VOICE - General Meeting for 2004-02-07

12:00:16 <WalterOS2> This meeting of VOICE is now in session.
<WalterOS2> Hi Ken
<wdl> Walter: "...clock." Nope. I am.
<KenKrchnr> Hi Guys
<WalterOS2> Bill: You should have mentioned it earlier. :-)
<WalterOS2> Ken: I checked all three of my junk mail folders and couldn't find anything from Doug. I don't know where the messages could have gone?
<WalterOS2> OK, let's look at the agenda, such as it is.
<KenKrchnr> Strange, did you see anything from that time?
<WalterOS2> Has everyone looked at it?
<Gord> Yes
<WalterOS2> Ken: I carefully searched all of them. I do on a routine basis, anyway.
<wdl> "Agenda": Yup.
<WalterOS2> Half of Bill's get caught as junk mail. :-( Haven't figured out how to stop it--yet.
<WalterOS2> OK: No old business.
<WalterOS2> B. New Business:
<WalterOS2> 1. Current Projects under way.
<wdl> Walter: Mine? Junk-mail??
<WalterOS2> a. I've asked Gord to work on setting up a bank account that we use to transfer funds electronically.
<wdl> Walter: JUnk-mail... Use "permissive" filtering.
<WalterOS2> wdl: Yep. I'll explain it more after the meeting, if you like.
<wdl> Yes!
<WalterOS2> Gord: What have you done so far?
<Gord> Bank account is not opened yet. Been down, sick last couple of days.
<WalterOS2> Or, are there any questions about what you see in the agenda regarding the new bank account?
<WalterOS2> Gord: :-(
<WalterOS2> Not too serious I hope.
<Gord> Bad cold.
| | <Gord> Would DBEXPERT be a good enough databse for the names?
| | <WalterOS2> Gord: DBEXPERT should be fine.
<Gord> OK.
<WalterOS2> It's a great dbms and supports more than we'll probably need.
<WalterOS2> wdl: OK
<Gord> I already have it.
| | <WalterOS2> I'll be back in a couple of minutes. I feel a migraine coming on and I want to take something before it gets too bad.
<WalterOS2> I'm back.
<WalterOS2> Hi APG
<APG> Hello.
<WalterOS2> Aiden, did you want to come to the VOICE meeting?
<APG> Yes.
<WalterOS2> Well, you made it: Thanks for coming out. :-)
<WalterOS2> I wonder where Doug is?
<WalterOS2> Aiden: The agenda for this meeting is at: http://www.os2voice.org/Agendas/voice_2004-02-07.html :-)
<WalterOS2> Does anyone have any questions/comments on the EFT stuff in the adgenda?
<WalterOS2> You all know how it works, right? <g>
<Gord> No
<wdl> "EFT"?
<WalterOS2> BTW, Gord lives in Toronto, Canada, so the bank account will stay in Canada.
<WalterOS2> Hi Christian
<crimso> hi everyone
<WalterOS2> Gord: That's OK; I don't understand a lot of it, either.
<Gord> Do you know waht bank the account is currently in?
<WalterOS2> Like why the CIBC seems tobe the only bank in Canada connected to S.W.I.F.T
<WalterOS2> Gord: No.
<wdl> Gord: We don't. That's one of the charges made to me = find out!
<WalterOS2> wdl: Electronic Funds Transfer
<wdl> Tnx. Obvious now.
<WalterOS2> You see it on crimes shows all the time--I won't return your son until you transfer $5 mil into my account at.... :-)
<wdl> Gord: With Walter's *assumed* permission, I'll bundle my correspondence on that matter, and send it to you.
<WarpedOS2> I transfer funds to and from my Pay pal account using my Credit Union..
<WalterOS2> wdl: Now you have my *explicit* permission. :-)
<Gord> OK
<WalterOS2> Hello, Vaughn
<eCSNL> hello
<eCSNL> sorry
<crimso> hi again Roderick
<WalterOS2> Roderick told me that to be able to transfer funds from the Mensys bank account, we needed a bank connected to the SWIFT netork.
<Gord> Hi eCSNL
<eCSNL> correct
<WalterOS2> Roderick: Well, I looked up SWIFT, and read everything I could find about it, and located at least one bank in Canada connected to it.
<WarpedOS2> Hi Walter
<WalterOS2> So now Gord is going to open a new VOICE account in that bank.
<WalterOS2> After he gets over his cold. <vbg>
<WalterOS2> Mensys has a fair sum of funds from memberships, but with nowhere to go. :-)
<WalterOS2> Gord: I just thought of something else you'll need to do once you get the account open.
<Gord> Oh?
| | <KenKrchnr> Does Gord want an os2voice email account, or just to redirect to his current isp email account?
<WalterOS2> I've thought of it. However for now, I'm doing what's necessary.
<WalterOS2> Gord: ??
<Gord> I'm weighing the pro's and con's.
<crimso> Con is that you can't send mail via it. At least I can't do that.
<WalterOS2> Well, I had an actual presidentNOT@THISos2voice.org once, and just found it a pain the neck.
<WalterOS2> Now I just have a redirect, and my regular account has some VOICE specific filters.
<WalterOS2> I like it better this way.
<KenKrchnr> Christian, you should be able to send via your voice account.
<crimso> KenKrchnr: Nice! I'm going to try. How is authentification handled?
<WalterOS2> To Ken, everything works perfectly, even when it doesn't. LOL
<crimso> KenKrchnr: POP or SMTP?
<Gord> How do I access a VOICE account?
<KenKrchnr> Use smtp auth, or smtp aftre pop (3 minutes window)
<WalterOS2> That's because Ken is so much brighter than we are. :-)
<crimso> KenKrchnr: OK, what port for SMTP?
<KenKrchnr> Gord, we just create an account, you use whatever pop client you want to retrieve your mail.
<KenKrchnr> Standard port 25
<Gord> Huh?
<KenKrchnr> But your email client should have a means of doing "SMTP Auth" on mail send.
<KenKrchnr> Gord, what email client do you use?
<crimso> KenKrchnr: Everything works beautifully. :-)
<Gord> PMMail/2
<crimso> Gord: That works. I'm using PMMail myself. But you have to use one of the latest betas.
<Gord> Available where?
<WalterOS2> Gord: Me to.
<crimso> Gord: 2.20.2380 or 2.20.2382
<Gord> I have 2.20.2300
<crimso> Gord: Those are the version numbers of course. Get it at pmmail2000.com
<Gord> OK
<crimso> Those betas also fix a number of bugs.
<Gord> Yes I did recognize those as version numbers.
<KenKrchnr> Christian, just don't try sending spam, it may get caught in the filters and never pass thru ;-)
<crimso> KenKrchnr: Darn! You caught me. ;-)
<WalterOS2> PMMail/2 is http://www.pmmail2000.com/cgi-bin/download/download.pl?file=pmm2202382.exe
<WalterOS2> Ken: Maybe that's where Doug's emails to me last week went. :-)
<crimso> Yeah, it seems that some people have difficulties submitting news to submitNOT@THISos2voice.org
<KenKrchnr> Couldn't be, some people got it. And the filters don't look for a particular user to snub :-)
<WalterOS2> Well, they can't submit attachments, and they are checked for viruses.
<Gord> Downloading.
<WalterOS2> Are done with the treasurer stuff?
<WalterOS2> er..Are we done....?
<KenKrchnr> A few got delayed by the spam filters. But spam is not refused, just held for review.
<KenKrchnr> We do refuse you if you spoof our domain as the sending server.
<WalterOS2> Ken: I want to talk to you about that later. :-)
<KenKrchnr> Did Gord finish weighing?
<WalterOS2> OK, let's move on.
<WalterOS2> B. New Business
<Gord> No
<WalterOS2> 1. Current Projects
<WalterOS2> b. Bill has agreed to act as Interim Secretary until we can have an election in the spring.
<WalterOS2> Thanks. Bill
<wdl> De nada...
<WalterOS2> B1c: The by-laws required each nominee for a BOD position (aka Officer) to submit a (auto)biography.
<WalterOS2> I thought it would be cool to collect these in one place so we can look at them.
<WalterOS2> So I've created a new page at URL http://www.os2voice.org/Officers/
<crimso> WalterOS2: I second that. It's espcially good for people who join VOICE at a later point.
<WalterOS2> It's not fancy, but it does the job.
<WalterOS2> Christian: That's what I thought.
<WalterOS2> It's not complete yet: as you can see I'm not even up there.
<WalterOS2> That's also on my "to-do" list. :-)
<WalterOS2> Ken: Could you send me a biography? You should go up there as System Administrator.
<WalterOS2> I promise, I'll get one for myself as well. :-)
<KenKrchnr> I ain't runnin' for anything ;-)
<WalterOS2> I need to dig it out of some email from awhile back.
<WalterOS2> Ken: Remember when we asked you to be System Administrator when Jeremy left?
<KenKrchnr> But that's not an elected post ist it? :-)
<WalterOS2> Well...There you go.
<WalterOS2> It is now.
<KenKrchnr> Well, I stand (actually sit) corrected.
<crimso> All who vote in favor of Ken for Sysadmin say "Aye". :-)))
<Gord> Aye
<wdl> OK. The By-laws just got moved up several notches...
<WalterOS2> Aye.
<wdl> Aye
<WalterOS2> Hi Mark
<crimso> Hi Mark
<MADodel> hello Walter
<WalterOS2> Mark, now that you're here<g>, maybe you answer a question we had awhile ago.
<MADodel> I can try
| | <Rat-Salad> hello
<WalterOS2> Well, well....If it isn't the Rat himself. :-)
<crimso> I see what you mean. But I wouldn't jump to conclusions prematurely.
<WalterOS2> No...we won't.
<crimso> Hi jeremy
<Rat-Salad> I'm a extremely tired rat
<Rat-Salad> heh
<WalterOS2> You need your she-rat to comfort you.
<Rat-Salad> should be home soon
<crimso> That's why you need to eat some salad!
<Rat-Salad> yuck
<crimso> :-)
<Rat-Salad> I'll have some cold pizza from lastnight
<WalterOS2> eCSNL: Are you still here?
<WalterOS2> Yuck!
<WalterOS2> Christian said he still hasn't heard from his Spanish contact about a Spanish of the VNL.
<WalterOS2> I suggested we wait a couple of more weeks, and if we still don't hear anything, consider contacting the Russians.
<WalterOS2> About a Russian version. They seems to be very busy group.
<crimso> WalterOS2: I tried to contact Javier today again.
<WalterOS2> And..?
<crimso> Nothing yet.
<WalterOS2> OK.
<crimso> But it's been just a few hours.
<crimso> I used a different account this time.
<WalterOS2> Moving right along.
<crimso> Maybe the last messages got lost somewhere.
<crimso> BTW, Javier is from Colombia.
<WalterOS2> Innotek has been putting out a lot of stuff lately and now they are working with Serenity on a sor of super-version of a VPC/2.
<WalterOS2> Christian: Interesting.
<WalterOS2> We need to set up a speak upwith one or both of those companies.
<WalterOS2> I don't have the time to organize it.
<WalterOS2> Is someone willing to do that?
<crimso> WalterOS2: Eh? I thought that they were pushing TwoOSTwo?
<MADodel0> Actually it is twoostwo that is working on the new VM
<MADodel0> But Innotek seems to be doing everything else these days. And working with the RUssians as well.
<WalterOS2> It may have started as TwoOSTwo, but I think it's developed into something else. It's called SVISTA.
<crimso> WalterOS2: Yes, but there's a completely different company behind it.
<wdl> And Serenity is in the wings, somewhere.
<WalterOS2> I signed up for the Early Support program, and the only contact I've had is with SS Int'l
<crimso> So that makes for another interesting potential SpeakUp.
<WalterOS2> If noone here is willing to do it, I'll see if I can poke Roderick again.
<WalterOS2> I think more SpeakUps would help boost our flagging turnous.
<WalterOS2> turnous=turnouts
<wdl> Finished-and-working webpages would do more.
<wdl> ...with less effort, maybe.
<wdl> ...and lower risk.
<WalterOS2> Well, if anyone can think of anyone would be willing to be the Web Administrator for VOICE, please let me know.
<WalterOS2> lower risk that a Speakup??
<wdl> I've no quarrel withe the WA.
<WalterOS2> that=than
<wdl> A poorly done or attended SpeakUp is a negative advertisement.
<WalterOS2> We don't have one--at least not officially.
<wdl> A well-done and finished webpage is a positive advertisement.
<WalterOS2> Ken is helping out, but I don't want to dump too much on him.
<WalterOS2> wdl: Well, if you think of anyone.....
<WalterOS2> Doug might be able to do a good job, but he's pretty buried with WarpDoctor right now. :-(
<WalterOS2> Anyhoo..it's 5:17p ET
<KenKrchnr> If you think it's bad for Doug now, just wait 'til the new site starts to be used :-)
<wdl> I move we adjourn.
<WalterOS2> So the chair will hear a motion to adjourn.
<Gord> I move we adjourn.
<WalterOS2> Ken: That's why I want to leave him alone.
<WalterOS2> Wow! Two motions.
<crimso> One last note: The SpeakUps need to be announced a *good* deal in advance.
<WalterOS2> Christian: I agree.
<crimso> And I second both motions. :-)
<WalterOS2> First we need a person.
<wdl> ...And repeatedly announced.
<WalterOS2> All in favour of adjourning, please type Aye.
<wdl> Aye.
<crimso> Aye.
<Gord> Aye
<KenKrchnr> Aye
<crimso> Entering the Speakups into OS2.org's calendar would be a good idea.
14:20:11 <WalterOS2> Motion is carried. Meeting adjourned.