General VOICE Meeting from 04/02/2001

<madodel Mandie what else is on the Agenda besides SSL
<mandie 2. _Sponsor Page update(s)
<mandie 3. What do you want today?
<mandie (to nclude BoD nominations)
<JulianD I used the icon in System Setup to create the diskettes
<mandie . Jousting.
<mandie 5. VOICE1 -
<mandie a. Relish/Relish web.
<mandie b. DBeXpert.
<mandie c. MySQL-
<mandie d. Search.
<mandie e. NEWSgroups.
<mandie 6. Are we (the BoD) on the same page?
<Hoss kill +6. please.
<Hoss ;-)
<Sector /kill +6 Hoss
<Hoss lol
<madodel OK folks, Can we start before everyone drifts away?
<mandie Julian: I tried but the kernal is much larger with fp16 and all of the files won't fit on disk 1
<mandie err...fp15
<mandie sorry...I'll be quiet now :)
<Hoss I'll take that as my cue..... madodel...
<Hoss I'd like to welcome all__ of you to the meeting tonight. VOICE appreciates your participation.
<madodel First does anyone have Peter's treasury report from the other day?
<mandie not I...did we run a log?
*  Sector wasn't there to make a log
<madodel I remeber him saying we had 260+ members and something like $4400 CND
<Hoss I didn't. I still have not locally recovered from the changes I had to make when we had to 'evac' the server.
<mandie that's pretty close
<madodel OK, let's leave it at that. Abel you take over now on the SSL stuff
<Hoss ok. I'll do the best I can.
<os2r may I ask, what is SSL?
<Hoss Secure Socket LAyer.
<mandie Secure Socket Layer
<os2r thank you
<Hoss "Certificates" and the like for the domain.
<Sector Encrypted communication between your webrowser and the server
<Swanee For credit card sales and that kind of thing
<mandie I think the Thwate cert should be purchased "IF" we process cc for Warpstock
<Hoss VOICE1 our server currently has the ability to offer this feature. It has not been enabled _yet_.
<mandie and I think Warpstock should assume the cost of such
<Swanee mandie: How much will the certificate and all else cost for the complete setup?
<Swanee or Abel...
<Hoss VOICE is considering at least 2 things a this point to use SSL capability for.
<Hoss 1. VOICE membership reg's and re-reg's/
<Hoss 2. WARPSTOCK Registrations.
<Hoss Neither is a given.
<Hoss Background :
<Hoss Thawter cert's cost $125.00 USD.
<Hoss oops. THAWTE.
<mandie I really butchered it :)
<Hoss one_ domain. one certificate.
<Swanee per year or lifetime?
<JulianD Who's THAWTE? I thought Verisign was the certificate body.
<Hoss There are several___ Certificate Authoritys.
<JulianD ok
<Hoss Verisign cost's upwards of $450 USD.
<mandie Thawte is a Verisign Co
<Hoss SWanee - I don't recal but I think it's lifetime.
<Swanee K
<mandie $125 - $100 Renewal
<Hoss good answer mandie.
<mandie I'm at the site..didn't pull that out of the air ya know :)
<JulianD Hello WarpedOS2
<Hoss My browser is tied up with DTOC at the moment....
<mandie I'll do the browsing then :)
*  Sector takes mandie's Credit Cards away
<mandie lol
<Hoss Anyway, we have had _numerous_ problems with the curent scheme of processing memberships... at BMT.
<Hoss VOICE has many challenges. Processing membership applicatins should be breadnbutter.
<Hoss in other words, it is our revenue source, It should be simple and clean for the member as well as VOICE.
<mandie this is true, but our Treasurer will need to do the processing
<Hoss correct mandie....
<JulianD Besides the certificate, what is the cost for processing the transaction?
<madodel Anyone know what we currently pay BMT and Mensys to process our memberships?
<Hoss That depends JulianD on who and how we chose to do the actual "transaction"
<Hoss that's waht most of this discussin tonight is about.
<mandie I believe BMT is 7 or 10%
<Hoss right now we pay about $2.50 per membership at BMT. see what mandie said ^^^^
<mandie a cc company may charge a fee of approx 3%
<madodel There is also the fact that we would get access to the funds much quicker, rather then a batch every month or so.
<mandie this is also additional bookwork for our treasurer for Warpstock's records
<mandie they haven't mentioned this yet....
<Hoss this is true... very__ true.
<mandie BMT maintained a database for all Warpstock Registrants
<mandie it included ALL the info that was filled out on the order
<DSOM_eCS Greetings.
<os2r BMT's fee included that?
<madodel couldn't we just notify them when a payment is processed?
<mandie yes
<JulianD Hello DSOM_eCS
<Sector Hi DSOM_eCS
<mandie madodel: they will need all of the information pertaining to that registration
<JulianD Won't cc give us a QIF file that we could sort into the correct accounts?
<madodel True, but won't that be entered when it is processed?
<mandie there's alot more involved in this than just accepting cc and sending them the monies
<Hoss That all depend's .... who is gonna write the html, and the cgi's to get it done?
<mandie Hoss: what does this super duper app (can't recall the name) that Timur talks about....what's it do?
<Hoss or yes. WarpCharge.
<Swanee WarpCharge?
<mandie that
<mandie oops..that's it...
<mandie going to see if I can locate info on it
<os2r n
<madodel Is Warpcharge just an interface to the CC processor, or does it have a web front end to collect the actual information?
<Swanee I think it is just the kind of thing we would need if we do this
<mandie maybe it maintains a dB
<Hoss it is the kind of thing we need.
<Swanee My impression was that it was a whole setup like shopping cart etc.
<Hoss no it does not maiantian a DB excpet for the "TRansaction itself."..
<Swanee Hoss: We can parse the transaction probably and write them to a DB
<madodel So we are not completely sure what WarpCharge is capable of
<mandie so Echo provides a discount to WarpCharge customers...charge is $125
<Hoss I am sure what it is capable of.
<Hoss the info it keeps is only creditcard related.
<Hoss the transaction.
<Hoss you can extend it's capabilites... as far as that goes like Swanee said..
<Hoss but the time_ it would take for _me_ to do it... WARPSTOCK can't afford.
<mandie ;you'd better believeit
<mandie last year BMT charged them programming fees
<mandie the criteria that they wanted in the database took some programming to get
<madodel You mean 2 years ago. They didn't use BMT last year. Mensys only
<mandie sorry...2 years ago..thank you:)
<mandie I don't think they are looking at the whole picture when they asked us if we would be willing to do the cc transactions
<JulianD Also,
<mandie maybe we need to meet with them and discuss this a bit deeper before proceeding
<Hoss mandie, I agree with you. they didn't.
<mandie or Hoss you can just con't with Timur
<mandie Hoss: after do have a day job :)
<Hoss I would prefer to have a meeting with them where we lay out all our concerns' Time is running short for THEM.
<Hoss WE have all the time WE need.
<mandie lack of responses to our questions is making time even shorter
<Hoss that is correct.
<Swanee I agree, we need to spell it all out and get their view too.
<Hoss If they want us to be an ISV ... for this... well.. need I say more?
<Hoss We can host it. If they buld it. that's my opinion.
<Hoss build.
<os2r gotta go for a bit......bbl
<mandie that's what we'd be doing by going the Warpcharge/Echo route...but we need to inquire about the info they need from each transaction
<mandie and a SSL cert may not even be needed
<madodel OK, then maybe the VOICE BoD should meet with WS instead of trying to pry info out of one person
<mandie the transaction will take place on the ECHO site not voice....
<madodel I think you are right
<madodel The requirements don't say anything about a certificate
<Hoss An SSL-enabled web server program for OS/2, such as the Lotus Domino Go Web Server with strong encryption that ships with OS/2 Warp Server for E-business. <<--REQUIREMENT
<mandie that covers it...
<Hoss That's straight from the WarpCharge Docs.
<madodel So an SSL web server requires a certificate?
<mandie no
<Hoss You must configure your server for SSL encryption so that the orders from your customers are securely transmitted over the Internet. This will require you to obtain a digital certificate from a Certificate Authority for your secure
<mandie I think the info is entered prior to them go to ECHO
<Hoss Again, that's from the WarpCharge docs.
<Hoss WarpCharge will require a certificate.
<Hoss on our server.
<WarpedOS2 How secure is the server?
<Hoss How secure? We have survived more than 3 DOS attacks. unscathed.
<Hoss LDGW is _very_ secure setup properly.
<Hoss Ans so is Apache.
<Hoss AS of right now our mail server is taking over 350 hits an hour trying to shut it down.
<Hoss they are wasting their time.
<madodel When will that idiot ISP turn that off?
<Hoss Remains to be seen madodel.
<Swanee Is that the bounced mail you're talking about?
<mandie I have a suggestion...
<mandie Hoss: you had the email to Timur started th other day
<Hoss If I get a day off this week I plan to reopne my uunet security ticket and get and AT&T re-involved.
<mandie how about adding our questions/concerns and ask him to post to the Warpstock BOD and request a meeting with them
<Hoss mandie -->. I would appreciate it if someone else were to author that message. I am afraid my attitude would sho thru.. ;-)
<mandie I think it only appropriate that it come from you seeing that you and Timur were supposed to be handling this little dealie :)
<Hoss I have enough_ to do. I will edit it and send it.
<Hoss I'll pst a copy to admin tomorrow.
<Hoss I'll add what I can from this discussion tonight... and we'l shall see how it goes...
*  Hoss hopes there's a logger////
<madodel i'm logging
<mandie where there's Sector...there's logger :)
<Swanee I "think" I am...
<Sector It's being logged
<mandie where there's Swanee..there's smoke :)
<Hoss If_ anyone here_ has experience in this area... please contact
<Swanee mandie: haha
<Hoss ok.
<Hoss so what's next on the agenda Ms. Liason?
<mandie 2. _Sponsor Page update(s)
<Hoss our prices are too high.
*  Hoss has a very speciall announcement before the meeting is over so don't anyone leave... ;-)
<mandie I thought you were referring to our "Current Sponsors" meaning the ones that give our members software discounts
<mandie I don't understand why GammaTech now has N/A
<mandie Benny has not withdrawn his discount to us
<mandie and BMT is no longer a sponser
<mandie I think I'm confused with that page
*  Hoss knows _ he is confused about that page. ( some others as well.. but we won't go there. hehe).
<mandie I think it's a bit pricey also
<madodel The discount page still lists Millenium Technology, Stardock, GT, Panacea and Spellguard
<mandie I'll try to work on that this week....
<Swanee We can't find SpellGuard anymore
<mandie we'll get rid of them and I'll see if I can't get some others to offer discounts to our members
<Hoss ok, any volunteer's to comeuo with a "restructuring of that area" and make a presentation?
<madodel You know if we do get our own server, we mightbe able to get some more deals going. The current discount page gets a NOT FOUND at BMT
<Sector Perhaps a trade for Web/FTP space for some of the shareware authors in exchange for a discount to VOICE members¨
<mandie brb
<Sector Hi SiuueD
<mandie most have their own site..and they want to get their name out there
<Sector It's XRange
<madodel AFAIK, the Warp Databook discount is still being honored. by David
<SiuueD g'day to one and all
<XRange hi folks
<XRange hi Sector
<Sector True they usually do, but sometimes ISP's can get picky... Also could be a mirror site
<Hoss hehe, that was a joke. url.
<Hoss in all seriousness VOICE can offer these type services...
<madodel OK, we need to remove everything from that page except for GT then
<Hoss trades, exchange, barter... If we decide to do it.
<Sector Perhaps a mailing list for there product could be offered
<Hoss Sector, that is possible.
<madodel Oh god not another mail list
<madodel :-)
<Hoss lol .. valid concern madodel.
<madodel They can only have a mail list if its not popular
<Hoss ok. so anyone willing to redo the "sponsor_page area" ?
<Sector What if it's not popular but after VOICE offers it it gets popular¨
<Hoss Clint EastByte : "A server has to know it's limitations."
<Swanee Sector: Then madodel will camp in front of their house to stop them from making B%&*$er St*&$ers
<Hoss No volunteers.... for either of these tasks. so let's go on to the next.
<Hoss waht's #3. we are running over....
<Hoss Nominations for Officers will be accepted at
<Hoss The current openings are for President and Secretary.
<Hoss madodel ->> we requested the nominees send some "bio" info and what else to that email address??
<madodel The position they are nominating themselves for
<Sector If you are intersted please send a
<Sector short bio to along with the position you are
<Sector nominating yourself for.
<Hoss Thank you Sector.
<Hoss thanks mark.
<madodel I think we need to stress that if we don't fill the positions, then eventually the current BoD will burn out, and VOICE will die, even though we do continue to get new members
<madodel and we cannot continue to add new services unless there is someone to help out
<Hoss I think we should implement the Waht do you want to do today campaign.
<Sector And we sure don't want that
<JulianD Back on #2, I'll update the sponsor page. Who do I need to coordinate with?
<Swanee You just want ideas for price range etc?
<Swanee Sorry to pick up an old subject
<Swanee hehe JulianD is ready to do it too. Go for it JulianD!! I'm not sure what we want.
<madodel JulianD: I think Judy said she would check with Benny to make sure his offer is still valid.
<madodel Should we ask David Both if his offer is still good?
<madodel Any suggestions for any other offers to look into?
<JulianD I thought the question was, Who wanted to clean-up the web page?
*  Sector notes the Bylaws could also use updating...
<madodel Sector: If we had a Secretary, then that could be done
*  Sector runs and hides
*  XRange lol
<Sector We do have one he's just been too busy being a System Administrator...
<mandie Wayne would move up to President and that would leave VP open
<mandie madodel: I plan on emailing him about it
<Hoss julianD --coordinate that with please.
<Swanee madodel: I put the sponser table back in until we know what's going on.
<Hoss Gang I did get the domain reg's in my po box today!!
<mandie great
<Sector Good
<Hoss working with treas n getting them paid.
<mandie off topic
<Hoss oops. sorry.
<mandie weren't we supposed to have a Sundial speakup tonight?
<mandie this is an even month
<madodel No that is next month
<mandie ok
<madodel They changed it starting last month
<madodel JulianD: We need to confirm who is or isn't still a sponsor
<Sector mandie will have to take away your powers of speech for the next infraction.
*  mandie looks around for her short term memory!
<mandie Sector: better have that army by your side :)
*  Sector passes some spare 256k DRAM to mandie
<mandie hehe
<Swanee mandie: Forget where you put it? Just wait... your long term memory will kick in in a couple of years
<mandie LOL
<JulianD madodel: I'll coordinate with Confirm noted.
<Sector Long term only works if it's properly refreshed
<mandie well, I have some VERY "refreshing" memories :)
<madodel What is next on the Agenda
<mandie 4. Jousting.
<Swanee mandie: Get yer stick up... I'm a comin at ya
<mandie uh oh :)
<mandie hope you've got a BIG stick!
*  Sector doesn't think mandie has a stick
<Hoss LEt's table jousting it relates too much to the last topic.
*  Swanee takes a longpole in the pecs... AARRRGGGHHHH! That's it! I'M DONE!
<mandie 5. VOICE1 -
<mandie a. Relish/Relish web.
<mandie wimp! :)
<Swanee :-)
<Hoss Do we want to use Relish/Relish web for coordinating the tasks on our server and VOICE events?
<mandie such as........
<madodel do we have a copy of Relish Web?
*  Hoss knows where there is a license...
<Swanee Hoss: Is it on your car bumper?
<Hoss no, my horse-trailer!
*  Swanee is glad it's not as sticker...
*  Swanee is glad it's not "A" sticker...
<Hoss hehe
<mandie table this for now
<Hoss Bad idea. we will continue to use our current calendaring system.
<Swanee "as sticker" sounds like a shot from the doc
<mandie b. DBeXpert.
<mandie c. MySQL-
<mandie d. Search.
<mandie e. NEWSgroups.
<Hoss MySQL is loaded on the server.
<Hoss someone want to admin MYSQL?
<Hoss NewsGroups....
<Hoss We can do this... if we want to.
<Swanee You have Maestro running now?
<Sector Hmmm, admin isn't that what we have a System Administrator for¨ ;>
<Hoss That leaves my THUNDER!!!
<mandie Maestro is great
*  Sector covers his ears
<Hoss I take immense pride and pleasure to open publically the follwing url :::::
<Hoss Warpcast archives and Voice newsletter's fully searchable!!
<mandie beautiful!
<madodel Are there any plans to provide search for Warp Doctor as well?
<Swanee Oops! Sorry Hoss! I didn't know you were going to announce it tonight. :-)
<Hoss madodel : yes!
<mandie he needs a REAL client
*  XRange says Sector rest easy tonight
<Sector Hmm¨
<Sector wb JulianD
<Swanee Hoss: The search works great!
<madodel Also is there anyway to limit the Search to English pages or German pages? We have started to add CONTENT="en" and CONTENT="de" on the Newsletter pages
<XRange hi JulianD
<JulianD This unregistered version of Openchat I got yesterday keeps timing out.
<mandie !ask irc
<VoiceBot [irc] (mandie)
<XRange every 30min
<mandie ewwwwwww...that's outdated
<JulianD 60min
<mandie !ask irc
<VoiceBot [irc] (mandie)
<Hoss madodel : I am working on those issues with the german webamster.
<Hoss webmaster even.
<madodel Cool. We are really making progress. Now if we can get a News list archive we'll be rocking
<Swanee I thought you said webhampster
<Hoss hehe!
<mandie lol
<Swanee Hoss: Are we going to make the WarpCast pages available?
<Swanee Since we can search them already
<Hoss Well it can be done...
<JulianD I'm going to have to pick another one. This one seems to be unsupported.
<Swanee And... are there any more WarpCast messages we need to archive or did we get them all?
<madodel We need to decide where to have them available
<Hoss they already are if one knows were to look ....
<Hoss and how to look ....
<Hoss I purposefully didn't make it obvious. _yet_ waiting for that very decision madodel.
<mandie VOICE members get a 40% discount on GTIRC
<Sector Is that retroactive¨
<madodel Should we contact David to see if the Warp DataBook discount still applies
<mandie I think you can get it anytime
<XRange what you get for trade-ins mandie
<Hoss (IIRC).
<mandie madodel: you missed my reply...I said I would contact him
<Sector Hehe, I registered GTIRC before joining VOICE...
<JulianD mandie: I'll look at it.
<madodel having only one discount looks really sad
<mandie looks very bad...I'll attempt to round up some new ones this week
*  Sector hands mandie a lasso
<mandie :)
<DSOM_eCS Wonderwoman?
<mandie although, there weren't alot of ppl that took advantage of those anyway
<mandie no wonder! :)
<Hoss DSOM_eCS : She definitely is!! in ways yu'll never know!!!
*  XRange open swinging gate mandie
<mandie I need to go....but I'll catch up in the log
<Sector Bye mandie
<mandie 6. Are we (the BoD) on the same page?
<Hoss buh bye mandie...
<mandie bye Sector :)
<XRange bye mandie
<mandie by Hoss XRange et all :)
<Hoss ok. so now that ya'll are wearing out the search page...
<JulianD Is the meeting winding down?
<trouvere potential advrtiser/discounter--Filestar/2 author.
<madodel Jim Read
<madodel trouvere: Do you have contact with Jim?
<Hoss sort of... JulianD, We do appreciate you attending.. and would like to open the lfoor to any _ questions, comments , etc ...
<trouvere only when i have had a question about fs/2
<madodel The Newsletter will be doing a review of FileStar/2 in a month or so
<trouvere madodel,
<madodel I've been in the FileStar/2 beta
<trouvere good time to ask
<madodel We can ask judy to contact him
<JulianD My note to bounced.
<madodel Hoss: did you get my email about
<XRange with this in return see
<madodel Are we having email problems?
<trouvere Any one here?
<Sector Nah, they all checked out
<madodel that's what i'm wondering
<XRange yell
<JulianD Should I try the email later?
<madodel seems liek there is a problem
<JulianD What's involved with the secretary position?
<madodel In the mean time send it to
<XRange send what to
<madodel Responsible for logging meetings, maintaining coorespondence and the bylaws
<Hoss no email problems. just issues. seems the RBL at orbs is working.
<Hoss everything I haven't done.... that's what the secretary does!!
<madodel JulianD: see and search on secretary
*  Hoss is kiddin a lil...
<XRange got that copy JunkSpy working now.
<JulianD I'll take a look, madodel.
<Sector Hoss, your excused since you moved to System Administrator which is what created an opening in the first place.
<XRange found my key for it.
<madodel JulianD: You also have to show up at these meetings. :-)
*  XRange get here late
<Sector Whew, that let's me out­
<madodel XRange: That address was for JulianD since wasn't working and Judy is checking on the sponsorship stuff
<XRange k
<JulianD madodel: I was going to raising logging to new heights by not being present :)
<trouvere madodel, were you going to write judy about filestar?
<Sector Remote logging
<madodel JulianD: well actually that is possible. I am in channel 24/7 usually but often not here. i do sleep on occasion
<madodel trouvere: you can do that if you like. It's just an email. :-)
<trouvere ok
<JulianD The wonder of bots.
<Sector Here a bot, there a bot everywhere a bot bot
*  XRange don't let Sector off hook that easy :)
<JulianD I do think the secretary of an organization should be at the meetings.
<Hoss I turned off the RBL list check and so forth.
<Hoss had to restart weasel...
*  JulianD bot, bot, bot ....
<Sector Haven't I been on the hook long enough¨
<madodel JulianD: You'd have to get a real IRC client and figure out how to turn on logging. ;-)
<Hoss and nominate are _Valid_ addresses.
<Hoss oops. speeling error!
<XRange right click does good in OpenChat with the Gem
<Sector There's that webhampster again
<Hoss squeaky
<JulianD I've got logging turned on. It seems to be working. I'm using Openchat/2. I just don't seem to be able to register it because the links are dead on BMT and Mensys.
<XRange second resend worked
<madodel JulianD: I know I was just kidding. Hence the :-)
<XRange could sell my key but then I have to find something else
<JulianD madodel: I know :-) I just thought you might have some other information. :-)
<trouvere JulianD, gtirc works well, and there's a discount :-)
<XRange JulianD try voice call to BMT.
<XRange hello os2r
<os2r hi XRange
<JulianD I'll look at it. How do I get the discount? It's not reference on the GammaTech webpage?
<trouvere Dunno--registered it before i joined
*  Sector has been logging #voice since WarpStock 98
<Sector Same here, registered mine before joining VOICE as well...
<XRange os2r that fix does work but I just tried it today on friends machine in Lexington, NC today.
<JulianD Sector: How do filter it? The log I looked at yesterday doesn't seem to be time stamped.
<Sector Depends on the client, logging can very.
<Hoss ahhh...
<madodel depends on the client. Some put in time stamps. GTIRC doesn't
<madodel ahhh what?
<Hoss there's the "Reject mail from open relays." button.
<JulianD Neither does Openchat apparently.
<madodel VIRC does
<Sector Time stamping isn't required
<WarpedOS2 Anyone tried the personal finance program ... moneyDance
<Hoss I had that enabled to assist in the latest mail attack. that's why some folks can't do mail with us.
<madodel Ahha
<trouvere JulianD, look on the VOICE adv. page--maybe it tells how there
<Hoss Price one pay's for security.
<Hoss EZIRC does a wonderful job.
<Hoss I even have a live "weblogger" that can be implemented...
<Swanee JulianD: I can't get anywhere on finding info on OpenChat. All the links are gone.
<JulianD Hoss: EZIRC does have that free price advantage. I downloaded it for the readme file, but I haven't installed it.
<XRange does that mean OpenChat/2 is free ware then
<Swanee I doubt it.
<Hoss EZIRC is very_ flexible as far as scripting goes...
<Hoss Autojoins, ops, messaging etc...
<XRange just dead-ware then
<Hoss nominate just got email.
<JulianD Hoss: This sounds good.
<Swanee XRange: Yep. It's too bad, it's a great irc client.
<XRange true
<Hoss from
<Swanee XRange: Same as I
<XRange i've had mine couple years
<JulianD gotta go, take care all.
<XRange bye JulianD
<Hoss the ini is "hand editable" as well.
<trouvere <-also leaving--good evening, all
<madodel Thanks for coming
<Swanee XRange: I got it in 98 I think...
<DSOM_eCS Later trouvere.
<XRange See ya trouvere
<madodel I have to go myself
<Swanee Nite fellas
<XRange See ya madodel
<Swanee I should run also
<Swanee See you all
<XRange 4:30 am est comes early also
<madodel Good night all
<Hoss nite
<Hoss looks like th party is over.
<Sector Goodnight madodel
<os2r nite all
<Sector And off they all run
<Hoss Seems as though I clamped down _way_ too hard.. on the mail server...
<Hoss caused some angst amongst our own user's.
<Juliand EZIRC does have possibilities.
<Hoss the mouse does some really neato things....
<Hoss the script that swanee supplied to setup autojoin ... is great..
<Hoss the ezirc.ini is hand editable..
<Juliand I like layered windows with a good font. Yes there is good stuff under button 2.
<Hoss I have one of my 9 desktops devoted to irc.
<Juliand The program is also small. I guess that's the 128k single sided diskette in me talking :-)
<Hoss EZ seems to do a good job of making use of that space.
*  Sector also has a desktop devoted to IRC. (But a real one)
<Hoss these are real as well...
<Hoss all 9 of them.
*  Juliand I've never played around with multiple desktops. Is this useful for organizing multitaking?
<Sector Non virtual¨
<Hoss uh huh.
<Hoss 9lives. 9 desktops.
<Hoss same 9 dekstops. with differnt stuff on them..
<Sector Hmmmmm
<DSOM_eCS I'm using Object Desktop at the moment with 10 Virtual Desktops.
*  Sector doesn't believe in virtual desktops
<Hoss My arrangement here would scare most users.
<Juliand Bye
<Sector Bye Juliand
*  Sector notes OS/2 users aren't most users
<DSOM_eCS Yes.
<Hoss I agree. THere are some OS2 users that could actually navigate my desktop.
<Hoss Ther are many of them that would get really lost when they sat down in front of it.
<Sector That could happen