VOICE - General Meeting for 2004-04-03

15:04:13 --- The topic for #voice is: VOICE Business Meeting in progress [session -wdl]
<walteros2> Hi Ken
<walteros2> I'm in the process of recovering from a major software meltdown, so I can't print the agenda.
<walteros2> You'll have to help me with what I wrote. :-(
<walteros2> Hi Mark
<MADodel> hello Walter
<KenKrchnr> Hi Mark
<MADodel> hello Ken
<walteros2> Is Bill coming?
<KenKrchnr> We start out with Roderick and the SpeakUp, but I think he fell asleep while waiting for us :-)
<walteros2> I'm running the Java Applet client, so I'm not sure what I'm doing.
<walteros2> Ken could you take the log, at least until Bill gets here?
<KenKrchnr> I didn't hear that Bill wasn't going to be here...
<KenKrchnr> I've got it.
<walteros2> Thx
<walteros2> Well in the absence of our treasurer, I'll start out with something not on the agenda.
<walteros2> It *looks* as though I might be able to get a server account for either less than or only slightly more than I'm paying now.
<walteros2> I'm getting rid of some of the TV channels I almost never watch.
<walteros2> So as a last resort, I could host VOICE1 here.
<walteros2> However, I have sent an email to Ed Scrutton in Windsor asking him if he would be willing to host it at his business site.
<eCSNL> walteros2
<walteros2> I would prefer someone else do it, because I have a full load already.
<walteros2> Fire away.
<MADodel> You mean the original machine? Is that still in Michigan?
<eCSNL> does voice run
<eCSNL> voice1 require a database and mailserver ?
<walteros2> Mark: yes, but it is no longer connected.
<walteros2> The owner wants $50/month to start it up again. :-(
<walteros2> Roderick: Yes and some other stuff too.
<walteros2> We want to use it as a mirror in case Ken loses power.
<eCSNL> Oke if it only required web we could host it
<MADodel> The cost of shipping the server to Europe, and any customs costs would probably be prohibitive.
<walteros2> Ed and I already worked out a scheme for picking it up by car.
<walteros2> This was the last time we were going to move it.
<eCSNL> Well shipping the hard disk would be enough :-)
<walteros2> Would you then put the hard drives into one of your machines?
<eCSNL> Well thats what I asked
<eCSNL> what services does the mirror need except
<eCSNL> web
<eCSNL> also mail
<KenKrchnr> Warpdoctor will also need DB2
<walteros2> Ken can give you a better answer on that than I can.
<walteros2> Thx Ken. :-)
<eCSNL> I would not be certain
<eCSNL> but Mensys has enough bandwith
<eCSNL> second
<eCSNL> would it be a problem for VOICE that
<eCSNL> Mensys would host the mirror server
<eCSNL> os2ezine also not hosted by BMT Micro (not certain about that!!!_
<eCSNL> )
<walteros2> I think it is better to have a separate machine, preferably, with a separate power supply.
<walteros2> ...hosted by BMT Micro is true.
<eCSNL> What I mean by that is if people find OS2 VOICE less independed if a company that sells eComStation hosts a mirror site.
<eCSNL> It would be strings attached
<eCSNL> none
<KenKrchnr> I think only Bill initially had a problem with that.
<walteros2> I've thought of putting the files from VOICE1 on my "server" drive, but I do take it down once in awhile for maintenance or for an alternative to my main computer. Using the same computer would also take VOICE1 down in that case.
<walteros2> "server" drive s/b server system
<eCSNL> I would need to discuss this with Kenkrchnr
<walteros2> Hi Bill
<walteros2> Ken's been taking the log.
<KenKrchnr> Bill must have been the TTH this afternoon :-)
<walteros2> LOL
<wdl> Hi all... --- my monitor blew out at 5-minutes before the meeting. Sorry. :(
<wdl> Ken: If you send me the beginning, I'llo meld it in. Or maybe you just do *your* thing?
<wdl> Ken: ...whatever.
<KenKrchnr> I'll send you up to your marker, how's that?
<walteros2> Must be a bad day. Just before the meeting, my hard drive developed a corrupt partition table, and I finally had to wipe the partitions.
<wdl> Walter: Hunh. Y' don't know the half of it. ;(
<wdl> Ken: Cool.
<wdl> We waiting for someone else? Or has something *else* here gone bad???
<KenKrchnr> Now that Roderick's awake we can talk about the SpeakUp.
<walteros2> One agenda topic I do remember is the matter of the Warpstock contribution for this year.
<KenKrchnr> (first item on the agenda)
<wdl> Aah...
<walteros2> Let's do the speakup while Roderick is awake. <g>
<eCSNL> Its only just after 22:009
<eCSNL> 22:00 here
<eCSNL> so I'm not sleepy yet
<walteros2> Tomorrow it will be 21:00.
<walteros2> Or do I have that backwards?
<eCSNL> No
<walteros2> Anyway, Roderick, do you want to bring us up to speed?
<eCSNL> I have been trying to conact John Gow
<eCSNL> As I said in an email to you Walteros2
<eCSNL> A speak with Serenity I don't see as very usefull as this moment
<eCSNL> because at this moment a lot of plans are being finiased for the new products
<eCSNL> like
<eCSNL> Serenity Virtual
<eCSNL> new version of eComstation
<eCSNL> and Open Office..
<walteros2> OK, I C
<eCSNL> John Gow
<eCSNL> I have been trying to get in
<eCSNL> touch with but he seems to be busy...
<eCSNL> Will give him a call now.
<eCSNL> Phone rings
<eCSNL> now answer
<eCSNL> now=no
<walteros2> Roderick: While I'm thinking about, VOICE1 also has a ftp server for uploads and downloads.
<eCSNL> Well I talked to Kenkrchnr
<eCSNL> and he thinks a backup server would only need
<eCSNL> and FTP is not a problem!
<walteros2> Well, he's the expert.
<walteros2> Roderick: Are you done?
<eCSNL> yep
<walteros2> I'll keep you apprised of the server situation with Ed and myself and Rogers.
<KenKrchnr> (item 2 - Treasurer report)
<walteros2> Well, we're missing a treasurer due to his hardware problems, and I don't even have access to email at the moment. :-(
<KenKrchnr> (payment of 750 to WS for 2003)
<walteros2> OK, Mark told me that the year 2003 books are closed, so we can't give them the money for that year.
<wdl> Move we give it to Warpstock *forthwith* for the 2004 thing.
<walteros2> I suggest we use the money now available to us as the WS 2004 contribution.
<wdl> ...Seed money.
<KenKrchnr> (that's the next item:-) )
<walteros2> i.e. Second
<walteros2> Is there any discussion?
<KenKrchnr> Is that to be the total contribution for 2004?
<wdl> I would hope not...
<walteros2> Each year's budget is done separately, so we can't pay it backwards.
<wdl> At least, we should be ready to back them with more *if* necessary.
<walteros2> However, the amount we give in total is something we determine each year.
<walteros2> I agree with wdl.
<walteros2> Are you ready for the vote?
<wdl> yup
<walteros2> All in favour of giving Warpstock $750 US for this year's event, please type Aye.
<eCSNL> aye
<wdl> Aye
<KenKrchnr> aye
<walteros2> All opposed, please type Nay.
<walteros2> Motion is carried.
<walteros2> Bill, would you mind informing Gord of our decision, and ask him to write the cheque?
<walteros2> Mark, are you still here?
<wdl> Yes - will do.
<walteros2> thx
<walteros2> We'll have to ask Mark who to make it out to, and where to send it.
<eCSNL> re
<eCSNL> My ADSL connection got a cold
<KenKrchnr> (item website banner to include eCS)
<walteros2> BTW, I sent a note to Thomas Bradford of BMT asking him to add the transaction date and time to each email sent to the treasurer.
<walteros2> He readily agreed. Gord tells me this will make things a lot easier.
<wdl> Walter: "Directive" in form of cut/paste the relevant portion of log -- just emailed to Gord.
<walteros2> Ken: Sorry, I wasn't reading up the scroll.
<walteros2> wdl: Thanks
<eCSNL> Hmm about VOICE
<eCSNL> I have not heard anything from the treasurer
<eCSNL> Mensys still needs to pay money to VOICE for past subscriptions
<eCSNL> but things have been going slow because of the previous treasurer
<eCSNL> I have just send out an email to the person at Mensys doing the payments
<MADodel> sorry had to help my daughter with a school project.
<eCSNL> she will dig out when we did the last payment to VOICE
<walteros2> Roderick: The "books" were a terrible mess when Gord got them, and he's basically starting from a couple of years ago and working forwards one item at a time.
<walteros2> :-(
<walteros2> Thanks Mark.
<walteros2> Mark: Where do we send the WS contribution for this year, and to whom do we make it out?
<MADodel> Warpstock thanks you for the 2004 contribution. ;-)
<walteros2> It was a pleasure. :-)
<walteros2> Hopefully, we can actually get the money *to* you this year.
<MADodel> Make check payable to: Warpstock, Inc,
<MADodel> Warpstock 2004 - C/O Stan Sidlov
<MADodel> 187 Hilltop Court
<MADodel> Pompton Lakes, New Jersey 07442
<MADodel> United States of America
<walteros2> OK, thanks.
<MADodel> Better late then never.
<walteros2> There won't be a problem. Gord knows how much is in the treasury, and the money itself is a bank in Toronto, close to where Gord lives.
<MADodel> Warpstock event team is still trying to decide on a logo and pricing. Its more complicated this year with 4 days. Hopefully we have both settled over the next couple of days.
<walteros2> Good.
<walteros2> Can you give us a *brief* report as to where you are in the planning right now?
<MADodel> Roderick: Any word on Warpstock Europe?
<MADodel> walteros2: I think I just did.
<MADodel> ;-)
<MADodel> The hotel contract is signed. We need to get the presentations scheduled.
<wdl> Hunh. Power fail.
<MADodel> This year Warpstock is being held just before the Colorado Software Summit, which is the Java re-incarnation of ColoradOS/2. We are hoping people come for both.
<wdl> Ken: Could you send me *that* little glitch-induced gap?
<MADodel> The web site is still being worked on also.
<walteros2> Thanks, Marrk.
<KenKrchnr> Bill; OK, but I'll wait to see what else happens first :-)
<walteros2> sorry about the spelling!
<MADodel> A possible final logo is at http://dodel.dyndns.org:8081/warpstock/ws2004logoPeaks.jpg if anyone wants to give me their opinion.
<walteros2> Well, I like it. :-)
<walteros2> Have you thought about including the dates?
<walteros2> Hi Doug
<Doug> hi all
<MADodel> WalterOS2: I'll have to think about that. Not sure where to put it.
<wdl> Ken: Yeah; wise... :(
<walteros2> Just a thought. :-)
<wdl> Walter: Sidlov's address etc just sent to Gord.
<MADodel> ANy suggestions are appreciated
<walteros2> Bill: Thanks!
<MADodel> Doug: We were just talking about the logo.
<walteros2> For WS.
<Doug> The WS logo or the voice logo
<Doug> ?
<MADodel> Warpstok
<MADodel> or Warpstock
<Doug> Oh - that could take hours!
<MADodel> :-)
<Doug> Poor mark has been messing with that for days now.
<walteros2> LOL
<wdl> MADodel: Nice logo; I like it.
<MADodel> Some people think its too simple and not very exciting. I do like Walter's suggestion about adding the dates, if I can figure where to put them.
<walteros2> I'd like to raise anoher logo/banner issue if I may......
<MADodel> thanks Bill
<MADodel> If anyone is interested in the Software Summit, their URL is http://www.softwaresummit.com/
<walteros2> I'd like to get back VOICE issues.
<walteros2> I think most of us are using some version of eCS. (except Bill<g>)
<walteros2> (From what I understand Bill would like to; he just can't convince his machine.)
<eCSNL> Does bill have eCS 1.1 ?
<eCSNL> But it does not get installed ?
<wdl> Walter: I may have insight into that problem. To discuss later/elsewhere.
<walteros2> OK
* eCSNL is ready to play helpdesk
<walteros2> I'd like to propose that we amend the VOICE banner/logo to include eComStation.
<walteros2> In fact, I personally think it's way overdue.
<wdl> eCSL: OK, but after the meeting. The TTW is dead-in-the-water -- I'm using her monitor. ;-)
<walteros2> dead?
<wdl> Walter "dead" so far as using *her* machine...
<walteros2> How do you guys feel about amending the banner/logo?
<wdl> Walter: Good idea. Needs to be done carefully???
<walteros2> I'm not suggesting we change VOICE's *name*--I think that's way to difficult.
<wdl> "Evolution =- not revolution"
<MADodel> Why not just state that "VOICE supports the OS/2 and eComStation community" on the front page, rather then changing the logo. Unless you mean to add a 2nd CD with eCS on it.
<walteros2> wdl: Maybe, it's hard to tell.
<wdl> Mark: Good idea.
<wdl> Mark: "2nd CD" ??
<MADodel> On the logo is a CD of OS/2 Warp
<MADodel> Add one saying eComStation
<wdl> Aaaah.
<wdl> I at least have no objection.
<walteros2> I really hadn't thought about *how* to do it.
<MADodel> I agree that stating VOICE supports both would be a good idea.
<MADodel> and is overdue
<KenKrchnr> Well, you realize that if you put eCS on the page you're gonna lose TM as a supporter ;-)
<wdl> WHEEEEE!!!
<Doug> If ecs can be incorporated into the logo I think that would also be a good idea
<walteros2> TM doesn't bother me.
<Doug> Who is TM?
<eCSNL> Tim Martin
<eCSNL> Well look at warpcity.com
<Doug> Steve's brother?
<wdl> He-whose-name-may-not-be-mentioned.....
<eCSNL> I went by there after some months
<eCSNL> and now look he is now doing
<eCSNL> web hosting!
<walteros2> However, I'm a little concerned as to whether there are other genuine VOICE OS/2 users who might feel somewhat the same way.
<Doug> How can anyone object to ecs?
<Doug> Other than the name is a little funny?
<walteros2> I think Mark's idea is good, at least for a start.
<walteros2> I don't know how far we should go, just that we need to do something.
<KenKrchnr> We already mention eCS on the news page.
<wdl> Hunh. When I was a hot-rodder, a friend had a Chevy with a Patton tank engine.
<walteros2> I also don't want to turn anyone off if we can help it.
<wdl> He objected to his Chevy being called a "Patton".
<eCSNL> (please cut this out the logs)
| deleted per request |
<wdl> But hey!
| deleted per request |
<wdl> eCSNL: Hmmm. OK.
| deleted per request |
<KenKrchnr> I doubt there are more than 10 - 12 OS/2 worldwide users who would object. And certainly not that many who would be vocal about it.
| deleted per request |
<walteros2> Gotta remember that my ISP terminates chat connections after 4 min if I don''t type something.
<walteros2> What did I miss?
<KenKrchnr> What was last you saw?
<walteros2> Not sure. You had said something about only 10-12 OS/2 users in the world might be mildly upset by the change.
<Doug> that was it.
<KenKrchnr> That was pretty much all there was
<wdl> Damn! What's happening?
<walteros2> Ken did you have a suggestion in addition to Mark's?
<wdl> Doug: Thanks.
<walteros2> If there are no other suggestion, let's go with Mark's suggestion: that is only the truth, and it shouldn't offend very many people, if any.
<walteros2> Hi again Roderick.
<KenKrchnr> No, actually Mark suggested exactly the same I was thinking when you first mentioned it.
<walteros2> OK.
<walteros2> Does anyone think we should poll the membership (e.g. via email) before doing this?
<wdl> That would be appropriate; maybe save a fuss later.
<walteros2> I agree.
<wdl> And incidently, see what worms are under which rocks...
<walteros2> Bill: would you like to make that a motion?
<wdl> So move.
<Doug> I think you ought to just do. If you contact everyone that could take years to make a decision.
<walteros2> Well, we always have a drop dead date on these emails.
<KenKrchnr> Send out the email, to be counted next meeting, decision made.
<wdl> And that's true too. But organizations have gone belly-up over name/logo changes that ired parts of the membership.
<walteros2> This way we'll find out before it's too late.
<wdl> An e-mail vote could be identified as "advisory only".
<walteros2> All in favour of emailing the membership about banner/logo change with an expiry date of just before the date of the last meeting, please type Aye.
<wdl> Then the Board could announce a "wise" decision, with reasons, later.
<walteros2> That was a long one.
<walteros2> wdl: right
<KenKrchnr> Maybe just before the next meeting rather than the last one?
<wdl> Before the "last meeting" ??
<walteros2> sorry, should be "next" <g>
<Doug> aye
<wdl> IF "next" THEN -- Aye.
<KenKrchnr> aye
<walteros2> All opposed, please type Nay.
<walteros2> Motion is carried.
<KenKrchnr> Roserick recuses himself to avoid the appearance of "conflict of interest" :-)
<KenKrchnr> And he changed his name too :-)
<walteros2> wdl: would you mind putting together an email for this purpose, and send it to me?
<MADodel> late but Aye
<walteros2> :-)
<wdl> Walter: OK. Later today, I hope.
<walteros2> Mark: I was wondering where you were. <g>
<walteros2> Thanks.
<walteros2> Is there a motion to adjourn?
<wdl> Sure. So move.
<walteros2> <Well, it is past 5:00 EST, and we have pretty much covered the agenda.>
<walteros2> All in favour of adjourning, please type Aye.
<Doug> aye
<KenKrchnr> Aye
<wdl> Aye
<eCSNL> aye
<walteros2> All opposed, please type Nay.
17:04:39 <walteros2> Motion is carried; Meeting adjourned.