General VOICE Meeting - 30 April 2005

1. Call the meeting to order.
2. Old Business
     a) Usergroup page (Roderick Klein, Mark Dodel)
     b) Status of future SpeakUps (Roderick Klein)
     c) Forum (Walter Metcalf)
     d) MOTION: That on-going communications with members be maintained using a moderated forum, with read available to all and posting available to members only.
     e) status OS/2 news system (Roderick)
     f) support OS/2 development
3) New Business.
     a) sponsorship Warpstock
4. Other Business
5. Announcements
     b)Next meeting will be 28th May 2005
6. Adjournment

Summary - Decisions/Announcements Made
1. The new OS/2-eCS news service is still in development and has limited usage to date. Translation and other features are being worked on.
2. Status of SpeakUps - Next SpeakUp in May on Open Watcom. A SpeakUp for June is planned on eComStation. There will be a 2-month summer break in SpeakUps.
3. There is now an up-to-date list of OS/2 usersgroups on OS2Voice.
4. MOTION: That on-going communications with members be maintained using a moderated forum, with read available to all and posting available to members only. The motion was passed and implementation using Ceilidh was discussed.
5. Support for OS/2 development - was postponed until the parties are contacted.
6. Sponsorship for Warpstock was also introduced. No decision was made.
7. Next scheduled meeting is the 28th of May 2005.

Meeting Log
Chairman of the meeting Roderick Klein called the meeting to order at 15:00:01 EDT
<eCSNL> * eCSNL declares this meeting for opened
<JWE> logging has begun
<eCSNL> Its exactly 21:00 Amsterdam time. John could you start logging.
<eCSNL> Thank you.
<eCSNL> Secretary of the meeting if John Edwards, chairman is Roderick Klein.
<eCSNL> First point on the agenda
<eCSNL> First point. We have an additional visitor.
<eCSNL> Point e on the agenda is old business. I'm just moving it to top of the agenda.
* eCSNL gives a applause for the real OS/2 guy, Robert Henschel
<eCSNL> I invited Warp 5 to give us an update on the newssystem. He is the guy that agreed we needed this system for the community.
*WalterOS2* Sorry I was out when you called the second time. I see you made it anyway. :-)
<eCSNL> And he is the person who deserves the credit. He actualy is coding the whole thing.
* eCSNL hands Warp 5 the microphone
<Warp5> thanks
<Warp5> well, actually Roderick convinced me that we need the system
<Warp5> I implemented a first version last year, and today, only OS/2 VOice and my user group website use it
<Warp5> it has a couple of problem, that are now being addressed in the "OS/2 News System - 2nd edition" :-)
<Warp5> Currently, all OS/2 voice news posts go into the system, and I translate parts of them to German to use them on my user group website
<Warp5> when the system is ready, we hope to add other websites as well
<Warp5> so that in the end, we have a large central news source, where OS/2 websites can get up to date news, in different languages
* eCSNL assigned Warp 5 for translation in Japanese, but so far I have been able to convince him...
<eCSNL> unable that is.
<Warp5> So far, I hope I can finish it next month
<Warp5> websites will be able to retrieve the news via an RSS feed or via linking to static HTML content
<Warp5> websites can input data via a submission form
<Warp5> in addition, normal OS/2 users can also submit news items
<WalterOS2> Please be sure to allow announcements via email. :-)
<eCSNL> Guess what is happening to the voice news :-)
<Warp5> yes, Roderick brought this to my attention as well, and we should include that
<WalterOS2> submission of announcements.
<WalterOS2> Thanks.
<Warp5> I will also write a short article that describes how to use the system
<Warp5> from a "website admin" viewpoint
<Warp5> this will hopefully be enough to get it used by other websites
<WalterOS2> Roderick: What is happening to VOICE NEWS?
<eCSNL> Well you see the mailing list can continue to run.
<eCSNL> But basicly we have discussed this. There will also be a lazy admin option where with an iframe you can display websites HTML from our server.
<eCSNL> However, consumers will not have access to
<eCSNL> (That is to read news)
<eCSNL> This is done on purpose so other websites don't lose their readers.
<Warp5> Voice will also benefit, as you can put news that come in from other websites into your mailing list...
* Warp5 thinks he said everything
<eCSNL> Having news collected via one system and translated will increase the news flow. The community will get to know more people
<eCSNL> and more software.
<WalterOS2> That can't hurt. :-)
<eCSNL> With the lazy webadmin option, more OS/2 user group pages will become alive again with almost daily fresh news feeds
<eCSNL> The more websites and servers hookup to the system the better...
* eCSNL turned off the microphone and gets it back
<Warp5> the good thing for VOICE is, since your mailings list is already connected to the news system, you do not need to change anything on your system :-)
<eCSNL> Thank you Warp5 for that update. I may have convinced you. You spent the hours coding the system.
<eCSNL> Next group on the agenda is the speakup status.
<eCSNL> Today I have been able to get the rusty project going again.
<eCSNL> Send an email to Michal who works on Open Watcom.
<eCSNL> That *planned* for May.
<eCSNL> And the speakup is done twice so the people in Australia and Asia can also join.
<eCSNL> Scheduled for June is a speakup about ecomstation
<eCSNL> I'm looking to see if I can get Bob StJohn, me, Joachim Benjamins and Alex Taylor.
<eCSNL> And Bart van Leeuwen who leads the eCS project.
<eCSNL> After that I suggest a break for 2 months for speakups for because of the summerbreak.
<eCSNL> All speakups will be on a Saturday.
<eCSNL> For Australia they will always be on a Sunday morning from 09:00 to 11:00 Sydney time.
<eCSNL> So there you have the contributions to get the community in touch with each other
<Gord> Very good!
<eCSNL> and distribute news.
<eCSNL> Then another person who has done work on things is Mark Dodel.
<eCSNL> We have an up to date list of OS/2 usersgroups now on os2voice.
<Hawklord The groups have been shortlisted :-)
<eCSNL> Well its a start. There are more in the woodwork.
<eCSNL> As somebody I know say, OS/2 users live in a cave.
<eCSNL> We need to hand these people a lightbulb :-)
<eCSNL> Where can I get support, get more websites hooked up on the news system and this way websites will get more visable in google....
<eCSNL> Next item is the forum discussion that I need to
<eCSNL> wait to put to vote until
<eCSNL> Walter was here.
<eCSNL> The motion was.
<eCSNL> MOTION: That on-going communications with members be maintained using a moderated forum, with read available to all and posting available to members only.
<eCSNL> The forum it to speed up daily discussion.
<WalterOS2> I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to support that with Ceilidh.
<eCSNL> The monthly IRC meeting will still be there for people who want to say something.
<Gord> Question: Will members be notified of additions to the discussion? If so, how?
<eCSNL> That means people who can't post on the forums.
* eCSNL unplugs his microphone and hands it walteros2 so he can answer questions on the forum software
<WalterOS2> A feature of Ceilidh is to notify people of changes to a particular thread/topic.
<Hawklord Where is info about Ceilidh?
<WalterOS2> Ken helped implement that feature for the C++ forum, so we know it works.
<WalterOS2> Hold on...
<Gord> How are they notified?
<KenKrchnr Via email
<WalterOS2> Go to for information about the product.
<WalterOS2> It's fairly intuitive to use. Just use it a few times, and you should get the hang of it.
<WalterOS2> The manual is really for installing, so it is very technical. Don't let it scare you. :-)
<WalterOS2> I recommend surfing around the site for info on how to use it.
<WalterOS2> That's all I really have. Are there any questions?
<Gord> What is the first discussion to be done there?
<eCSNL> The idea of this forum
<eCSNL> is that we can have discussions when it suits are needs
<eCSNL> are=our
<eCSNL> And one monthly IRC meeting.
<KenKrchnr Topic: Should we continue to use these forums ;-) 15:42:12
<WalterOS2> What's on your mind, Ken?
<KenKrchnr Just answering Gord's question about the first discussion. :-)
<Gord> Thank you.
<Gord> Do we have the professional version?
<KenKrchnr Yes
<WalterOS2> If someone provides me with a complete list of members, then I can register them all in one shot, so they don't have to.
<Gord> I can do that.
<Gord> What info do you need for each member?
<WalterOS2> Name and email address, I believe. Let me check.
<Gord> Does that mean I have to notify you, Walter, every time a member leaves or joins?
<WalterOS2> Password, full name, and email address.
<Gord> Password???
<eCSNL> Well silly question.
<WalterOS2> Roderick?
<eCSNL> Ken don't all members already have an account on ?
<eCSNL> Let people use that account?
<WalterOS2> No.
<eCSNL> Why not ?
<eCSNL> One website and two userid and passwords for one website ?
<KenKrchnr There are no areas yet that would have required an account.
<WalterOS2> We can either ask people to give us a password when they join, or, better, give each person a generic password when we register them, and tell them to change ASAP.
<KenKrchnr Gord is currently working on populating the user database. Then we'll be able to validate users for given areas of the site.
<eCSNL> Since we are planning on distributing the OS2VOICE newsletter in PDF to members only.
<eCSNL> That would require a password and userid.
<Gord> Ken, that is on hold. I found it was just too slow over dialup.
<WalterOS2> Gord: As to your first question, it isn't a big deal for me to create a new registration or delete one every once in awhile.
<eCSNL> So why not implent that if that if futher down the line.
<Gord> Because it isn't very far down the line.
<eCSNL> Oke great then we need to use that database for access.
<eCSNL> Otherwhise people will get confused enough.
<Gord> Walter: I understand. But now I have an extra action to perform for each new member.
<Gord> I must write it into the Treasurer's notes.
<WalterOS2> Well, we could do a batch registration for every one at the beginning just to get going, and then let everyone who joins after that register themselves.
<WalterOS2> Ceilidh is quite flexible. :-)
<Gord> Could I do it from here?
<WalterOS2> Not unless I give you administrator access. :-)
<Gord> I could include their instructions as part of my 'Welcome' note.
<WalterOS2> Sounds good.
<Gord> OK, send me a copy of the instructions, please.
<eCSNL> I don't understand this. Will users for the forum have seperated passwords that don't work on the rest of the website (for example the VOICE news letter PDF download ?)
<WalterOS2> Instructions for what?
<Gord> About the presence and use of Ceilidh.
<Gord> For each new member.
<WalterOS2> OK
<WalterOS2> Roderick: Members will choose their own passwords for the forum. It should also be up to them whether they want to use the same password for the Newsletter. :-)
<eCSNL> Oke can this forum be active on
<eCSNL> before the end of may?
<WalterOS2> Hi Bren
<WalterOS2> As far as I am concerned, certainly.
<WalterOS2> Gord, if you're pushed for time, just send me a copy of the database, and I'll do the bulk registration myself.
<eCSNL> OK that wraps up this agenda point.
<WalterOS2> IWB isn't open source. AFAIK only IBM could do that.
<eCSNL> Next point is the sponsor ship of a Netlabs project.
<JWE> We still need to vote on the motion.
<eCSNL> Well Adriaan Geschwend remains snowed in.
<eCSNL> We will do that at the end of the meeting.
<WalterOS2> in or under? :-)
<WalterOS2> I would really like to see support for PMMail; however that is in the SourceForge group.
<WalterOS2> support s/b sponsor
<eCSNL> s/b ?
<eCSNL> Anyway that point will have to wait.
<KenKrchnr<> Should Be
<eCSNL> I will try and get it squared away for the next meeting.
<eCSNL> Last topic is.
<eCSNL> For how much do we want to sponsor Warpstock US this year ?
<Zoltan> Enough to make it happen?
<Gord> Has it been announced yet?
<Zoltan> No
<Gord> We don't have enough money to make it happen on our own.
<WalterOS2> If I may play Devil's advocate for a minute. Donating $500 (or whatever) to Warpstock could be viewed as going just to the 40 or so people who actually go to Warpstock.
<Gord> Well just ask them how they would feel if Warpstock doesn't happen at all.
<WalterOS2> Them?
<Gord> ...whether they go or not.
<Gord> Those who say that.
<WalterOS2> End of Devil's advotate. :-)
<KenKrchnr I'll play the Angels Advocate :-)
<KenKrchnr Warpstock also posts all the sessions and many pics and videos.
<KenKrchnr Those are available to everyone, whether or not they've attended or supported. 16:17:52
<Zoltan> Well, at a Warpstock we proove that we really exist...
* eCSNL is away for 5 minutes
<Warp5> sorry, have to go, bye
<Gord> Walter, Ceilidh names are on their way to you in an email.
<WalterOS2> Thanks, Gord.
<WalterOS2> I wonder when Roderick is coming back.
<Gord> 3 minutes
<Gord> Hawklord, we are waiting for Roderick to return. Hello, I had to reboot
<eCSNL> I'm baack!
<eCSNL> :-)
<WalterOS2> Yea!!
<WalterOS2> :-)
<Gord> What's the next item on the agenda?
<Gord> I move we adjourn since we seem to have covered everything on the agenda.
<eCSNL> Oke that is possible.
<eCSNL> There was a reason for me to interrupt this meeting.
<Gord> What was the reason?
<eCSNL> Can't get into detail right now...
<Gord> OK
<Gord> Can we vote on my motion, then?
<eCSNL> Ahaa yes the motion.
* eCSNL has a spinning head...
<eCSNL> MOTION: That on-going communications with members be maintained using a moderated forum, with read available to all and posting available to members only. The monthly IRC meeting will remain.
<eCSNL> Who is in favour of putting this motion to a vote ?
<Gord> Aye.
* eCSNL is still not used to this procedure
<WalterOS2> Aye
<JWE> Aye
<eCSNL> Great I need one vote.
<eCSNL> Who is favour of this motion, say aye
<Zoltan> *WaterOS2* O.T. If I recall it correctly, your and my wife had a good time at the Warpstock in Philadelphia going siteseeing of historical material, and sure missed her in Toronto and thereafter.
<Zoltan> Aye
<WalterOS2> Aye
<eCSNL> Aye
<Gord> Everyone else has fallen asleep, I think.
<eCSNL> Well anybody against this motion, if you think its evil, will be end of times ? :-)
<eCSNL> Please say nay
<eCSNL> Great.
<eCSNL> Motion is accepted.
* Hawklord abstains
<Gord> Now, how about my motion to adjourn?
<eCSNL> Announcement
<Gord> Oh.
* eCSNL sticks to agenda somehow
<eCSNL> Next meeting will be 28th May 2005
<eCSNL> Who wants to close this meeting?
<Gord> Aye.
<JWE> Aye
<WalterOS2> Aye
<Zoltan> Aye
* eCSNL cuts red tape
<eCSNL> Nobody is ever against closing a meeting. So I declare this meeting closed :-)
<eCSNL> Thank you for your time and see you next month
Meeting adjourned 30 April 2005 at 16:53:01 EDT