VOICE - General Meeting for 2003-05-17

<WalterOS2> This meeting of VOICE is now in session.
<WalterOS2> For now, I'm taking the log.
<WalterOS2> Did Peter email any of the officers his report before he went camping?
<WalterOS2> I guess not. So we'll have to skip the Treasurer's Report this time?
<WalterOS2> Note: I wasn't being sarcastic about Peter going camping. He has a long-standing tradition with a group of guys to go camping in the woods every weekend during the Spring and Summer.
<WalterOS2> There's one piece of Old Business that didn't make it into the Agenda.
<WalterOS2> The day after the last VOICE meeting, Andrew Welty resigned as VOICE secretary. His reasons for doing so are largely a mystery, at least to me.
<WalterOS2> I have asked Roderick, our new VP to act as Acting Secretary until we can get a new Secretary.
<WalterOS2> Any questions?
<JsPr> What does the secretary do?
<JsPr> Responsibilities?
<WalterOS2> Records the log for each meeting
<WalterOS2> Receives and tallies votes by VOICE members
<Hawklord> So that's why there's no log of the last meeting?
<WalterOS2> There are other incidental duties, but those are the main ones.
<WalterOS2> Hawklord: That's part of the reason.
<WalterOS2> I record a backup log, but last week, my main machine was down, so the log was on my notebook.
<KenKrchnr> Was that the 5/4 log?
<WalterOS2> The secretary needs to be present at as many VOICE meetings as possible. Andrew was extremely good about that. He was very reliable, and will be missed.
<WalterOS2> Yes.
<KenKrchnr> I have it as a raw file from GTIRC if you want it.
<wdl> Walter/Ken: As do I.
<WalterOS2> You should send it you Jeremy (aka Rat-Salad). He is the one who actually posts it.
<WalterOS2> you s/b to
<WalterOS2> :-)
<WalterOS2> Rat-Salad, are you here?
<WalterOS2> OK, let's move on.
<WalterOS2> The agenda for this meeting is at http://www.os2voice.org/Agendas/voice_2003-05-17.html , as you may be able to seee from the topic line.
<WalterOS2> I'm going to postpone Item 3 until later in the meeting.
<WalterOS2> It's unfortunate we have such a small turnout. Is this a long weekend for Americans as well as Canadians?
<KenKrchnr> Next weekend is the long one in the states.
<Hawklord> In Norway, it's National Day!
<JsPr> We think of you in Sweden also (Norwegians I mean)
<WalterOS2> Oh. Monday is Victoria Day, after the Queen who made Canada an independent Country.
<WalterOS2> :-)
<WalterOS2> The low attendance is also partly my fault. I didn't get the announcement out as soon as I wanted to.
<Hawklord> If I were a Norwegian, I wouldn't be here now :-)
<WalterOS2> OK, Let's look at the New Mirror and Host Issue.
<JsPr> :-)
<WalterOS2> Ken, can you bring us up to date on what you have done so far?
<KenKrchnr> I was actually putting the new server together up 'til meeting time.
<KenKrchnr> I decided to keep the 2.1 Athlon for myself at home and set up my old home unit for Voice.
<KenKrchnr> That one is the same as my workstation I was going to use, but 800 MHz instead of 750.
<WalterOS2> Sounds good.
<KenKrchnr> Right now, I've got one 9 gig logical and one 13 gig logical scsi on the raid setup. I need to talk to RS before I partition them, we may want a different setup than voice1, so this would be the time to do it.
<KenKrchnr> Once I put a mini boot on, I'll transfer the voice1 stuff from the mirror, then the 40 gig ide in the mirror will get installed to "voice2".
<KenKrchnr> I should think it could be ready for testing by mid-week.
<WalterOS2> Great!
<KenKrchnr> Pictures at http://os2voice.easydns.us/files/voice21.jpg and http://os2voice.easydns.us/files/voice22.jpg
<KenKrchnr> (If they come up for you)
<JsPr> got them.
<Hawklord> Ken: It looks clean!
<WalterOS2> Ken, could send the URL's again, please?
<KenKrchnr> Well, it's still being worked on, so it will get "tidied up" before it gets closed. And the filter will be back in the front where the fan is too ;)
<KenKrchnr> http://os2voice.easydns.us/files/voice21.jpg
<Hawklord> Ken: I meant, I see no dust :-)
<KenKrchnr> http://os2voice.easydns.us/files/voice22.jpg
<KenKrchnr> It's not _that_ old ;)
<WalterOS2> Thanks, Ken. What is that very long board at the top slot?
<KenKrchnr> That's the scsi raid controller.
<WalterOS2> Ahh. Thought it might be. Sure is big!
<Butch> Hello Walter OS2. How are things?
<WalterOS2> Quiet in here.
<WalterOS2> In my place, my computers are working again at last. :-)
<Butch> Saturday afternoon. People napping.
<WalterOS2> Any more discussion about the Mirror and Host?
<Butch> I've two old pentiums in the garage I've attempted loading os/2 on and failed. MB and hard drive problems
<Butch> M and H ??
<KenKrchnr> I think it's about covered. I've already d/l'd all of voice1 except the hobbes backup.
<WalterOS2> Butch: This is a VOICE General Meeting. You're welcome to join us.
<KenKrchnr> Unless we want to discuss dns hosting again ;)
<WalterOS2> You can download the agenda from http://www.os2voice.org/Agendas/voice_2003-05-17.html
<WalterOS2> I didn't think to put that on the agenda, but we can.
<WalterOS2> It would be better if RS were here.
<KenKrchnr> Agreed.
<WalterOS2> How long would it take for you to locate the portion of the 5/4 log dealing that "motion" that never got off the floor.
<KenKrchnr> There was no motion in that meeting. It was at the board meeting.
<WalterOS2> OK, let me take a look.
<WalterOS2> Hang on a minute.
<WalterOS2> I'm back.
<WalterOS2> I've got the conversation from the last Director's meeting where the DNS issue was discussed.
<WalterOS2> It's rather messy, so it's it a little hard to follow. Here goes:
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:53:07 <WalterOS2> Also, Ken thinks we should get a permanent account and ip from dyndns.org
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:53:11 <KenKrchnr> I've had generally good luck with ASUS and Shuttle boards, but I know some people hate Shuttles.
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:53:19 <MADeCSWL> I can't even get on my own server
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:53:24 <Sector> Only ones I hate are Epox
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:53:36 <Sector> Hmmm, your server's staying connected ok
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:53:38 <WalterOS2> Mark: That's bad. :-(
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:54:00 <KenKrchnr> Y
<WalterOS2> gh I don't say dydns explicitly, that's who I use as well.
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:54:09 <WalterOS2> Ken: I hope I said that right, or close at least.
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:54:13 <Sector> Only Shuttle I've had was 486...
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:54:23 <Sector> Never a problem.
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:54:59 <WalterOS2> Could we please get back to the agenda. :-)
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:55:00 <KenKrchnr> We've got 4 Athlon slot Shuttles. All work fine.
<WalterOS2> 05-04-03 20:55:53 <WalterOS2> Anybody have a strong feeling why we should turn down Ken generous offer?
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:07:10 <Rat-Salad> I motion for the custom dns has been on the table :)
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:07:15 * MADeCSWL would motion but he's been out of touch more then in touch and has no idea what's going on at this point
<WalterOS2> I'm not having a good day today. :-(
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:15:23 <KenKrchnr> Who can second, only BOD?
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:15:36 <WalterOS2> Basically, yes.
<WalterOS2> Could I have the motion restated, please?
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:16:50 <WalterOS2> Going,
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:16:54 <WalterOS2> Going,
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:16:58 <WalterOS2> Going,
<KenKrchnr> 05-04-03 21:17:03 <WalterOS2> Gone.
<KenKrchnr> I motion that Voice make the necessary donations to utilize the DNS Hosting services of DynDNS.org.
<KenKrchnr> This would be for four domains, totalling $120.00 one time donation for permanent DNS hosting.
<WalterOS2> Ken: I pasted a ton of stuff from the Director's meeting. How much of that did you get?
<KenKrchnr> You got knocked off for flooding ;)
<WalterOS2> By the way, in THIS meeting, the restriction to a BOD member does not apply. Any VOICE member can second the motion and vote.
<WalterOS2> John: Is it OK for me to second the motion?
<WalterOS2> I'm willing to second the motion, but I don't know if that is permitted by the by-laws or RRO
<JWE> Not from the chair. That's Ok. I second the motion.
<WalterOS2> Thanks.
<Rat-Salad> I am here
<WalterOS2> He speaks!
<WalterOS2> It's alive!
<KenKrchnr> Hey, Good Timing!
<Rat-Salad> I second :)
<Rat-Salad> hehe
<WalterOS2> RS: Do you have any comments at this point?
<Rat-Salad> I scrolled up to catch up
<WalterOS2> About the motion, I mean. :-)
<Rat-Salad> why would I? its the motion I originally made :)
<WalterOS2> Any clarifications then?
<Rat-Salad> nope.
<Rat-Salad> I think I've said everything clearly about the DNS
<WalterOS2> Does anyone have any comments or questions before the vote?
<WalterOS2> OK, time to vote.
<WalterOS2> The motion is:Voice make the necessary donations to utilize the DNS Hosting services of
<WalterOS2> DynDNS.org, (with four domains)
<WalterOS2> All in favour, please type Aye.
<JWE> aye
<Rat-Salad> aye
<JsPr> aye
<KenKrchnr> Aye
*WalterOS2* I'm in the chair now: you can vote.
<WalterOS2> All opposed to the motion, please type Nay.
<WalterOS2> Motion is carried.
<WalterOS2> 3 votes to nil.
<Rat-Salad> hehe four
<WalterOS2> You're a little late. :-)
<Hawklord> I'm still here but I can't vote since I'm not a member.
<Rat-Salad> hmm ken lagged?
<Rat-Salad> irc.ca seems to be having some lag issues
<WalterOS2> I think Ken is *really* lagged. I pinged him about 30 seconds ago.
<Rat-Salad> yeah
<Rat-Salad> anyone on irc.ca.fyrelizard.com needs to change hehe
* Rat-Salad whistles
<WalterOS2> RS: OK, you are authorized to get a cheque for $120 USD from Peter to send to DynDNS.org as the donation for four domains.
<Rat-Salad> --- Ping reply from KenKrchnr : 188.03 second(s)
<KenKrchnr> I just seem to get bursts here :(
* SeerHome wonders about what domains this vote was...
<KenKrchnr> RS - I'll make the necessary donations in Voice's name, then you can set up the accounts.
<WalterOS2> RS: Fill him in.
<KenKrchnr> os2voice.org, warpdoctor.org, os2voice.com, warpstock.???.
<Rat-Salad> ok.. you want me to talk to Peter?
<wdl> Back again (Or was I even off???)
<SeerHome> ah..
<WalterOS2> Ken: Why do you want to it that way?
<KenKrchnr> Call it a gift ;)
<WalterOS2> Well, thank you!
<Rat-Salad> ahh
<SeerHome> i have no clue what you need the dnydns service for in this regard but 99% of the stuff dyndns offers can be done for free if you have a working dns server that you can control
<Rat-Salad> SeerHome: the issue is more, DNS at a different location that will always be up... and dyndns.org provide five of them
<SeerHome> k :)
<KenKrchnr> "working dns server that you can control" is the first problem;)
<SeerHome> that's the 1% then ;)
<SeerHome> KenKrchnr: not for me
<Rat-Salad> makes sense doesn't it?
<SeerHome> have control 3 of them
<SeerHome> +over
<KenKrchnr> Right now Voice has _no_ control over the dns server.
<Rat-Salad> the voice servers are hosted on a volunteer basis.. and this is another reason why this service is so important
<SeerHome> it's okay.. i didn't mean to interrupt ;)
<SeerHome> if this was only about getting a dynamic ip into a domain
<SeerHome> there are free and secure ways to achive that
<Rat-Salad> not at all... I'm just trying justify the decision
<KenKrchnr> Yep, the mirror itself uses a free dns server.
<Rat-Salad> no dynamic IPs involved here.. its more about having service that isn't going away
<SeerHome> yeah.. i understand that..
<SeerHome> go ahead then ;)
<KenKrchnr> Thank You ;)
<SeerHome> having a primary dns in germany with a main audience in the US won't be that of a good idea ,)
<Rat-Salad> and the hosting is voluntary.. say we have to move to another location... which is going to be faster... making changes in the nameservers listed with the registrar agent, or changing an A record?
<SeerHome> yes?
<SeerHome> i do that all the time ;)
<WalterOS2> OK, we have one piece of business left.
<SeerHome> but dyndns.org is fine with me ( i don't have a 'voice' in this issue anyway ;) )
<Rat-Salad> ok
<WalterOS2> Item 3 on the Agenda: Electronic Payment of VOICE membership fees et. al.
<WalterOS2> RS: First of all the new Mensys web page is in place, and pretty much working.
<Rat-Salad> right
<WalterOS2> RS: Did you get the email I sent you late last night?
<Rat-Salad> I don't think I did.. but hang on
<Rat-Salad> no... I didn't get a private e-mail from you lastnight.. hmm
<WalterOS2> OK, I'll resend it right after the meeting.
<Rat-Salad> ok
<WalterOS2> It contained some minor updates I'd like to make to our web site.
<WalterOS2> Here's another:
<NielsJ_> Just looked at the Mensys page. How about some mention of eCS?
<Rat-Salad> I know of a couple things that I need to do to the site
<WalterOS2> A little shorter URL for the VOICE Membership page is http://shop.mensys.nl/catalogue/mns_voice.html .
<WalterOS2> Could you update the membership page on our web site so that the entry that points to URL isn't just for Europeans. Anyone can use it, and is urged to do so.
<WalterOS2> They will get an email containing the transaction, as will Peter, who will then send them their notification.
<WalterOS2> I'll mention the eCS mention to Roderick. Were you speaking of the Mensys site as a whole or the VOICE web page?
<NielsJ_> Just the page you gave the URL for a minute ago.
<WalterOS2> I meant "the entry that points to Mensys" not "the entry that points to URL".
<WalterOS2> OK, I'll definite mention it to Roderick.
<WalterOS2> :-)
<WalterOS2> Is there any other business?
<WalterOS2> I guess not.
<WalterOS2> I'm open for a motion to adjourn.
<JsPr> I motion to adjourn.
<WalterOS2> All in favour of adjourning, please type Aye.
<JsPr> aye
<KenKrchnr> Aye
<wdl> Aye
<WalterOS2> Opposed, please type Nay.
<WalterOS2> Motion is carried.
<WalterOS2> Meeting adjourned.