SpeakUp with Sundial Systems (Topic: Rover Pack) from 04/05/99
<randell>  For those of you that can multitask, you might what to check out www.sundialsystems.com/rover while we wait...
<randell>  That way we might be able to get to some more specific questions later.
*  mandie is going to rove on over to Sundial
<mandie>  ahhh, hey folks ...there's a demo available!!!
<randell>  Please folks, don't overwelm our poor little server...
<mandie>  everyone stay put! I'm d/l'ing now :)
<Swanee>  It's OK randell, most of us are running 300 baud.
<randell>  mandie didn't mention that you can, for a limited time, get a *temporary* license to turn the demo into the full product...
<Swanee>  mandie: I thought my download slowed down a bit. I had it at 330 and you dragged me down to 178bps
<mandie>  I'm filling that out now...I can't tell them "everything* :)
*  Swanee has to get one of those new 2400 baud modems
<madodel0>  That acustic coupled? or do you have to rewire your hand set?
*  Projects is still waiting for the upgrade from tin cans and string...
<mandie>  I'm done...next :)
<Swanee>  Sector!!
<Sector>  Hello, was having problems connecting to my ISP... (;
<Projects>  !ask sundial
<madodel0>  Sector¨
<VoiceBot>  [sundial] Sundial Systems http://www.sundialsystems.com/ (mandie)
<KC>  Has the sundial session started yet?
<Swanee>  Wow, I just looked at my download and it stopped... You really did slow me down mandie! :-)
<KoolAde>  aw gee there randell I have to do a snail mail to get rover I wanted to order online now :)
*  Abraxas muscled his way in with ISDN .... ya'll move over to the right :-)
<Swanee>  KC: Just warming up KC
<mandie>  VOICE would like to welcome Randell Flint and Rollin White from Sundial Systems
<KC>  OK Thanks
<mandie>  Randell, the floor is yours
<randell>  KoolAde, snail mail not required since FAX is also an option... but product shipment won't begin until about 4/16
<mandie>  so's the channel
<randell>  Thanks, mandie...
<randell>  For those of you who don't know...
<randell>  I'm Randell Flint, President of Sundial Systems...
<mandie>  !ask rover
<KoolAde>  yea I saw that I still want online ordering I dont mind waiting for it , I just like the ease of online ordering , order be done with it ;)
<VoiceBot>  [rover] http://www.sundialsystems/rover (mandie)
<mandie>  ooops
<randell>  And with us also tonight is Rollin White... and hopefull Stan Shantar of Orange Hill Software...
<randell>  (Stan seems to be lost in our Los Angeles traffic somewhere.)
<randell>  I'm going to try to describe the Rover Pack in a moment...
<randell>  But first a little history about us and Orange Hill.
<TheSeer>  can some1 please describe the Project in a short way ? *g*
<randell>  As some of you may know, Orange Hill Software (also based here in the greater LA area)
<randell>  has long been involved with OS/2.
<randell>  Their most recent product was the Workplace Solution which followed up on earlier products like DESKpower and IControl Plus.
<randell>  For the last several years, we've been talking about joining our product lines together.
<randell>  The Rover Pack is the first available part of that effort.
<randell>  So... what is the Rover Pack?
<mandie>  good question :)
<randell>  Well, it's reall hard to describe...
<TheSeer>  *g*
<KoolAde>  hey JimLarson missed you comming in :)
<os2lurker>  hehehehehhe
<randell>  As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of details (and a demo) at www.sundialsystems.com/rover but let me give the overview here...
<randell>  First, it's a *collection* of different things... thus the "pack" in the name.
<randell>  But the "star" of the show is Rover himself.
<randell>  Rover is, essentially "yet another desktop navigation tool"
<randell>  And, you say, why do you need/want another such tool?
<randell>  Well, you may or you may not...
<mandie>  stability?
<randell>  Every such tool/product has it's advantages and disadvantages and often you may find that you use several of them at once.
<randell>  What makes Rover different...
<randell>  is that it's a small (very small in fact) window that moves, or "roves" around your screen...
<KoolAde>  kinda like my cat that stays under my feet then
<randell>  always trying to remain visible and handy... but relatively out of your way.
<randell>  Thus, Rover, the retriver, is at hand to get desktop objects for you...
<randell>  Basically, the Rover menus are preconfigured with most the common Warp desktop objects you might want to open.
<randell>  But the real power comes when you have Rover retrieve "baskets" of objects.
<randell>  One special such basket is the one of All Avaliable Programs...
<randell>  that basket contains *every* program object that Rover can find anywhere on your desktop... not matter how deep in might be buried in folders, etc...
<randell>  (You can then create baskets with just the programs you need for particular tasks, etc.)
<randell>  From any entry in any program basket, you can open the program or its settings (as you might expect)...
<mandie>  handy!
<randell>  But you can alo open a *second copy* of the program even if that program object is set to "resurface" an open copy.
<randell>  Folder baskets work much the same way but contain folders (or drives or directories) instead.
<randell>  From a folder basket entry, you can open the folder or it's settings or it's parent...
<randell>  or have a "space analysis" done on everything in the folder itself...
<randell>  on in the folder and it's subfolders...
<randell>  or on the drive which contains the folder.
<randell>  And, if you are a command line type person, you can instantly open a command window (or fullscreen) right into that directory!
<Projects>  now that's handy
<randell>  Rover can do a whole bunch more than that... but it's way to much to get into here.
<madodel0>  Can that be done using a key combination? Or is this a strictly mouse oriented app?
<Projects>  page says mouse recommended :)
<mandie>  randell: are there any known incompatibilities with other wps programs...such as XFolder?
<randell>  Rover also gives you direct access to the various other Sundial Systems products and to the other compoents of the Rover Pack as well.
<Arkay>  randell: can you explain how it uses OS/2's "work areas"?
<Projects>  and Xit, and npswps
<KoolAde>  does it work with OD
<rollin>  You can't assign arbitrary keyboard shortcuts, but there are short cuts to the common system functions.
<madodel0>  And OD ;-)
<randell>  mandie, no known incompat with other WPS extentions... and I'll explain why later if you remind me.
<mandie>  ok
<randell>  Arkay, yes, work areas....
<randell>  One other type of basket is a "project"...
<randell>  A project combines program, folders, other baskets, other objects, etc into a single "basket" of things you need to work on a particular project or task.
<randell>  Part of what a project does...
<randell>  is to create a Workplace Shell folder for the project with the "work area" feature turned on...
<randell>  Thus, whenever you open/close/hide the project, the shell performs the corresponding action on all the "stuff" you are using on that project.
<mandie>  wow!
<Projects>  sounds like workareas
<Arkay>  basically and easier way of setting up and maintaning work areas? nice.
<mandie>  sounds like cleaning house!
<randell>  (Well, that's not a totally accurate description of how work areas work... but the point is that they are cumbersome to use on your own... and Rover makes it much easier.)
<randell>  Arkay, exactly!
<randell>  Back to the other components...
<Arkay>  nice feature. and that's only a small part of Rover pack. cool.
<randell>  The Rover Pack also includes a bunch of tools for creating and managing baskets, projects, a document list, etc.
<randell>  Baskets, including the All Available Programs basket, can be used from Rover but can *also* be used from these tools the the corresponding desktop objects that get created as part of the Rover Pack install.
<randell>  Thus, to find all the program objects on your system, all you have to do is open the All Available Programs object.
<randell>  The other major piece of the Rover Pack...
<randell>  is the Icon Central System.
<randell>  Icon Central is based on another part of Or
<randell>  another part of Orange Hill's long time product expertise.
<randell>  That's working with icons, and particuarly, icons as used in the Workplace Shell.
<randell>  So you get a bunch of professional-quailty icons (to get you started --- it not a 25,000 icons collection or anything like that, however)
<randell>  plus tools to help you use and apply icons...
<randell>  The most interesting of these...
<randell>  is the concept of a Icon Scheme for a folder.
<randell>  Basically, this lets you define rules (based on file types)
<randell>  for how icons should be assigned to files, etc, in the folder...
<randell>  (For instance, if you write code, you might use one icon for source code, another for headers, another for object files, etc...)
<randell>  Then, Icon Central applies the "correct" icon to all the files in the folder... without you having to work with each individual file.
<randell>  There is also an Auto Update feature that you can use again later to apply the same scheme to all the new files you add to the folder.
<randell>  Icon Central also includes a "drop target" on to which you can drop files, folders, etc, to change just the icon on that object (by picking a new icon from your library)...
<KC>  How does Rover determine file type? By extension?
<randell>  There are also a bunch of templates included to easily create folders with particular icons (colors or images) without haveing to apply the icons at all.
<randell>  And a bunch of "starter" icons for creating familys of similar looking icons yourself...
<randell>  KC, it's based on wildcard matches of files names at this point... so it's not strictly "type" in the WPS sense.
<randell>  And there's more but I think I should stop... the best way to figure out everything that's included is to download the demo and read thru the extensive documentation.
<randell>  Mandie?
<rollin>  And play with it!
<freiheit>  And ask questions about it.
<mandie>  incomp with other wps enhancements?
<freiheit>  :)
<randell>  Good point!
<rollin>  Even better point!
*  Projects is running rover now with Xit, npswps, Xfolder and animouse... no problems yet
<mandie>  as soon as I know if I can install now or have to uninstall an existing program
<randell>  Ah, how does it play vs other WPS apps...
<Arkay>  i have to leave. Randall: sounds like a great program, I'll try it out. BTW, that was a great introduction to the program.
<randell>  Rover does *not* extend the WPS by redefining classes, etc.
<randell>  So, in general, it should be compatible with just about any "variant" of the WPS (extended or not).
<mandie>  ok
<randell>  It's works by sitting "on the side" of the WPS so to speak.
<randell>  It is very aware of the objects on you desktop...
<Projects>  s'on the bottom here
<mandie>  will probably find that once I try it..I may not require some of the other wps enhancements
<freiheit>  Okay, well I've got a couple of questions.
<freiheit>  Re: The Show All Program Objects -- does this work from information in the INI files or does it search your hard drive every time you load it or ??
<randell>  but it "manipulates" those objects from "outside" the WPS, not from extentions, classes, or hooks "inside" the WPS.
<randell>  We are not aware of any incompable WPS-related products at this time... but I'm sure something will turn up someplace.
<Fuzy|ogic>  Hi all
<randell>  However, I should point out that this is proven technolgy that Orange Hill has been useing sucessfully, with little conflict, for about *seven* years!
<mandie>  Fuzy: hi
<mandie>  then it's got good history behind it
<randell>  freiheit...
<Fuzy|ogic>  What did I miss? What are we talking about?
<mandie>  fuzy: go to http://www.sundialsystems.com/rover
<randell>  The All Available Programs object essentially interogates the Shell to find those objects....
<Projects>  whoa! do I have all these apps installed?
<randell>  it does not do hard drive searches... it actually finds "program objects" (in the WPS sense), not programs... and keeps this up to date as things change.
<freiheit>  Excellent.
<randell>  Projects, yes, you do.... it's amazing how many program objects most people have and don't even know it.
<Projects>  tell me about it :)
<freiheit>  Re: Icon Central -- is it possible to 'embed' an icon into an .exe file? Not as an EA, but as the icon which, for instance, shows up on the System Menu and when minimized. I recall an old Win3.1 program (name forgotten) that could do this.
<mandie>  cute icon!
<Projects>  mandie: the little dog?
<randell>  I think the example picture on our website show an All Avilable backet with over 300 objects... that was shot on a typical example system.
<mandie>  yes :)
<rollin>  Freiheit that's a function of how the developer creates the program. So, in theory, yes it's possible for you to change it, but I don't know of any tools that will let you.


<VegiVegan>  I just commented that i thought you guys at Sundial have another winner, Like the rest of your offerens are real winners,
<rollin>  VegiVegan, thanks!!
<mandie>  I agree with Veg
<mandie>  oops Vegi
<randell>  FuzyLogic, not exactly... but I don't see why we couldn't add something like that in the future...
<mandie>  want to mention your "adoption"
<randell>  VegiVegan, why thank you!
<KoolAde>  mandie did you know it was me :)
<mandie>  kool: nope, or I'd have smacked ya!
<randell>  mandie, thanks... I will...
<randell>  Where we are right now is that we have relesed the product to manufacturing...
<randell>  We anticipate that product shipments will begin on about April 16th... but you can download and try the product now.
<randell>  As an introductory offer, we'd like everybody to "adopt" Rover -- he needs many good homes and likes to make friends.
*  KoolAde has dl and got a temp license while we chatted :)
<randell>  So, while the Rover Pack will retail for (which I think is a great price anyway) for $49...
*  Projects will be adopting
*  mandie will be adopting!
*  KoolAde will be adopting!!
<randell>  From now, until June 30th, you can bring Rover home for just $35.
<mandie>  so everyone put 4-16 in you Relish reminders :)
*  Sector wonders if mandie will be adopting him
<mandie>  lol
<mandie>  sector: do you eat much?
<rollin>  Does he have his shots!?
<KoolAde>  hhehehhe my dog at home will be jealous
<mandie>  LOL
<Sector>  Just give me a nice supply of chips...
<randell>  mandie, you can order *now* however, and we will (as always) ship orders in the order they are received.
<randell>  Just visit the website and follow the links to the Adoption Offer order form.
<mandie>  then I'll call tomorrow...through Sundial or resellers?
<KoolAde>  I still say , we want online ordering :)
<mandie>  ah...thx
<randell>  mandie, please don't call... fill out the order form and FAX or mail it.
<mandie>  will do
<randell>  We anticipate that resellers will be offering a similar offer once product shipments begin...
<randell>  KoolAde, we will have on-line ordering eventually (I'll pawn that problem off on our webmaster)...
<rollin>  Thanks...
<KoolAde>  All Right I will fax my order tomorrow.
<randell>  I don't want to name names, but the Rover Pack is enabled for electronic distribution so you should assume that some resellers will be making it available that way (thought I can't say exactly when).
<Fuzy|ogic>  OK, I'm still trying to figure out what this thing is.. Is it for people who get lost on their desktops or what... It seems to do a lot of things and I'm not sure what they have in common... And how does it stay out of the way??
<randell>  KoolAde, and thank you (and others) in advance for those orders!
*  mandie thanks Sundial for the great line of products!
<freiheit>  Fuzy|ogic, it stays out of the way by being very small and 'floating', from what I can tell.
<mandie>  and support, I might add
<randell>  FuzzyLogic, no, not for lost desktops. It's an adjunct to your desktop just like the WarpCenter, the Launch Pad, etc... plus a bunck of other "neat" tools and accessories.
<rollin>  The window actually physically moves based on what other windows are open and on your desktop. Move a window to cover Rover, and he'll move to another open space.
<Fuzy|ogic>  rollin: that's a cool idea!
<rollin>  Good!
<mandie>  Fuzy: there's a demo and temp license available
<Fuzy|ogic>  I'll have to try it out, it seems to be too much in it to easily explain...
<randell>  Ah! We're so close to it... and have been using it so long... it hard to explain sometimes...
<KoolAde>  I told you that was like my cat and dog go to step on them and they move to a new spot near your feet :)
<randell>  KoolAde, yep! Tha's the metaphor exactly.
<mandie>  now I can get rid of some of the additional items I've added to the wps menu
<Fuzy|ogic>  Are we going to have a moment to talk about DBExpert later? ;>
<Fuzy|ogic>  just maybe?
<rollin>  But unlike your cat or dog (especially the cat), you can tell Rover to sit still as well (actually the command is "stay").
<mandie>  right church, wrong pew :)
<randell>  I should have also mentioned that he keeps track of what you open... so it's easier to "get back" to something that you've opened and them closed.
<mandie>  this is chocked full of features!
<randell>  Sure, we can do a little DBExpert later... but lets wait until after all the Rover questions, etc. Remind me if I forget to come back to it.
<mandie>  and "Heel" :)
<freiheit>  Add RSynth and it can speak, too. :)
<Projects>  is "Heel" the one to get it to stay in one spot?
<rollin>  Yes, I think so.
<Nenad>  something like "Documents" submenu from Win95's "Start" menu?
<rollin>  Similar, yes, but not limited to documents.
<mandie>  ahhhh, it has a "speedbar"
<Nenad>  it registers some WPS classes or sublclasses WPObject for that?
<randell>  mandie, the "speebar" is an alternatve view of "rover"
<mandie>  right..I sort of prefer the lil guy floating :)
<Projects>  can the speedbar be moved?
<mandie>  there's an option to "Move to top"
<mandie>  or bottom
<Projects>  ah... top's better
<Projects>  bottom misses
<randell>  nenad, I wish Stan were here because he could explain it much better than I... but it does virtually everything it does without registering classes and it does not subclass any existing WPS classes at all (such insuring much higher compatibility with other WPS-related programs)
<mandie>  projects: check out the "assign rover pics"
<mandie>  holiday specific :)
<Sector>  Whats a holiday¨
<Projects>  mandie: it's greyed out here...
<Nenad>  randell: hmm... that's strange, but also good :)
<Projects>  oh... speedbar
<randell>  (Folks, keep in mind that some of what mandie is doing requires that you have at least the temporary license.)
<mandie>  projects: have to be in "rover" status
<rollin>  Conviniently available at:
<rollin>  !ask rover
<VoiceBot>  [rover] http://www.sundialsystems/rover (mandie)
<Projects>  and don't have speedbar turned on :)
<mandie>  I put the wrong url
<mandie>  http://www.sundialsystems.com/rover
<mandie>  :(
<Sector>  Missing the TLD...
<Sector>  Maybe rover can find it for you
<Projects>  hehehe
<randell>  Any more questions about Rover and his "pack" of friends?
<mandie>  not yet..it looks great so far
<Sector>  Does he get along well with cats?
<rollin>  So far, he hasn't seen any cats. But we're working on it.
<Sector>  Will he chase cars¨
<rollin>  No, he's well behaved.
<Sector>  Do you train other pets?
<rollin>  NO!
<randell>  Rollin, if you have the WPS car example (from the OS/2 toolkit), Rover probably will fetch a car for you...
<mandie>  let me make a lil announcement before anyone leaves
<Sector>  Well, it was worth a try...
<mandie>  SCOUG holds a "Help" session at 10 EST in the #SCOUG channel...so drop in and join the discussion after our speakup session
<randell>  Anyone found the choices on the Rover menu to open up things like Relish, Mesa, Clearlook, and DBExpert yet?
<KoolAde>  man is rover fast it tool less than 2 sec. to pull up 262 items for me
<rollin>  Do we want to spend a few minutes on DBE?
<randell>  Guess now whould be a good time as every one continues to train Rover in the background...
*  Abraxas just downloaded the updates to DBE
<mandie>  randell: yes, opens relish and dbe up just fine ;)
<rollin>  Steve, glad you could make it!
<Swanee>  rollin: What is the availability of the icons for use outside our personal systems?
<mandie>  STeveS: hiya :)
<randell>  mandie, now *why* on earth would we want to give you an "all in one place" way to open the various Sundial products? Hum?
<KoolAde>  hey randell why are they grey out I have the evaluation license loaded
<mandie>  lol
<randell>  Swanee, there is an option to export each icon as a traditional ICO file for use just about anyway you want (subject to the license agreement)
<mandie>  randell: bug?
*  Swanee is wondering if he can consider them part of his "public icon library"...
<freiheit>  Sure, we haven't had a SpeakUp on that one yet. Might as well have a teaser here. :)
<Swanee>  That's what I was wondering... the license agreement...
<randell>  KoolAde, that would indicate they aren't installed on your system (with the possible exception of Clearlook as explained in the README.
<KoolAde>  I just tried to open Mesa2, ClearLook, and DBExpert with ROver no can do
<KoolAde>  and when I ask it for its dogtag it shows the license that I got temp. ?
<randell>  Swanee, you can't redistribute/reuse the icons without permission, etc, but you can use the them anyway just about anyway you want for person use.
<KoolAde>  randell I own all of them have for years :)
<Swanee>  randell: Oaky Doak! :-)
<randell>  KoolAde, could you send a note to rover@sundialsystems.com so we can follow up on that... it sounds like a problem with your desktop or something... we will need to get more details
<KoolAde>  and Relish too :(
<KoolAde>  randell I will do that , thanks
<randell>  KoolAde, when you send that note, could you also let us know if the products show up in your All Available Programs basket or not
<KoolAde>  OK no problem
<Fuzy|ogic>  I'm working on a few Apps of my own that will use DataBases to hold all of their config data and other related stuff and I am planning on using DBE to create the DBs and the DBE libraries to handle the Databases in the code...
<Fuzy|ogic>  I don't need to purchase and liscences or anything if I want to distribute the apps as opensource with that in there do I?
<Fuzy|ogic>  I wanted people who have DBE or something compatable to be able to edit the DBs for the app..
<randell>  FuzyLogic, I'm not 100% sure exactly what you are doing.. so it might be best to ping dbexpert@sundialsystems.com with more of the details... but, in general, I don't see a problem...
<randell>  The user would need a copy of DBExpert, however, to be able to change the database defs or a copy of the DBExpert runtime to be able to change the data in the tables...
<Fuzy|ogic>  OK, cool... I just hate using a bunch of config files and the like if I can do it dynamically with one DB... I don't know why more people don't do it that way..
<mandie>  this is just toooooooooo kewl!!!
<mandie>  you guys have a winner here
<randell>  Sounds interesting... keep me posted since there are perhaps lots of issues involved.
<mandie>  all it needs now is virtual desktops :)
<Fuzy|ogic>  randell: no problem, if the project takes off, it will probably be very public...
<randell>  Mandie, thanks again! We thought it was cool too! And that's why we brought Rover down the street to Sundial's house.
<mandie>  wise move! :)
<Projects>  is he house-broken?
<Projects>  :)
<KoolAde>  mandie I would quit OD tommorrow if could get a real virtual desktops that the main reason I use OD
<randell>  n
<randell>  k
<Projects>  KoolAde: try PC/2
<mandie>  KoolAde: there are other options for virtual desktops :)
<randell>  Projects, yep... unlike some OS/2 software out there.
<mandie>  projects: that's what I use also
<Projects>  randell: hehehe
<mandie>  randell: any possibility of adding virtual desktops?
<Projects>  randell: neutered? :)
<Projects>  mandie: yup... works better than OD's virtual desktops imho
<randell>  mandie, not in the plan at this time...
<mandie>  that would be a very good feature
<mandie>  then I can get rid of pc/2 :)
<Projects>  hehe
<Pliny>  Pardon the off topic and pardon my ignorance, but I just got kicked off a few minutes ago and was told to look at the "motd". I have no idea what that means.
<randell>  mandie, I don't want us to cut into SCOUG's time too much so we should start think about a wrapup that traditional triva question...
<mandie>  motd=Message of the day
<mandie>  randell: good idea
<Pliny>  mandie: thanks
<mandie>  randell: maybe a follow-up speakup in June on Rover
<mandie>  unless you have something else up your sleeve :)
<randell>  mandie, let's leave June open for now... we may have yet another little surprise...
<rollin>  We always have *something* up at least one or two sleeves.
<mandie>  this is just getting tooooo exciting!!! :)
<Fuzy|ogic>  sneeky...
*  Abraxas *likes* these guys :-))
<madodel0>  Any word on Relish or clearlook updates?
<mandie>  abraxas: watch it or they'll sic Rover on ya!
<randell>  Still in the queue... hopefully Relish is next...
<mandie>  ok, trivia time is upon us
<randell>  Ok then...
<randell>  Tonight's lucky winner will get his/her own free copy of (guess what) the Rover Pack (when available).
<Fuzy|ogic>  hit me!
*  Projects smacks Fuzy|ogic
<randell>  Tonights question requires a "correct" answer...
<mandie>  I resign as Liaison of VOICE!
*  Swanee wishes he had a chance to win. :-(
<Fuzy|ogic>  ouch, quit it..
<KoolAde>  oooh I cant wait
<randell>  Thus, everyone may make multiple guesses till someone gets it right (or until I say we've moving on to another question)...
*  Sector reinstates mandie (you're not allowed to resign or leave you can only be fired)
<randell>  Since we are taking about desktop objects...
<mandie>  hehe
*  Abraxas doesn't fire ANYONE
<randell>  According to the "offical" (ie, it ships with Warp) OS/2 Glossary...
*  Swanee says, "That burns me"
*  Sector figures that means it's a lifetime job
<Pliny>  Swanee: I don't know, maybe I assumed too quickly. It happened at 18:06 MST (1:06 into it).
<randell>  What 4 letter word is defined as...
<randell>  "the appearance of the contents of an open object"?
<StevenL>  View
<randell>  Bingo!
*  Abraxas sees everyone opening the Information object right now :-)
<Projects>  Bingo's a 5 letter word
<KoolAde>  StevenL you type to fast
<randell>  Very good... StevenL is the winner!
<Swanee>  StevenL: No lag for you huh? haha
<StevenL>  Hey, I had a relish note pop up at the same time. Give me a break.
*  Abraxas thinks that randell is going to have to think up harder questions :-)
<KoolAde>  a relish note that said view I bet :)
<randell>  StevenL, plesae send a note to rover@sundialsystems.com with your contact details... thanks.
<StevenL>  No, SCOUG...
<StevenL>  Will do.
<StevenL>  Thanks.
<Projects>  dear rover@sundialsystems.com: Hi, I'm the real StevenL...
<randell>  Anything else before we're out of here and turn things over to SCOUG for there chat?
<mandie>  randell: thank you once again..
<rollin>  Thank you guys!
<StevenL>  Thanks Randell, Rollin etc.
<mandie>  ok folks...SCOUG is having their "Help" chat now if anyone is interested in attending
<randell>  Thanks for having us... and we'll see you all again in June.
<mandie>  Thanks to all for coming tonight
<Swanee>  Thanks randell and rollin