SpeakUp with Warpstock 2000 Team from 02/09/00

WarpHoss  welcome to #voice paul.

MerlinOS2 warp refresh possibility sounds good to me

phethmon  Thanks

Sector    wb Chrissy

Chrissy   thanks

phethmon  I'm going to be away from the computer for a few moments if that's ok.

WarpHoss  sure it is.

MerlinOS2 evening all new arrivals

warpit    hi

Swanee    Hi warpit

cag       hello

Swanee    Hey cag

Sector    Swanee has returned

Swanee    Sector: The three "S"s for me... all done

Sector    Hello Rumple

Rumple    g'day

Macgyver  Hello All

Chrissy   hey Rumple

Abraxas   Hello and welcome to the Warpstock Team :-)

Sector    Was it something we said¨

Ratti     He's fickle

Abraxas   I hope he doesn't come back and say he's having Network Problems :-)

Macgyver  Try this again... ;)

WarpHoss  Seems to have worked.

Sector    Looks like it did

RumpleS   I thinks it's going to be one of those days!

Abraxas   MODE +v DavidA

Sector    Hello Rumple

phethmon  I'm back.

Abraxas   MODE +v jkowalcz

         *Sector wonders what we're supposed to do with two Rumple's *

Abraxas   MODE +v phethmon

Abraxas   MODE +v Larryf

Swanee    Sector: Rally 'round the RumpleS

Abraxas   MODE +v Ratti

RumpleS   That other Rumple has a dead client 8-)

Swanee    RumpleS: I'll bet he leave in a bit. :-)

Abraxas   Did I miss anyone?

Swanee    leave=leaves

Swanee    Abraxas: Might as well do 'em all. :-)

phethmon  I think that's all of the board members here.

John      Is this only for board members?

Abraxas   John No ....OPen "Speakup" session

John      ok

DSOMber1  Hello all.

Sector    Hi DSOMber1

RumpleS   The plant be here 8-)

phethmon  Dan, you're the mc, so let us know what you want.

Abraxas   OK .... I think it's time we started

Abraxas   First of all, I'd like to welcome the members of the Warpstock Board of Directors

Abraxas   I've marked them all with a "+" sign, so everyone will know who they are

Abraxas   To those of you who know what that means, NO, we are not Moderated, tonight

madodel0  Easier to hold em in your sights when they are bulls eyed ;-)

Abraxas   Now, I'll turn things over to Paul Hethmon, President of Warpstock, Inc.

Abraxas   Paul, the floor is all yours

phethmon  Well, let's start by announcing the exact location of Warpstock 2000.

phethmon  As you all should know, the Board announced last week the selection of Philadelphia
          as the host city.

phethmon  We needed to wait a few more days to work out the contract details with the hotel
          before announcing.

phethmon  I'm happy to report the contract has been signed and is making it's way back to the
          hotel at the speed of snail mail.

phethmon  The site for Warpstock 2000 is the Holiday Inn Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

phethmon  Here's a url for the hotel:

phethmon  http://www.bristolhotels.com/scripts/singleinfo.asp?ChainCode=HI&PropertyNumber=864

phethmon  This hotel is located in the heart of the historic district in Philadelphia within
          walking distance from all of the major attractions.

phethmon  To get some details out before questions start ...

phethmon  The room rates are $124 single and $129 double. It's a bit higher than the previous
          years but the best we could negotiate with the hotel.

         *MerlinOS2 has set away! (auto away after idling [15 min]) [Log:ON] .gz. *

phethmon  The cost for Warpstock itself has not been set. We need to review our budget and
          decide that. It will be similar to the last couple of years.

phethmon  The hotel is a small one with only 364 rooms. We will have about 95% of the meeting
          space at the hotel, so it will be a warped weekend.

WarpHoss  when can we start making reservations?

phethmon  That's everything I wanted to blurt out to start. If any other board members would
          like to chime in?

John      I'm excited.

phethmon  WarpHoss: In about a week, once the hotel receives the contract and confirms.

madodel0  How does the Meeting room capacity/size equate with last years?

phethmon  The dates are September 9 and 10.

phethmon  madodel0, pretty close on meeting space. The show floor is a bit smaller though, we
          only have room for 15 to 18 vendors.

Swanee    Wow, better get a spot quick if you want vendor space huh?

phethmon  Swanee: we'll be contacting past vendors first.

phethmon  Btw, the hotel rate extends 3 days before and 3 days after Warpstock.

phethmon  Normally this hotel is about $179 (and up) a night.

madodel0  Any idea what the normal rate is?

madodel0  beat me to it :-)

Swanee    That should be nice. A guy should spaend an extra day or two to see the city while
          he is there.

madodel0  Next question, Is there a large Banquet Room for a big bash social extravaganza?

Abraxas   Paul, are there any plans to arrange discounted airfare with a particular airline?

Swanee    or even a quaint bar?

Swanee    hehe

phethmon  There is a room for the social event for about 150.

          I just want to know how Philly got selected over LA? Last I looked (just a couple
Projects  of days before the announcement), LA was ahead in your "vote" and I was all excited
          about finally making it to a warpstock...

phethmon  Abraxas, we haven't got that far yet. My airline type board member tells me USAir
          is big in Philly so we may contact them, but I'm open for suggestions.

John      LA already had one in 97

phethmon  Projects: The public vote/input was just one factor in selecting a site.

Projects  phethmon: sure got my hopes up :(

phethmon  Other factors included the board members proximity to the event, finding event
          space itself, who will be rounding out the event team, etc.

WarpTEN   I'm glad it's close to Vermont, I'll be attending my first one.

phethmon  As was announced in early January, we didn't have a viable bid for hosting
          Warpstock from a user group.

         *Projects smacks WarpTEN *

Projects  :)

phethmon  So that leaves the board at the moment organizing the actual event.

WarpHoss  What type of communication facilities does the Hotel offer?

Swanee    Projects: They've covered four of the six corners of the US. (six corners?) Maybe
          South Central (Texas?) and the upper NorthWest are coming up.

Projects  yeah, Billy's backyard!

John      Is the Philly UG involved?

phethmon  WarpHoss: The warpstock network will be connected to the hotels network for
          internet access. I don't know their connection speed.

Mok       Which means it doesn't look like I'll ever attend one. Oh well.

Projects  Swanee doesn't realize that his northwest and my northwest are two completely
          different animals

Swanee    WarpTEN: You be sure to say Hi to all of us when you get there

jkowalcz  We have had requests for information from the Great MS enclave ;) in the the NW

phethmon  John: Not officially, some of their members have expressed an interest in helping
          out though.

Swanee    Projects: haha, I DIDN'T mean NWT!!

Projects  hehe... that'd be a tad closer :)

Ratti     Alaska is both the eastern and westernmost state. But there are no hotels in the
          Aleutian Islands ;->

madodel0  Projects maybe WS2001 will be at the North Pole just for you

Projects  Hey, there's hotels here, and it's only 2 hours drive from Alaska! :)

Swanee    Ratti: Yeah but I hear the girls are really nice...

Projects  hehehe

Ratti     Mad: How about Orlando, instead?

jkowalcz  madodel0: Hey, I'll host it here in Syracuse, NY is that close enough?

Abraxas   Projects needs to take a plane and 2 trains to get to the grocery store :-)))

          Right now, the board is looking for folks who would like to get involved in
phethmon  Warpstock 2000 to help organize it. We've got a good number of resources to draw on
          to help those who help.

Projects  nah, I can walk to the grocery store... or any other point in town

madodel0  Projects: All 4 points?

John      Gwen and I would like to help.

Projects  heh... no, both of 'em :p

phethmon  We actually had Vancouver express an interest last year, but not this year.

Swanee    Abraxas: Projects told me that the grocery store was only a slap shot away

madodel0  phethmon: I submitted a volunteer form several days ago. I'm about 2.5 hours north
          of Philly

Swanee    Hi Arkay!

Arkay     hey Swanee

phethmon  madodel0: I suspect you've been hired :-)

Abraxas   phethmon I've still got my list of "targets" for the Press Releases from last year
          .... I'd be glad to distribute them, if someone will write them

         *jkowalcz wonders if Toronto,Canada would be closer ;) *

phethmon  Abraxas, we'll likely call on you then.

Abraxas   Great .. I'lll wait to hear from you

Abraxas   phethmon How many rooms do you need to fill to meet the Contract?

phethmon  We've contracted for 210 room nights.

WarpHoss  Is there a 'best way' to voluntter for WarpStock2000?

Ratti     WH: Yes: Repeatedly!

phethmon  WarpHoss. We'll probably put up a list of stuff on the website. Pick the one you
          can help with the best.

david     As we say in Chicago: early and often!

WarpHoss  lol.. I take the website is ready for us to go sign up?

phethmon  Close, probably not quite ready.

Abraxas   MODE +v jkowalcz

Abraxas   MODE +v david

madodel0  Is someone taking the lead on this?

phethmon  On the volunteers? Or something else?

madodel0  phethmon: The overall Ws2000 event

phethmon  At the moment, it's the board led by yours truly.

phethmon  We would like to have an event chair step forward, but I warn you it's not an easy

         *jkowalcz and the board with sharp sticks *

jkowalcz  ...Too

phethmon  I should also mention that registration will likely take until middle to late March
          to start. We need to improve the system over last year.

Arkay     Sorry if I ask stupid questions, but I've been out of touch for the last few
          months. Is there a Philidelphia team?

phethmon  Arkay, not yet.

Swanee    Have you considered how many tracks the presentations will take considering
          available space for them?

phethmon  Swanee, not yet, we've got 4 rooms for presentations, plus the possibility of a
          fifth in the afternoon.

Swanee    I never seem to get to any anyways but maybe this year...

phethmon  I know that feeling

Projects  phethmon shouldn't have mentioned that "fifth in the afternoon" to Swanee...

phethmon  In 3 warpstocks, I think I've only been to the ones I've given

Ratti     I prefer a fifth in the morning.

John      Me too. As a vendor and a presenter, I never make it to the talks.

david     I think we had 4 plus the main room in Atlanta

Swanee    Projects: Shhhh!

John      May I ask - is there an attempt to invite IBM?

Ratti     And people last year were complaining that there were too many sessions...

phethmon  I have been told there is plenty of food and drink to be found near the hotel,
          unlike Atlanta and Chicago.

phethmon  John, we've made some preliminary contact with IBM and had a favorable response. We
          were waiting for the hotel contract to really talk to them.

John      - and is there an attempt to identify and invite some of the big OS/2 users, that
          we keep hearing about ?

phethmon  We're hoping they'll send several folks for talks and perhaps help sponsor the
          event in some way.

Ratti     I don't know any OS/2 users who are bigger than me!

phethmon  If someone let's us know who they are, we

John      Esther says OS/2 made $92 million last year - that's a lot of people - who are they
          and where?

Arkay     Big? I'm pretty big.

phethmon  we'll try and get them.

david     true

Arkay     Just ask those who met me at Warpstock99

Arkay     :-)

Ratti     Arkay: I weigh 220

Swanee    Ratti: There really are a lot of sessions but how would a guy do it to please
          everyone and still keep the number down.

Ratti     Kilos

Arkay     Ratti: add about 100 and you've got me?

Arkay     oh. i meant lbs

         *Rat-Salad is back *

warpit    just curious how many here are os/2 vendors????

Abraxas   warpit VOICE has been a vendor for the past 2 years ... and will be again, this

phethmon  We are hoping the ne location helps attract some of the larger customers to send
          some people. Out of nyc and such.

John      Aviar is here

phethmon  Well, I'm Hethmon Brothers.

John      Are there 18 OS/2 vendors left?

Projects  split personality?

Swanee    moi

WarpHoss  Pillarsoft is partially here... ^^^ like I said..

Projects  hehehe

Swanee    WarpHoss: hehe

Arkay     partially?

Projects  he's into that fifth...

Arkay     oh

david     What about sessions? What kind would you like? How many? Have there been too many,
          not enough?

Arkay     I like programming sessions

Swanee    Projects: He's into chicken breasts right now...

lmaxson   I would like to see more panel-based sessions.

phethmon  Well, we had 22 register last year, though a couple couldn't make it.

Arkay     I think lynn should be on a panel based session

lmaxson   Open more for Q&A from the audience.

lmaxson   You leave Lynn out of this.

Arkay     Sorry, I just volunteered you. :-)

lmaxson   I'll offer you a panel of Mark Dodel, Dan Casey, Esther Schindler, and myself.

Arkay     Sounds good to me.

lmaxson   You'll have to increase the air conditioning.

Swanee    lmaxson: You can do that?

madodel0  hey wait a minute, I have nothing to say

lmaxson   My point exactly.

WarpHoss  Now that's a cross-section that would be nice to see.

phethmon  Folks, I've got to go now, but I'll leave the other board members to abuse.

John      Is there a theme for WS 2000?

Ratti     Just getting Esther to show up would be nice...

Abraxas   Thanks, Paul ....

phethmon  Thanks for having us Dan.

Swanee    Thanks, Paul

Sector    Thanks for stopping in

phethmon  I'm sure I'll talk to you all soon.

Ratti     I think my system is about to go bye-bye.... Netscape has everything locked up
          except IRC...

david     We're playing up the independence/Philadelphia/Freedom thing as much as possible

Arkay     later Paul

warpit    thanx paul

Abraxas   Anytime you want to drop in ... feel free :-)

Arkay     Was the hotel announced?

Abraxas   david hehe .. obvious choice ...

Abraxas   Arkay Yep ...

John      Well, let's make up a "Declaration of Independence" and everyone can sign it.

Abraxas   Holiday Inn, Independence Mall

Abraxas   http://www.bristolhotels.com/scripts/singleinfo.asp?ChainCode=HI&PropertyNumber=864

david     My first thought was "Freedom from Windows", but that was a little extreme...

Arkay     got it, thanks

Abraxas   John That's a GREAT idea :-)

WarpHoss  Actually that is not such a bad Idea... John.

madodel0  yes the Independence Mall Holiday Inn -

warpit    yea i like 'free of windows' too...

lmaxson   How about the four freedoms? Slightly rewritten.

WarpHoss  And those would be??

John      1. Freedom from crashes

lmaxson   Freedom of Choice.

John      2. Freedom from Blue Screens of Death

John      3. Freedom from "Updates"

John      4. Freedom from Gates

lmaxson   I was thinking more of positive freedoms.

Sector    Hi StevenL

Arkay     Positive is good

lmaxson   Hi, Steve.

Sector    Hi there mandie­

lmaxson   At times you have to be for something instead of against.

mandie    Sector: hi :)

Sector    MODE +o mandie

mandie    late once again :(

Abraxas   Hi, Judy

lmaxson   Have we switched to WarpDoctor yet?

mandie    hi Dan

Arkay     Hi Judy

mandie    hiya arkay :)

Abraxas   lmaxson Not yet ....

John      Hello Judy

DSOMber1  bbl - I'm here....but not.

mandie    hi John

mandie    John!!!!!! hi :)

Projects  mandie: not late, making an entrance :)

mandie    Projects :)

Abraxas   NOTE: Warpdoctor Planning Session immediatley follows this Warpstock Speakup ...
          everyone stick around :-)

mandie    we have a nice crowd

Arkay     Sorry, i've got to go. hopefully you'll post the logs?

Abraxas   Arkay Yes .. logs will be posted asap

Sector    There will be a log posted tot he VOICE website

lmaxson   Voicelog is active.

Sector    !ask log

VoiceBot  [log] http://abelmcc5.rbdc.com/cgi-bin/ghosthoss.cmd? (Sector)

Arkay     Thanks sector

Sector    That one is active now

Arkay     Well, i've got to sign off.

Arkay     it looks like i will make it to Warpstock this year, and I may even make it to

mandie    Arkay: the more the merrier :)

Arkay     mandie: yeah, i really enjoyed the one last year.

Swanee    So who knows how to braze? I figure that bell can't be welded but we could braze
          the crack.

mandie    I'll really enjoy the one this year :)

Swanee    Arkay: I could tell from your big smile!

Abraxas   mandie because you'll actually get to see it?

mandie    Abraxas: yep :)

lmaxson   Braze the bell, go to jail.

mandie    and help out at the VOICE booth even

mandie    Swanee: I can hold the ladder

Arkay     :-)

Abraxas   That'll be nice :-)

Swanee    lmaxson: Sending my helpers to jail doesn't scare me!

mandie    lol

John      I wonder ...

Abraxas   mandie I've got a radio with your name on it ... no batteries :-)))

lmaxson   It's call being an accessory.

mandie    Abraxas: figures :)

John      it seems that the last few Warpstocks ...

John      have been cursed ...

mandie    pray tell by what?

John      like whatever it was that happened at Chicago ...

Swanee    mandie: I've got a doll woth your name onit. So be nice and I won't have to stick
          pins in it! :-)

mandie    well, then this one should set a record :)

lmaxson   I happened at Chicago.

John      and whatever it was that happened in Atlanta ...

mandie    LOL

mandie    Swanee: and I have a list with your name on it!

lmaxson   I happened there as well.

Swanee    OhOh...

John      like the Atlanta user group got all PO-ed ...

madodel0  A pattern develops

mandie    John: and they were all a success :)

John      I wnder ...

John      I mean I wonder ...

lmaxson   Did you make WarpStock 97?

Swanee    They all came off well and I expect the same this year

John      can we try to avoid these things this year?

lmaxson   I can stay at home.

lmaxson   I can take a hint.

lmaxson   Thought I could.

mandie    lmaxson: YOU were not the "curse"

Sector    Hey, Atlanta set off an earthquake way over here on the West coast...

Arkay     I'm outta here

          Personally, I think that the fact that the Warpstock Board has taken the lead, and
Abraxas   is planning the evnt, should go far in alleviating the possibilities of those types
          of problems

mandie    arkay: g'nite

John      Is it personalities?

Sector    Bye Arkay

Swanee    lmaxson: You've been to all of them... he only mentioned the ones "I" was at. :-)

Swanee    Nite Arkay!

Arkay     nite everyone

Arkay     exit

david     Sector: please explain

lmaxson   Swanee: That's a relief. I thought it was my deoderant.

John      Lynn, no, I am unaware of any "curses" at WS 97. Maybe they were there, but I
          missed them.

mandie    John: probably better if we don't speculate on why the others were "cursed' and
          focus on how successful and uneventful this year will be :)

Swanee    lmaxson: Yeah but now "I" am the one who's worried. :-)

lmaxson   Use Arrid to be Sure.

mandie    booooo

mandie    Swanee: you outta be!

Sector    The Saturday when WarpStock Atlanta started (actually, a bit before the official
          start time) there was a 7.1 earthquake...

Abraxas   mandie is right ..... we need to concentrate our efforts on a successful (and FUN)

cag       Gotta go. Thanks for letting me lurk.

lmaxson   lurk, lurk.

Swanee    I find the Degree is the only thing that can control my "wetness" (boy are things
          degrading around here)

         *mandie will note that on the calendar....Dan said I'm right! *

david     Sector: oh (duh)

Abraxas   Thanks for attending, cag .... don't be a stranger :-)

cag       Abrax: thanks.

lmaxson   Yes, do return.

cag       bye

mandie    bye

         *WarpHoss thanks everyone for joining us tonight. *

lmaxson   Now is it time for WarpDoctor.

mandie    yes, and VOICE wishes Warpstock the best!

david     Just make sure to volunteer - early and often!

mandie    oh yes, that's on my list :)

lmaxson   been there, done that.

david     And... see you in Philly!

WarpHoss  We invite you back for a speakup to kick off the first volunteers to sign up.

mandie    David: thanks for coming tonight

Abraxas   david I had a GREAT time working with Warpstock last year .. and I'm ready to go at
          it again :-)

lmaxson   to sin up.

mandie    hmm...swinging door

WarpHoss  sign up. no pun intended.

Abraxas   Jason is having Network problems :-(

mandie    who'd have guessed :)

John      Hey, where do I sign up to sin up?

Swanee    WarpHoss: We'd rather "sin" up. It's less work and more fun

mandie    John: :)

david     John: get in line!

lmaxson   3:16

lmaxson   Jesus wept.

WarpHoss  We'll have ""Sign Here ................" Speakup."

Swanee    We'll have ""Sign Here ................" Sinup."

WarpHoss  haha :)

lmaxson   Up with sin, let Gates in.

Abraxas   Make more sense if you say "Sin Here ..................Sign Up Now"

lmaxson   Sin now, pay later.

Projects  sin on credit! Cool!

John      Gotta go now, I'll be sin you.

Ratti     Bad Pun Alert!

lmaxson   Sin in Spanish means without.

lmaxson   Tough crowd.

lmaxson   I'm only the warmup comic.

Abraxas   Well, do we have anything else for the Warpstock Crew?

lmaxson   I wanted to say hello to Larryf.

RumpleS   All I have to do is figure out how to overcome the 24hr+ commute and I too could
          become a volunteer 8-)

Larryf    Hey there!

lmaxson   Rumple, you ought to come along with Chris Graham.

lmaxson   In fact we ought to promote an entire Australian contingent.

Ratti     It'll be a great time to get out of Oz.... Olympics aren't much fun for the

RumpleS   I know a few people who know Chris, but I've never had the pleasure myself.

RumpleS   Actually I have been contemplating a trip up to cape york during the olympics

lmaxson   Is Australia bigger than Delaware?

RumpleS   Just a smidgeon I think lmaxson.

madodel0  lmaxson: My guess is your backyard is bigger then Delaware :-)

RumpleS   It takes 10 hours to drive to the Queensland border, and another week to make it to
          the cape.

Ratti     I have a friend who survived the Atlanta Olympics. He lives well north of town, and
          he said it was still a nightmare...

lmaxson   Yep, about the size of Delaware.

RumpleS   Ratti, I live not more than 5Km from the olympic site!

madodel0  RumpleS: You renting your place for the Olympics?

Swanee    My mom wears a tu-tu but aunt Della is BIG... Delaware's a four-four

Ratti     Rumple: My condolences.

Ratti     Sipe (My friend in Atlanta) lives about 40 miles north of where the main Olympic
          events were held...

RumpleS   Won't hurt me, I don't need to drive anywhere during the olympics (if I'm not up
          the cape, or at WS2K).

lmaxson   The power of positive thinking.

lmaxson   To celebrate the occasion we should have a Rumple room.

Swanee    I live just 8 or 9 thousand miles east of the Olympic site in Japan but traffic
          didn't affect us at all.

lmaxson   One of the lucky ones.

lmaxson   Now have we gotten to WarpDoctor yet?

Sector    Seems it's about that time

         *Swanee has been hitting the Mountain Dew pretty hard tonight... all that caffine is
          going to his head! *

lmaxson   It's also damn close to dinner time.

madodel0  Just about bed time here

lmaxson   Hi, StevenL.

Abraxas   OK ... I guess that's all we have for the Warpstock Crew

Sector    Swanee: There's plenty of room there, somethings got to fill the space

Abraxas   VOICE thanks everyone for attending ... especially the Warpstock Board

Swanee    Sector: hehe

Abraxas   Every Wednesday eveing, at 9:00PM EST, we meet here to discuss the Warpdoctor
          Clinic project (http://www.warpdoctor.org)

Abraxas   We're running a bit late, tonight, due to the Warpstock Speakup

Abraxas   For anyone not here for the beginning (at 8:00PM) ... !ASK ws2k

Abraxas   !ask ws2k

          [ws2k] Sept 9-10, Philladelphia, PA. Holiday Inn, Independence Mall
VoiceBot  http://www.bristolhotels.com/scripts/singleinfo.asp?ChainCode=HI&PropertyNumber=864

Zoltan    Another lurker saying good night.

Abraxas   msg VoiceBot !set Warpstock 2 Days of Peace, Love and OS/2 ...