General Meeting from 05/06/02

<Walter>  I hereby call this meeting of VOICE to order.
<Walter>  Agenda Item 1: Treasurer's Report
<Walter>  Peter, you're on.
<Projects>  7171.79 cdn
<Walter>  Do you have that in $US?
<Projects>  Members around 270 (having problems with the machine that has the actual figures :-(
<Sector>  $4,577.05 USD
<Walter>  OK, so around $5000 USD.
<Walter>  Agenda Item: 2) President's Resignation
<Walter>  Effective May 31,2002
<Walter>  For those who didn't see the email posting, I have some health problems, which seriously limit the amount of stress
<MADeCSPro>  Sorry to hear that Walter. Any ideas on candidates for replacement?
<Walter>  I can handle and there the number of things I can do at once. I'm frequently feeling that my limited time and energy are being stretched too thin, so I've decided I must cut back on my activities to those I can handle more effectively.
<Walter>  I want you to know this was a really difficult decision. :-(
<Walter>  Well, there are one or two people around who really seem to care about VOICE, but who are not currently actively involved.
<Walter>  However, I have not approached any of them, so I hesitate to put them on the spot. :-)
<MADeCSPro>  Well someone has to do it. ;-)
<Walter>  Mark, XRange has suggested Andy Roberts ( Do you know him?
<MADeCSPro>  No. Has he ever been on IRC?
<XRange>  yes
<Walter>  He apparently knows OS/2 inside out and is big on Fidonet.
* Walter knew nothing about IRC when he first started. :-)
<MADeCSPro>  Well someone needs to ask him if he is interested
<XRange>  MADeCSPro: Andy been using OS/2 since it first came out
<Walter>  XRange, would you contact him and ask him if he is interested?
<MADeCSPro>  Cool. That's a long time
<XRange>  i could give him phone call
<Walter>  It's more likely to work out better since you know him.
<Walter>  Thanks, XRange.
<Walter>  Mark, who should be handling the transition:- mandie or me?
<Walter>  IOW who should Andy get in touch with if he's interested?
<MADeCSPro>  I think really it should be you if you can
<Walter>  XRange, if Andy is interested, then ask him to email me, and I can give him the details.
<XRange>  he not interested
<MADeCSPro>  Well that was quick
<XRange>  on phone with him now
<XRange>  says he doesn't have time
<Walter>  Mark, what is the procedure for electing an officer?
<Projects>  most have been appointed due to apathy
<MADeCSPro>  We try to get two candidates and hold an election. I don't think there is a written procedure for it.
<XRange>  MADeCSPro: well i'm not much for words but i give it shot
* Walter thanks XRange for letting his name stand for nomination as President of VOICE.
<Walter>  Agenda Item 3.
<Walter>  As nearly everyone is aware, we haven't had a Marketing Rep for sometime.
<Walter>  As I was saying about Marketing Rep, we don't have one.
<Walter>  I've talked to Vaughn Bender about taking on this responsibilty, and he has agreed. He couldn't be here tonight
<Walter>  because of family responsibilities.
<Projects>  Vaughn = WarpedOS/2 for those who don't know
<Walter>  Vaughn is into marketing: he is the one who put together the deal with Norman for the fabulous group discount on NVC deal
<Walter>  I think he would do a great job, because he thinks like a Marketing person.
<Walter>  So, I would like to nominate him as Marketing Representing of VOICE.
<trock>  seconded
<Walter>  WHile I'm at it, I also nominate XRange (aka Jerry Nichols) to the position of President of VOICE.
<Walter>  Is there a second?
<Projects>  second
<Walter>  I suggest that we post an announcement that the two candidates have been nominated for their respective positions.
<Walter>  Then we'll state that other VOICE members are welcome to nominate other people, and give a procedure for doing so.
<Walter>  Give a deadline.
<Walter>  At the end of that time, we'll have our election.
<Walter>  Does that sound OK? It seems to be what we did last year. :-)
<Projects>  sounds good to me
<MADeCSPro>  Sounds like a plan to me
<trock>  Is there enough time to do all these by the end of this month?
<Walter>  trock: How much time should we allow for other nominations?
<Projects>  end of the month is more time than we've ever allowed in the past...
<Walter>  Then it should be enough time.
<Walter>  I'll get something posted asap.
<Walter>  I'm open to a motion to adjourn the formal meeting. :-)
<MADeCSPro>  Motion to adjourn
<trock>  I am ready to second
<Walter>  All in favour of adjourning, type Aye.
<MADeCSPro>  Aye
<Walter>  Aye
<trock>  ayyye
<Projects>  aye
<Walter>  Opposed?
<Walter>  Carried.