VOICE - General Meeting for 2004-03-06

12:06:56 <eCSNL> Oke I here by declare this meeting for started... [in session -wdl]
<eCSNL> First topic on the agenda
<eCSNL> Old Business 1. Spanish Translation of the VOICE Newsletter.
<eCSNL> That is sadly not much to discuss
<eCSNL> Insufficient interest/translators.
<eCSNL> Unless there is somebody else here in the group
<eCSNL> that has suddenly discovered his talent for the Spanish language :-)
<eCSNL> I have just
<eCSNL> spoken with Christiaan Hennecke
<eCSNL> The VOICE translator from Spain he has had contact last somewhere in January
<eCSNL> He has send some more emails but has not gotten any response back from him.
<Oldy> Hi, All!
<eCSNL> Christiaan does not know if Walter Metcalf has received any emails from the person from Spain who wants to translate. So this agenda point needs to be put aside for the next meeting.
<eCSNL> Hello Oldy
<KenKrchnr> Hi Oldy
<Oldy> eCSNL KenKrchnr
<eCSNL> Well that is convient...
<eCSNL> Point A 2 is my department
<eCSNL> Status of Speak-Up with Innotek, Serenity Systems Intl, et al. (Roderick)
<eCSNL> Yep some silence...
<eCSNL> Hmm I'm sorry I have not gotten round dealing with this...
<eCSNL> My agenda has been filled up to top since the last Voice Business meeting.
<eCSNL> So this has to stay on the agenda as well. Forcast for how time I have I will have time for this tomorow.
<eCSNL> So the next meeting I can report on this.
<eCSNL> New business
<eCSNL> I will get back later...
<eCSNL> Gord I gues you are the best person to give us a status update...
<Gord> OK.
<Gord> I have received the membership database and have opened it with DBExpert.
<Gord> The balance from the Kitimat account has reached me.
<Gord> I was not able to do a direct transfer of the bank account as that bank account number is in use here.
<Gord> I opened a new bank account.
<Gord> We have a SWIFT number.
<Gord> The balance, about $[ ] has been deposited.
<Gord> Mensys and BMT need to be apprised of the new address to send funds.
<eCSNL> Mensys already has that information...
<Gord> The website needs to be changed to have my address for new members to send funds.
<Gord> That's it.
<Gord> Questions?
<KenKrchnr> I pulled the old addresses off the site, but you'll need to send me the new address to add.
<Gord> OK.
<eCSNL> Kenkrchnr are you talking about
<eCSNL> treasurerNOT@THISos2voice.org ?
<KenKrchnr> That, plud I pulled all the old snail mail addresses that went to Peter. At least all I could find.
<eCSNL> Just to confirm
<KenKrchnr> Plud? Plud? maybe it should be plus
<eCSNL> when a somebody buys a voice subscriptiona at mensys his
<eCSNL> address data and email adres is send to treasurerNOT@THISos2voice.org
<eCSNL> !
<KenKrchnr> That would get to Gord now.
<eCSNL> Is the address treasurerNOT@THISos2voice.org forwarding email to Gord his email adress ?
<Gord> I need a bit of training in how to handle these new names.
<KenKrchnr> Yes.
<Gord> I have some already I have not handled yet.
<Gord> Ken, my address is in an email to you. Just sent.
<KenKrchnr> Thanks
<eCSNL> Oke that wraps up point 3a and 3b
<eCSNL> Thanks for the update on that Gord.
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> Hmm no I'm reading it wrong....
<eCSNL> Sorry
<eCSNL> Point 3c is my department.
<eCSNL> As far as I can tell I have the correct
<eCSNL> bank information
<eCSNL> So Mensys can now transfer the money VOICE still needs to receive.
<Gord> The account in Kitimat is still open.
<eCSNL> I can not transfer the money via SWIFT to the new bank account ?
<Gord> It will be closed when all debits and credits for it have cleared.
<Gord> Yes, you can.
<eCSNL> Oke great.
<eCSNL> Oke point C 4 unless anybody has questions or remarks about the banking stuff ?
<eCSNL> Nobody ?
<Gord> I am getting mail addressed to treasurer!!!
<Gord> I ahve to go to a separate email account for them but I'm getting them.
<eCSNL> Good to hear...
<eCSNL> Hmmm BTW I have question about this whole topic :-)
<Gord> I don't have any records of past transactions
<Gord> Not sure how to handle the names I have gotten.
<Gord> I have the name but no record the money has been received.
<Gord> It went to Kitimat.
<Gord> I have asked for a printout of transactions for that account.
<Gord> It will be here in a week.
<Gord> But that will only be amountas and dates, no names.
<eCSNL> I can send you an email of the people who have bought a Voice subscription via Mensys
<Gord> hank you!!
<eCSNL> So you can verify that nobody got left out...
<KenKrchnr> Does the database have a renew date or similar?
<Gord> I am still examining the DB but I think the answer is yes.
<Gord> Will report on that next meeting.
<Gord> Bill, you are (were) Interim TReasurer. What records should I keep?
<wdl> Not me!! Walter sorta dropped that out, but it was never solifified...
<Gord> Oh.
<wdl> "solifified" !! = solidified...
<wdl> Gord: I was involved in getting [...] "off the dime" - which seems to have worked.
<wdl> Else, I was no way involved with $$$.
<Gord> Yes.
<eCSNL> There is another point.
<eCSNL> I understood we where looking for vice treasurer
<eCSNL> (if that is the proper word).
<eCSNL> How is that going Gord ?
<KenKrchnr> That was Bill :-)
<Gord> I'm unaware of any progress.
<eCSNL> You are closely involved...
<Gord> Walter will eventually be a signing authority for this account.
<eCSNL> OKe....
<eCSNL> Then I would like to move on to point 4...
<eCSNL> change VOICE's web site banner to include eComStation
<eCSNL> Walter has written this in the agenda...
<eCSNL> Personally I think this way over due, and I think our OS/2 only appearance upsets some eComStation devotees.
<eCSNL> So people like
<eCSNL> Hoss
<eCSNL> Chrissu, Rat-Salad, JWE, Oldy
<Oldy> eCSNL
<eCSNL> You are true members of voice in the sense you are not on the board...
<eCSNL> So what is your view on this agenda point...
<eCSNL> Primarly me, gord, wdl and KenKrchnr have been discussing things.
<KenKrchnr> I don't think Chrissy or RS are actually here.
<KenKrchnr> Except in spirit.
<Gord> Is Hoss actually here?
<KenKrchnr> No
<JWE> Go for it! I agree that it should be done.
<eCSNL> Oke all in favor of putting a VOICE banner say yes, people who are against say no.
<eCSNL> Ooops I'm getting sleepy.
<eCSNL> I mean people in favor of including ecomstation on the main voice website sat say yes.
<eCSNL> People against say no.
<JWE> Yes
<wdl> Yes, in one form or another.
<KenKrchnr> I already put it on the new news page, does that count?
<eCSNL> I gues not
<eCSNL> the vote in on the *main* page
<KenKrchnr> Ok then, yes
<Gord> yes
<eCSNL> Oke 4 people have voted yes
<eCSNL> Nobody is voiting no
<eCSNL> Then decided by mayority that the Voice website
<eCSNL> banner will have ecomstation mentioned
<eCSNL> I would stil get back to the
<eCSNL> Voice News Letter
<eCSNL> And the possibility of a Russian version.
<eCSNL> Walter Metcalf put this in Christiaan Hennecke his hands...
<eCSNL> He will get in touch with Eugene Gorbunoff
<eCSNL> to talk futher about the details.
<eCSNL> Since it requires a group of well organised
<eCSNL> volenteers to get this done.
<eCSNL> So hopefully next meeting we can give a status update....
<eCSNL> Point D. Other Business
<Gord> What other business is there?
<eCSNL> I just discovered, none :-)
<KenKrchnr> None listed :-)
<eCSNL> My browser I had pushed just outside of the screen :-)
<eCSNL> E. Open Discussion then...
<eCSNL> For which I have a point...
<eCSNL> KenKrchnr
<eCSNL> On the NOT@THISos2voice addresses
<eCSNL> how much spam is being received on does email addresses ?
<KenKrchnr> Received or getting thru?
<eCSNL> Ahaaa you are already running RBL ?
<KenKrchnr> No, we're running BogoFilter with some extensions.
<eCSNL> I know
<eCSNL> by looking at the headers coming for os2voice you run weasel (good choice)
<eCSNL> I suggest you also use an RBL...
<Gord> RBL???
<eCSNL> Real Time Blacklist
<eCSNL> What is boils down to
<KenKrchnr> That's built into Weasel already.
<eCSNL> Spammers there IP adresses are recorded on an RBL database
<eCSNL> when you
<eCSNL> switch on RBL
<eCSNL> Every party contacting
<eCSNL> your SMTP server is checked on the RBL list to see if they are black listed
<eCSNL> I found a VERY good RBL
<eCSNL> www.spamhaus.org
<eCSNL> If the IP adress is on the RBL list you use the connection is REFUSED by the
<eCSNL> SMTP demon...
<eCSNL> KenKrchnr
<eCSNL> switch on RBL
<eCSNL> and use this service
<eCSNL> sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org
<eCSNL> Put that in there as the RBL service.
<eCSNL> Its just a suggestion...
<KenKrchnr> The biggest problem with the RBL's is the sheer volume of id^h^h people running windows with their smtp service or outtake wide open.
<eCSNL> This RBL is updated every hour!
<eCSNL> I have switched in on on two servers and the result is almost magic...
<eCSNL> Are there other points people want to discuss
<KenKrchnr> (spam/viruses caught - 5,245 - spam missed - 260)
<KenKrchnr> Has anybody looked at the new voice front page newslist?
<wdl> Yes. Cool! 'Bout time.
<eCSNL> or you have a remarks ?
<KenKrchnr> We've had 1 comment that the font should be fixed rather than proportional. I personally don't agree, but anybody else have that opinion?
<KenKrchnr> (For the news itself)
<wdl> Proportional!
<eCSNL> I think its fine
<eCSNL> KenKrchnr
<eCSNL> Anybody else has open points to discuss ?
<wdl> Yeah, a minor thing.
<eCSNL> Put on the table :-)
<wdl> Want to let people know -- the Bylaws revision is NOT way off on the back burner.
<wdl> It's coming alon...
<wdl> A first Rough Draft is in Walter's hands as we speak...
<wdl> After he vets what there is, I'll continue.
<wdl> Not mucgh's been said about it. But it IS coming along.
<eCSNL> Thanks for the work on that
<Gord> That's good to hear.
<wdl> And we do need it, to avaid what we just went through with $$$/accounts/etc.
<eCSNL> as was clear with the last meeting the Buryles needed some tuning....
<eCSNL> Buryles=Bylaws
<wdl> I like Buryles better. It's got a nice flavor.
<eCSNL> :-)
<eCSNL> Anybody else has something for the open discussion...
<eCSNL> If not you need to remain silent for another 2 weeks...
<eCSNL> Since I'm getting to the last point
<eCSNL> Adjourn the meeting
<eCSNL> :-)
<eCSNL> all in favor say yes
<Gord> I move we adjourn.
<Gord> Yes.
<wdl> Aye
<KenKrchnr> Aye
<eCSNL> That concludes this Voice Business meeting
13:26:32 <KenKrchnr> Or, as we like to see in the log, this meeting is adjourned :-)