Speakup with Sundial Systems (Topic: Junk Spy) from 02/07/00

Longstaff i have no idea where i was last night :)

Sector    Should have seen it when you logged in

Swanee    Longstaff: Hmmm... what does that tell me Charles? :-)

Abraxas   Hi, rollin nad randell

Abraxas   and, even

Longstaff it's in the titlebar of this fabulous new gadget....only i'm
          not used to looking below the top titlebar

          * Abraxas can't type too well, tonight :-) *

Longstaff hiya dan

Abraxas   Hi, Longstaff

Longstaff hiya os2-007

Rael      007!

os2-007   hi Longstaff and Rael ;)

Abraxas   MODE +o randell

Abraxas   MODE +o rollin

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Swanee    Big news today... IBM is going to refresh OS/2

Abraxas   Welcome, everyone, to the VOICE Channel

Longstaff Swanee: - i told ya they would

Swanee    Longstaff: Hey, "I knew it all along" :-)

Swanee    hehe

Abraxas   I'd like to welcome our guests for this eveing, Randell Flint
          and Rollin White, from Sundial Systems

          * Longstaff still doesn't multiple boot *

Longstaff and Swanee - i'm on the record from last year

Abraxas   I've been informed that tonight's discussion will center
          around the recently released Junk Spy utility.

DSOMber1  Hello all.

Sector    Hi John

Abraxas   randell, rollin ... it's all yours :-)

Sector    Hello warpit

rollin    Thank you!

Sector    Hello there DSOMber1

warpit    hi

rollin    First, let me start with a quick description of Junk Spy.

John      hello

rollin    Junk Spy solves the problem of Spam.

rollin    It works between your email program and mail server to detect
          and flag junk email.

          You then use your email program's filter capability to delete
rollin    the mail, move it to a folder, forward it to your favorite
          enemy, whatever.

rollin    Junk Spy works with any POP3 mail client and has been tested
          and verified with all of the popular OS/2 mail programs.

John      I think I got at least 10 "Want to make real money?" Spam in
          the last 2 days.

madodel0  billgates@microsoft.com

Rael      Heh. ;-)

          The key to Junk Spy over traditional email filter approachs is
rollin    that Sundial has spent lots of time doing the research on all
          of the junk mail, not just the junk mail you've received.

          This research is ongoing and helps us update the Junk
rollin    detection database. Infact the first update is due out next

          These updates and Sundial's effort help make Junk Spy the
rollin    hands off solution to Junk Email. No longer do you have to
          waste time deleting junk email or trying to improve your own
          filters. Sundial and Junk spy do it for you.

John      so it works like a "virus detector?" You're always updating

rollin    Exactly.

rollin    The updates are automatic too.

John      sounds good.

Rael      Does it sit between the POP server and the mailer?

          When we create the update it is automatically sent to you and
rollin    Junk spy will intercept it and updates it's database without
          your intervention.

rollin    Rael, yes exactly.

madodel0  Can the user update the detection database themselves?

          We have provided an update center on our web site so that if
rollin    you've missed an update or have reinstalled, you can
          re-request the updates.

rollin    You'll see a history of what updates were created and when
          they were sent as well as any other account activity.

randell   madodel0, did you mean "changes" (as opposed to getting the
          updates manually which is what Rollin answered)?

rollin    Sorry, yes you can make changes to the database yourself.

madodel0  randell: Yes, personal changes, rather then official ones

rollin    Also, there is a global exception list which is the most
          common update to the database.

randell   And, any changes you make to the database are *preserved* when
          *our* automatic updates are applied!

          The changes you make are preserved in the automatic update
rollin    process as well. If JS detects you've made changes to a
          detector, it will not overwrite those changes.

randell   It's really rather a keen database/detection update scheme
          we've come up with.

randell   It's all totally automatic, yet still under your control if
          you want it to be.

          We also use a few other technologies other than our detection
rollin    database. We use MAPS's Realtime Black hole list and Real time
          spam stopper list to add additional filter accuaracy

Longstaff query method, or, uhh maybe filter method

randell   Longstaff, I didn't quite understand your comment.

Longstaff i was just curious about the technique

randell   It's rather involved (and we consider some of it a proprietary

Rael      Take us through a sample spam...what happens when Junk Spy
          sees it? How does it know its a spam? Keywords?

randell   but it's based on us knowing internally what "came from the
          factory' vs what you've added or changed.

rollin    Rael, As Junk Spy is downloading the message it examines it
          based on the detection database.

rollin    In simple terms, yes keywords, but it's a little more specific
          than that.

Longstaff it must be pretty hot :)

rollin    Then, if nothing is matched, it checks RBL and RSS.

rollin    If either of those match Junk Spy adds several lines to the
          header of the message.

          They indicate that it's considered junk, and why. Then the
rollin    message is either destroyed, or sent on to the email program
          depending on user settings.

randell   It's also important to know that our detectors can scan for
          both "inclusions" and "exclustions"...

John      What happens if the sender requests a receipt?

          That function is not touched by Junk Spy. IF your email
rollin    program supports receipts, then it should still generate the

randell   and that's a part of the key to help *reliably* distinguish
          junk from non-junk.

rollin    Junk Spy logs all of it's activity so you can review what it's

          We've also found that most people's TCP/IP configuration is a
rollin    little screwy, so we've provided a TCP/IP wizard to help
          configure TCP/IP so that Junk Spy can operate.

Abraxas   Speaking of the TCP/IP Wizard

          Sounds great! Gwen just got 2 copies of "nude celebreties CD"
John      Spam - I got one. We weren't interested. I'll buy it. Thanks,

Abraxas   Mine doesn't seem to work correctly (machine name is

rollin    What doesn't work properly about it?

Abraxas   JS throws a pop-up error message that says it couldn't find
          the machine localhost, but it works, anyway

rollin    Hmm, strange. I'll send you an email so we can debug the

Abraxas   OK

          Junk Spy also does several things on-the-fly to try to correct
rollin    common TCP/IP problems. For example, it will create the
          loopback interface automatically if it does not exist.

John      Bye - gotta go.

Abraxas   It's currently monitoring 4 e-mail accounts .. and doing a
          fine job of it ... but that TCP/IP error is "weird"

Sector    Bye John

warpit    rollin/randel does JS work plain old netscape 4.04????

rollin    Yes, it works with 2.02, 4.04, and 4.61. It works best with
          4.61 because it has filters.

warpit    how do you normally rev it up???

rollin    Normally, you just start Junk spy and let it run. It's mostly
          driven by your email program sending it commands.

          Abraxas, one of the questions we get asked alot is if Junk Spy
randell   support multiple email accounts (which is does). Since you're
          using it that way maybe you could comment?

          It's amazing how the junk mail problem has grown. We have
rollin    several test accounts we've created. For one we posted one
          newsgroup message. For another we put it on one web page.
          They've both received 100's of messages.

Abraxas   randell I had a bit of difficulty figuring that one out ..
          until I reaf the entire online help file :-)

rollin    What would have made it more obvious?

          warpit, once Junk Spy is started, your email program sees it
randell   as if it is your mail server; your mail server sees it as if
          it is your email program; it just sits in between and does
          it's job

Abraxas   Basically, you set the e-mail program to look for e-mail on

Abraxas   Then you change your username to reflect the path to your

Sector    Use JunkSpy as your POP3 server, configure JunkSpy as you
          would your email program (say mail.anywhere.net)

warpit    randell so it does not matter which program is started

Abraxas   Where my username would normally be dcasey, i changed that to

Abraxas   dcasey3, that is

rollin    warpit, Junk Spy has to be running before you can check for
          mail, but otherwise, no.

          Setup each account, using the machine name for the server, and
Abraxas   add the real server to your userid, and JS works on all of

warpit    randell does it work with injoy and dsl/cable modems????

Abraxas   warpit I'm using it with Injopy Firewall and a Cable Modem

          It does. It really doesn't know the difference other than a
rollin    cable modem environment might have a little more complex
          existing TCP/

          * Abraxas still can't type :-) *

          Abraxas, and the key thing is that once you've done that...
randell   that's all there is to it correct? Junk Spy will mange the
          multiple connections from your email program without you
          having to do anything more.

rollin    IP setup.

Abraxas   randell yep ... it's all "seamless" after that

          I never know wheteher or not I have a particular account setup
Abraxas   with JS .. until I look at the messages moved to my TRASH
          folder, and see the additional lines in the header

randell   So, if you want, it can be "set it and forget it"...

          Our primary goal is no false junk messages. We're doing pretty
rollin    good, but through user feedback that's part of what we change
          in a given update.

Abraxas   I've filtered 1331 messages with the GA version ... was over
          5000 withthe betas

          we encourage users to send junk messages that slipped through
rollin    to junk@sundialsystems.com and false positives to

rollin    Abraxas wow! That's a high ratio!

          And, actually, the biggest job we had in developing the
randell   product was determineing the best rules for what is *not*

Rael      If there is something that JunkSpy trashes that we want, is
          there a way to stop it from trashing?

          I did have one problem when I was using the Injoy Dialer
Abraxas   ......DOD uses an IP address that, in theory, should never be
          seen, and never be routed

randell   Rael, absolutely!

rollin    We have 1000's of junk messages and 100,000 + non junk
          messages that are used in testing.

rollin    Rael, yes just add a keyword or name to the global exception
          list. But we want to see it too!

          Occasionally, something would slip through the cracks, and
Abraxas   this IP address (I think it was would get into the
          header of an e-mail message.

Abraxas   RBL Server would catch it, and tag it as junk

Abraxas   rollin ... that's the total number of messages .... not the

          Several times in testing people would say, it marked something
          it shouldn't but I couldn't expect it to know the difference.
rollin    It turns out one filter was causing problems for most of those
          people. When I got them to give us details, it was easy to

randell   Rael, one other key thing that may not be clear...

randell   While you *can* have Junk Spy actually trash messages as it
          finds them...

Abraxas   Out of the 1331, 77 have been detected as Junk

rollin    Abraxas, that's more reasonable :)

randell   The recommened method is to have it "tag" the message an

randell   And then you use a very simple filter in your email program to
          "route" the tagged messages into a folder.

Rael      Ah. :-) That makes it simpler.

warpit    how big is this *database* and programs in meg????

randell   Then, you can review the tagged messages at your leisure to
          make sure there wasn't something you really wanted.

rollin    The whole thing is less than 5 megs, closer to three.

          randell That's exactly what I do with PMMail ... as PMMail has
Abraxas   a tendency to pass an empty message anyway, If I choose to
          have JS delete the message

rollin    Yes, PMM isn't happy with the delete option of Junk Spy but it
          works well with the tag option.

randell   And much of that is documentation. If you download it, the
          image is under 1 meg as I recall.

rollin    Yes, officialy it takes 1.4 m to install, and about half is

warpit    is there any screen response that shows that its working????

rollin    Yes, there is a small window and status icon to show what
          stage of processing it is in.

Abraxas   VERY small

Abraxas   :-)

warpit    neat!!!!!

randell   And most of the database updates we automatically send you are
          "deltas" so they aren't all that large either.

rollin    It's meant to not be intrusive.

rollin    Randell, no but the database will grow over time. Even if it
          doubles, that's only about 600k.

rollin    IT doesn't significantly add to the message download time

mandie    g'evening :)

Sector    Hi mandie

rollin    Right on time!

warpit    what if i use more than one isp????? do i need different
          tcp/ip configs?????

Abraxas   Hello, Judy

Sector    How's the birthday party¨

mandie    rollin!! :)

mandie    hi dan

Sector    MODE +o mandie

mandie    Sector: great...want some cake and ice cream?

Sector    Sure, just DCC it

          Warpit, no Junk Spy doesn't really care down to that level. As
rollin    long as your email program can find Junk Spy and Junk Spy can
          find your server it's happy.

mandie    :)

          I use it on my laptop which I use at home on my
rollin    cablemodem/network at the office, and on the road via dialup
          without changing it.

Swanee    Hi PeterSkye

rollin    Look what the cat dragged in.

mandie    hi Peter

randell   Peter, I thought I've heard you say you don't even *get* any
          junk mail... so what brings you here?

PeterSkye Hi everybody

PeterSkye I feel I'

PeterSkye oops =- I feel I'm missing out...

rollin    I'll forward all of my junk mail to you.

Projects  There's an option on the junk spy page... "Get Free Junk Mail"

Rael      Just in case you don't get enough already. ;-)

rollin    How many 1000 messages would you like to start with?

Projects  hehehe

rollin    Rael, we do that so you can test out Junk Spy right away.

mandie    randell: hi!

PeterSkye I got exactly two pieces of spam today. How did you ever get
          so much?

randell   mandie: hi!

rollin    Someone I know put my name on tons of web pages :)

Projects  and there's no chagre... big of you :-))

rollin    Projects, we try :)

randell   Peter! Two pieces of spam! We've got a solution for that!

Projects  hehehe

Mok       A solution indeed. My solution: shoot the spammers.

PeterSkye But I like to read it! Something about a site with a lot of

          That's a natural reaction. Most people who try to "get back"
rollin    and the spammers end up generating more junk email and wasting
          time. That's why we emphisize the hands-off approache of Junk

randell   Seriously, Junk Spy isn't for everyone... if you only get an
          occasional piece of spam and doen't mind seeing it

randell   (or like Peter, *want* to see it)

randell   then, you really don't need Junk Spy... but it would still
          benefit you if you had it.

randell   On the other hand, it you gets lots of spam... or get only a
          little but don't want to see *any* of it...

Rael      I usually wind up changing my mail address once a year because
          of that...

randell   then Junk Spy is the best solution available!

randell   Rael, no need to do that any more!

PeterSkye Seriously, I think a junk mail solution is well worth the
          small investment you charge.

PeterSkye And I'm hoping you eventually can filter all the junk out of
          the newsgroups I visit.

rollin    Thank you. The cost is $49 and includes the first year of
          database updates.

randell   (No comment on possible future products.)

Rael      That would be nice...is it possible to apply this to usenet?

rollin    Peter, yes newsgroups is one of the popular requests we get.
          It's on the list :)

warpit    you sell it thru bmt /ib???

rollin    Yes, as well as direct. Whichever you prefer!

PeterSkye When you first came out with the product, I did a quick cost
          effectiveness study.

randell   warpit, yep, available thru both BMT and Indelible Blue now!

PeterSkye If you have employees or your time is _worth_ something, it
          pays for itself pretty quick.

mandie    !ask sundial

VoiceBot  [sundial] Sundial Systems http://www.sundialsystems.com/

rollin    I'm personally still amazed at how much junk mail is in my
          junk folder.

rollin    We started writing this application because we were sick of
          junk mail. Now I study junk mail for a living :)

mandie    sounds like a true "junk" collector :)

PeterSkye Plus, there are a couple of kids in this household, and they
          don't need to see these messages.

PeterSkye What I've realized is that you don't just waste the time you
          spend quickly scanning ...

randell   We've been getting lots of positive feedback since Junk Spy
          started shipping on Jan 10th.

PeterSkye the messages and deleting them. You also end up spending time
          during the day ...

PeterSkye thinking about "should I have asked that ISP for a quote?
          should I have clicked to that

randell   And much of it relates to just those kind of reasons that you
          mention, Peter.

PeterSkye web site with the coupons?"

warpit    does it understand foriegn language like deutsch????

PeterSkye "Das parties mit der frauleins?"

rollin    Not yet. That's one of our current weaknesses, but we're
          working on it.

rollin    Part of the problem is getting that foreign junk mail!

randell   We don't have a large database of "foreign" junk yet...
          certainly not enough to create good detectors for it.

PeterSkye Man, that's a _great_ name!

Sector    Hi Rat-Salad

Rat-Salad hey

          But the RBL/RSS features of Junk Spy are independent of
randell   language... so it still can do a pretty good job in foreign

Chrissy   :)

rollin    You read more about Junk Spy on our website at

rollin    Also, the first review is in:

          And many of our foreign customers say that get lots of
randell   *English* language junk mail... and Junk Spy filters that out
          for them.

warpit    what do your chineese user say about it???

randell   And we understand that a few more reviews are coming out
          soon... there's been *lots* of interest in the product.

mandie    ah-so

warpit    ah-so or ah-so/so????

rollin    Nothing that I can understand :) So far, no one in any of the
          Eastern countries has commented.

PeterSkye I read Luc's review. He did a pretty thorough job, I thought.

PeterSkye I noticed he liked it very much.

rollin    Just got some junk mail :)

PeterSkye And there have been mentions on some of the mail lists, like
          POSSI etc.

PeterSkye People seem to think it's worthwhile, even the ones that
          weren't quite sure.

warpit    how fast does this program work???

          It only adds a very little overhead to the time to download
rollin    your mail. Most of it's is CPU bound since we cache the
          database. Also, RBL/RSS lookups can sometimes be
          bottle-necked, but that's not ususally an issue.

          Peter, and for people that aren't entirely sure, they can
randell   download it and try it in "demo" mode to see how well it
          *does* work.

Projects  what's the restriction on the demo?

rollin    It will only flag two messages within a rolling 24 hour

          To followup on what Rollin said, generally you won't notice
randell   much difference in retriveing your mail before and after you
          install Junk Spy.

rollin    It will still detect them, but not mark them.

randell   And since the demo isn't "registered", you don't get any of
          the automatic updates.

PeterSkye How exactly do I use the "markup" that Junk Spy inserts? ...

PeterSkye I'm still using Netscape 2.02 for email, with a pretty big
          SORT.DAT filter file.

madodel0  Well Peter if you had showed up on time you would have learned

madodel0  :-)

          Basically, you create a filter to look for the text
rollin    X-Junkmail: Yes in the header. Then set the action to whatever
          you want, usually move it to a folder. That's it!

Abraxas   I don't notice ANY difference between using and not using JS

PeterSkye Mark: :))

randell   Each email program works a bit differently in setting up the
          simple filter, but we'

randell   but we've explained them all in the documentation that comes
          with the product...

PeterSkye Can I filter different _kinds_ of spam to different folders?

PeterSkye Can I filter the "get rich quick" schemes to one folder, etc.?

rollin    If you want, although we don't go into that level of detail.

madodel0  Peter: I thought you were already rich?

          Also in the header we indicate what clue and detector caused
rollin    the message to be considered spam. You could use the detector
          to direct adult mail to your special mail box and all the rest
          to the trash.

PeterSkye Hey, neat!! Now yer talkin'!! Gee, all those "party" sites in
          one place ...

randell   One other thing I should mention is that while we did label
          the product as "1.0"...

randell   It's a *Sundial* 1.0...

mandie    which means?

randell   And that means means it's stable, debugged, and actually works
          as advertised!

          We are actively looking for user feedback too. If you have
rollin    ideas (like newsgroups) on how to make Junk Spy better, we
          want to hear it!

rollin    I'm actually amazed at the low level of bug reports. I
          honestly did not expect it to be this low.

          It's more like a 2.1 kind of product... we actually threw away
randell   the 1.0 design entirely... work up the 2.0 design... rather an
          extensive beta/prerelease on it and ended up with what we
          called "1.0"

PeterSkye I've always liked the way your products work great with the
          very first release.

PeterSkye You must work your programmers to death. :)

rollin    Would you like a job?

randell   No, I just send them lots of spam about quality and deadines,

PeterSkye So those two spam messages I got today: One was from Funk &
          Wagnalls, and ...

PeterSkye one was titled "Opportunity Knocks". (I just looked.)

PeterSkye They'd automatically go "bye-bye" with Junk Spy, yes?

rollin    Yes.

Sector    JunkSpy can destroy them so your email program never sees em

PeterSkye Neat! They deserve such a fate. :)

          Now the one thing we don't do is try to deal with
rollin    "advertising" from list you may have signed yourself up for,
          or as a result of providing your email address to a vendor.

randell   Peter, you could install the Junk Spy demo... then forward
          them to yourself... and see what happens.

PeterSkye You know, I should probably do that. Junk Spy is really
          intriguing, and I know it'll save ...

PeterSkye me some time. (Keep me away from those party sites, for sure.
          MAJOR time-wasters!)

rollin    Another junk message received and flagged :)

rollin    Are there issues we skipped over?

PeterSkye I really ought to just order this thing and put it to work.

rollin    You can order it from us directly or BMT or Indelible Blue.
          Your choice.

PeterSkye Every time Barnes & Noble sends me a spam, I end up cruising
          their site for 20 minutes.

Rael      Any volume discounts?

rollin    Email orders@sundialsystems.com and we can probably work
          something out.

PeterSkye Or I get some message like "free DSL service!" and I just
          _have_ to look. ...

randell   While the product is available on diskette (it fits on one),
          it's primarily designed to be electronically downloaded.

PeterSkye Bam! Another 10 minutes wasted.

PeterSkye Actually, if I waste an hour a week on just a half-dozen
          messages, either looking ...

PeterSkye at the sites or thinking about them after deleting the
          messages, Junk Spy would ...

          What I like most about using JS is the fact that I don't have
Abraxas   to waste anymore time creating my own filters to deal with the

PeterSkye still pay for itself in just a few days. I think I'm sold. :)

rollin    Normally we do a trivia question and give away a copy of a
          Sundial product. Not this time though.

PeterSkye Abraxas: Hey, that's neat. Right now I'm doing it backwards --
          everything ...

PeterSkye valuable goes into folders, and the spam stays in my Inbox.

rollin    Instead, we'd like to extend a special offer. Only to those of
          you that have taken the time to join us for the chat.

          For you guys only, we'll knock $9 off the price if you order
rollin    it directly from Sundial. That's $40 for the product delivered
          electronically and a year of database updates!

PeterSkye Me! Me! I'll take it!

Sector    Hey, what about Chrissy and mandie¨

madodel0  What do we have to do?

Projects  prove that you were here though...

rollin    Gals too.

Projects  :)

rollin    We've captured the list of who's on. On your order form,
          please include your IRC nick to make life easier on Carla.

Chrissy   glad we werent forgotten ... thanks Sector :)

rollin    She doesn't know I've done this :)

Sector    And you want US to make life easier¨

          * Projects wonders what VoiceBot will do with his copy... *

rollin    Order form is at

randell   And, to make our life a bit easier, if you want to take
          advantage of the offer, please do so by Wednesday.

PeterSkye I'm looking at the form. I cut & paste it into an email ?

rollin    Email, or if you don't want to email your credit card, FAX or
          phone us.

os2hq     Howdy, neighbors!

Sector    Hello os2hq

PeterSkye And _who_ might _you_ be? :)))

os2warp   hi os2hq ;)

          (Disclaimer: offer valid only for people that we on "live" for
randell   part of the chat -- readers of the transcript are not eligible
          -- void where prohibited -- sales tax added for orders to
          California addresses)

rollin    your mileage may vary.

os2hq     Offer, what offer???

PeterSkye Junk Spy, man! It's _hot_!

Projects  [18:22:37] *** Log disabled

          [18:22:38] (Disclaimer: offer valid only for people that we on
Projects  "live" for part of the chat -- readers of the transcript are
          not eligible -- void where prohibited -- sales tax added for
          orders to California addresses)

os2hq     Well, I don't get enuf junk mail, since I don't have credit

os2hq     However, the volume of junk *is* going up a bit....

Sector    Hi persell

os2hq     Hey, Mike.

Chrissy   hey persell

PeterSkye It pays for itself quick, my friend. That's why I'm about to
          order it.

DSOMber1  Sounds interesting.

persell   Hi all

PeterSkye Howdy!

madodel0  Hey Mike any comment on the OS/2 Warp Refresh story by Esther?

madodel0  Oh BTW, Hello Mike

os2hq     When EF Hutton speaks.....

persell   I could...then I'd have to shoot myself

os2hq     lol

madodel0  hehehehe

          * Sector offers persell a gun *

os2hq     Whisper it, Mike, it's just us two....

os2hq     hehheh.

madodel0  I understand IBM Marketing wants to give it the same product
          code as OS/2 PPC

persell   Marketing doesn't even know about it yet

persell   Chrissy...smack Sector

PeterSkye Okay, I'm filling out the Junk Spy order form. Do I email it
          to Carla?

Chrissy   who me???

Sector    Hey­

madodel0  Can we keep it a secret from them...Please?

rollin    orders@sundialsystems.com

PeterSkye OK, thanks. :)

randell   Well, it's getting toward that time... any more Junk Spy
          questions/comments for now?

PeterSkye And then I download from your site, and you send me an
          authorization code, yes?

persell   Don't go away mad!

rollin    Peter, yes, exactly.

PeterSkye OK, it'll be there in about five minutes. :))

Sector    Hi StevenL

PeterSkye Steven: Hiya

StevenL   Hello, big group tonite.

PeterSkye You just missed the deal of the year. Yer late.

randell   (Orders will not actually be processed tonight.)

StevenL   Oh well.

DSOMber1  Hello StevenL.

PeterSkye That's okay. Gives me time for one last party site. :)))

StevenL   Hi there.

os2hq     If this is a "big" group, wait til we have the Speakup on the
          Warp Client Refresh!!!!

StevenL   :)

Rael      No kidding. :-)

os2hq     Hemmm...

os2hq     Might need to boost the bandwidth a bit or two...

randell   Peter, since you only get two junk messages a day... the demo
          will hold you for a day!

os2hq     Randell: I missed the details of the offer... please repeat??

PeterSkye Heck, I'm about to submit my name to all those "we'll remove
          you" addresses !

StevenL   A refresh will be good to have as long as the pricing is not
          in line with the SS4OS2 1.5 pricing. :)

randell   os2hq, sure...

os2hq     Having just gotten my SW Choice, I'm starting to drooooollll

madodel0  BTW this Wednesday at 8PM EST (01:00GMT) we will have a
          special Warpstock Speakup

          The offer was a $9 discount on Junk Spy *only* for folks live
randell   on the chat tonight... if you order directly from us by

os2hq     BTW, anybody want to help me write a new book on OS/2 Warp,
          with the new client info???

os2hq     Thanks, randell.

DSOMber1  I get several spam messages a day....but so far it does not
          overwhelm me as yet. JS looks sounds good though.

WarpHoss  sure. os2hq. count me in.

PeterSkye Yes, thanks R&R - very much!

StevenL   Did I miss anything wrt Relish or was the speakup all about

PeterSkye DSOM: It's a _cumulative_ thing. A few minutes today, a few
          tomorrow. All of a sudden ...

randell   StevenL, only Junk Spy.

PeterSkye it's three hours every month. That adds up.

StevenL   :(

randell   StevenL, stay tuned... you know we're back here every two

persell   Must be that calendar thing you use randell

          Randell and Rollin I would like to thank you not only for your
WarpHoss  visit here tonight. I will also thank you folks at Sundail for
          the work you do supporting the OS/2 Community.

randell   Now, Mike, why would you say that ;)

WarpHoss  Sundial even.

          IT's our pleasure. We appreciate this community which is part
rollin    of the reason we extended the discount to the people here

randell   Thanks as always for having us...

WarpHoss  The door to this channel is always open.

randell   And we'll be back in April!

rollin    Email junkspt@sundialsystems.com if you've got any questions.
          Otherwise, we'll be back in two months.

Abraxas   randell .. you'll let me know, in advance, what the topic will
          be for the April Speakup, won't you? :-)

randell   that was "junkspy@sundialsystems.com"

persell   I'll volunteer to handle the refresh chat Mark

rollin    Thanks randell :)

Abraxas   persell when do you want to schedule it?

randell   We don't have the April topic yet... we'll try to get it out a
          bit earlier than we did this one.

DSOMber1  Do you guys offer JS on other platforms as well?

persell   Sneaky Abraxas

Abraxas   randell .. OK, Thanks

Swanee    persell: You're on record for this now you know... no backing
          out! :-)

rollin    Not yet. But keep asking that question.

madodel0  persell: Sign here: ..............................

Abraxas   Can't blame me for trying :-)

Swanee    persell: and here: __________________

randell   Yes, keep asking that question...

          * mandie has Persell's # :) *

Swanee    persell: Insurance sig here: _____________________

randell   Good night, all.

WarpHoss  Initailas here .....

StevenL   Nite.

mandie    g'night randell and thx :)

Swanee    mandie: So, you and Mike have been talking behind our back?

rollin    Thanks again folks! See you all soon!

mandie    Swanee: some things are sacred! :)

persell   See ya Sundialers

mandie    nite rollin

Sector    Goodnight randell

DSOMber1  Good night...R&R.

Swanee    Endorse here also: _____

PeterSkye OK guys, I just emailed my Junk Spy order.

persell   I joined the Marine Corps once...I know about those signatures

Swanee    persell: lol

mandie    persell: we'll let you keep your hair :)

Swanee    Mikes got plenty of hair to loose. :-)

Sector    For now...

Swanee    I guess that's it... don't everyone talk at once. :-)

PeterSkye Bye.

WarpHoss  latrez..

Swanee    So IBM finally decoded to refresh the Warp CD huh?

Swanee    decoded=decided

          * Swanee can't type AGAIN! That's 2 nights in a row *

os2hq     Swanee: It's hilarious, I just wrote about that in my Feb.
          Warped Perspective a week ago!!!

Abraxas   And like Mark said, don't forget the Special Edition "Speakup
          with Warpstock" this wednesday at 8:00PM

os2hq     I feel as though somebody at IBM is listening.... ;)

Swanee    I'm sure happy they are doing it.

          * Sector thinks Swanee needs to stay away from the bar if we
          wants to be able to type... *

Sector    Hello RumpleS

mandie    os2hq: I'm sure they had this in the works prior to your
          article :)

DSOMber1  Hello RumpleS.

Swanee    Sector: It's not the bar... my fingers are blurry!

RumpleS   I hate this client!

RumpleS   It's the java client - being run from a windows machines!

Swanee    RumpleS: Are you using the web based version?

WarpHoss  that's icky.

WarpHoss  windows..

RumpleS   Tell me about it!

Sector    It's not by his choice

os2hq     mandie: I know, the lead time for any IBM announce must be
          MONTHS. But it's so funny :)

RumpleS   It's what I have to use here when at work.

Swanee    Any idea of price range for the refresh Mike? (Will there be
          an update package available to previous licensees?)

os2hq     Well, time to go, people. Have a good night.

Chrissy   bye

persell   Gnight Tom

WarpHoss  tou also. os2hq

Swanee    nite os2hq

Swanee    Who's going to WarpTech (and can they take me with)?

Sector    Swanee, hop a freight

persell   I don't know yet

Chrissy   where is it?

Sector    WarpTech is Phoenix, AZ

Swanee    Sector: I'm already on one. Where did you think I lived?

mandie    stayed tuned...when Mike has info...he's going to be our guest
          for a speakup :)

Chrissy   oh

          * Swanee can hear Mike pounding down the halls of IBM tomorrow
          looking for the "secret information" *

mandie    hehe

persell   Guest...victim...target

Swanee    They all fit

WarpHoss  lol

Swanee    :-)

Abraxas   persell we prefer to call them "Volunteers" :-)

persell   Who says I don't have it already...I work out of Austin now

Abraxas   Yeah, That's it :-)

Swanee    That's what we want to hear. :-)

          hmmm... train must have switched tracks. My monitor just
Swanee    rolled into the corner of the car and I can;t sww whst i'n

DSOMber1  Hello dallas.

Sector    Hi again dallas

RumpleS   When will the log of this session be available for viewing?

Sector    !ask log

VoiceBot  [log] http://abelmcc5.rbdc.com/cgi-bin/ghosthoss.cmd? (Sector)

Sector    Right now if you'de like

RumpleS   thanks Sector - I lost everything when the client went crazy.

Sector    No problem

RumpleS   Didn't have a chance to catch up during my in-between work

persell   Maybe you should burn the last half of the log

Sector    Unconditional delete¨

          * Sector wouldn't know about that... *

persell   Starting just before persell volunteered

RumpleS   volunteered for what?

Sector    Hi DaveW

persell   I like RumpleS point of view

RumpleS   which point of view would that be?

RumpleS   I'm always pointed in different directions.

persell   What I volunteered about

Sector    Hello Mr-Data

RumpleS   I see persell, just spotted the bit about the OS/2 refresh.

Mr-Data   hi sector

Sector    Guess that didn't get burned...

persell   Caught

persell   Its not good to build mail filters when IRCing and talking to
          people in the same room

RumpleS   Actually, where is that article by Esther?

Abraxas   http://www.zdnet.com/sr/stories/news/0,4538,2434120,00.html

DSOMber1  That looks promising.

Sector    Hi Egon

Egon      re

DSOMber1  Hello Egon.

Sector    Rat-Salad is back (but from where¨)

RumpleS   Just wondering - is this client stuffed once again - or it it
          just a quiet moment?