SpeakUp with Sundial Systems (Topic: WarpTech 2000 WrapUp) from 06/06/2000

<RumpleS>  Sector, after all of that I found that I still had the trap e problem!
<Abraxas>  VOICE is happy to host this Speakup session with Sundial Systems
<Sector>  Hi Blackbird
<Sector>  Maybe it's hardware related
<Blackbird>  Hi Sector
<Abraxas>  Normally, we talk about Sundial ... but tonight, we're going to talk about Warptech ... the OS/2 show held in Phoenix, AZ last weekend
<RumpleS>  I won't believe the cause of it Sector, I'll tell you later!
<randell>  And Sundial's stuff at WarpTech as well!
<Abraxas>  Sundial was present as a Vendor, attendee, presenter .. and hosted "Warped Jeopardy"
<Abraxas>  randell Of course :-)
<Blackbird>  So to start it all off....we have...
<Abraxas>  Seeing that the 5 minute grace period has elapsed .....
<Abraxas>  randell and rollin are the SUndail representatives, so I'll turn the session over to them
<randell>  Thanks!
<randell>  Let me start off by asking who all we have on the chat who were at WarpTech?
<n3jja>  here
<Blackbird>  General impressions might be a beginning
<rollin>  Me
<Sector>  Hi dervish
<dervish>  Hi everyone!
<warpit>  great phoenix impression here
<randell>  Ok...
<randell>  Well, it was quite a show...
<randell>  POSSI knows how to put on an event...
<SteveS>  Warped Jeopard! green team contestant here.
<randell>  And this one, like their OS/2 Marketplace Event several years ago, was quite well done.
<randell>  It was at the Wigwaw resort *way* west of town -- a bit out of the way -- but a very nice place to stay.
<randell>  I don't have the attendance figures...
<rollin>  It seemed well attended.
<randell>  so I may need to be corrected on them, but I think it was about 170 or so folks.
<n3jja>  A bit higher than that. I'd say 180+.
<randell>  Three *long* days of sessions (with 3 at any given time) plus exhibits and generally get togethers...
<Sector>  Hi Lynn
<Sector>  Hello persell
<lmaxson>  Hello, Andrew.
<Ironhead>  Hi Lynn
<persell>  Hi all
<randell>  Stephen King of IBM gave the "keynote" on Saturday when he talked about the future of OS/2
<lmaxson>  Hi, Ironhead. All.
<randell>  We, of course, did the third (and probably final) showing of Warped Jeopardy late Saturday afternoon...
<mandie>  hiya persell :)
<randell>  And SCOUG sponsored a trip to the Rawhide Western Rodeo Saturday evening...
<persell>  Hi Mandie
<randell>  I personally didn't get a chance to get to any of the sessions other than my own...
<randell>  but I hear that they were almost all quite interesting... and that the Project Odin one was packed.
<randell>  (We open it up for discussion about those later.)
<randell>  Serenity Systems had their big (but keep-it-under-your-hat) "pre announcement" of eComStation...
<randell>  And we released Mesa 2 Version 2.3 (more on that later as well)...
<randell>  Rollin, can you add any other major highlights I missed?
<Blackbird>  So was there indeed a KEYNOTE in the keynote???
<rollin>  I think you hit all of the major events. Most of the presentations seemed very well attended.
<randell>  Did anyone else hear any "annoucements" made there (that I might have missed)?
<randell>  Things conspired against me to get to Stephen King's session...
<randell>  but I understand that he did comment quite alot about the future of OS/2...
<randell>  the folks I talked to all seemed to think that there heard what they wanted to hear...
<n3jja>  Well, not everything...
<Abraxas>  randell that's a wide area :-)
<randell>  and that's kind of strange since some folks thought that it was negative... some neutral... but most people seems positive about it...
<rollin>  Everything they expected to hear? :)
<randell>  I believe he said that OS/2 (client and server) were both doing better (sales-wise) than plan...
*  Abraxas was looking for a commitment on continued support via SWC ... beyond the "Convenience Pak" release of this year
<randell>  That they were commited to serving it thru at least 2006...
<Abraxas>  Client *AND* Server ?
<Abraxas>  That would be great news
<randell>  and that several major customers were negociating for support into 2008...
<Abraxas>  I've always believed that IBM was totally driven by the "bottom line" ...
<randell>  Abraxas, I believe so... but don't quote me on that... perhaps somebody who actually saw his slides could verify that.
<Abraxas>  They have been known to change their minds regarding some things
<persell>  Fat Client will be year by year based on availability of SWC releases of Convenience Packs
<madodel>  But how does that effect the SOHO/home user? Will we have access to any updates beyond the 1st convenience pack?
<randell>  madodel, that's a good question... but there were some interesting things in that direction...
<randell>  Let me explain...
<n3jja>  What disappointed me was no mention of marketing. Not even large customer marketing.
<Abraxas>  persell Year by Year ... does that mean that the continued support of the FAT Client will be considered on a yearly basis?
<randell>  I won't try to "define" Serenity's eComStation here...
<Abraxas>  Based on sales of SWC?
<persell>  Support will be on a Convenience Pack basis. If you bought SWC and got a Convenience PAck you get another year of support
<randell>  But, from what I understand, it is based on an OEM license of a collection of code from Warp 4, Warp Server for eBusiness, and the Convience Pack.
<madodel>  Does that support include defect reporting?
<madodel>  Or just access to existing fixes?
<randell>  Apparently, Serenity will be able to resell this as a "client" as well as a "client upgrade" for user's of Warp 4.
<Abraxas>  persell but that will not necessarily be extended beyond the "yearly" offerings ... meaning that if I buy into SWC .. .I'm guaranteed 1 year of support ... but that the offer may or may not be available next year ??
<randell>  So, that way I read it, eComStation will be (among other things) a *second* way for people to get the benefits of the Convience Pack (and possibly future upgrades as well)...
<randell>  And I believe Serenity is working on a way to make this available to the home/SOHO user.
<persell>  SWC is the vehicle to get a convenience pack. Support of the convenience packed client goes for a year after the release of the convenience pack
<randell>  It's too bad neither Kim Cheung or Bob St John (of Serenity) aren't here to comment on it... they talked *alot* about it at WarpTech... it was truely the "buzz" of the show...
<Abraxas>  persell And .. if there is another Convenience Pak released ... support continues for another year ... but if not .. support ends ?
<persell>  Correct
<n3jja>  I hope so. If I have to suffer Windoze at home and work, I think I'll shoot myself. ;-)
<Abraxas>  persell OK ... Thanks
<Abraxas>  That's what I needed to know
*  Chrissy has set away! (bbib) [Log:ON] .gz.
<rollin>  The Odin project was quite the buzz too.
<rollin>  I didn't make the presentation, but apparently they've made great strides.
<Abraxas>  rollin .. so I heard ... they had MS Word running ??
<dervish>  What's this about running Word?
<dervish>  Not that I'd want to!
<rollin>  I didn't see it, but I sure heard the crowds' reaction!
<n3jja>  Yep, nowyou can run all the macro viruses you want. :-)
<randell>  That's what I heard as well...
<rollin>  I was doing a presentation next door and several times we stopped to hear the cheers.
<dervish>  Which version of Word?
<rollin>  If Odin can really make it, it's going to be easier to use OS/2 in a client environment of today's business.
<Abraxas>  rollin .. I agree ... but it's a shame :-)
<John>  Odin plus Desktop On Call are killer products.
<Projects>  shame?
<Abraxas>  a shame that so many business users are so tied to MS
<madodel>  The only version that matters is the latest as previous versions are rendered worthless with each new release.
<randell>  dervish, I don't know for sure, but I think it was Word97
<Projects>  ah, that shame
<Mok>  My only gripe with Odin is that it's pretty much killed any hope of getting Opera ported over to OS/2. Why write a native app when you can run someone else's?
<dervish>  Like buying a fine wine to use as dishwasher.
<Projects>  Mok: no opera/2?? :-(
<randell>  Mok, because native apps are better (but I'm biased)!
<madodel>  Mok: Huh? My understanding is that Odin is also used to port win32 apps to native OS/2
<n3jja>  You didn't really think you were going to see opera/2, did you?
<Abraxas>  Mok ... Well, I would NEVER run a win app, regardless of how I'd run it, when I could run a native OS/2 app
<Luc>  Mok: the Netlabs guys are also working on a Opera port
<Mok>  My understanding is that Odin is used to *run* apps. Not port them.
<madodel>  Mok: You need to re-read the Odin site
<Mok>  Apparently so.
<rollin>  VOICE had quite the presence at Warped Jeopardy
<Abraxas>  YES!!!!
<Projects>  heh... that'd be wayne
<Abraxas>  :-)
<randell>  Yes!
<Blackbird>  Just a point to throw in here....OS/2 development starts ABOUT 1980...is released (warp4) 1994 about....so 15 year span to change from PC's running DOS to something else....I don't think that anyone here thinks that OS/2 is THE LAST operating system.
<rollin>  At one point Wayne was in negative territory. It wasn't looking good.
<n3jja>  Those of u with blue tickets were sweating at first.
<randell>  It was quite and up-and-down battle throught the game..
<Blackbird>  so what is in the works...????
<randell>  But the "Jeopardy" factor (as Rollin has so named it) came into play quite often...
<randell>  For instance, we had a REXX category in the first round...
<XRange>  Blackbird it might not be last but to some it's best.
<randell>  You would think that either Wayne or Bill (Schindler -- representing POSSI) would run that category...
<madodel>  And Wayne was in negative points? with a REXX category?
<Projects>  mark: probably a beer or two short at the time :-)
<randell>  But neither did... and Steve (Schiffman -- representing SCOUG) knows his REXX as well...
<randell>  But we still had to go the the audience for, if I recall correctly, 2 out of the 5 answers...
<lmaxson>  Blackbird, what is now MVS appeared originally in 1964. It is still king of the mountain in operating systems.
<randell>  So let's try one of those here...
<randell>  For 400 in REXX, the clue is...
<randell>  : (colon)
<Projects>  hey, nobody told me there was a test!
<Mok>  42. What's the question?
<John>  How do you indicate a label?
<randell>  Absolutely correct John!
<n3jja>  I was even there, but since I don't program, forget it. ;-)
<Kurt_P>  \who
*  Projects was still waiting for the clue :)
<randell>  I forget who it was in the audience that got that one... but it was somebody from the REXX Language Association who was having their confernece at the Wigwam just before (and overlapping) WarpTech...
<madodel>  Projects: When have you ever had a clue— :-)
<Projects>  mark: not up until now anyway :-)
<n3jja>  I believe that's called having a "ringer"?
<Projects>  wayne shoulda been a REXX ringer :p
<randell>  Nobody got the Final Jeopardy question.... but it was Wayne's smart wagering that put him on top when it was all done.
<randell>  And that Final Jeopardy clue...
<randell>  In the category of Version Codenames...
<randell>  Though sometimes called "Project X", it was actually code named (and I might not have the spelling correct here) Ferengi.
<Projects>  "Where would one find "Merlin""
<randell>  Projects, nope.
<n3jja>  What is warp 3?
<warpit>  os/2 for windows
<Projects>  hrm... I've heard ferengi before...
<randell>  Warpit, you got it!
<Kurt_P>  Sorry I'm entering late.
<randell>  Several people commented to me after the game...
<Projects>  os/2 for windows? Now that's a step in the right direction :p
<dervish>  ferengi is Arabic for European - I kid you not!
<Mok>  It was two versions ago. Now why don't my winos2 sessions work...?
<n3jja>  How about OS/2 removes windoze?
<randell>  that we *must* have rigged the final round becuase that's been talked about several times at POSSI and they didn't know how Bill (or the others) could miss it...
<warpit>  does os/2 realy do windows too?
<randell>  But that's the "Jeopardy factor" for you.
*  mandie can sure understand!
<randell>  dervish, I didn't know that!
<Mok>  There were two flavors of Warp 3 -- BlueBox and RedBox. BlueBox had win31 support built in. RedBox used one's existing Win31 installation.
<John>  ferengi scared the pants off of Gates
<Blackbird>  Ferengi....they were a RACE in DeepSpace Nine
<randell>  (OS/2 for Windows, actually named "OS/2 2.1 Special Edition for Users of Windows" (or something about like that) came out between OS/2 2.1 and OS/2 Warp.
<n3jja>  John, that's not a vision I want to have. :-)
<Projects>  hahaha
<randell>  Blackbird, that's the origin of the codename... IBM versions were going thru StarTrek related names for a number of years... thus "Warp" for the codename for what was to be "OS/2 Version 3"
<John>  I thought of other things that Gates was scared out of, but this is a family session.
<Sector>  Actually the race first appeared in TNG, and has also been on DS9 and Voyager...
<Kurt_P>  Other than the voice victory in the games, what went on out in phoenix
<warpit>  a heat wave..
<madodel>  Was NT's original codename the "blackhole"?
<John>  Tell me please, what were the stars like at night?
<randell>  Kurt_P, we covered alot of that already... do you have specific questions?
<n3jja>  Oh, quit your complaining. It was only 100+ all week. Some people.......;-)
<mandie>  John!!!!!!!!!!! hi :)
<randell>  115 on the way back to the airport Sunday night about 6:30pm...
<John>  hi mandie
<dervish>  I thought NT stood for "Not Tested".
<Sector>  Been that around here lately
<n3jja>  Not There.
<Kurt_P>  sorry, I entered late. will there be a summary available?
<n3jja>  No Thanks.
<John>  Nice Try
<warpit>  nice toy
<mandie>  Kurt: yes, we will put a log up on the voice site
<n3jja>  Numbed Terminal.
<mandie>  !ask voice
<Sector>  Kurt_P a full log will be available on the VOICE website (http://www.os2voice.org/)
<John>  Did anyone see the stars?
<VoiceBot>  [voice] Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (mandie)
<mandie>  hmm
<Projects>  Neandrethal Technology
<randell>  If you can get your hands on a copy of the WarpTech CD (I don't know if POSSI will be selling them)...
<Kurt_P>  Thanks, I'll check it there.
<randell>  there are copies of most of the session slides...
<Luc>  randell: besides Sundial, who was there as a vendor?
<randell>  as well as a "try it at home" sample version of Warped Jeopardy...
<randell>  with games boards based on the past games at Warpstock and Warp Expo West.
<randell>  Luc, let me see if I can remember... they are on the WarpTech site (www.warptech.org)...
<randell>  Serenity, Pillersoft, SCOUG, VOICE, POSSI, Data Representations, X Package (a packaging company), WTW Group (might have that one wrong)...
<rollin>  WarpStock
<rollin>  Smack!
<Projects>  IBM?
<Luc>  What was X Package doing there???
*  Projects smacks rollin right back
<randell>  Rollin, thanks, yes Warpstock, Perfect Niche (Smack)... and a couple of others...
<Projects>  oh, THAT Smack!
<randell>  IBM and Lotus did not have exhibits...
<Luc>  How about Smack! Any progress in sight or abandoned :-(
<Projects>  anything shown along the lines of accounting software?
<randell>  Indelible Blue had provided systems for the presentations that were availble in the "silent auction" but did not exhibit per se (though Duane was there).
<randell>  Projects, I don't think so...
*  Projects wonders when Sundial will start doing accounting software...
<Projects>  :-)
<rollin>  Projects can keep wondering :)
<randell>  Luc, I belive there were demonstrating the newest version.... but I think there are some fixpack issues they are still trying to resolve...
<Projects>  hehehe
<randell>  Projects, we specifically decided long ago not to do accounting software... sorry.
<warpit>  and yes JOHN i did see some stars at 3:00a.m. jet lag and awoke eastern daylight time....
<randell>  Anybody want to know about Mesa 2 Version 2.3?
<mandie>  of course...fill us in :)
<Luc>  randell: just downloaded it, installed fine :-)
<randell>  I won't go into the sales pitch...
*  Projects would also like to ask a Relish related question if not too far off topic
<randell>  nor try to cover all the features since we spent time on that during the last chat...
<SteveS>  Projects, Yes there was a company there showing an accounting system package.
<Projects>  !ask sundial
<VoiceBot>  [sundial] Sundial Systems http://www.sundialsystems.com/ (mandie)
<randell>  But Version 2.3 is now available!
<Projects>  SteveS: say what??
<SteveS>  Projects, I have the info in front of me now.
<randell>  We won't make it "official" until Tuesday, but you can get 2.3 now if you visit www.sundialsystems.com/mesa
<Projects>  SteveS: electonic, or old fashioned paper?
<randell>  And we've got a special bonus offer!
<warpit>  whats the new killer feature???
<randell>  Bill Schindler has just released his new book, Down To Earth REXX!
<SteveS>  The company name is excelco of Phoenix AZ. They produce a full fledged accounting system, mainly targeted at medium and up sized businesses.
<rollin>  New feature = feed + Time dimension
<SteveS>  Pricing ranges for $15K-$300K.
<randell>  And you can get a copy for $23 -- that's 23% off the list price -- when you upgrade to Mesa 2 Version 2.3!
<rollin>  We've added the dimension of time to the real-time feed. Now you can ask for the value before the most recent one, 50 values ago, five minutes ago, whatever.
<mandie>  yep, a bit steep for small biz
<madodel>  I'll stay with InCarge thankyou
<warpit>  explain 'feed + time dimension?"
<Projects>  SteveS: whoa... well, that's out
<rollin>  There's also more communication between the feed process and the spreadsheet, so now it can be smarter about adding values.
<warpit>  can you plot a time-line to the feed info?
<rollin>  AS unique and useful as the feed has been, in my mind it's value has doubleed or tripled easily.
<John>  Projects, how much are you willing to pay?
<rollin>  Warpit, yes you could do that before, it's a bit easier and a bit more specific now.
<warpit>  will it work work with a online stock brokers ticker?
<randell>  Rollin did an entire presentation on just the feed features at WarpTech...
<Projects>  John: in the $200 range, like all the windows accounting versions...
<randell>  Warpit, you bet!
<warpit>  wow.... sorry i missed your presentation then
<randell>  We will be posting an example of feeding Yahoo stock quotes into Mesa 2 on our website soon...
<rollin>  Warpit, regardless of the feed source, you'll need to do a little work getting the data into the feed. It's pretty straightforward, there are lots of examples, and a complete presentation on it.
*  Projects bought quickbooks for $179, and immediately trashed it (it has to have IE installed), so purchased Simply Accounting the same week for another $179
<randell>  We really think everyone that has Mesa 2 Version 2.2 should upgrade to Version 2.3...
<rollin>  I think we interrupted Randell. He was explaining the details of the upgrade.
<madodel>  Keep that up Peter and you can buy that OS/2 package
<warpit>  so if i own 2.2 for $23 i get an upgrade and the book?
<randell>  So we are making it *very* cost effective...
<Projects>  mark: heh... yeah, I guess I could :)
<randell>  The price for the upgrade is $10 -- which gets you the new Supplement and the diskettes --
<SteveS>  Randell, and how much is the Mesa 2 upgrade if you do not want the REXX book?
<randell>  You can add Bill's book to that for just $23 more!
<mandie>  that's VERY reasonable!
<randell>  (All prices plus shipping and handling... and sales tax in California.)
<randell>  If you don't want the printed supplement, don't want the diskettes, and don't want to take advantage of the bonus offer... you can just download the upgrade as well.
<Projects>  am I reading this wrong then? Says here, "Or Just Download Your Upgrade"
<Sector>  Swanee is here, we must be done
<madodel>  Hey it's the Final Jeopardy guy
<Projects>  ok, that explains that :)
<John>  Any more details about Steven King's talk?
<randell>  But we'd really rather have you *order* it... and the book!
*  Projects would love to order it and the book and all the other goodies, but Visa says "NO!" :p
<randell>  Projects, we could bill you ...
<Chip>  What's the retail price (not upgrade)? please
<John>  Like if OS/2 is over plan, are they getting NEW customers?
<randell>  Chip, the retail price is that same as for Version 2.2...
<randell>  Still $129.. a bit less from some dealers...
<Chip>  thank you
<randell>  I don't think it's on the website yet, but you can order the book with new copies (from us) as well.
<Projects>  randell: bill me $23.00?
<randell>  Projects... sorry, you can't get *just* the book... you need to order the upgrade as well for a total of $33 (plus shipping).
<randell>  But Rollin, didn't we have a special offer for tonight only?
<Projects>  oh, 33... ok, misread something along the way. Sounds like a plan
<rollin>  Yes we do!
<madodel>  And that is?
<Chip>  randell, is the book on disk, pdf, inf or a book?
<rollin>  Anyone who orders before 2:30 (version 2.3) will get $10 of the upgrade and book combination.
<randell>  Remeber... this is version "2.3"... or "2.30"...
<Sector>  Ummm, better specify the tz on that... (PDT I assume and 02:30am I would guess)
<Abraxas>  brb .. orderring something :-)
<randell>  Yes, that's 2:30 AM Tuesday PDT -- 06:30 GMT.
<Abraxas>  Geeez ... I still have to print it and FAX it????
<randell>  If we receive you order by then for the upgrade ($10) and the book ($23) by FAX with credit card info...
<Sector>  That would be 09:30 GMT/UT...
<mandie>  Abraxas: don't forget to look for the credit card :)
<randell>  ...we will knock $10 off the total price so it comes out to $23 plus shipping and handling (and tax in California).
<randell>  Visit our website for the necessary order form...
<Abraxas>  OK .. I don't have a FAX machine (or modem) .. and won't until past the deadline .... How do I order it?
<Projects>  hahaha... gimme your credit card, I'll do it! :-)
<mandie>  Abraxas: have any friends?
<mandie>  lol
<randell>  Tonight's special isn't on the form but we will adjust your total after we recieve the order.
<Abraxas>  randell you wont recieve my order until about 7:00AM Tueday
<Abraxas>  Tuesday, even
<randell>  Abraxas, send your *intent* to order (without credit card info) to orders@sundialsystems.com before the deadline and we'll honor it when we receive your fax.
<Abraxas>  I can't FAX until I get to work, tomorrow AM
<madodel>  Why no scanner?
<Abraxas>  No FAX, mandie
<Abraxas>  madodel even :-)
<Projects>  hahaha... gimme your credit card I said! :-)
<Abraxas>  randell I can do that :-)
<mandie>  Abraxas: in case you didn't notice, Madodel is taller :)
<randell>  (The option I gave to Abraxas applies to anyone else who can't get to a FAX tonight as well.)
<Swanee>  Projects: Better that you have the CC rather than my wife!
<Chip>  randell, maybe I missed it but is it a text book per se on on disk in .inf or .pdf format?
<Abraxas>  I noticed :-) ... but nick-completion is non-discrimatory :-)
<mandie>  phone....brb
<randell>  Chip, the book is *not* our book...
<Projects>  Swanee: I can do a number on one... :-)
<randell>  It's a new book by Bill Schindler entitled Down To Earth REXX...
<Projects>  Abraxas needs nick completion based on user heights...
<randell>  It's an updated version of the classic "Teach Yourself REXX in 21 Days"...
<randell>  It's about 500 pages and is a great way to learn REXX... for writing Mesa 2 macros...
<randell>  or DBExpert macros... or just plain REXX programming in general!
<Chip>  Okay, thanks again
<randell>  It *just* came out... 2 days before WarpTech... so it's hot off the press. Retail price is $29.95.
<randell>  Bill is also the author of Smack! and the book is being published by Perfect Niche.
<warpit>  does 2.3 link to your palm pilot software???
<rollin>  No, it doesn't. What kind of link would you like?
<randell>  Mesa 2 doesn't have any palm pilot support... and we aren't planning any.. but what did you have in mind?
<warpit>  if collect my numbers on my palm could download str into 2.3?
<rollin>  Where in your pilot are you collecting those numbers?
<warpit>  don't know yet until i fiddle with it??
<rollin>  :) Neither the Pilot
<rollin>  opps. NEither the pilot's sync mechanism or the document model lend itself to that type of work, but I'll think about the possibilities.
<warpit>  oka!
<randell>  Warpit, it is something you update in real time... or just numbers you want to collect and then get into the spreadsheet?
<warpit>  like inventory etc or payroll punches on work orders???
<randell>  Ok...
<rollin>  That's really the issue, you need a purpose built application in the pilot, then you can talk about putting it some place meaningful. I'll ponder it.
<randell>  As Rollin said, that doesn't really fit the Palm's document model... but someting could probably be done.
<warpit>  oka!
<randell>  Other questions on Mesa 2.3 -- or the upgrade offer?
<Projects>  can /me sneak in a Relish question?
<randell>  (Dang -- I'm not supposed to say "Mesa 2.3" -- it's "Mesa 2 Version 2.3" -- Rollin will have to kick me.)
<randell>  Projects, sure...
*  Abraxas wants to know if Relish will (soon) link to a Palm Pilot
*  Sector holds randell for rollin
<randell>  Abraxas, "soon"...
<Projects>  randell: is there a way to have popup notes come up in a cascaded manner so that I don't have to close one in order to see the next?
<Abraxas>  randell Thanks :-))
<Projects>  a.k.a. pmpostnotes style
<rollin>  Abraxas, Rollin knows if Relish will (unknown time period) link to a Palm Pilot :)
<randell>  Projects, no... but that's one of the reasons to use the Defer button...
<randell>  When you Defer a reminder... it becomes "overdue"...
<randell>  Then it becomes visible in the Overdue view... or in the Overdue Bun...
<Projects>  randell: yeah, but I missed a meeting today 'cause I didn't defer... I was handling things one at a time today
<randell>  Projects, I know that can be an issue...
<randell>  It's generally *not* a good idea to leave a reminder up just for that reason...
<Luc>  Is there an easy way to recreate the Bun Template object?
*  Projects will attest to that
<rollin>  Luc, how did you lose the Bun template? That should be nearly impossible.
<randell>  The flip side is that people don't want 100 reminders popping up in a cascade all at once (like might happen after a vacation)...
<warpit>  wait whats your fax #
<Luc>  Can't remember actually, probably killed it myself
<rollin>  562-596-7825
<randell>  I am aware of the issue... I just don't have a good solution to add to the product yet...
*  Projects has no bun template either... never had one to begin with
<rollin>  Luc, you can run BAKEBUNS from the RELISH directory and it should recreate the Bun template and BUN folder.
<Luc>  Would copying a bun and turning it into a template (icon page) work?
<warpit>  thanx for the fax#
<warpit>  bye
<Luc>  rollin: thanks.
<randell>  Luc, it's a WPS template, so it should be *someplace* in the system because the class is registered...
<rollin>  Luc, it would create A bun template, but not THE original bun template.
<Luc>  that's what I thought
<Luc>  I'll try BAKEBUNS
<randell>  Luc, are you using any Buns currently?
<Luc>  but that'll overwrite my customized buns won't it?
<Luc>  randell: all the time
<randell>  Luc, yes! (for any of the same name)
<randell>  Luc, it you are using them, I don't see how the template can be gone...
<Projects>  bakebuns didn't create the bun template here when I tried it
<randell>  We don't create the template explicitely... it's there because we registered the Bun WPS class...
<rollin>  Projects, email relish@sundialsystems.com and we'll go through a more detailed process.
<Luc>  randell: I've been making new ones, using the ones that are in the Relish folder (copy + customize)
<rollin>  You might do a desktop find to search for the template.
<Luc>  Maybe I've just moved the original Bun template and lost it...
<randell>  Projects and Luc, are you *sure* you don't have a Bun template in your OS/2 templates folder (not the Buns folder)?
<Projects>  what's the template called?
<Luc>  rollin: yes, what's its name?
<Projects>  randell: I'm sure... never had one either
<randell>  Projects, Bun or Relish Bun...
<randell>  We've never had a report of anything like that in the 6 years since Buns have been out there...
*  Projects is scanning the drive now
<randell>  So, yes, please email relish@sundialsystems.com so we can follow up!
*  Projects has a "bun.dll" but that's it
<randell>  Ok, any other Mesa 2 Version 2.3... or Warp Tech wrapup questions?
<Abraxas>  randell just one ..... is this (or was this) the Last "Warped Jeopardy" ???
<randell>  (Projects, you won't find it as a file since it's just a WPS object -- it doesn't live on your drive -- just like, say, the folder template.)
<randell>  It's was the last Warped Jeopardy that we've planned for!
<Projects>  randell: it's not in the templates folder though
<Luc>  randell: can't find it here either :-(
<randell>  At this point, we aren't planning any more Warp Jeopardy events.
<rollin>  We're assuming your both running 2.2 or higher
*  Projects is at 2.2
<randell>  Abraxas, why do you ask?
<Abraxas>  That's too bad .. it's a GREAT show ..... and while I'm fine with VOICE holding the "championship" .... SCOUG and POSSI might want a rematch :-))
*  Projects has to leave now...
<Abraxas>  basically, it's a LOT OF FUN!
<Swanee>  amen!
<Sector>  Hmmm, who said Projects could have a birthday—
<randell>  And it's a tremoundous amount of work! We really enjoy doing it but you can't imagine the preparation time!
<Abraxas>  Most of the time, OS/2 discussions and support issues are very serious ... and it's great to just have fun with it
<randell>  And we don't want to "wear out our welcome" with it either...
<Sector>  Hmmmm, maybe VOICE could do there own presentation game show— (not the same one of courseĐ)
<dervish>  I think I'd better go now.
<dervish>  By everyone!
<Swanee>  Night dervish!
<randell>  Don't get me wrong, however... we've gotten *tremendous* feedback about Warped Jeopardy since the first one...
<Sector>  Bye dervish, good morning
<Abraxas>  Maybe we need to work on a Warped version of "Who wants to be a millionaire" :-)
<madodel>  The Wheel of OS/2 perhaps?
<Chip>  Thanks for all the great info tonite.
<randell>  Everybody whose seen it enjoys it...
<madodel>  With Judy turning the letters?
<rollin>  The 32-bit Question?
<Abraxas>  :-))
<randell>  And we've had great fun with it...
*  WSeBHoss just got home...
<Sector>  Who wants to be Warped— (or perhaps Who is Warped might be a better question...)
<Abraxas>  randell I think everyone who has ever seen it has enjoyed it ... and you all looked like you were having fun doing it :-)
<randell>  Abraxas, I was thinking about a "Who wants to win a gigabyte" (of memory) concept...
<Swanee>  We still need to get Rollin on the stage though. :-)
<Abraxas>  That'd work :-)
<rollin>  I much rather control the score. It's so tempting to start taking points away :)
<randell>  I think all nine of our contenstants have had a blast as well -- and I really *do* need to thank them all -- they really make the show!
<Chip>  Chip has to go now, nite all.
<randell>  Nite chip
<Luc>  bye Chip
<randell>  Speaking of "nite", I think we need to be wrapping up... so one last chance for questions...
<Abraxas>  One last question from me
<randell>  Yes?
<Abraxas>  Are you guys giving anything away, tonight?
<Abraxas>  :-)
<Luc>  Another questions here
<randell>  Only our special offer on the Mesa 2 Version 2.3 upgrade... to *everybody* on the chat!
<rollin>  We decided to give our 2:30 offer instead. That way anyone who wants to can win.
<randell>  Luc?
<Abraxas>  Works for me, rollin :-)
<Luc>  What do you guys think about having two similar events like WarpTech and Warpstock in one year?
<Abraxas>  I've sent my e-mail ... and the FAX will be sent in the morning :-)
<Luc>  Too little, too much?
<randell>  Tough question...
<Luc>  Any comments on that from WarpTech attendees?
<n3jja>  Well, since the second one is taking place only 30 minutes from where I live, I'm in heaven this year.
<Blackbird>  This is onlythe first time it has happened.....
<Swanee>  I like it. Especially if it can be separated "spring and fall" events.
<rollin>  I will say that a lot of the people we saw in Phoenix we have seen in past Warpstocks. So from that standpoint, there is a broader audience still to be reached.
<Luc>  n3jja: I've just found another volunteer :-)
<randell>  I think WarpTech and Warpstock turned out to be more similar than originally intended -- WarpTech was planned to be more "technical" and Warpstock more for the "end user"...
<DavidA>  Go git'im, Luc!
<n3jja>  Oh crap! (ducking)
<Luc>  randell: yes, I have the same feeling about that...
<Luc>  they both will be very similar, I expect
<randell>  And the geopgrahical audiences are certainly a plus... I'd hate to see it get to the point where we have only one "OS/2 event" worldwide each year!
<Swanee>  I did see new folks at WarpTech though. I suppose there is alot of geography involved though.
<n3jja>  I go away for 40 minutes, the next thing you know, I'm drafted! :-)
<randell>  Getting the session/program information out early (and I *know* that's hard) help people understand what to expect from a given conference...
<n3jja>  Luc: Actually, I talked with Stan at WarpTech and also signed up on the web site for volunteer work. Just waiting to hear something.
<SteveS>  European Warpstock is taking place in October of this year. That means there will be 3 major OS/2 conferences in 2000.
<Luc>  randell: did POSSI speak about a second edition next year?
<randell>  I certainly don't see WarpTech as having a negative effect on Warpstock... it just reinforces that there *is* an OS/2 community out there that will suppor these different events.
<randell>  Luc, they didn't... one way or the other.
<Luc>  n3jja: thanks, you'll hear from us soon
<rollin>  I need to run, it's way passed my dinner time :) As always, thanks to VOICE for having us.
<randell>  Well, I gotta run... we'll be back (assuming VOICE *wants* us back) in August with... maybe... a few new developments...
<Luc>  bye rollin, randell.
<mandie>  Thanks to Sundial for their continued support of OS/2 and the community!
<Swanee>  Thank you rollin :-)
<mandie>  nytol :)
<Swanee>  Thank you randell :-)
<rollin>  Adios!
<Abraxas>  randell VOICE will always welcome you :-)
<randell>  Thank you all for having us... and thanks to all of you for supporting our OS/2 efforts...
<WSeBHoss>  thank you.
<Swanee>  mandie heading for the exit too?
<madodel>  No hints on what may be coming?
<randell>  No hints... they just get me in trouble...
<n3jja>  Well, looks like I missed the bulk of the event. Nuts!
<randell>  Nite folks!
<Abraxas>  n3jja The logfile will be up on the VOICE website as soon as we can get it edited and posted
<Abraxas>  Thanks, randell
<madodel>  n3jja: where are you located? In Philly?
<Abraxas>  Come back anytime
<randell>  Thank, will do!