General VOICE Meeting from 03/18/2002

*  Sector calls this meeting to order
<Sector We'll skip the Treasurer's report due to the absence of the Treasurer...
<Sector Moving down to Old Business, item #4 Report on status of IBM Apache, Rat-Salad¨
<Walter Too bad there are so few here. We really have a couple of important things to discuss. :-(
<Sector Ok, moving on. #4 New Business, 1: Report on status of communications with InternetSecure. Walter your up (and here­)
<Walter Since our Bank is in Canada and many of the U.S. Merchant Account Providers aren't very friendly toward non-US
<Walter customers, I started thinking about a Cdn MA provider.
<Walter BTW, Echo appears to be all but useless. Projects characterizes them as being a few cells short of a brain. :-)
<Sector Or at least the one he emailed...
<Walter He says it takes him 20 emails to communicate one point.
<Walter In addition they only deal with US customers and banks.
<Walter Anyway, I started looking at Cdn options. The main one that came up was the one used by Jacaranda, which is InternetSecure.
<Walter Unlike Echo Inc., they specialize in processing Credit Cards for companies with e-Business sites.
<Walter They are located in Metro Toronto, Canada but have customers in 84 countries.
<Walter Also there is no special software needed to setup or communicate between our site and InternetSecure. Information is done completely via HTML forms. It would Jeremy no time at all to set up the forms we would need.
<Walter So you're all probably all wondering, "What's the catch"?
<Walter In a word: cost.
<Walter Give me a second to see if I get the costs entered here.
<Walter Can't do it because they gave me a PDF document. So I'll just give you the main costs on what they call the "Small Canadian Account"
<Walter One-time Setup Fee: $395
<Walter Monthly Admin Fee: $24.95
<Walter Per approved transaction: $1.50
<MADeCS That is an expensive fixed cost for our volume.
<Walter CC Discount: 4.25%
<Walter RMRF: 10%
<Walter Nnot sure what RMRF stands for.
<Walter All costs are in $Cdn which helps a bit, but it's still expensive.
<Walter I wrote to Jack Troughton, who's taken over the eCS distribution business from JBS about this, and here's what he said:
<MADeCS The percentage per transaction is high. And if the 10% is also of the top that makes it incredibly high.
<Walter Here's part of Jack's reply:
<Walter > Are you going to eventually set up an e-Business page on your site?
<Walter > What Merchant Account service do you plan on using? Any information
<Walter > you can give me would be really helpful.
<Walter That's my intention, and I too was looking at Internet Secure.
<Walter Unfortunately, they appear to be the only/cheapest game in town.
<Walter The whole skinny on credit cards on the internet is that it's violently
<Walter expensive. If you really wanted to do it all in house, basic setup fees
<Walter (not costs, fees) would easily top the 2
<Walter with a lot of people
<Walter coming in to take a piece of the action (bank, certificate authority,
<Walter inet provider, government). The liability issues are also pretty
<Walter hardcore... it's very easy to get screwed by your CC provider.
<Walter So, for the moment, no ebusiness here. It's too expensive, and too
<Walter risky. I may look at doing it later, but right now it's out of my league.
<Walter Something was lost.
<Walter Jack said that "basic setup fees (not costs, fees) would easily top the 2K$ mark,
<Walter Unfortunately, IS doesn't seem to be a viable option for us at this time. IMO, anyway.
<Walter Back to you, Sector.
<Sector Guess we could drop back to #3 Old Business, 3: Report on installation of Powerfail software/hardware on VOICE1 - Bill Rook.
<Walter Peter and I will do a bit more checking to see what other options are available. However I don't want to spend a lot more time on it.
<Walter It's beginning to look like the e-Business site may die.
<Sector Ok, any other new business¨
<MADeCS Has there been progress on the AV for VOICE1?
<Walter AFAIK, Peter was going to write WarpedOS2 a cheque for 5 copies of the Norman AV. I haven't checked with him to see if he has.
<Walter WarpedOS2, have you gotten any paperwork or a cheque?
<Walter or cyber paperwork
<MADeCS Is there anything else to discuss?
<Walter Yes, but we need people who aren't here. :-(
<Walter I move we adjourn
<Sector All in favor¨
<MADeCS yes
<Sector All opposed¨
*  Sector closes the meeting