh, I should have also mentioned that 2.3 will be a "single package" product -- Relish will be the Relish Net client right out of the package.
<Randell And I should have also mentioned that we will be adding (finally) TCP/IP support as well.
<mandie then it sounds like a "Major" upgrade!
<Randell DoubleT, there is a possibility that you will be able to tie the Relish data to DBExpert, but that won't happen until the 3.0 timeframe.
<Randell mandie, yes, it is a major upgrade... not as major as the Mesa 2.2 one, but ordinarily big enough to warrant a "3.0" number...
<StevenL If 2.3 is a RelishNet upgrade, does that mean we will be now be able to assign notes to multiple groups?
<joat are there any issues with starting the Relish Net server portion on a Warp4 Peer machine?
<Randell We are still going to call it 2.3, however, because the "3.0" number is "reserved for future use" around here (for reasons I will *not* comment on)
<mandie Randell: your secret is safe here :)
<MADodel hehehe, Sundial Suite 3.0?
<Randell StevenL, it hasn't been decided if you can assign notes to multiple groups in 2.3... however, you definitely will be able to *view* multiple groups together in 2.3.
<freiheit That would be nice (assuming Clearlook can handle WordPerfect 6/7/8 documents. :))
<StevenL Also, any thought on Note templates?
<Randell joat, no particular issues... just follow the update to the docs about starting the service and making it visible to the other workstations
*  mandie only has DBExpert and Relish and is VERY happy with the quality of Sundial products!
*  MADodel has Relish and Relish Net and Mesa 2 2.2
<joat cool
<Randell StevenL, "note" templates are on the plan for 2.3... but they may not make the cut if we run out of time
*  Projects just downloaded Relish...
<StevenL StevenL has Relish and Mesa and soon Relish Net (can't wait for 2.3 )
<MADodel won Relish Net at a speakup a wile back as a matter of fact.
<mandie Mad: why didn't you invite us!
<Randell Projects, keep in mind the download (working model) only covers the single user features (and even then, not some of the Workplace Shell stuff like our Bun objects)
*  joat just installed 2-node Relish Net on his home lan. It sees everything put in on the demo :>
<Projects Randell: well, gotta try it out :)
<mandie Projects: you'll be missing ALOT without the BUns
<Randell joat, see, we belive in upgradability -- even from the demo
<Projects mandie: I'm after the timer thing... need something decent for job tracking
*  Projects has a PIM of sorts that does the reminders etc...
<Randell mandie, one question I have is do you need/want multiple (simultaneous) timers
<Projects yes
<Projects :)
<Randell Should I take a moment to explain "Buns"
<joat yes
<DoubleT Randell: Yes, on the multiple timers.
<StevenL If you are going to do job tracking, how would you want Relish to capture the history?
<Randell StevenL, that's the idea...
*  Projects has no idea, that's why I need to try it out first
<Randell Ok, let me talk about Buns for a minute...
<Swanee Randell: Go with the BUNS thing...
<Randell In a single Relish (or Relish Net) window you can slice and dice your Relish info in alot of different ways...
<Randell For instance, you can use "groups" to catagorize things, you can you our "lookup" (query by example) options to restrict the view to things with particular content, etc.
<Randell All that is great, but it can take a number of steps to setup the slice and dice for something particular you want...
<Randell So, wouldn't it be nice if you could "save" those slices and dices that you found useful...
<Randell That's what a Bun does.
<Randell A Bun is a true Workplace Shell object the derives from a template
<Randell When you open it up, it looks like an ordinary Relish window.
<Randell When you close it, it remembers what you were viewing and how you were viewing it (window positions, colors, fonts, etc).
<mandie very user defined
<Randell When you open it up again... you get right back to that same set of information...
<Randell But, very importantly,...
<mandie and configured to the individuals preference...I really like it
<Randell The content of a Bun is *always* kept up to date!
<Randell There is no "data" in the Bun itself...
<Randell You can think of it as a "view" into the Relish (or Relish Net) database.
<freiheit So it's like a Shadow (or Work Area)?
<Randell No matter where something is changed, in any Relish window, if it affects the view in a Bun that content is *instantly* updated.
<Randell freiheit, it's *better* than a Shadow since it does *not* have to match the original... each one can be customized.
<Randell All buns as "tied together" under the covers using our messaging technology... and they are very lightweight objects.
<MADodel Randell: why can't I put a bun on the warpcenter? I have tried in the past and they always get disconected.
<Randell You can define 10's or 100's of Buns and open just the ones you need when you need them.
<freiheit So it's like a BeOS "replicant". *grin* Might be a new market to look into.
<Randell For instance, it's not unreasonable to have a bun that represents all your phone call and other interactions with a particular customer, say Fred Jones, over the last year.
<Randell MADodel, it *should* work. If you still have problems with it, let support (relish@sundialsystems.com) know... and be sure to tell us exactly what fixpak level you are at.
<Randell (Most of us here have at least one Bun, if not several, on our WarpCenters.)
*  Projects has no warpcentre... no buns either come to think of it :)
<Swanee Hi Pockets
<HiPockets HI
<Randell Shall we return to the earlier question about what is vCard/vCalendar?
<Projects sure
<Randell Ok...
<Sector We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast
<Randell vCard and vCalendar are (relatively) new standards for exchanging information between PIMs (and similar) programs.
<Randell It's always been a problem to exchange info between these types of products because they tend to have
<Randell different ideas about what information they contain and definitely all have different file formats.
<Randell vCard (for business card, ie phonebook info) and vCalendar (for calendar/schedule info) were designed to get around this.
<mandie Randell: do you *think* our April speakup topic could be Relish Net 2.3 ?
<Randell They provide standard ways to express business cards, to dos, events, etc, as plain text files that can be imported/exported, emailed, etc.
<StevenL I'll vote for that
<Swanee Randell: How does a vcard make it's from say, Communicator to Relish?
<Randell There are, in fact, now some web sites that allow you to get information from them in vCard format.
<Randell And many "business card" scanners produce vCard format info as well.
<Swanee Randell: Like email vcard attachments
<Randell We at Sundial were one of the early companies to endorse the standards (during their development) and, in fact, contributed to both of the standards several years ago.
<Randell What this all means is that, at some point in the future, you will be able to do things like group scheduling without everyone having to use the same product!
<mandie doesn't sound like a Gates strategy to me :)
<Randell Just like you can send email from one user to another today, mostly independent of the program (or platform) they use, vCard/vCalendar have the *potential* of
<StevenL That will be great until we start getting Active V-card pages...
<Randell giving you the same capability for your PIM info in the future... if enough vendors adopt and support the standard.
<Randell Swannee, the way it will work (Communicator to Relish)...
<Randell is that you will define Relish to be the helper application (external viewer) for anything with the vCard or vCalendar attachement (MIME) type.
<DoubleT Wow!
<Swanee Oh sure. That makes sense
*  Swanee never though of that
*  Sector gives Swanee some thoughts
<Randell Mandie, I want to be a little cautious and not *commit* to Relish 2.3 being the April topic until I know if we will have a PreRelease available by then...
<mandie Randell: ok, I'll email you and we'll determine something for April
<Randell mandie, sounds like a plan...
<mandie do we have anymore questions for RAndell tonight?
*  Swanee loses Sector's thought's and thinks he's a cluster
<StevenL Yes.
<mandie go for it :)
*  Sector hands Swanee a cluster bomb
<StevenL Any possibility that I will be able to drop burgers on my buns in 2.3?
<Sector With cheese?
<freiheit lol
<jadeh Randell, will the vCalendar be compatible with CS&T/Netscape technology?
*  Swanee gets flustered with the clusters and throws it back to Sector
<Randell StevenL... I've been working to hard to come up with a good "condiment" answer for that one.
*  Sector swings a bat and hits it back to Swanee
<jadeh Randell, oops, I meant to say Relish/vCalendar be compatible w/CS&T?
*  Swanee watches it open and separate into a thousand little hours d'ourves with Relish on them and catches three with his mouth
<Randell jadah, I believe so but I don't know for sure. The idea is for the IMC to converge all players onto one (eventually approved) internet standard.
<joat is there a way for an even to be placed on multiple calendars at once?
<joat event, that is
<Randell joat, absolutely... just pick who (and/or where and/or what) it goes to.
<Sector Randell: How about "that feature will not be available until the release of the Burger addon product"
<Randell There's also the ability to do free time searches, etc.
<joat um. allatonce, in one move? (pick multiple folks to direct it to?)
<Randell Sector, the problem is that "burger" is not one of our assigned codenames... mayo is, mustard is, even cranberry sauce was at one time... but not burger.
<Randell joat, yes.
<joat mmmmmmmm. cranberry sauce!
<joat Randell: thanks
*  Sector assignes burger to Sundial Systems
<Randell we're a very food oriented company...
<StevenL Any changes to the Done flag?
<MADodel Randell: Wasn't there also a Relish web product?
<mandie you wouldn't know it by looking at you guys...and gals :)
<jadeh Randell, thanks for the info. Besides Relish, I also really like Mesa 2.2.
<Randell StevenL, yes... without going into all the gory details for people that don't know what we are talking about, the Done flag behavior is more configurable
*  Sector yells FOOD FIGHT!
<Randell MADodel, yes there is also Relish Web...
<Swanee Randell: You've made me hungry now. I hope you're happy... :)
<Randell Relish Web 1.0 is our addon to Relish (and Relish Net) that generates static HTML for info you have in Relish.
*  Sector throws Swanee a Relish burger
<StevenL I'm getting happier...
<mandie Randell: do you offer a group license for Relish Net?
<Randell We are continuing to work on what is nominally called "Relish Web Pro" that provides full access to your Relish (or Relish Net) info via your browser.
<Randell "Relish Web Pro" is kinda tied to things in the Relish 2.3 backend... so it won't appear until then (or sometime later).
<StevenL Do you get a lot of requests for Web access or is it just something you expect to grow?
<Randell mandie, in what sense do you mean "group license" ... currently, you license Relish Net for a server and a particular number (2, 5, 10, ...) client workstations.
<mandie Randell: ok, that's my question..we're talking in our voiceops channel and think it would be very useful...
<Randell StevenL, we have *had* lots of requests over the years and the frequency is growing... it's particularly important to some of our corporate customers that have at least some non-OS/2 workstations
<DoubleT Randell: I've downloaded the Relish Web demo and like it. Is there anywhere to buy and download Relish Web on line?
<Randell mandie, to be useful for that purpose you will probably need the TCP/IP support in 2.3 (or the vCalendar support)
<StevenL That's pretty much what I expected. Makes sense as long as Browsers remain somewhat compatible.
<Randell DoubleT, you now *have* the product and all you need is the license number to enable it. That's not available anywhere on line but you can FAX you order into us.
<Randell (Order forms are available at www.sundialsystems.com...)
<DoubleT Thanks.
<mandie Randell: I must have misunderstood Relish Net...is that basically for a lan setup?
<Randell You can also call in your order... and most OS/2 resellers stock it as well.
<Randell mandie, *currently* Relish is for single user, Relish Net is for (relatively local) LAN use. In the 2.3 era, the TCP/IP support will make it practical to use Relish (which will include Relish Net) across a wide area as well.
<mandie Randell: ah, ok..we'll wait for 2.3 then
<Randell (The reason the wide area use will be practical is because of the fact that we use messaging, not file access across the wire.)
<mandie so all data will need to be updated by the individual?
<Randell I'm not sure what you mean by that.
<mandie Relish net on the lan can be used to automatically sync all databases
<Randell mandie, yes.
<mandie but you said 2.3 won't access files
<Randell 2.2 doesn't access files.
<mandie hmm..then how does it update the database?
<mandie I know..I'm confused...or confusing :)
<Randell Relish (in every version) does everything with a "push/pull" technology by sending messages (requests and results) between one system and another... there is code running on every client and on the server.
<mandie ahhhhh
<Swanee mandie: It's ok, just lie down here and tell me your troubles. Let's start with your childhood...
<Randell The difference is that 2.3 will be able to use TCP/IP messaging rather than just local LAN messaging.
<mandie got it now :)
<mandie without the assistance of Swanee!
<Swanee hehe
<mandie if we don't have anymore questions...Randell has a trivia question
<Randell It's just that we're supposed to worry about all this hi tech stuff so you don't have to...
<mandie Randell: figured it was over my head :)
*  Projects sends Randell all his high tech stuff "Here, you worry about it"
<Projects :)
<mandie Randell: you have the trivia floor :)
<Randell Ok...
<Randell First, the rules.
<Randell I like questions that everybody has a chance of getting correct.
<StevenL 1+1
<Randell So, even if you don't know the answer, guess...
<Blackbird eleven
<StevenL 1||1
*  Sector guesses 3
<Sector How about: 00000010
<Randell First correct anwer does *not* win... if there is more than one, I'll ask for a more specific answer.
<Randell Mandie, "what's tonight's fabulous prize?"
<mandie Randell has to get going folks....so can we hold the comments plz :)
<mandie The fabulous program from Sundial..Relish!
<Randell That's right...
<Randell A copy of Relish 2.2 (single user) goes to the lucky winner.
<Randell And the trivia question is Relish related...
<Randell Here we go...l
<Swanee So mandie is your Vanna White?
<Randell What *year* was the first line of code written that still remains in use in Relish today?
<StevenL 1989
<DoubleT 1988
<Blackbird 1986
<Randell Nope.
<joat 1991
<Dark 1993
<DoubleT 1987
<Blackbird 1948
<os2r 1992
<Swanee Blackbird: LOL!!!
<Randell Any more answers... limit ONE per person please!
*  Dark guesses 20th century...
<Randell The correct answer is...
<Swanee Someone try between 1989 and 1991
<joat 1982 <--- second guess
<Randell 1987 but DoubleT gave that as his *second* answer... so we will have a playoff between DoubleT (1988) and Blackbird (1986).
<Dark swanee: Could you be more specific..
<Projects whoa... that's a long time ago...
<DoubleT I'm ready!
<Swanee Dark: hehe, I can't vote but I figured that was still open for someone to try
<Randell DoubleT and Blackbird only, what *month* was the line of code written in? (One answer each, closest one wins.)
<Dark :)
<Blackbird august
<DoubleT february
<Dark june
*  Dark waited till they answered..
<Randell The correct answer was July... so Blackbird gets it!
<mandie Congratulations Blackbird!!!
<Blackbird yeh eeyhh yehhey
<DoubleT Congratulation, Blackbird!
*  Dark pats Blackbird on the back.
<StevenL Hooray..
<os2r congrats blackbird
<Blackbird thanks all
<mandie Blackbird, msg freiheit with your real name so we can announce your winning :)
<Dark blackbird: You didn't have a clue did you :)
<Dark hehe.. lucky guess..
<Randell (The code was written in July 1987 just after Microsoft and IBM shipped the first prerelease development kit for OS/2 1.0.)
<Blackbird that's a secret only sector knows
<Dark haha
<Sector Blackbirds real name is classified
<mandie VOICE would like to than Randell for the informative session on Relish and Relish Net...We look forward to the new upgrades :)
<Swanee OK Blackbird? What Time of the day was it? What second? What nanosecond?
<mandie than=thank :)
<Dark swanee: Probably around 10am..
<StevenL Thanks Randell. See you around...
<mandie We'd also like to thank everyone for coming to the speakup tonight
<Dark swanee: Lazy programmer who had to have their coffee first.
<mandie 2/8 will be a speakup on Networking with Tim Sipples
<Swanee Dark: hehe
<os2r thanks Randell
<Randell Thanks, as always, for having us (eventhough it was only me tonight)
<DoubleT Thanks, Randell! The upgrade sounds great. Hope the PalmPilot support is not long in coming! :)
*  Sector hopes it will be with Tim Sipples...
<joat Thankyou, Randell
*  Dark mandie Guess the crowds have died down in the past year since I last visited huh?
*  Projects takes his hat off to Sundial for sticking around for so many years...
<mandie Dark: we missed putting out a reminder :(*
<Dark hmm.. that was for mandie.
<Dark Mandie: haha.. oh :)
<Randell Projects, and we intend to stick around alot longer...
<mandie if ppl had Relish...they could set their own reminder :)
<Projects Randell: good to hear :)
<mandie RAndell: thanks and I'll be in touch for the topic for April
*  Projects is quite tired of deserters...
*  Dark remembers the good old days before Voice even existed, let olone on this network.
<Randell Thank you all for coming and see you again in April...
<mandie Randell: g'nite ;)
*  Dark waves to Randell...
<Sector That must have been when messages where carved in stone
<Projects heh... y1k compliant tablets?
<mandie other than board members...how many ppl here tonight are members of VOICE?
<mandie say aye :)
<os2r aye
<mandie hmm
*  Dark has thought about it.. But it's been a long time since I've used OS/2 (due to video drivers not existing. Yay Scitech!)
*  Sector ah um err, well
<mandie Dark: have you tried the beta?
<Dark mandie: I got the email :), Downloaded..
<Swanee Dark: We're looking fprward to that project getting finished
<mandie with 100+ members..that's very disappointing :(
<Dark Now I gotta find a way to make os/2 run on a diskless setup :)
<Swanee Dark: what video card?
<mandie os2r: I'm glad you're here :)
<Dark or buy a new harddisk.
<Projects the alpha you mean...
<Dark swanee: Diamond Viper v330
<os2r thanks mandie :-)
<Dark Projects: yeah.. guess it would be the alpha.
<Swanee That's an S3 chip isn't it?
<Dark swanee: NVidia
<Projects 127 members
<Swanee oh
<Dark it's supported by their drivers.
<Dark not by os/2 directly
<Sector I've got OS/2 running on a Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2001 (Trio 64V+ with drivers from S3)
<Dark heck.. I heard communicator was even ported to os/2 :)
<Dark sector: That was shortly before diamond dumped os/2 support.
<freiheit Goodnight all! The log of tonight's SpeakUp will be posted to the VOICE website by tomorrow.
<mandie Dark: sure is..and StarOffice is available now also
<Swanee Dark: By S3 drivers you mean or NVidia's drivers
<Dark mandie: I knew staroffice was out there.
<Projects Sector: I tried... and failed. Had to buy another new video card
<mandie freiheit: did you get the winners real name?
<Sector I got the drivers from S3 not Diamond
<freiheit And keep your eyes on the VOICE Events Calendar for our upcoming SpeakUp sessions!
<os2r goodnight...thanks for the session folks.....
<freiheit mandie, yes I did.
<mandie os2r: g'nite :)
<mandie ok :)