VOICE - General Meeting for 2004-05-15

12:14:44 -> ... meeting ... session ... [after-the-fact, by Secretary]
<WalterOS2> I wonder where Roderick is. (?)
<eCSNL> hello
<WalterOS2> Hi Roderick
<eCSNL> hello walter
<wdl> Walter: Please, is there an agenda? Where?
<wdl> Walter: If there's to be a meeting -- the "magic words" please?
<WalterOS2> I've been concerned recently that I'm doing too much, resulting in a lot of stress at times. That is never good for my health. My
<WalterOS2> seizures are under control at the moment and I'd like to keep them that way!
<WalterOS2> In addition, I'm finding I don't have time to do the things I enjoy and am good at. I'm speaking of working on eComstation-OS/2
<WalterOS2> projects and writing for the Newsletter.
<WalterOS2> Twice I have agreed to let my name stand for the VOICE presidency. On both occasions, I did s
<WalterOS2> cause I enjoy power or
<WalterOS2> administration, but because in my opinion, the existence or direction of VOICE was being threatened.
<WalterOS2> At this time, the new Board of Directors has got most thing going in a positive and healthy direction. (I would not quit again and
<WalterOS2> leave VOICE without a strong replacement, unless there was simply no other choice.) Fortunately, there is someone who is willing
<WalterOS2> to take over my job, and who I believe would do a better job than I have, because he has youth and vigour that I don
<WalterOS2> e. :-)
<WalterOS2> Roderick Klein and I had an extended telephone conversation yesterday in which I expressed these concerned. He has offered to
<WalterOS2> take over as President immediately. I will remain on the Board as Vice-President. In effect, we will be switching jobs. This move is
<WalterOS2> done pending a VOICE general election, which I expect will be coming up fairly soon.
<WalterOS2> Please note that I am not ceasing or even reducing my involvement in VOICE and certainly not in eComstation-OS/2! This move will
<WalterOS2> enable me to s
<WalterOS2> 2 projects on my computers so that I can write more for the VNL. In addition I hope I will be able to start
<WalterOS2> doing beta testing of new products. These are activities which I enjoy, and should prove less stressful.
<WalterOS2> Roderick is strongly committed to VOICE as the only International group of OS/2 users, and already has several ideas to strength
<WalterOS2> VOICE. I ask each of you to co-operate with him as he seeks to implement them.
<WalterOS2> Finally, I want to thank each board member for working so hard on your indivi
<WalterOS2> ojects to improve the quality and stability of our
<WalterOS2> organization.
<WalterOS2> Walter F. Metcalf
<WalterOS2> VOICE Vice-President
<WalterOS2> It seems there isn't one.
<WalterOS2> I guess I'll have to wing it.
<eCSNL> I have a couple points I would like to put forward
<eCSNL> an official agenda has not been made
<eCSNL> However there are some things I would like to inform you all about
<eCSNL> Nobody objects agains this ?
<APG> No
<Gord> No
<wdl> No. Is this an Official Meeting?
<eCSNL> Yes
<eCSNL> Please give me 5 minutes
<eCSNL> I will be the chairman
<eCSNL> please give me 5 minutes
<wdl> Hi Ken.
<WalterOS2> Hello Ken
<KenKrchnr> Hi guys, I wasn't sure if there was a meeting today or not
<wdl> Scheduled...!
<WalterOS2> IMHO, We need to deal with VOICE1's move, and we also need a Treasurer's report.
<WalterOS2> Not necessarily in that order. :-)
<eCSNL> One moment
<eCSNL> hang in
<eCSNL> there
<Gord> I can report while Roderick takes 5 minutes.
<Gord> OK?
<eCSNL> Please wait
<wdl> YES.
<Gord> Will wait.
<eCSNL> The meeting has not been opened yet
<eCSNL> Will be opened shortly
<WalterOS2> I apologize everyone. I should have done a better job of communicating with Roderick about the agenda and this meeting. :-(
<eCSNL> First time stuff for me :-)
<eCSNL> And voila lady and gentlemen
<eCSNL> here we have an agenda
<eCSNL> http://home.wanadoo.nl/rwklein/agenda.txt
<eCSNL> I have updated it
<eCSNL> I hereby call this meeting to order.
* eCSNL hits the hammer on the desk
<eCSNL> wdl could you please start the logging for this session or had you already done that ?
<eCSNL> hello marc
<MADodel> hello Roderick. You get my email from Gerrit?
<wdl> Been logging since 1200 my time.
<eCSNL> yes madodel
<eCSNL> Let me get to the first agenda point
<eCSNL> First an annouchment
<eCSNL> As typed before
<eCSNL> Walter Metcalf has resigned as president of VOICE and has become vice president
<eCSNL> I have become president of VOICE.
<eCSNL> As said Walter will do other things for VOICE and not reduce his level of activity.
<eCSNL> He just needs to have less stress.
<eCSNL> Point 2a is on the agenda
<eCSNL> an update on the moving of the VOICE server.
<WalterOS2> Ken is looking after that. :-)
<WalterOS2> At least, he is the point man.
<KenKrchnr> We're waiting to hear back from TE about the server. I emailed them twice but no response yet.
<eCSNL> Silly question
<eCSNL> Would it be better
<eCSNL> if somebody gave them a phonecall I have noticed in so many cases how much more efficient a phonecall is :-)
<KenKrchnr> Right now I'm sitting in L.A., so I have to wait 'til I get back home on Monday to try again.
<eCSNL> Oke that will remain on the agenda for the next meeting
<eCSNL> Next point is the treasurer report
<eCSNL> Gordon the we are listing :-)
<Gord> 1. The transfer of money from Mensys has arrived.
<Gord> 2. I have begun putting the treasury records in electronic format ...
<Gord> using InCharge.
<Gord> I am finding it does not have much space for notes about a transaction ...
<Gord> so I'm using the note fields of IC as much as possible.
<eCSNL> A question Gordon
<eCSNL> have you now been able to receive
<Gord> If this works out, maybe we could register a copy of IC to VOICE Treasurer and have it follow the person doing the job.
<Gord> ??
<eCSNL> Sorry about that. I thought you had finished.
<WalterOS2> Sounds good to me.
<Gord> NO, more to come.
<Gord> What is your question?
<eCSNL> Have we received from the previous treasurer by now any more bankstatements
<Gord> No.
<eCSNL> So we have no bankstatements.
<Gord> 3. I still have not received any monthly membership payments from either Mensys or BMT so I can't confirm that line is solid
<Gord> 4. I have started to build a PMMail book of VOICE members. This should become a property of the job.
<Gord> 5. I have started to email out reminders/inquiries to members about expired memberships. Only a handful so far ...
<Gord> but I'm getting a system set up to do it easily and quickly.
<WalterOS2> Gord: Can you import the Address Book electronically?
<eCSNL> Thanks for so actively contacting people Gordon.
<Gord> 6. I am continuing to write up the actions and duties of the Treasurer. I recommend each officer do the same.
<Gord> 7. last known bank balance... $[bleep!] CDN
<Gord> ecsnl: no bank statements.
<eCSNL> This is your last point I gues since its the the bank balance
<eCSNL> Are we receiving these bank statements now from the new bank ?
<Gord> Walter: What address book?
<Gord> End Of Report
<WalterOS2> PMMail book of VOICE members.
<Gord> ecsnl: Yes
<MADodel> Gord: You do know that there is a members mailing list on the VOICE server that is supposed to be maintained by the Treasurer?
<Gord> Walter: Are you speaking of the one I'm creating , or one already in existence?
<WalterOS2> The one you are creating.
<Gord> Mark: I did not know.
<Gord> Walter. It can be unloaded and loaded as a CSV file.
<MADodel> Ken should be able to tell you how to access it or at least send you an extract from it.
<Gord> but it may be mixed in with my other entries.
<eCSNL> Could we please reduce the speed a bit
<eCSNL> of the points flying bye :-)
* WalterOS2 notes that the members mailing list has been maintained by Vaughn.
* WalterOS2 members mailing list=on the server
<eCSNL> Gord I still have a question about point 3.
<eCSNL> Mensys does not send a monthly statement.
<eCSNL> But we do send within 15 minutes after purchase an email so you have the adress and email information of the costumer.
<eCSNL> Is that sufficient ?
<Gord> Not sure if it is sufficient. I have had to query Mensys for more data on what they send me.
<Gord> I'm not sure we need all the data we ask for now, either.
<Gord> ask on the VOICE website.
<eCSNL> Well ask me what extra data do you need ?
<Gord> Mensys sent just person's name last time. Had to ask for email address. They sent email and home address.
<Gord> That was better.
<Gord> I am saving notifications I get.
<Gord> Should I continue saving them?
<wdl> Gord: Save everything! Paper-trail / archive / etc
<Gord> ecsnl: How does membership money get here from Mensys?
* WalterOS2 notes that wdl must be a pack-rat like Walter
<KenKrchnr> As an aside, one of the changes to the email system is that any emails coming in to a BOD or officer address gets copied to a bodarchive. No structure yet, but they'll be there.
<wdl> Walter: Yes; but organized, organized...
<WalterOS2> :-)
<eCSNL> Gord I don't hope you mind
<eCSNL> but we are not goin to transfer money every month to VOICE....
<eCSNL> I mean if there is 1 VOICE subscription
<eCSNL> SWIFT bank transfers are cheap, but still cost money.
<eCSNL> I have just send an email.
<wdl> eCSNL: Then VOICE (corporately) needs to know NOW.
<eCSNL> We will change so that email you receive will contain the costomers his address.
<Gord> Thanks.
<eCSNL> What do you mean WDL
<eCSNL> that VOICE needs to know now ?
<Gord> If there is not already a system genersted date could you send that too?
<wdl> eCSNL: If a newbie pays money - joins VOICE - then he has privileges...
<eCSNL> The moment somebody pays
<wdl> ...and we can't give them is we don't know who/what he/she is.
<Gord> The receipt of the email would give him priviledges.
<eCSNL> an email is send within minutes
<eCSNL> to treasurerNOT@THISos2voice.org
<eCSNL> after payment!
<eCSNL> The email gets send out the moment the costumers credit card has been chargest
<wdl> eCSNL: Probably adequate.
<eCSNL> succesfully.
<eCSNL> The costumer receives an email
<Gord> And I send an email, as well.
<eCSNL> and its send by out system to treauserNOT@THISos2voice.org
<Gord> to the customer.
<eCSNL> So we can't do it any faster :-)
<eCSNL> So we don't need to send MONTHLY lists.
<Gord> Every six months?
<wdl> eCSNL: Cool.
<eCSNL> Well it depends on how much money there is how long ago we did the last transfer.
<Gord> I have to leave soon....
<eCSNL> But lets just make this deal. Gord.
<Gord> What's that?
<eCSNL> We will never do AUTOMATIC bank transfers to suppliers :-)
<eCSNL> So here is what I suggest.
<eCSNL> We do a bank transfer at LEAST every 6 months.
<Gord> OK.
<eCSNL> Looking at the speed
<eCSNL> we sell os2 voice units
<eCSNL> ...
<eCSNL> Or if within six months we sell for more then 200 Canadian dollars we transfer as well.
<eCSNL> You need to keep track of this!
<eCSNL> Please notify me if A)
<Gord> OK.
<eCSNL> 6 months have gone by
<eCSNL> B) More then 200 Canadian dollars you still need to receive from us.
<eCSNL> I gues this wraps up
<eCSNL> point 2B
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> I will skip point 3a and move that down the list
<eCSNL> Point 3 b. Gord and Walter discussed this already via email
<eCSNL> but I just want to get some things confirmed.
<eCSNL> In my opion
<eCSNL> the user database we have that is in db expert
<eCSNL> should be backed up somewhere of site.
<Gord> It can be emailed anywhere.
<eCSNL> And not only by the treasurer in his home.
<WalterOS2> I know I said I'd take it, but wouldn't a better place be on the VOICE server?
<eCSNL> I think this should also be put in the VOICE guidelines (the rules of VOICE).
<wdl> eCSNL: Ideally, the Recording Secretary also is an/the Archivist.
<eCSNL> I don't know if that is possible because of privacy reasons.
<wdl> eCSNL: The Archivist should have copies of ALL records, databases, etc.
<Gord> Privacy = another reason the limit the data we collect.
<eCSNL> I have asked Piet van Zon from the Dutch OS/2 usergroup if he would like to become spair
<WalterOS2> If data is uploaded to the server, then it automatically gets backed up offsite.
<eCSNL> treasurer
<Gord> Someone would have to show me how to upload to a server.
<wdl> Gord: Use normal business rules -- whatever info is necessary and sufficient to conduct business with the member. No more; no less.
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> but have so far not received a response. In my opion
<eCSNL> he should keep the backups
<eCSNL> , the backup treasurer
<Gord> Is Piet here in canada
<eCSNL> Nope..
<Gord> He would have to register his signature at the bank.
<wdl> eCSNL: Walter wants a "spare" Treasurer. I say that's wrong.
<wdl> eCSNL: The extra signatory should be an ELECTED Board Member. Preferably an already-existing Office!!!
<eCSNL> Gord, you mean he has to show up in Canada ?
<Gord> As far as I know, Yes.
<WalterOS2> I agreed
<Gord> wdl: YES
<WalterOS2> er, agree
<eCSNL> well my idea was
<Gord> How do I get elected?
<eCSNL> that Walter would get also signture authority
<eCSNL> for the bank account
<eCSNL> and Piet would just do the accouting in case Gord can not do it.
<wdl> Gord: We follow the existing Bylaws to the letter.
<eCSNL> does VOICE have a
<eCSNL> archivist ?
<WalterOS2> Nope.
<wdl> eCSNL: Not that I know. But if the Bylaws are updated, there would/could be one.
<eCSNL> So therefore the idea to get somebody as a Piet to be back up accounted
<eCSNL> (he already is the treasurer for the Dutch OS/2 user group)
<eCSNL> And then he could keep the backup of the user database
<eCSNL> and the financial records
<eCSNL> And Walter could sign for the bank account.
<eCSNL> Not Piet van Zon.
<wdl> eCSNL: I believe the Treasuer, and EITHER Pres OR Vice-Pres, should be *the* two signatories.
<Gord> Have to go reeeeal soon ...
<wdl> eCSNL: That's a common arrangement.
<eCSNL> Oke since you are vice president Walter thats no problem then
<eCSNL> I will put these three points on the next agenda.
<Gord> Only problem seems to be getting Walter to Toronto <GD&R>
<wdl> eCSNL: ...but the Bylaws need changing to make that "legal"... ;-)
<eCSNL> Gord thanks for helping out so good.
<Gord> You're welcome.
<eCSNL> I have another point
<eCSNL> That was point 2A
<Gord> But we could still lose the group if the expired memberships aren't notified soon.
<eCSNL> Now its point 2D
<eCSNL> What is required then to notify these people ?
<Gord> 1. Find out who they are. (database is not up to date.)
<Gord> 2. Email them.
<eCSNL> What data is missing
<Gord> Expiry date
<eCSNL> You only have names and email addresses ?
<eCSNL> With how many people is the expiry date missing ?
<Gord> I have more than that but the membership expiry dates are out of date, I think.
<Gord> It is not missing, but it seems old.
<Gord> That list of members Vaughn sent me has 345 names.
<Gord> There are nowhere near 345 names with expiry dates in the last year.
<eCSNL> So what is missing then ?
<Gord> Most recent expiry date.
* eCSNL wonders if he is sleepy :-)
<eCSNL> With a few records or all of them ?
<Gord> most of them.
<Gord> Memberships are for 1 year, yes?
<eCSNL> As far as I know yes!
<Gord> I have to go.
<eCSNL> Oke
<eCSNL> I will also put this point on the agenda for next meeting.
<eCSNL> Oke it seems the next meeting we have quite a lot of points :-)
<eCSNL> Next point
<eCSNL> Voice newsletter and OS2ezine, the workload for Christiaan Hennecke.
<eCSNL> I put this point in.
<eCSNL> In a nutshell this is what I have understood.
<eCSNL> A) Os2ezine has not been published since March since they have a shortage for writers
<eCSNL> Is this true ?
<eCSNL> B) Second is it true Christiaan Hennecke is the editor for the German and English newsletter ?
<WalterOS2> I *think* that's the reason for A)
<eCSNL> I have send Isaac from OS2ezine an email and Christiaan an email asking if both points are true..
<eCSNL> In my opion the OS/2 community is bigger then I thought, many silent users. Yet the people who are actively willing to contribute is small.
<eCSNL> I have so far received no answer from Christiaan or
<eCSNL> Isaac.
<WalterOS2> That has always been a problem, yes.
<eCSNL> What my proposal was is to discuss how OS2ezine and voice could merge.
<eCSNL> It may not be the thing people would like to hear. But I have seen other volenteers in the OS/2 community quite
<eCSNL> from one day to another
<eCSNL> because it was just to much work.
<eCSNL> No I have no indication that Christiaan will quite.
<eCSNL> But is point B) true that Christriaan is the editor
<eCSNL> of the English and German Newsletter ?
<eCSNL> If that is the case in my *personal* opion his workload should be reduced.
<eCSNL> VOICE already has a shortage of people to fill up the board of directors.
<eCSNL> And os2ezine also has a shortage of writers.
<eCSNL> What is the opion of the other people here to a merger of the OS2ezine en OS2VOICE to ease the workload for both sides ?
<wdl> eCSNL: What do the two Editors think???
<eCSNL> I have received no response from Christiaan or Isaac.
<WalterOS2> We need to know their opinion before we can go any further, I think.
<wdl> eCSNL: We shouldn't decided anything without *their* input.
<KenKrchnr> My first inclination would be that Christian would need to be here to give his opinion before it could be discussed.
<eCSNL> That point I support!
<eCSNL> But what do the people think of the thing I have just written.
<eCSNL> Because the members would also need to support something like this.!
<wdl> eCSNL: No opinion here, without hearing from those affected.
<wdl> eCSNL: No point in worrying about what "the members" might think, until then.
<KenKrchnr> I believe the subject has been broached before, with no action taken.
<eCSNL> No but at that time
<eCSNL> os2ezine was still being published every month
<WalterOS2> The editors were different then.
<KenKrchnr> If Mark is still here he would be more informed on that situation. He also would have greater insight as to the workload of the current editor.
<eCSNL> If I get it correct Marc is still doing the VOICE cast but is no longer editor of the newsletter and Christiaan has taken this over from him (again correct me if Mark is STILL DOING THAT!)
<eCSNL> Oke next meeting
<eCSNL> I will contact Christiaan Hennecke again
<WalterOS2> eCSNL: Perhaps you should leave further discussion until next month, when presumable you will have heard from the Editors.
<MADodel> Mark is here for only a few more minutes. Not long enough to do it justice.
<MADodel> Isaac and I felt it was best to cooperate, but not merge.
<eCSNL> Ooops sorry I have been typing your name wrong.
<MADodel> I agree with Walter. Its really up to Christian and Isaac
<eCSNL> I will discuss it next meeting
<eCSNL> if I have heard back from Isaac
<WalterOS2> :-)
<eCSNL> and Christiaan
<eCSNL> DOes anybody else having something he would like to bring forward ?
<eCSNL> Incase there is nobody who is in favour of adjournmening this meeting ?
<wdl> I move for adjournment.
<WalterOS2> Aye
<eCSNL> Aye
<WalterOS2> Aye
<wdl> Aye
<MADodel> Aye
<KenKrchnr> Aye
<eCSNL> Then I declair this meeting closed and thanks for your attention and time. See you next time.
<wdl> Magic Words, please...
13:59:59 <KenKrchnr> Does that mean "meeting is adjourned" :-)