SpeakUp: Warpstock '99 Location Announcement from 03/20/99

* Swanee hears the pounding of a gavel in the distance
<Abraxas>  Is everybody READY??
<gordon>  ready
<Longstaff>  i'm ready....i'm ready
<SunnyBear>  ready
<GregB>  Yeah!!
<ckap>  ready
<Swanee>  Check, all systems go...
* Dirk readies a WarpCast message
<Hawklord>  Semper fi
<M_OKeefe>  let 'er rip!!
<MADodel>  Geronimo
<Abraxas>  First of all, VOICE would like to thank Warpstock for allowing us the opportunity to host this announcement .... it's a great honor and privilege
<GentleBen>  Woo Hoo...Where's Warpstock gonna be?
* Swanee watches Dirk's itchy finger about to hit "Send"
<mandie>  lol
<GentleBen>  LOL
<GentleBen>  Mandie!
<Abraxas>  But ... as I know you are all waiting for the REAL info .... I'll turn this meeting over to John Ratti ....
<mandie>  Gentle: hi :)
<Abraxas>  Ratti ... it's all yoursd
<mandie>  go Ratti, go Ratii, go Ratti :)
<GentleBen>  mandie: Wouldn't miss this for the world. :>
<Ratti>  Thanks to VOICE for providing this forum for Warpstock! And to WEBBNET for hosting it!
<Ratti>  We started with 6 teams who were interested in submitting bids...
* Longstaff seconds the thanx to VOICE
<Egon>  Thanks everyone for SOMETHING :)
* GentleBen dittos Longstaff
<GentleBen>  :>
<Ratti>  Unfortunately, due to the short time frame allowed, 4 had to drop out of this year's bidding...
<Ratti>  Which left us with 2 very strong, yet decidedly unique bids, from Atlanta and Southern California (SCOUG)
<Ratti>  It was quite difficult to decide between the two. The voting was very close.
<Ratti>  After a week of arguing (it's a good thing most of you didn't have to endure those exchanges)
* Swanee sits on his hands... unable to move... staring at the screen... (his hands are warm)
<mandie>  arguing=constructive input :)
<Swordedge>  Ratti does know how to drag it out, doesn't he ;-)
* phethmon Still sporting wounds
<mandie>  hehe
<Ratti>  the Warpstock Board of Directors selected the bid from (hey, I can drag it out even longer if you want)
<Ratti>  Warpstock '99 Atlanta
<GentleBen>  LOL
<Dirk>  Yippeeeee!!!!
<Swanee>  Yeah... Three cheers for Atlanta....
<mandie>  Congrats Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<GregB>  Congratulations, Atlanta!
<Swordedge>  Only 6 hours drive.... Great!
<ckap>  Great Closer to me
<WarpHoss>  **Hurrrah, Hurrah,, Hurrah!!!***
<GregB>  I'm making plans already!
<Ratti>  We have some of the members of the Atlanta Team here with us today:
<Longstaff>  ******* ALANA!!!! ********
<GentleBen>  LOL
<Longstaff>  which hotel?
<GentleBen>  Longstaff needs to go back to grade school
<WarpHoss>  Bags packed Airline reservations being made now what date???
* Swanee would be cheering for LA too. He's just happy to see you all anywhere!
<GentleBen>  :>
<trixer_>  Longstaff, Morisette?
<mandie>  hold on folks
<mandie>  plz hold the qustions until
<Ratti>  I am pleased to introduce the Chairman of Warp[stock '99 Atlanta, Gordon Roland!
<Longstaff>  gentleben....locally they don't pronounce the 't's
<mandie>  Ratti is done and the new chairmain for ws99 is announced
<Dirk>  (Rpeorter Mode on) What is the name of the Atlanta group?
<GentleBen>  Longstaff: LOL
<mandie>  we will go unmoderated unless Gordon becomes overwhelmed with questions
<gordon>  hi everyone!
<Swordedge>  how about the date?
<mandie>  Dirk: the Atlanta Team
<Dirk>  thanx
<WarpHoss>  Congrats Gordon.
<gordon>  ok...first we'd like to thank everyone at the Warpstock board for making this a challanging but very rewarding experience...
<gordon>  ...and we're just getting started!
<SCOUG>  SCOUG contratulates the Atlanta team on their winning bid.
<gordon>  Thanks SCOUG. And we hope that we will be able to take advantage of your experience and expertise to help make this the greatest Warpstock yet!
<ckap>  Is there a date and location yet?
<mandie>  SCOUG and Atlanta made the selection extremely difficult..they both had excellent proposals!
<gordon>  there is a date and location
* Swanee congratulates SCOUG for bidding and being a GOOD competitor. My hat is off to you.
<Abraxas>  VOICE also congratulates the Atlanta Team, and thanks them, SCOUG and Warpstock Inc. for all the time and effort involved in this venture
<gordon>  John, are ready to announce the details?
<gordon>  thanks VOICE
<Ratti>  gordon, that's your job
<mandie>  hehe
<SCOUG>  We offer our support to Gordon. We will contact you off-line.
<gordon>  OK. Warpstock 99 will be held at the Georgia International Convention Center Oct 16 and 17
* Swanee marks his calender
<gordon>  the official hotel of Warpstock will be the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport, which adjoins the convention center
* Abraxas is already checking reservations
<gordon>  and did I mention a possible half day? depending on interest
* Swanee is interested
<MADodel>  Any special room rates there?
<mandie>  YOU would be!
<gordon>  a possible half day on Friday oct 15, that is
<Swanee>  mandie: lol
<gordon>  Yes MADodel
<MADodel>  When's Happy Hour?
<Longstaff>  half day? yeah, what's that about?
<gordon>  we are still putting the finishing touches on that agreement
<gordon>  but we can tell you that room rates this year will be better than last year
<WarpHoss>  Gordon: yess on the half day. And I will be availible for Volunteer when you need it.
<mandie>  Mad: fri-Sun ...late late late Sun :)
<gordon>  and the hotel is at least as nice as the Wyndham
<Swanee>  Longstaff: It's a good reason for us to get there early and visit. :-)
<mandie>  DavidA: hi!!
<Swanee>  Hi DavidA
<DavidA>  mandie: Hi there!
<GentleBen>  Hmmm...
* Longstaff wants to get in early anyway
<GentleBen>  800 Miles to Atlanta for me. :<
<Headache>  can you put location in topic please.. for those of us who arrived late?
* Swanee wants Longstaff to get there early too.
<gordon>  BTW, if we pick up 90% of the rooms that we block (and that number is one of the things we are still working on) the hotel will give us their ballroom for a saturday night event
<GentleBen>  About a 14-15 hour drive. :<
<Ratti>  GentleBen: from where?
* Swanee doesn't have a ballroom gown... YET!!
<gordon>  some folks may also be interested in attending the Atlanta Linux Showcase and Exhibition
<mandie>  Swanee: thank goodness!~ :)
<Dirk>  My drive last year was 24 hours. It was worth it.
<GentleBen>  Ratti: Pennsylvania
<Swanee>  gordon: Running at the same time/weekend?
<gordon>  which is being held Oct 12 through 16 about 20 miles from us
<mandie>  Dirk: much shorter this year :)
<Headache>  GentleBen: me too
* Longstaff drives like a jerk
<Dirk>  Definitely :-)
* Swanee drives jerky
<gordon>  the hotel will be extending the discount room rate for three days before and after our event
<gordon>  for those who prefer to fly the hotel and convention center are about 2 miles from Atlanta's main airport
<Longstaff>  gordon.....any idea what's the rate?
<WarpHoss>  Gordon: Koool. on the 3 days. I'm dialin 411 for the # of the hotel now.
<gordon>  better than last year's rate, but we aren't sure by how much yet...at least $10 better
<Headache>  what are the dates for this?
<Headache>  mid october?
<gordon>  within walking distance of the convention center there are also three other hotels with a wide range of room rates
<Headache>  thanks =)
<gordon>  the Sheraton also provides a complimentary shuttle from the airport
<phethmon>  I've got to go and attend some family obligations, but I want to extend my congratulations to the Atlanta team. I also want to thank SCOUG for making our job difficult. Both teams could put together an excellent Warpstock.
<Ratti>  Gordon, the other hotels look to be about 1/4 mile away, it that about right?
<Swanee>  Will they carry my computer equiptment AND my golf clubs? :-)
<gordon>  thanks paul. we look forward to seeing you in Atlanta
<gordon>  that's about right john
<phethmon>  You're welcome Gordon, let the fun begin :->
<mandie>  !ask ws99
<GregB>  Cheers, folks! I'll see you all in Atlanta. (Greg Bourassa)
<VoiceBot>  [ws99] Atlanta, Georgia Oct. 16, 17, 1999 visit http://www.warpstock.org for details (mandie)
<mandie>  we'll get the info up on the website as soon as possible
<mandie>  our webmaster is in Australia so there is a bit of time difference :)
<gordon>  we would very much like to get some suggestions and ideas from the group
<Swordedge>  hmmm, it is early morning down in aussie land
<gordon>  about what you would like to see and do at Warpstock
<mandie>  yes, almost 6am
<Swanee>  It's here Dirk. I'm surprised it took so long to get the announcement off.
<Longstaff>  early SATURDAY morning.....gotta watch that foster's
<Dirk>  Gotta run everyone. Congratulations Atlanta!
<Swanee>  By Dirk
<mandie>  Dirk: see you :)
<Headache>  umm a nice Las Vegas type burlesque show would be nice =)
<Swanee>  by=bye
<BlackDog>  very early morning here 4:39 actually
<Dirk>  Swannee: :-)
<gordon>  based on the survey from 98 it looks like last year's format was fairly well received...
* Longstaff will be seeing atlanta for the first time.....what's the weather there like in october?
<mandie>  sorry, my error..he's not in australia :)
<gordon>  ...exhibition and presentations
<Ratti>  Longstaff: either hot or cold, rainy or clear.
<BlackDog>  and Sunday morning you Americans are a day behind ;-)
<mandie>  oh, that about says it all :)
<Ratti>  Hey, Atlanta is far enough south that it can still be hot in october.
<Longstaff>  hot, cold, pgUp, pgDown, Home, End :)
<Swordedge>  an if a single snow flake falls there, they close school for a week. They do that here in mid NC
<WarpHoss>  Reservations are made.
<Ratti>  WH: KEWL!
<WarpHoss>  Where swordedge?
<mandie>  Swordedge: I hear ya! I lived in Hickory and they closed the schools...even though the snow melted before it even hit the ground :)
<Swordedge>  triangle
<WarpHoss>  me=Piedmont Triad.
<Swanee>  Swordedge: If you ever get a couple hundred of those flakes you can try to make a snowball. Albeit a very tiny one...
<WarpHoss>  Who is coordinating Vol's this year?
<WarpHoss>  Nol's =Volunteers
<Swordedge>  From western PA, snicker the few times it does snow
<Ratti>  Hey! We had an inch of snow here in Jacksonville FL in '99. 1899!
<WarpHoss>  Vol's=Volunteers
<SunnyBear>  The announcement is up on the server page and linked to www.warpstock
<gordon>  we have someone designated from our team for volunteers...
<gordon>  ...but we want to be as inclusive as possible
<WarpHoss>  Well I hereby Volunteer 14,15,16,17 october.
<gordon>  it may be appropriate for us to let someone else take that position
<SunnyBear>  Ratti: forgive me, are you in JAX?
<Ratti>  SunnyBear: yes
<WarpHoss>  Not to coordinate to help/ gordon.
<SunnyBear>  we're in Daytona... I could hit you with a rock...
<SunnyBear>  course I'm not the violent type... :)
<Ratti>  Please don't....
<gordon>  one of our team members, Mike Okeefe, is an experienced and very talented graphic artists and publicist...
<gordon>  ...what are some of the groups thoughts about getting out the word on Warpstock?
<mandie>  ah M_Okeefe :)
<M_OKeefe>  yes, i'm very taented
<Swordedge>  gordon, does that mean we get an animated gif file for the logo...
<mandie>  M_Okeefe: great :)
<WarpHoss>  I will help in any way I can.
<M_OKeefe>  and god looking
<gordon>  i meant tainted, not talented ;-)
<mandie>  uh oh
<M_OKeefe>  whoops, i meant good looking
<WarpHoss>  mandie: where are we going to eat?
<Swordedge>  is god looking better than good looking?
<freiheit>  I thought only Eric Clapton was god looking.
<mandie>  WarpHoss: seafood again?
<Abraxas>  WarpHoss I'm already looking into that (eats) :-)
<gordon>  we would also like to come up with a visual theme for warpstock
<Longstaff>  gordon - notify the state tourist authorities that a major technology conference of anti m$ people will be taking place in tieir largest city
<Longstaff>  er, their
<Swanee>  freiheit: Yep, Eric does look alot like me in some ways. :-)
<WarpHoss>  mandie: Steak.
<mandie>  WarpHoss: that'll work too :)
<gordon>  you might be surprised how interested the press will be
<Swordedge>  Make that two anti MS conferences BACK TO BACK
<mandie>  Steak/Seafood house
* Abraxas has actually been looking at Steakhouses
<WarpHoss>  Exactly.
<M_OKeefe>  seriously, we're in the process of developing a publicity strategy
<Swanee>  mandie: Of course WarpHoss see's food.
<Abraxas>  that also rank high in the seafood department
<gordon>  i have some old acquaintances who insist that i keep them up to date on what we're doing
<WarpHoss>  See Food eat it. That's me.
<mandie>  gordon: what is their interest?
<mandie>  publicity?
<Abraxas>  M_OKeefe Please be sure and let us (VOICE) know if there's anything we can help out with
<gordon>  surprisingly enough, there are still some folks out there who would like to have a choice
<WarpHoss>  M_Okeefe: Send me a pub_pkg and I will see to it tat it gets to the press here.
<WarpHoss>  tat=That.
<mandie>  that's refreshing!
<MADodel>  Any plans to invite Bill Gates or Al Gore, since they did invent computers and the internet?
<Swordedge>  How many UG's are left and do they all know about Warpstock?
<M_OKeefe>  we will certainly ask for help as needed. we'l have tasks identied as our plan become more defined
<mikh>  heya all
<gordon>  i suggested Elvis as the visual theme. You know, because so many people think that Elvis is dead. But Mike thought it might have negative conotations.
<WarpHoss>  M_Okeefe : keep me posted.
<SunnyBear>  hey mikh
<Swordedge>  I don't know how to do it but something about being Y2K complient
<gordon>  Al isn't available, he's off helping Mr. Bill invent voice and hand-writing recognition
<WarpHoss>  WarpHoss@bellsouth.net
<M_OKeefe>  for publicity, we can ge pretty good coverage employing prnewswire or business wire.
<mandie>  ok, listen up...I have a special announcement!
<mandie>  listening??????/
<WarpHoss>  I will tell my local frien to keep an eye ot for it.
<MADodel>  I hear that NT1901 will have that stuff built in. Maybe they are working on porting it from OS/2
<Swordedge>  YESS
<Longstaff>  mandie.....what? what?
<WarpHoss>  Listening.
<mandie>  VOICE is very proud to contribut $500 to WS99 towards the Social Event
<mandie>  contribute too :)
<Ratti>  BRAVO!
* Longstaff wants to go
<gordon>  that is great mandie!!!
<Longstaff>  what's that?
<mandie>  :)
<WarpHoss>  mandie: how wunderful. the girl of my dreams gives out money!
<mandie>  lOL
<mandie>  carry on...I'm not giving anymore $ out!
<Swanee>  Does the social event include a little bit of fightin', drinkin' and wild se... I mean a nice get together?
<mandie>  Swanee: all of the above...at the bar down the street!
<Swordedge>  You guys are fast, the announcement has already showed up in my Warpcast folder
<Swanee>  mandie: :)
<gordon>  we have a great locale and some seed money for the warp party of the century. I think we should make this a priority for WS99!
<WarpHoss>  That's your room Swanee. The Social event.
<mandie>  Sword: Dirk was here and hit his send as soon as it was announced :)
<rexxer>  Hi all!!
<SunnyBear>  hi rexxer
<Ratti>  century doesn't end until 2000
<Swanee>  We're using yours this year WarpHoss! :-)
<Longstaff>  swanee....those are usual saturday night local customs in alana :)
<Swordedge>  The new century begins in 2001 because the year before 1AD was NOT 0ad, you can't have no year so it was 1BC
<Abraxas>  My apologies if I missed this ... but has there been any word on costs, yet ... Admission, Vendors, etc.?
<SunnyBear>  mandie: I got it up on the server page I bet before his mail arrived... heheheh
<mandie>  Warpstock, Inc., would like to extend their thank to Ratti for working so closely with the Atlanta team and providing support throughout the proposal
<Swanee>  Longstaff: I haven't been to Atlanta either but I'm sure we'll find the right places to congregate again. :-)
<Ratti>  Swprdedge: exactly
<mandie>  sunny: that's cause you be quick :)
<lamikr>  Hi, I came little late but would like to know who WIN? :)
<gordon>  oh, ok john, i guess this means we forget about the party unless we can find a way to make it absolutely Y2K compliant;-)
<mandie>  !ask ws99
<Abraxas>  lamikr Atlanta
<VoiceBot>  [ws99] Atlanta, Georgia Oct. 16, 17, 1999 visit http://www.warpstock.org for details (mandie)
<Ratti>  I intend to party from 1999 until 2001!
<rexxer>  Atlanta!!
<Swordedge>  and spend the rest of the oughts with a HANGOVER
<freiheit>  "...I'm going to party like it's on sale for $19.99."
* Abraxas did a fair job of partying in Chicago .... and I'm sure I remember Longstaff being there during most of it :-)
<gordon>  the Warpstock 99 Atlanta team would like to extend our thanks and deep appreciation to john for keeping us moving forward during the proposal process
<Longstaff>  freiheit has been working too hard, obviously
<Ratti>  Swordedge: or die happy!
<lamikr>  Thanks, I hope I can this time orginize my possiblle job flyes to state little better. (Last year I was on Chicago 1 week to early. It was not not funny :(
<Ratti>  Gordon: it was my pleasure
* Longstaff is always there for a party
<freiheit>  lamikr, good luck.
<Abraxas>  Swanee will back me up on that :-)
<freiheit>  We hope to see you.
<freiheit>  :)
<gordon>  john's right: the only way we can properly cover the trans-millenia issue is to just start partying this year and keep it going until some time in 2001. I don't see any other alternatives.
<mandie>  we all have to stay at the same hotel!
<gordon>  still would like to hear some thoughts on WS99 visual theme
<mandie>  gordon: you are going to get along with this group very well :)
<lamikr>  yeh, it is just not so easy to come from europe...
<Longstaff>  hmmm....does the sheraton have a presidential suite?
<mandie>  you'll fit right in!
<freiheit>  Wizard of Oz theme.
* freiheit shrugs
<Ratti>  There are several resorts that are offering a 367 day New Year's Party. Starts at about $70,000!
<Projects>  !op
<Swanee>  back... Projects!!!
<WarpHoss>  Visual Theme : WarpStock99- Genesis : OS/2 Reborn.
<Longstaff>  visual theme this year, for a change of pace, should be light on dark
<Swanee>  freiheit: If it is Wizard of Oz can I be the lion this year?
<GentleBen>  What? Warp 5.0 Client for Warpstock??? That would be cool. :>
<mandie>  not going to happen
<Ratti>  Who'll be the Wizard?
<gordon>  another thing we have to think about is what message do we want to come out of WS99
<GentleBen>  Mandie: hehehe...We can dream cann't we? :>
<WarpHoss>  I don't think so either Mandie.
<mandie>  <-- wicked witch of the east!
<Swordedge>  by oct, aurora should be gold, brad wardell is the registered owner of warp2000, there should be something more concrete about a client.
<gordon>  a message WILL come from WS99 either by design or by default...
<Swordedge>  msg.... Alive and well and ready to kick a**
<Ratti>  Mandie: so who's Glinda?
<mandie>  hmm...Esther :)
<gordon>  ...we should take control of the message before the fact to make sure no one else does
<lamikr>  Btw, are you going to announce bid winner in http://www.slashdot.org/
<Ratti>  I'll be the munchkin coronor.
<GentleBen>  Mmmm...that was tasty. :>
<Ratti>  Reinhart Rabbe
<mandie>  hehe
<Ratti>  He lives near here.
<WarpHoss>  And the Wizard is...???
* GentleBen just ate some Corn Dogs. :>
<Longstaff>  theme suggestion: honest 32bit stable multi-user software
<mandie>  Warphoss: gordon, silly!~ :)
<Ratti>  Lo
<Swanee>  Really I want to be the old magician (Billy Crystal) in "The Princess Bride"
<trixer_>  w
<Ratti>  Hmmm, costume part Saturday Night?
<trixer_>  oops
<Abraxas>  M_OKeefe have prices been set, yet? ... Admision, Vendor Tables...?
<Swordedge>  maybe you could bet whatizit from the 96 olympics to drop in
<mandie>  gordon: have you given any thought to letting people sign up for BOF sessions prior to ws99?
<Swordedge>  bet=get
<gordon>  brb
<WarpHoss>  Ratti : Why not? good idea.
<Ratti>  Longstaff: which is already available, has a known track record, and is already y2k compliant!
<M_OKeefe>  prices. no, that would be premature to discuss at this point. The main goal is to keep costs to a minimum
<freiheit>  theme: Just Say Yes (To Choice)
<Ratti>  Sorry, that s/b Costume Party
<mandie>  freiheit: and we'll give out red/white/blue ribbons :)
* Longstaff doesn't care what it costs
* rexxer will try hard to be there!!
<WarpHoss>  Longstaff: ok pick up my tab ;-)
* GentleBen is gonna try to be there... :>
* mandie will be there
<gordon>  hi guys, sorry another member of our team is tring to get here
* Ratti will be there on Thursday!
<GentleBen>  Longstaff: What? You're paying for everybody's entrance fee? :D
* Abraxas will be there .... no question .... but we (VOICE) need to start planning ... and cost of vendor table and admission is one of the factors
* Swanee will be there "If the creek don't rise"
<Longstaff>  warphoss......i might, but i need some working code :)
<Longstaff>  swanee - if the creek rises: flush it
<Swanee>  Longstaff: lol
<M_OKeefe>  I think gordon and aat will be able to supply the vendor/admission $ figures at a later date
<gordon>  my experience has been that BOF sessions tend to materialize at a conference rather than before...
<mandie>  no no...God willing and the creek don't rise!
<M_OKeefe>  sorry, i meant Anat. (geez, my typing is poor today)
<WarpHoss>  Kool. Longstaff. If ya need a tester and it's os/2 look me up.
<gordon>  ...but we are open to any structure
<Ratti>  TOM!
<TS2>  Ratti!
<TS2>  Did I miss anything?
<mandie>  gordon: ok, just a thought...in the past, they were hard to coordinate on site. Maybe a Board to post changes, BOF sessions/time etc
<WarpHoss>  WarpHoss will be there Wednesday.
<Ratti>  Is the website ready for this announcement?
<Swordedge>  just the announcement
<Ratti>  TOM: almost everything...
<mandie>  TS2!!! better late than never :)
<TS2>  The website is ready, Luc was waiting for the offical announcment
<gordon>  yeah, good idea mandie. i think the key will be to have a coordination strategy in place and someone to control the process
<mandie>  gordon: exactly :)
<TS2>  Ratti, Yes.
<Ratti>  Tom: let him have it!
* mandie feels that this will be a very well planned conference!
* Ratti does too!
<rexxer>  even better than WS98 :)
<gordon>  on registration: we will have a two tier system again this year
<TS2>  Ratti: Yes sir!
<mandie>  gordon: maybe you'd like to tell the folks a bit about the ppl on your team and their experience with conferences
<Ratti>  Sir?
<TS2>  : )
<Swordedge>  does "let him have it" mean we all throw lemon marague(sp) pies at him!
<Ratti>  I was hoping Luc would be here...
<WarpHoss>  mandie: good prompt.
<mandie>  Ratti: he slipped :)
<mandie>  :)
<gordon>  early registration will be cheaper than late registration
<gordon>  good idea mandie
<Ratti>  mandie?
<mandie>  ratti: he didn't mean to say sir :)
<WarpHoss>  Can I register now? ;-)
<Ratti>  ah....
<mandie>  warphoss: sure...send ME your money :)
<Ratti>  wh: soon
<mandie>  gordon has the floor
<WarpHoss>  Cash rite mandie? *8-)
<gordon>  Mike is our pulicity and design guy. He is currently director of creative services for an IT consulting company in NYC
<gordon>  Mike has years of experience getting out the word on projects like WS99
<M_OKeefe>  yes. I handle our firms advertising and publicity. we aso do a lot of trade shows, so I'm experienced there, as well
<gordon>  Mike also is very experienced with both web and publication design and production
<gordon>  that's why we keep going back to the visual theme for WS99. We have someone who can do a very professional job for us
<Swordedge>  guess you need a theme before that cool web page logo for the UG web site
<gordon>  Anat is our facilities coordinator. She was responsible for finding what is turning out to be a nearly ideal site for us
* Longstaff applauds the atlanta team, and can't wait to get there
<gordon>  Anat has put together huge conferences pretty much single handed. So again, we have a talented professional available to us to make sure we get everything done.
<TS2>  gordon: has Anat verified that the roof does not leak when it rains?
<mandie>  gordon: didn't one of her conference's consist of about 12,000 ppl :)
<gordon>  We are doing an on-site inspection in about two weeks to make sure the floor stays dry this year
<TS2>  Excellent! : )
<gordon>  something like that mandie. when anat gets here she can give us the exact number
<Swanee>  gordon: Will you be running a garden hose if the weather is dry, "Just to be sure"?
<TS2>  From what I have been able to gather, the GICC will be a great place, best so far.
<gordon>  I want to remind the guys here that although Anat is single, she is also a former Israeli air force officer, so be polite;-)
<WarpHoss>  Visual theme "WarpStock99-Choice is a good thing."
<mandie>  I doubt that we'll have water problems this year
<mandie>  Warpstock99-It's YOUR choice
<M_OKeefe>  I like the choice angle on the theme. lack of choice is my bigest "issue" with wintel
<gordon>  We will publish more information about GICC as we can but, yes TS2, it is a great place.
<Swordedge>  the convention center has its own web site http://www.gicc.com/
<Swanee>  mandie: If we do... I'll just have a Windsor-Cloudy instead of a Windsor-Coke
<Ratti>  You can see it at http://www.gicc.com
<mandie>  hehe
<Ratti>  gmta
<TS2>  Will there be any attempt to contact any of the people going to the Lunix show? Maybe get some walk-ins?
<WarpHoss>  Warp is the mission critical choice.
<gordon>  the other member of our team who is having some trouble getting here today -- family commitment, not technical -- is Alan Greenberg
<M_OKeefe>  we have some germs of ideas for the theme, but maybe now would be a good time to take other's suggestions
<Longstaff>  mandie - you can't sloganize an operating system choice like that and win....it's not that simple
<Swanee>  Alan Greenberg or Alan Greenspan?
<gordon>  Alan got roped into this when he made the mistake of calling me to ask some OS/2 questions. seems that some of Arthur Andersen's biggest customers just can't quite seem to make the transition to "dominant" operating systems...
<mandie>  bless them! :)
<gordon>  ...at least not make a transition and stay in business!
<TS2>  Well, as long as IBM keeps them happy, I will be happy too.
<WarpHoss>  mode=lurk for now.
<Swanee>  M_OKeefe: What theme ideas have been floated so far? (have been floated? Is that proper?)
<Longstaff>  the branch of my state gov't suspended all payments to the nt server vendor last month
<mandie>  I have to run folks...Gordon and team..look forward to working with you and thank you for supporting OS/2 !!!
<Swanee>  Bye mandie. See you soon? :-)
<TS2>  By Mandie.
<mandie>  see ya :)
<Longstaff>  bye mandie
<WarpHoss>  bye mandie. Stay intouch,
<gordon>  thanks mandie! look forward to working with you this warpstock
<TS2>  Gordon: Are you thinking of having a keynote speaker this year?
<gordon>  yes we are ts2. one issue is cost...
<gordon>  ...but i'm talking to someone who may be willing to waive his speaing fee
<TS2>  gordon: Great, anyone we know ( and you can tell? )
<gordon>  i can't give you to much more yet. but this will be quite a coup if he can make it
<Swordedge>  just looked at the picture/floor plans on the gicc web site... The place is big, 35 meeting rooms.
<TS2>  gordon: we will be waiting to hear : )
<gordon>  yes swordedge. we will be on the left side of the floor plan in exhibit hall a and six meeting rooms over on the left
<Concept>  Is Larry F still around?
<Swordedge>  net access too?
<M_OKeefe>  I'm going to have to beg off. may I answer any questions you may have before I go?
<gordon>  we can have comm lines run in fairly inexpensively
<Ratti>  Concept: not here today, but yes, he's president of the Warpstock Board.
<Swordedge>  concept just logged on
<Concept>  Rats... I was hoping he was here for the announcement...
<gordon>  Larry Flynt is president of Warpstock Board? Who'd have guessed;-)
<Ratti>  He had a business engagement...
<M_OKeefe>  or if anyone would like to offer suggestions before i leave...?
<Concept>  Hmmmm... okay. With luck it's what I think it is. Thanks!
<Ratti>  gordon: haven't you seen my email sig?
<Swordedge>  M_Okeefe, just make sure we get to put a logo on the UG web sites months before the event.
<Abraxas>  M_OKeefe any idea on Internet Connection?
<gordon>  of course john
<M_OKeefe>  in what regard, abraxas?
<Abraxas>  M_OKeefe As in what type of connection will be available?
<Abraxas>  ISDN, T1 ?
<gordon>  we can get anything from 56K to T3 run into GICC
<Swordedge>  boy scout with semaphore flags?
<Ratti>  low bit rate
<gordon>  our guess is that 128K ISDN will do the trick
<Abraxas>  Swordedge that's what we had in Chicago :-)) (just kidding)
<M_OKeefe>  that's a logistical question, ...gordon?
<WarpHoss>  Thanks M_Okeefe for your time and efforts.
<gordon>  but we have time to come up with a better guess
<Longstaff>  don't get isdn
<gordon>  one of the advantages to nailing down the site this early is that we have some breathing space to make good decisions about the details
<WarpHoss>  BellSouth has adsl ..
<Longstaff>  dsl would work with warp servers over ethernet
<Abraxas>  gordon I remember there was a few vendors in Chicago that could have used better than ISDN (assuming the ISDN in CHI had worked) for their demos/presentations/projects
<TS2>  gordon: Experence says, what ever you can get will be to slow. Every bit of bandwidth *will* be put to use.
<WarpHoss>  TS2: agree wholeheartedly.
<WarpHoss>  A bottleneck is exactly what we do not need.
<gordon>  i know where you're coming from on that longstaff. we've found that configuration makes a big difference
<Ratti>  plus, we'd like to run cu-seeme or something similar. need lotsa bandwidth...
<Abraxas>  As far as we (VOICE) is concerned, our needs would be met with ISDN .... but I can't speak for others
<gordon>  we have a dual channel 64/64 isdn at work. when we put some meters on it we found that we were actually getting more like 56/14 simply because of configuration
<Longstaff>  abraxas - i've done this number with clients....ISDN only looks good on a spec sheet - a roomful of pHDs can't make it work after two weeks hacking most of the time
<gordon>  in any case T1 can be connected at a cost that isn't out of the question
<M_OKeefe>  Thanx for the participation, everyone. Heres to a successful event! let's take another couple of bricks out of the MS foundation!!
<Swordedge>  The decision on what type of line to get may have to wait on vendor support and knowledge of money supply.
<gordon>  thanx mike.
<TS2>  Thank you M_OKeefe. See you soon.
<WarpHoss>  M_Okeefe: Agreed.
<M_OKeefe>  Bye all