General Voice Meeting from 06/18/2001

<Walter>  I call this meeting of VOICE to order.
<Walter>  Agenda Item B. Make sure someone is logging.
<Walter>  Sector is. He said so long time ago.
<Projects>  242 members, ~$2900 USD
<Walter>  Item D: Report on Status of Server hard drive from Judy or Abel.
<mandie>  Walter: did you see Abel's posting in admin?
<Judy>  the one that mentions the also made mention of the upgrade
<Judy>  I hope to get in touch directly with wilson Rook ( Co-Loc provider) this week to
<Judy>  discuss the HW upate and get that job done by Thursday.
<Judy>  we will know nothing definite until he speaks with Wilson
<Walter>  Item E. Mark got a request from Keri (DSOM_eCS) re eCS merchandising.
<Walter>  Mark, can you summarize what that was about?
<DSOM_eCS>  We wanted to know whether someone from VOICE would like to sit on the board.
<Walter>  Keri, the floor is yours.
<DSOM_eCS>  We are attempting to bring a few items to market which would carry the eCS e-ball logo, banner and other images.
<Judy>  where will the funding come from?
<Walter>  Keri, Do I take it you are no longer interested?
<OS2NL>  Well its no secret Mensys will also be making some eCS stuff...
<DSOM_eCS>  Revenue from the sale of the items will used to cover expenses and the rest will be placed into an eCS/OS/2 Developer
<DSOM_eCS>  Developers' Fund.
<OS2NL>  DSOM like what for fund ?
<OS2NL>  Netlabs ?
<DSOM_eCS>  Ok, OS2NL - We should talk further about that...maybe off-line.
<DSOM_eCS>  The idea of the fund came about from a series of notes posted into the eCS mailing list.
<OS2NL>  To be quite honest I'm subscribed to the normal eCS mailing list but I don't have time to follow it...
<Swanee>  The general idea sounds great but is that something that Voice should be involved in, in an official sense. (not that we can't but the question deserves discussion)
<DSOM_eCS>  Swanee, true.
<madodel>  I don't think they are asking that VOICE be directly involved. just if someone from the BoD is interested in joining their Board.
<Judy>  that's the way I understood it also
<Walter>  Agenda Item F: Purchase Ceilidh (Kaylee) Professional message board software.
<Walter>  Here are the details re: Ceilidh:
<Walter>  1. Cost for 5 forums = $149
<DSOM_eCS>  Just as a closing point. We don't necessarily want VOICE to be directly involved. But we believe that having a representative from VOICE can give our project some credability and purpose.
<Walter>  2. Far better communication compared to present email lists, including multiple threads, contractions/expansion, and
<Walter>  superior control such as passwords.
<Walter>  3. The same product could be usedd to create test groups for WarpDoctor project.
<Walter>  4. Could be used to provide a Feedback feature for the Newsletter.
<Walter>  5. Ceilidh comes in an OS/2 based version.
<Walter>  You can get more information at
<Judy>  may we discuss?
<Walter>  Certainly.
<Judy>  I think all the above would be very useful...but
<Judy>  we need to poll the membership and get their input
<Walter>  That's why I brought it up.
<Judy>  I mean the members mailing list...
<madodel>  What does the limit of 5 forums mean? I'm not clear on that. What constitutes a Forum?
<Judy>  that entails more members than those present...and some "some" do participate other than those here
<Judy>  we got their money for membership...we need to ask their opinion. Whether they give it or their option
<Walter>  It means we are limited to five forums on one server.
<madodel>  but what is a forum? Can we have several sub topics within a Forum?
<madodel>  What would be the 5 forums used for VOICE?
<Judy>  1. Warpdoctor
<madodel>  Is a Forum equivalent to a Usnet Group? With one overall topic/purpose
<Judy>  2. News (which would be the same as the email version)
<Judy>  3. Newsletter discussion
<Judy>  madodel: yes
<Walter>  Thanks, Judy.
<madodel>  Thanks Judy. I'm not much for web forums, so I'm kind of in the dark
<Walter>  I have had no direct experience with it because it can be installed only on a server, and till now I've never
<Walter>  had a server on my computer.
<Walter>  OS/2 eZine's feedback forum is a SINGLE forum with multiple threads.
<Judy>  madodel: do you remember the forums that Dirk had setup on os2ss?
<madodel>  Walter: Thanks that helps also to give me perspective
<Judy>  REXX, Networking etc
<madodel>  Judy: I never frequented those
<Judy>  ok
<madodel>  Is Ceilidh what OS2SS uses?
<Judy>  I don't believe so
<Walter>  Mark, I'm afraid I don't know. SS has been in such bad shape for so long that I've quit going there.
<Judy>  it doesn't appear that os2ss has forums any longer
<Judy>  anyway, I think we should get a feel from the members as to whether they want to go to forums...and then determine if we will purchase the professional version
*  Projects agrees with Judy
<Walter>  Mark, I wish I could give you more precise answers to your questions on Ceilidh.
<Walter>  After I get it installed (I now have some server software) I should be able to do that.
<Walter>  Regarding Ceilidh Pro Purchase, is the consensus that we poll the membership using the email list?
<Projects>  aye
<madodel>  yes
<Judy>  yes
<Sector>  Affirmative
<Projects>  ok, yes then.
<Walter>  Aye
*  Sector wonders how much it would get used
<Judy>  Walter: just tell them what you want and get their sure to include an email addy for them to reply to
<Walter>  oops, the chair doesn't vote.
<Judy>  aye
<Judy>  only to break a tie :)
<Walter>  OK, who's normally responsible for conducting that kind of poll?
*  Projects would guess the secretary
<Walter>  To save bloodshed, I'll do this one myself. Sector can do the next one.
<Walter>  Agenda Item G: Warpstock's request for VOICE financial participation.
<Projects>  still a long way away though
*  Projects says yes to both
<Walter>  1. Contribution towards the Saturday night social.
<Walter>  2. Booth
<Walter>  Did all the BOD members read the email?
<Judy>  yes
<Judy>  errr..I did :)
<Projects>  $500 for the social is what we usually do
*  Projects did too
<Projects>  and we've always had a booth
*  Swanee hasn't done his email yet tonight
<Judy>  we need to take into consideration the $ that may be needed this year for DB2
*  Sector read the email
<Projects>  anyhow, did we reach a decision on item G?
<Walter>  No.
<Walter>  I think we agree to do, but not how much.
<Walter>  Chairman raps the gavel!
<Judy>  another poll for the members....
<Projects>  Judy: for the social, or for both?
<Judy>  both
<Judy>  I wouldn't hit them with too many emails
<Digi>  Judy - Worried about them getting paper cuts?
<Projects>  we can put this one off for a couple of days
<Walter>  One email with two parts and several options?
<Judy>  my concern is the money that may be needed to get the Warpdoctor project in motion
<Judy>  that will benefit VOICE/Warpdoctor
<Projects>  what's a booth worth this year?
<Judy>  we have been able to support WS with donations in the past, but now we cannot short ourselves
<Judy>  a booth would help has brought us in memberships in the past
<Walter>  Hold on, I'll find out about the booth.
<Judy>  but contributing to the social would do nothing for us...
<Walter>  Walter switches hats....
<madodel>  If VOICE gets a booth, will anyone staff it?
<Judy>  I will "IF" I attend....but that's not looking too promising :(
<Sector>  It wouldn't do anything directly, but it has become sort of a tradition (social sponsorship)
<madodel>  Last year in Philly, we were all so busy, the booth was empty most of the time.
<Projects>  it also spreads our name a little more... not that Warpstock attendees haven't already heard of us
<Judy>  Sector: yes, but VOICE took total control of the social planning and the whole nine yards
<Judy>  we need to set our priorities
<madodel>  We might be better off putting the money into the Social since people have come to expect that
<madodel>  Assuming we go with either a booth or the Social
<Walter>  Walter switches hats back to VOICE chairman....$500, which includes two free conference passes.
<Projects>  so we'd still have ~1900 USD left at the current balance...
<Judy>  and how much will the licenses be for DB2?
<Projects>  and that's now... get a cheque monthly from BMT
<madodel>  Anything from Mensys Peter?
<Projects>  How about we commit to the booth, and tentatively commit to a donation for the social depending on Warpstock?
<Projects>  Mark: Damn, thanks for reminding me... I've recieved nothing from them yet. Have to get in touch with Joachim(?)
<Walter>  Projects, Please explain, "social depending on Warpstock."
<Judy>  you either commit or you don't commit
<Judy>  and that requires a vote from the members
<Projects>  Walter: we can say that we may be able to contribute to the social, depending on funds available after warpstock $$ are spent
<Walter>  OK.
<Judy>  no, we tell them at this time we are unable to commit
<madodel>  Other then Judy, I haven't seen anyone else hint they may be able to help staff a booth.
*  Projects hints that he'd be more than able if he can make it this year...
<Judy>  why are we not addressing the $ needed for DB2???????????????
*  Projects thought Longstaff had a license for DB2
<Walter>  So did I.
<Judy>  ok, I'll shutup
<Sector>  Maybe we should poll the members first and see who would be willing to help staff booth before commiting to one
<madodel>  That license is for 5.x. The latest version is 7.2
<Projects>  do we need the latest? And if so, isn't there an upgrade option?
<Walter>  Agenda Item G.
*  Projects says yes to the booth. Will abstain on the social
<madodel>  DB2 7.1 WorkGroup Upgrade at Mensys is 558.91USD with another 279.02 for an additional User License
<Projects>  so it's doable then
<Walter>  Does anyone else have a view on the Agenda G:
*  Projects changes his vote to two yes's
<madodel>  That assumes that Charles still contributes his DB2 license
<Projects>  from what I've seen, the only reason he has the license is for warpdoctor
<madodel>  Otherwise DB2 7.1 WorkGroup is $1015.34USD
<Projects>  still doable with both social contribution and booth
<madodel>  The reality is that membership has plateau'd
<madodel>  I don't think we can answer G tonight
*  KoolAde will be glad to throw some extra money in to help with the donation
<madodel>  We should send out a member post asking who among the members palns to attend WS2001, and among those, who would be able to help with staffing the booth. I'm willing to help, but I will not sit there forthree days
<Walter>  What will we need to be able to answer G.
<Chip>  A budget
<madodel>  Walter: we need to know if anyone will be staffing a booth. There is no point to one if noone will be there
<madodel>  in the past we always received 20 or so new members at WS, but I think last year we had only a handful, and a few renewals.
<madodel>  Again, the booth wasn't staffed most of the time since Dan and I were so involved in WS itself.
<Projects>  Last year's WS brought in $627 US in memberships & t-shirts
<Projects>  so far this month, BMT owes us $267.90 USD
*  Projects bought 3, but not at WS
<XRange>  Projects: got full amount from me no BMT cut...
<Projects>  yup
<Projects>  but that's already counted :-)
*  Projects moves that we poll the members on item G
<Projects>  perhaps with a bit of background regarding Warpdoctor plans
<Walter>  Is there a second to XRange's motion?
*  Projects 's motion...
<Chip>  Sounds to me as though we ought to know first, if enough members will go to man a booth, about how much is expected for social contribution, and whether we can expect to get anaother $600 or so in return.
<Walter>  I stand corrected: please use normal statements when making a motion.
<Projects>  ?
<Projects>  Chip: we know how much is expected for the contribution... $500 to $1000 (we usually do the $500 route)
<Chip>  $500, ?, just for the social part?
<Walter>  The question, was VOICE going to continue its traditional practice of support, and if so by how much?
<Chip>  I see.
<madodel>  That $500 is used to reduce the overall cost of the Social to attendees
<madodel>  In the past VOICE has planned the Social.
<madodel>  And in return has received some recognition for it in the naming of it.
<Walter>  I am going to withdraw Project's motion, since it has not been seconded. Projects may re move it later if he wishes.
<Walter>  Officially, Project's motions dies for want of a second.
<Walter>  er..motion
<Projects>  then we're still stuck on item G
<Projects>  How about moving on, and coming back to G at the end?
<Walter>  I suggest madoel draw up a membership poll requesting the kind of information he mentioned above to give
*  madodel doesn't do polls
<Walter>  us sufficient information to resolve this problem.
<madodel>  I can send out an email
<Walter>  Thanks, madoel
<Walter>  er..madodel.
*  Projects looks at Walters suggestion, and his own dead motion and thinks they both say the same thing :-)
<Projects>  so I second Walter's suggestion
<Walter>  I will create question regarding Ceilidh and send out an email regarding that.
<Walter>  Projects: FBM.
<Projects>  FBM?
<Walter>  Fine by me. My invention.
<Projects>  Ah, ok.
<Walter>  This leaves Agenda Items H and I. However it's almost 10:00p, and I don't know if we should continue. We're
<madodel>  can we move on to H now? before everyone leaves
<Projects>  please
<Walter>  losing people pretty rapidly.
<Walter>  FBM. ITEM H: Email addresses for VOICE members.
<Walter>  1. How many expressed a desire during the poll?
<Walter>  2. What's involved in implementation?
<Walter>  3. How long?
<Walter>  Discussion:
<Projects>  unfortunately Abel's not here... he has that information
<Walter>  Then can we really deal with it? madodel, what do you wish to say?
<madodel>  I don't have anything to say. I just want to move the meeting along. :-)
<Walter>  Let's skip Item I:
<Walter>  er... skip to Item I:
<Projects>  I will have 3 more members if the email addy thing goes through; 2 students and 1 reqular
<Walter>  My request for "co-sysadmin" status on SERVER1
<Sector>  Still need Abel's input for that one too...
<Walter>  1. My intent was to alleviate some of Abel's load by allowing me to handle to some details directly.
<Walter>  2. Abel is really excited about it. He has requested we move ahead with that ASAP.
<Walter>  I move that we approve the Co-Sysadmin item in principle, and let Walter and Abel meet to work out the details.
<Walter>  Co-Sysadmin: restricted sysadmin access, under control of Abel.
<madodel>  seconded
<Walter>  All in favour?
<madodel>  yes
<Chip>  Aye
*  Sector approves
<Projects>  yes
<Walter>  Carried.
<Walter>  Sorry--I should have asked. All opposed?
<Walter>  Carried.
<Walter>  Item J. New Business?
<Projects>  not new business, but an item we all forgot... cc processing for voice memberships...
<Walter>  Considering the hour, I think we'll have to table that until the next meeting.
*  Chip moves that item H: be carried to the next meeting as Old Business.
<Projects>  H and G
<Projects>  second Chip's motion, if G is included
<Chip>  I'll accept that addendum
<Projects>  seconded then
<Walter>  You guys are getting good.
<Projects>  :-)
<Chip>  Would you like to add the CC business also?
<Projects>  YES!
<Projects>  sorry... that's a sore spot with me at the moment :-)
<Chip>  Should I restate?
<Projects>  might as well... then it'll be official
<Walter>  CC Business is really new business and should be handled separately--IMO.
<Projects>  Walter: it's actually been discussed quite a bit already
<Walter>  OK, go ahead.
<Projects>  but that was a bit before you were elected
*  Chip withdraws his original motion...
<Walter>  OK, someone restate the amended motion.
*  Projects looks at Chip
*  Chip moves that items: G & H and the CC business be moved to the next meeting as Old/Unfinished Business.
<Projects>  I second that motion
<Walter>  All in favour?
<Chip>  Aye
<madodel>  yes
<Projects>  aye
<Sector>  1
<madodel>  I move we adjourn the meeting
*  Projects seconds
<Walter>  All opposed?
<Walter>  Carried.
<Walter>  I hereby adjourn the meeting.