General VOICE Meeting from 02/04/2002

*  Sector calls this General meeting of VOICE to order
<Sector First item: After Rat-Salad (Jeremy Workman) got suckered, err volunteered to be the VOICE webmaster he was voted into place
<Walter It went like this:
<Walter R-S volunteered,
<Walter Judy nailed him;
<Walter We voted. :-)
<Rat-Salad hehe
<Rat-Salad I'm trying to get familar with the site at this point
<Projects Bank balance: $6054.49 CDN, members: 249
<Rat-Salad found it.. the navigation on somethings on the site could be improved.. i expected it to be in the menu to the left
<Sector needs updating
<Rat-Salad noted
<Walter Rat-Salad, the Marketing office on either needs to be deleted or to have Phil's name removed. I'm not sure which is better.
<Rat-Salad noted
<Projects remove the name, keep the position
<MADeCSSMP The position is in the bylaws
<Rat-Salad I'm taking notes of everything that needs to be done :)
*  Sector hands Rat-Salad a large tablet
<Sector Next topic: Status of WarpDoctor, Walter you have the floor
<Walter Well, there's not a lot to say, really.
<Walter One thing you might find interesting is that a WD "member" donated his copy of the IBM Apache for OS/2 written in native C to VOICE for the WD project.
<Walter We may or may not switch to it. We have to discuss it with the big guns in the server dept <g> first, but indications are
<Walter that that's a better way to go.
<Walter It's main advantage is that it doesn't depend upon EMX, which contains a serious bug.
<Walter Another development is that our DB2 Team Leader, Doug Clark _thinks_ we can have Phase 1 of WD operational within a month with real data.
<Walter I say _thinks_ not because I'm skeptical, but because I want allow room for unexpected problems.
<Walter That's about it. Questions?
<Walter I'll turn the floor back to you, Sector.
<Walter BTW, Phase 1 at this point, means it will work with the more common browsers, but not necessarily all. Also email verification will not be included.
*  Sector opens the floor to new business
<Sector I guess there's no new business. Motion to adjurnš
<Gord Is the next meeting next Monday?
<Sector Nope, 1st and third Monday's
<Sector Depending, sometimes Speakups will be scheduled in there somewhere as well
<Gord Move to adjurn.
<Sector All in favorš
<XRange aye
<Walter Aye
<Gord aye
<Sector Meeting adjourned
<Sector The floor is now open to the usual chaos