VOICE - General Meeting for 2004-06-05

15:25:50 <eCSNL> Oke I hereby call this meeting to order and declare this meeting opened. [ voice session ]
<eCSNL> Its 19:19 GMT.
<eCSNL> First point on the agenda is old business.
<eCSNL> Point A1). The voice news letter and os2ezine.
<eCSNL> I put that point on the agenda last week.
<eCSNL> I have received an email from (sorry I just forgot his name), the editor of os2ezine. (Not good at remebering names)
<eCSNL> And I have talked to Christiaan Hennecke.
<KenKrchnr> Isaac from os2ezine?
<eCSNL> Yes thanks Ken.
<eCSNL> My idea was to see if people are interested to work more closely togheter for os2ezine and OS/2 voice.
<eCSNL> I have stepped away from the idea for 2 reasons.
<eCSNL> The first is that Christiaan Hennecke indicated to me that the workload is not to much.
<eCSNL> Second Isaac was of the radarscreen for some time.
<eCSNL> So no need.
<eCSNL> Ken what is the status in moving the VOICE server (agenda point A2)
<eCSNL> ?
<Gord> Do you mean that there is now sufficient material for OS2 Ezine to publish
<KenKrchnr> Voice1 is supposed to be enroute to me. If I don't see it by Tuesday I'll call TE to get a tracking number if possible.
<eCSNL> Oke thanks Ken.
<eCSNL> To answer your question Gord.
<eCSNL> The answer is here.
<eCSNL> http://www.os2ezine.com/20040516/page_1.html
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> Isaac had to finished his thesis and move to another place (1600 kilometers).
<eCSNL> Oke Ken thanks for the update.
<eCSNL> All we can do is wait then until the thing arrives.
<eCSNL> Hmmm point 3 I was not certain about if this should be on the agenda yes or no ?
<eCSNL> In the agenda of may I found the
<eCSNL> item
<eCSNL> Status of VOICE banner.
<eCSNL> Was this already a closed item or still a debate on what should happen ?
<KenKrchnr> We're in the same place we've been. (long answer coming up)
    | Next few comments bleeped at Chair's request -Sec.
<Gord> Hi hpd
<eCSNL> I'm sorry I need to walk away for 2 minutes.
<Gord> Hi hpd
<hpd> Hi when does the meeting start
<eCSNL> Has already started
<eCSNL> I'm back.
<eCSNL> Point 4
<eCSNL> Back of database and finincial records.
<eCSNL> Gordon is of course already making backups of the data at home.
<eCSNL> I would like to suggust another thing.
<eCSNL> Off site backup.
<eCSNL> A good target for this would be the VOICE server in my opion.
<eCSNL> Something members would maybe not like.
<eCSNL> If the data is send unencrypted.
<eCSNL> A sollution for that is within reach. And that is use SSH for this.
<eCSNL> The logon, data transmission is then fully encrypted.
<eCSNL> Gordon
<eCSNL> Would you mind using an SSH client on your system at home ?
<Gord> I wouldn't mind but I know nothing about it.
<Gord> Which one should I use?
<KenKrchnr> It's pretty small. and I'll get you setup as needed.
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> Well I gues there is the answer.
<Gord> I will look forward to that.
<Gord> What does SSH stand for?
<KenKrchnr> Secure SHell
<eCSNL> Ken thanks for helping out there.
<eCSNL> I would also like to inform everybody I have been in touch with Piet van Zon from the Dutch OS/2 user group.
<eCSNL> He is already the treasurer for the Dutch OS/2 user group.
<eCSNL> The good news is that he will assist Gordon where needed.
<eCSNL> Because of legal issue's he will not
<eCSNL> be able to co sign for the OS/2 voice bank account.
<Gord> What is his email address?
<eCSNL> Gordon an email
<eCSNL> will follow.
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> I wanted to send it
<eCSNL> to you sooner but its still in the draft box.
<eCSNL> Will leave today.
<eCSNL> I will send it to
<eCSNL> Walter you and Piet.
<Gord> Good
<eCSNL> Point 6 is not realy an issue.
<eCSNL> basicly my idea was that Walter would also be able to sign for the OS/2 voice bank account.
<eCSNL> In the bad case something would for instance happen to you (which we don't hope).
<eCSNL> If nobody has an objection to it if Walter Metcalf can co-sign for the VOICE bank account ?
<Gord> No objection.
<KenKrchnr> No objection from me either
<Gord> He is a BOD member.
<eCSNL> Oke
<eCSNL> Next agenda point
<eCSNL> New business
<eCSNL> Point 1
<eCSNL> Norman anti virus
<Gord> What do we want to do with the remaining licenses?
* eCSNL pushes the microphone to Gordon
<Gord> How could we market them better.
<eCSNL> How many licenses do we have left ?
<Gord> Warpstock is coming up.
<Gord> About 25.
<KenKrchnr> We might actually mention availability on the voice website.
<Gord> Problem is we can't charge full price for them because meter is running.
<Gord> They begin to age as soon as we buy them.
<Gord> We have been selling them as 2 year licenses but they aren't now.
<eCSNL> How long are the licenses still valid ?
<Gord> It is a handful keeping track of who has them and how much time is left.
<Gord> We have 3 group licenses that expire at different times, one this november,
<Gord> One in 2006, and one early next year.
<Gord> But the one I'm talking about here is the one that expires, I think, early next year.
<Gord> It is a 50 user license.
<Gord> One license is a 5 user one. I would like to move those users off it to a 50 user license.
<Gord> It may cost us some money.
<Gord> by giving users a few extra months of use.
<eCSNL> I'm in favor of this.
<Gord> However they seem to be priced at cost now.
<eCSNL> Now do we still have a 50 user license completely unused ?
<Gord> assuming we can sell them as soon as they are active.
<Gord> No. It seems about 1/2 of that license is available.
<Gord> about 20 users.
<eCSNL> When does that expire ?
<Gord> Checking.
<Gord> 13 Feb, 2005
<eCSNL> And the 2006 package
<eCSNL> how many people
<eCSNL> uhuu how many licenses
<eCSNL> does that contain ?
<Gord> 10 April, 2005, but it is 5 user
<Gord> It has just been renewed.
<eCSNL> I think we can not realy do anything with these licenses.
<eCSNL> But that just my personal opion.
<Gord> Sorry. 10 Apr, 2006
<Gord> What do you mean, can't do anything?
<eCSNL> Well its now June 2004
<eCSNL> That large package with 20 licenses or so left.
<eCSNL> At what price should we sell them ?
<eCSNL> a piece ?
<Gord> We could maybe offer them as door prizes or something at Warpstock. When they come up for renewal next spring
<Gord> we could sell a full 2 year package.
<eCSNL> Thats possible.
<KenKrchnr> How does the license renewal work?
<eCSNL> Oke we will do that.
<Gord> Maybe raise the price to $15 / 2 years.
<Gord> I contact Vaughn and send him a cheque.
<Gord> I'm still in the midst of finding out the details from him.
<KenKrchnr> And all 50 licenses have the same ID/expiration?
<Gord> I want to cancel the outstanding licenses and get new ones.
<Gord> This will require all users to re-register with us.
<Gord> to continue protection.
<Gord> Yes.
<eCSNL> Looking at VOICE its financial position I think its not bad.
<eCSNL> What I'm thinking of
<eCSNL> could we not somehow attrack more members by for instance
<Gord> The expiration date is coded into the license number. This number is forwarded to the server
<Gord> each time the user requests new virus signatures.
<eCSNL> combining a subscription with VOICE with NORMAN (an optional article)
<Gord> Possibly.
<eCSNL> Here is some marketing idea.
<eCSNL> Become a VOICE member for 2 years
<Gord> It seems users can get the program for free and pay only for the virus signatures.
<eCSNL> and receive a year free Norman Anti virus
<eCSNL> Ahaaa so there is the catch...
<Gord> No. The license is good for 2 years.
<eCSNL> I was already wondering why it was so cheap :-)
<Gord> But only from the date VOICE buys it.
<Gord> The clock runs from then, not from when the user buys it from us.
<Gord> Seems to be a pretty good virus catcher, by the way. It found many on my hard drive.
<eCSNL> But keeping the licenses until Warpstock takes of another 3 1/2 months :-(
<Gord> Yes. That's why we give them away.
<Gord> They will renew for a full 2 years at full price next February.
<eCSNL> Oke.
<eCSNL> So I gues that wraps up this agenda point ?
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> Or are there other people wanting to comment ?
<MikeG> Yes - the Virus checker for OS/2? Are there any OS/2 virus?
<eCSNL> Nope not realy.
<eCSNL> The one virusses that where a treat to OS/2 where DOS virus that would infect
<eCSNL> your boot record
<eCSNL> or DOS files.
<eCSNL> But does are long gone.
<Gord> The danger is you can pass the Windows viruses to Windows users.
<eCSNL> Today the virusses are just as bloated as most of the the computer software :-)
<eCSNL> Well not realy.
<eCSNL> Unless you hit the forward button on an email.
<Gord> And worms can be aproblem.
<MikeG> Ok... just seems like you could get more people to join if you offered like cheaper Openoffice or PMView...
<MikeG> Work out a deal with Innotek or something.
<eCSNL> I'm also the Liason office for VOICE.
<Gord> Has anyone in VOICE tried this?
<eCSNL> office=officer
<eCSNL> But I'm not the Marketing officer
<eCSNL> I think VOICE at this moment also does not have one.
<MikeG> I did not mean to get off topic but if you could work a deal where members could almost make up the fee to join in software discounts.
<eCSNL> I will think about this.
<eCSNL> Thanks for the suggestion.
<eCSNL> I made on note of that.
<eCSNL> I will look how we can arrange things for this.
<eCSNL> Or maybe a montly price question in OS/2 voice
<eCSNL> and only members are allowed to join ?
<Gord> Sounds interesting.
<MikeG> Yes...
<Gord> Is there an action item to approach Warpstock with the 'door prize' offer?
<Gord> or shpould we think about it for 2 more weeks.
<eCSNL> Oke any other points.
<eCSNL> Point C is on the agenda
<eCSNL> Open Discussion.
<eCSNL> In other words
<eCSNL> anybody has a problem.
<eCSNL> Is the new president making a mess of things :-)
<eCSNL> You want to say we are doing a good job ?
<Gord> You should send out e-mails notifying us of the meetings.
<eCSNL> I send out an email.
<eCSNL> But it seems I did not send it out to the
<Gord> I didn't get it.
<eCSNL> but not the VOICE newscast
<KenKrchnr> Send to "submitNOT@THISos2voice.org"
<KenKrchnr> It'll get on the voicenws list that way.
<eCSNL> Well this is the second meeting I'm the chairman on.
<eCSNL> Last time there was not an agenda. There was one now. :-)
<eCSNL> No but serious, I agree with your comment.
<KenKrchnr> And even in the right place ;-)
<eCSNL> Next meeting will be annouched sooner
<eCSNL> and via all
<eCSNL> news sources :-)
<Gord> You are doing fine.
<Gord> I appreciate your work.
<eCSNL> Well I was 20 minutes late on my own meeting :-)
<eCSNL> Anyway any other points ?
<Gord> NO
<Gord> I move we adjourn.
<eCSNL> Otherwhise I would like to ask everbody who is in favour of adjourning the meeting ?
<Gord> Aye.
<KenKrchnr> Aye
<MikeG> Yep
<eCSNL> I here by declare this VOICE business meeting closed. [ adjouned ]
<eCSNL> Thanks for your opions and sharing your views.
<eCSNL> See you all in 3 weeks.
<eCSNL> I will remain online but I'm off now
<eCSNL> for a late night dinner
<eCSNL> its 23:00 here
<Gord> Have a good one.
<Gord> Bye.
17:06:52 <KenKrchnr> G'night from me too.

      Respectfully submitted: WD Loughman, VOICE Secretary (Acting)