Moderator's Note: For clearification purposes Brad Wardell is using the IRC nickname 'The_Frogs'

06-18-97 20:31:02 <mandie> Brad!!! welcome!!!
06-18-97 20:31:09 <The_Frogs> Sorry about the delay!
06-18-97 20:31:14 <mandie> err The_Frogs :)
06-18-97 20:31:16 <The_Frogs> Technical problems galore!
06-18-97 20:31:20 <Stryder> Hello The_Frogs
06-18-97 20:31:44 <The_Frogs> So what would y'all like to talk about?
06-18-97 20:31:46 <Twkd-ID> Projects: I can check and see what we have.
06-18-97 20:31:58 * UncleGrim will re-ask his question
06-18-97 20:32:04 <MADodel> The_Frogs: Welcome to VOICE
06-18-97 20:32:06 <Projects> Twkd: all the cd's I got were MS or *nix (and at the time, I didn't have linux installed)...
06-18-97 20:32:08 <UncleGrim> although I've never used it, I've heard a lot of people complaining about OD and ODPro being slow and resource hungry--what is Stardock (or whoever really makes it) doing to improve the speed?
06-18-97 20:32:18 <NewOrder> every one catch ABC World news tonight? They had the IBM Voice type stuff on...
06-18-97 20:32:27 <Projects> Twkd: I'd be forever in your debt :)
06-18-97 20:32:30 <The_Frogs> UncleGrim: It's not a matter of slowness as a matter of how many of the features of it you use at once.
06-18-97 20:32:31 <Twkd-ID> Projects: yah. Hold on. Ours are very similar.
06-18-97 20:32:33 <UncleGrim> NewOrder, and it was the Windoze version, so I heard
06-18-97 20:32:38 <mandie> Let me interrupt..we're going to moderate the channel
06-18-97 20:32:39 <The_Frogs> You put on all the enhancements and control center stuff and you'll get a speed hit.
06-18-97 20:32:51 <The_Frogs> Full resource monitoring can be a bit CPU intensive.
06-18-97 20:32:57 <UncleGrim> *nod*
06-18-97 20:32:58 <NewOrder> yeah it was... but they were speaking ar normal or even fast speed.. they had the IBM mWAVE stuff I guess
06-18-97 20:33:04 <The_Frogs> On the other hand, you can turn on the performance features and make OS/2 faster than it is alone.
06-18-97 20:33:04 <CWBrenn> TF, can you give us any hints about what OD:Polish will be like?
06-18-97 20:33:27 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: We want to update the look and feel of OS/2. It'll give new buttons, scroll bars, title bars, etc.
06-18-97 20:35:49 <ptackbar> The_Frogs: yes, we just went moderated
06-18-97 20:37:24 <Stryder> I want to thank everybody for coming tonight.
06-18-97 20:37:42 <Stryder> We have the pleasure of having Brad Wardell from Stardock as the guest speaker tonight.
06-18-97 20:38:28 <Stryder> Please message MADodel with your questions.
06-18-97 20:38:40 <MADodel> Please /msg MADodel or /msg ptackbar with questions for Brad
06-18-97 20:38:54 <Stryder> There is also a copy of Links/2 that will be given away as a door prize :)
06-18-97 20:39:11 <Stryder> Without further ado I will turn the floor over.
06-18-97 20:39:11 <Projects> :(
06-18-97 20:39:17 <mandie> *IF* you answer Brads trivia question correctly :)
06-18-97 20:40:11 <The_Frogs> Are you guys ready?
06-18-97 20:40:29 <mandie> Brad, how about the rumor re: OD Pro
06-18-97 20:40:55 <The_Frogs> mandie: No idea how such a rumor got started. OD Pro is Stardock's primary business product. Without OD Pro, there wouldn't BE a Stardock at you know it today.
06-18-97 20:41:08 <MADodel> *Giskard* The Frogs: Are there plans for an update to PMINews soon?
06-18-97 20:41:09 <The_Frogs> Fixkit #3 for it is due imminently.
06-18-97 20:41:23 <The_Frogs> MADodel: Tomorrow.
06-18-97 20:41:35 <The_Frogs> It'll be either a 1.01 of it or a beta of 1.01.
06-18-97 20:41:51 <The_Frogs> I think it goes without saying that the PMINews release didn't go as smoothly as we hoped or expected.
06-18-97 20:42:02 <Twkd-ID> Are there any plans for Shadow Soft to work on the internet playability of TOB?
06-18-97 20:42:23 <MADodel> *Guardian|* asks Is Stardock still colaborating with
06-18-97 20:42:26 <MADodel> IBM to fix the WPS conflicts with OD?
06-18-97 20:42:28 <The_Frogs> Twkd-ID: Unfortunatley no. They contend that TOB was not designed to handle the lag times that are present on the Internet.
06-18-97 20:42:54 <The_Frogs> MADodel: We spoke to IBM about 4 days ago some conflict with Object Deskto that they were working on.
06-18-97 20:43:20 <The_Frogs> The #1 problem with Warp 4 is the WarpCenter which doesn't follow WPS conventions and thus tends to make systems that use other WPS apps less stable.
06-18-97 20:43:27 <MADodel> *Chris* asks Could you ask if there be a PlusPak for anti-aliased fonts soon?
06-18-97 20:43:36 <The_Frogs> DevTech, for example, won't officially support systems that are running WarpCenter.
06-18-97 20:43:49 <The_Frogs> We're still looking into that.
06-18-97 20:43:59 <The_Frogs> It's a matter of how many units something like that could sell versus how much it will cost.
06-18-97 20:44:06 <MADodel> Can people please direct questions to ptackbar, I'm having a technical problem
06-18-97 20:44:17 <The_Frogs> IBM's willing to help to an extent but it is clear it would be a considerable undertaking and the support issues could be severe.
06-18-97 20:46:01 <MADodel> OK Chris ask your question
06-18-97 20:46:11 <CWBrenn> Re. anti-aliasing fonts, would it be easier to simply introduce a non-postscript (proprietary) display font that requires no licensing issues?
06-18-97 20:46:20 <NewOrder> ARe there any plans in the future for any OS/2 HTML generators? Like a Visual Age style one?
06-18-97 20:46:28 <Chris> What OD conflict is this? I haven't heard about it before.
06-18-97 20:46:46 <mandie> please /msg madodel or ptackbar with your questions
06-18-97 20:46:51 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: ? It's not licensing issues, it has to do with interfacing with Presentation Manager.
06-18-97 20:46:57 <ptackbar> Stryder - At one time it was indicated that more Windows users had joined the Entrep beta than OS/2 users. Are the beta programs still attracting more Windows users than OS/2 users ?
06-18-97 20:47:05 <The_Frogs> NewOrder: Not that I know of.
06-18-97 20:47:17 <The_Frogs> Chris: General stability issues with the WarpCenter and Control Center causing hangs.
06-18-97 20:47:52 <The_Frogs> ptackbar: It's pretty even overall but in the past few months more Windows users seem to be joining the beta programs than OS/2 users -- especially on Stellar Frontier.
06-18-97 20:48:31 <ptackbar> Projects - I don't use Warpcentre (it was very unstable here) yet I still had problems with OD...
06-18-97 20:49:13 <The_Frogs> Not sure what to say. There's so much stuff that can conflict with one another in OS/2 -- especially with Warp 4 giving so much "stuff" like OpenDoc, VoiceType, etc.
06-18-97 20:49:23 <The_Frogs> IBM barely tested the OpenDoc and VoiceType stuff together.
06-18-97 20:49:34 <The_Frogs> (i.e. how they reacted to each other that is)
06-18-97 20:49:39 <ptackbar> Stryder - Although early How have the sales of the recent games gone for Stardock ? Have any of them lived up to expectations ?
06-18-97 20:49:49 <Projects> hmm... I wonder. I did install voicetype, though I hardly use it any more
06-18-97 20:50:07 <The_Frogs> ptackbar: Unfortunatley not. To give you an idea: GalCiv + Star Emperor + Havoc sold over 1 million copies.
06-18-97 20:50:15 <The_Frogs> Avarice + Trials of Battle have sold > 10,000.
06-18-97 20:50:23 <The_Frogs> LeSS than 10,000 that is.
06-18-97 20:50:33 <Projects> The_Frogs: I also install both OD fixes (when Warp 4 first came out)
06-18-97 20:51:08 <Projects> installed them too
06-18-97 20:51:13 <MADodel> Please /msg MADodel or /msg ptackbar if you have questions for Brad
06-18-97 20:51:19 <The_Frogs> Any given product will ultimately have problems on some systems.
06-18-97 20:51:38 <CWBrenn> msg /ptackbar am I allowed to talk now? I was told not to before...
06-18-97 20:51:58 <The_Frogs> But many corporations have standardized on Object Desktop Professional as their desktop enviornment and in terms of tech support, very few calls come from them as opposed from individuals. I think it's the mix and match of different software on systems.
06-18-97 20:52:09 <MADodel> If you have a + in your nick then you can speak
06-18-97 20:52:11 <CWBrenn> Ok, I'll bite... does Stardock plan on using more music in future games? I loved Avarice, but I really missed the music...
06-18-97 20:52:30 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: It always depends on the game itself. Entrepreneur is full of music 100% of the time.
06-18-97 20:52:38 <The_Frogs> Stellar Frontier has sound effects.
06-18-97 20:52:49 <The_Frogs> Our upcoming game for PlusPak has sound effects and some music.
06-18-97 20:53:01 <Chris> OD has one disadvantage over WarpCenter in that objects in folders are updated instantly in WC, but they aren't in OD. For example, I pick a drop-down folder menu from Control Center, then later add files to that folder, but Control Center doesn't show the news files. Is this something that will be fixed?
06-18-97 20:53:07 <The_Frogs> It was primarily the switch from MMPM/2 (Avarice) to DART (everything since) that has made such a big difference.
06-18-97 20:53:24 <The_Frogs> Chris: Agreed. But how often is that really an issue?
06-18-97 20:53:26 <MADodel> The_Frogs: what game is that for PlusPak that is?
06-18-97 20:53:39 <ptackbar> Stryder - Is IBM planning to implement any of the subsystems that will make OS/2 appeal to a larger audience ?
06-18-97 20:53:41 <The_Frogs> MADodel: Can't say yet. We'll be announcing it next week.
06-18-97 20:54:09 <MADodel> os2hq has a question
06-18-97 20:54:19 <os2hq> Hi Brad, thanks very much for coming!
06-18-97 20:54:22 <Chris> The_Frogs, well quite often for me. I will shadow a folder of a project I'm working on, such as a web site, and want to access new .html files from them frequently.
06-18-97 20:54:28 <Giskard> To The_Frogs: Any more info on the PlusPak game?!?
06-18-97 20:54:33 <The_Frogs> Stryder: What subsystems did you have in mind?
06-18-97 20:54:43 <os2hq> I would like to know how well sales of Links Golf for OS/2 are going, and when can I expect the copy I ordered last week?
06-18-97 20:54:57 <The_Frogs> Chris: It was a choice of performance. We decided to go the way we did for performance reasons.
06-18-97 20:55:30 <Stryder> Video, mpeg, 3d, audio enhancements, support for the latest in video enhancement for VTC, etc..
06-18-97 20:56:02 <Giskard> The_Frogs: Any more info on the PlusPak game?
06-18-97 20:56:04 <The_Frogs> Chris: If we had to do it over again, we probably would have gone the other way since the system at the time was a 486 and now the performance difference is neglible.
06-18-97 20:56:20 <The_Frogs> Stryder: Pretty unlikely. IBM seems to be going towards having OS/2 be a JAVA client.
06-18-97 20:56:37 <The_Frogs> Giskard: We
06-18-97 20:56:41 <The_Frogs> WE'll be announcing the PlusPak game next week.
06-18-97 20:56:50 <Stryder> Is there a concerted effort among vendors to 'explain' to IBM the necessity of such subsystems as video, 3d, mpeg, as well as support for the more predominant hardware for everybody (big business, soho, and home users) ?
06-18-97 20:57:18 <The_Frogs> Stryder: There's been plenty of efforts over time.
06-18-97 20:57:37 <The_Frogs> But most of the OS/2 vendors aren't really in good enough financial shape to do much.
06-18-97 20:57:48 <The_Frogs> OS/2 does run MPEG though doesn't it?
06-18-97 20:58:14 <ptackbar> yes
06-18-97 20:58:14 <The_Frogs> Most businesses don't really use 3D yet. Maybe someday but most of IBM's customers don't even knwo they're running OS/2.
06-18-97 20:58:52 <Stryder> Sorry I meant support for MPEG-2 as that is really the only feasible MPEG for video.
06-18-97 20:58:54 <Twkd-ID> I heard rumours of another Galactic Civilizations. Is this true and if so can you release any details? And will it also be released for OS/2?
06-18-97 20:58:55 <NewOrder> Are there any plans for a "winzip" clone for OS/2? That would be a killer app!
06-18-97 20:59:17 <The_Frogs> NewOrder: We call that Object Archives and it comes with Object Desktop.
06-18-97 20:59:58 <The_Frogs> There aren't any plans for a new GalCiv right now. We're going onto Galactic Federations as the next "big" gaming project after Entrepreneur.
06-18-97 21:00:12 <DeBolle> The_Frogs: How is the online commerce server doing? Will we see all SD-projects available there in the future?
06-18-97 21:00:36 <MADodel> And will GF have an OS/2 version?
06-18-97 21:01:30 <MADodel> Please /msg MADodel or /msg ptackbar if you have questions for Brad
06-18-97 21:01:37 <The_Frogs> DeBolle: We have to balance the commerce server versus how it affects our resellers. It definitely yanks us off the "top 10" lists from resellers which hurts them financially and lowers our own prestige. This month's OS/2 e-Zine has Indelible Blue's Top 15 and we only have 1 product on it. But with hundreds of Object Desktop sselling off the ocmmerce server it's obviously having a big impact on reseller sales.
06-18-97 21:02:22 <The_Frogs> MADodel: That's the current plan. Obviously it will depend on market forces. If the OS/2 game market shrinks to only being a few hundred people we might have to reconsider but the current plan is to have a GalFed for OS/2.
06-18-97 21:03:21 <MADodel> That's great to hear that you are still considering OS/2 for games.
06-18-97 21:03:33 <The_Frogs> OS/2 is where we got started.
06-18-97 21:03:40 <The_Frogs> Plus there are a lot of hidden advantages to doing an OS/2 game.
06-18-97 21:03:51 <The_Frogs> Look at the Internet Top 100. OS/2 users vote for companies that support them.
06-18-97 21:04:01 <CWBrenn> I was wondering if Stardock would consider releasing a Netscape plugin to enable Object Advisors over the web...
06-18-97 21:04:13 <The_Frogs> OS/2 usrs also go to the store and demand OS/2 software and that has made a big impact on us getting into the stores.
06-18-97 21:04:35 <The_Frogs> WE've written such a plug in already -- have had it for months. There are some licensing issues involved though.
06-18-97 21:04:44 <ptackbar> Stryder - What does Stardock see their future development as ? Will it be apps built on Java (which is nowhere robust enough to do PMINews, OD, or even Links/2) ? Without the important subsystems, how will Stardock remain mainstream versus vertical ?
06-18-97 21:05:31 <The_Frogs> Stryder: That's a good question. I wrote a JAVA article for this month's OS/2 e-Zne which outlines how I feel about JAVA.
06-18-97 21:05:46 <The_Frogs> Essentially we want to slowly move to integrate our softwar emore closely with the net WHEN it makes sense.
06-18-97 21:05:47 <Chris> The_Frogs, what new features can we expect to see in future versions of OD? As a suggestion, I think a tiny CD player that fits in the control center would be killer :-) BTW: What are these hidden advantages you mention?
06-18-97 21:05:53 <The_Frogs> I'm no fan of JAVA email clients or the like.
06-18-97 21:06:50 <The_Frogs> Chris: A couple of features off the top of my head include the ability to laucnh a program in a particular virtual desktop, some new tools for Object Navigator based on feedback.
06-18-97 21:06:56 <Stryder> I will have to make time to get to the latest OS/2 Ezine :)
06-18-97 21:07:00 <The_Frogs> Right mouse button to create different objects.
06-18-97 21:07:18 <ptackbar> The_Frogs: I've heard rumors that the next OD will have a more Win95-ish that so?
06-18-97 21:07:45 <The_Frogs> Stryder: Don't read the PMINews review :) They said they liked it but feel it was too buggy (judging by the newsgroups, I'd have to agree that people may want to wait until 1.01 is released).
06-18-97 21:08:03 <The_Frogs> ptackbar: That is true. We want to create a new component that is essentially a clone of the Start bar.
06-18-97 21:08:22 <Stryder> Ok :)
06-18-97 21:08:32 <ptackbar> The_Frogs: I'd be interested in thing I like about 95 is the startbar
06-18-97 21:08:34 <CWBrenn> Will future versions of OD have the ability to change the default system font to something more... attractive?
06-18-97 21:08:49 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: You can alrady do this with what OS/2 has built in.
06-18-97 21:08:58 <The_Frogs> Just drag and drop with the ALT key held down onto yur desktop with the font of your choice.
06-18-97 21:09:13 <ptackbar> The_Frogs: he means the system font (instead of system proportional)
06-18-97 21:09:19 <ptackbar> like the Matrox drivers allow
06-18-97 21:09:32 <The_Frogs> ptackbar: But the Warp font looks pretty good.
06-18-97 21:10:13 <Giskard> The_Frogs: \How about some WebDev Tools for OS./2 Like SiteMill 2.0?
06-18-97 21:10:30 <The_Frogs> Giskard: HTML Studio is pretty good and was written largely by a Stardock employee!
06-18-97 21:11:18 <CWBrenn> Will OD:Polish change the way Win 3.1 apps look (to make them look more OS/2ish)?
06-18-97 21:11:22 <Stryder> Not to be partisan, but I agree that HTML Studio is excellent, definately check it out if you have not.
06-18-97 21:11:52 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: That would be high on our list but we don't currently have the expertise to reliably do that. That feature was something we wanted in Object Desktop 1.0 and something I asked IBM to put into Warp 4.
06-18-97 21:12:24 <Giskard> The_Frogs: What about some site management, link verification, etc. ?
06-18-97 21:12:52 * Projects agrees with the views on Studio, and not just because he works for Panacea either...
06-18-97 21:12:59 <The_Frogs> Giskard: Web stuff really isn't our cup of tea. I'd check out HTML Studio since they may have some of those featuers as well.
06-18-97 21:13:38 <MADodel> Please /msg MADodel or /msg ptackbar if you have questions for Brad
06-18-97 21:13:42 <NewOrder> The_frogs YOu said earlier that OD has a "winzip"
06-18-97 21:13:43 <NewOrder> arrrg
06-18-97 21:14:16 <NewOrder> The_frogs YOu said earlier that OD has a "winzip" like app an is part of OD..... IS there an SEPERATE product of it? or do I have to get OD to use it?
06-18-97 21:14:18 <The_Frogs> NewOrder: Object Archives does everything the Winzip does except better (IMHO).
06-18-97 21:14:40 <MADodel> NewOrder: it's an archive folder. Treats zipped files as folders
06-18-97 21:14:42 <DeBolle> The_Frogs: A few months ago you told in the newsgroups you were actively chasing pirates and even uploading rogue programs. How did it work out?
06-18-97 21:14:49 <NewOrder> the_frogs yes.. But can I just have it as it's own app?
06-18-97 21:14:59 <ptackbar> NewOrder: no
06-18-97 21:15:11 <The_Frogs> NewOrder: Object Desktop is only $49.95 right now off the website. WinZip, all by itself, is $30.
06-18-97 21:15:21 <os2hq> Hi Brad! How well is Links/2 selling, and when will my copy arrive?
06-18-97 21:15:49 <The_Frogs> DeBolle: Worked pretty well, we shut down several websites and helped our Austrlaian distributor zap a few of those pirate CD ROM distributors.
06-18-97 21:16:26 <The_Frogs> os2hq: Dunno when it will get to you. I haven't checked the sales of LInks OS/2 yet. I will probably wait until the end of the quarter when we do Access's royalty.
06-18-97 21:16:37 <Giskard> The_Frogs: How about something along the desktop publishing/PDF file creation line? Like Macromedia's FreeHand or even PageMaker?
06-18-97 21:16:58 <mandie> The_frogs: is Links/2 available to be picked up at the Stardock office?
06-18-97 21:17:27 <The_Frogs> Giskard: Those kinds of products are pretty far out of our scope. It took YEARS from Aldus (and later Adobe) to get Page Maker where it is today and they are a billion dollar company.
06-18-97 21:17:34 <The_Frogs> mandie: Sure is.
06-18-97 21:18:03 <CWBrenn> How difficult would it be to create a "make PDF" object, similar to a .zip object, for OD?
06-18-97 21:18:03 <mandie> the_frogs: great : :)
06-18-97 21:19:11 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: We're kind of allies with Adobe, we recommend users just using Adobe Acrobat Reader -- it's free.
06-18-97 21:19:36 <ptackbar> Stryder - Access is about to release LinksLS 98. What are the plans for updates to Links/2 ?
06-18-97 21:20:46 <The_Frogs> Stryder: Well, I think they'd like to see how well Links OS/2 does first.
06-18-97 21:20:55 <Giskard> The_Frogs: Well, if that is out of scope, what about PDF objects done with OpenDoc? Then a "lite" version of a vector draw, etc
06-18-97 21:21:37 <The_Frogs> Giskard: We're not going to touch OpenDoc I'm afraid. IBM dropped OpenDoc.
06-18-97 21:22:27 <CWBrenn> I don't mind using Acrobat Reader, but Adobe has so far refused to release any OS/2 app that will allow us to CREATE a PDF file. Asking us to use a product that we can't contribute to seems somewhat one-sided to me...
06-18-97 21:22:55 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: There's a long story behind that but in essence IBM adn Adobe don't get along anymore.
06-18-97 21:23:09 <MADodel> I have to agree with CWB there
06-18-97 21:23:10 <ptackbar> <Stryder> Some of their newer courses are coming with only Links LS versions of the courses on the CDs (vice the previous releases that had all version on them). Will they make versions available for Links/2?
06-18-97 21:23:27 <The_Frogs> I don't think enough people would be willing to pay money for Adobe Acrobat to justify the expense.
06-18-97 21:23:53 <The_Frogs> ptackbar: For the most part, all of those courses have a .CRH version which Links OS/2 uses. Plus it runs all the Microsoft Golf 3 courses.
06-18-97 21:23:57 <The_Frogs> Heh heh.
06-18-97 21:24:32 <ptackbar> The_Frogs: no more questions, so I'll ask one :)
06-18-97 21:24:39 <The_Frogs> sound sgood.
06-18-97 21:24:49 <os2hq> Hmmm, how about a "Golf Course creation tool", Brad?
06-18-97 21:24:53 <ptackbar> The_Frogs: this was already talked about before, but I missed something...there will be an OD:Polish?
06-18-97 21:25:18 <The_Frogs> os2hq: That would be pretty cool but that would be Access's move and they haven't created one on any platforms so I wouldnt' count on one.
06-18-97 21:25:35 <The_Frogs> ptackbar: OD:Polish is part ofthe Power Series for Object Desktop that's been worked on.
06-18-97 21:25:45 <The_Frogs> It further enhances the look and feel of OS/2.
06-18-97 21:25:48 <Giskard> The_Frogs: I would love to see a Kalidegraph clone as well. OpenDoc or not.
06-18-97 21:25:56 <os2hq> I just wish I was a "real" programmer -- not just a macro hacker -- so I could start writing some of this stuff I'm always dreaming up!!!
06-18-97 21:26:42 <os2hq> MAD: I think Links/2 will be worth it.
06-18-97 21:26:49 <The_Frogs> os2hq: Hey, when I wrote GalCiv I didn't know how to program. I bought Teach yourself C in 21 days and a basic PM book and wrote GalCiv in 9 months.
06-18-97 21:27:09 <os2hq> Well, I hope I do as well with Java & REXX!
06-18-97 21:27:30 <MADodel> I don't even like golf, but I heard Links/2 is great, beautiful graphics
06-18-97 21:27:44 * mandie loves golf!
06-18-97 21:27:48 <os2hq> MAD: Links/2 rocks. Check Brad's website.
06-18-97 21:28:05 * Projects hates golf, but loved Links386 when it came out
06-18-97 21:28:06 <The_Frogs> The graphics on Links are amongst the best I've ever seen.
06-18-97 21:28:11 <CWBrenn> While you can create PDF files with GhostScript, you have to be willing to compile it with a Unix library, which many of us non-programmers are stymied by. how can a budding youn gpublisher with no coding experience create a PDF file. I think you're underestimating the market for this...
06-18-97 21:28:12 <os2hq> Mandie: let's work on a Net version of Links/2, so we can put a foursome together!!!
06-18-97 21:28:35 <os2hq> Brad!! I just remembered, does Links/2 have a DEMO MODE please???
06-18-97 21:28:45 <The_Frogs> CWBrenn: I think most OS/2 users vastly over estimate how many units an OS/2 product can sell.
06-18-97 21:28:56 <The_Frogs> os2hq: Not sure. I don't think it does though.
06-18-97 21:29:28 <os2hq> Brad, can that be written in REXX or something? I need it for the guerrilla demos I do at work.
06-18-97 21:29:30 <mandie> os2hq: hey, great idea..what's a good tee time for you :)
06-18-97 21:29:45 <os2hq> Mandie: Sundays only, I work the other 6 days!
06-18-97 21:29:55 <The_Frogs> os2hq: I don't think so. It would have to be within the game.
06-18-97 21:29:56 <os2hq> Stry: ditto.
06-18-97 21:29:59 <MHA1> What are the system requirements for Links/2 (besides OS/2 of course)?
06-18-97 21:30:24 <The_Frogs> OS/2 Warp 3 with FP 26 or later or Warp 4 (MMPM/2 must be installed).
06-18-97 21:30:31 <mandie> os2hq: that'll work ;)
06-18-97 21:30:35 <os2hq> Brad: Okay, that's too bad :(. But, What about the idea for a Lawyer game I e-mailed you a while back??
06-18-97 21:30:58 <The_Frogs> os2hq: It's a neat idea but we have our plate full for quite awhile on game ideas. :)
06-18-97 21:31:28 <os2hq> Okay, if I ever get serious about it maybe we can put together a "Tiger Team" or whatever !!
06-18-97 21:31:29 <mandie> /dcc the_frogs 1_more.plate
06-18-97 21:31:46 <os2hq> Mandie: LOL
06-18-97 21:31:49 <NewOrder> tiger? as in the Detroit Tigers?
06-18-97 21:31:56 <MADodel> OK I think we are about ready for the trivia contest
06-18-97 21:31:57 <ptackbar> hey ops! stay in line! :)
06-18-97 21:32:16 <The_Frogs> Sounds good.
06-18-97 21:32:27 <os2hq> New: means a fast, no-rules team to get a project done.
06-18-97 21:32:33 <mandie> one sec
06-18-97 21:32:33 <MADodel> Brad will you ask the question, then I will demoderate the channel and the first person with the answer gets the prize.
06-18-97 21:32:37 <mandie> MHA1 asked system requirements for links/2
06-18-97 21:32:59 <The_Frogs> Here's the question: What was the name of the Microsoft Engineer who primarily developed HPFS?
06-18-97 21:33:12 <NewOrder> Bill Gates?
06-18-97 21:33:16 <joncz> J Gordon Letwin, whos also developed HDOS
06-18-97 21:33:22 <joncz> 's filesystem in the late 70's
06-18-97 21:33:25 <The_Frogs> Joncz is correct.
06-18-97 21:33:32 <Projects> bill gates *develop* something??
06-18-97 21:33:35 <NewOrder> DOH!
06-18-97 21:33:37 <os2hq> WOW! That was fast!
06-18-97 21:33:39 <MADodel> Heh how'd he get that so quick?
06-18-97 21:33:51 <os2hq> Gates only develops ulcers.... in OUR stomachs!!
06-18-97 21:33:52 * TedEBear just deleted that from his brainFS..
06-18-97 21:33:53 <NewOrder> he probaly is him
06-18-97 21:33:58 <CWBrenn> He IS J Gordon Letwin! :)
06-18-97 21:33:59 <ptackbar> ask another!!! :)
06-18-97 21:34:03 <The_Frogs> Just give Judy your shipping info and we'll get a copy of LInks to you.
06-18-97 21:34:16 <Chris> He was probably confident that nobody else would know the answer :-)
06-18-97 21:34:18 <Stryder> And I thought we would be here ALL night :)
06-18-97 21:34:20 <joncz> I know about JGL from waaaay back... like I said, he did a lot of the work on HDOS for Heath/Zenith.
06-18-97 21:34:20 <joncz> sounds good to me.
06-18-97 21:34:54 <The_Frogs> yay!
06-18-97 21:34:58 * NewOrder was the first to answer tho! do I get something?
06-18-97 21:35:00 <mandie> <--- Judy
06-18-97 21:35:00 <os2hq> Counting the Bot, of course!
06-18-97 21:35:00 <Projects> joncz: wanna sell your copy of links/2 cheap? :)
06-18-97 21:35:00 * MADodel had a Heath 151
06-18-97 21:35:16 <Stryder> A heartfelt thank you for participating :)
06-18-97 21:35:23 <ptackbar> <------ Judy
06-18-97 21:35:28 <The_Frogs> Thanks for having me. I think VOICE is a great idea!
06-18-97 21:35:38 <CWBrenn> TF, thanks for your answers...
06-18-97 21:35:47 <Projects> The_Frogs: thanks for coming
06-18-97 21:35:48 <os2hq> Brad: Thanks so much, looking forward to consuming more of your products! Hope you can make it to Warpstock.
06-18-97 21:35:48 <Giskard> Thanks for coming and keep up the good work.
06-18-97 21:36:00 <mandie> The_Frogs: appreciate your time..and support of VOICE and OS/2 ;)
06-18-97 21:36:10 <ptackbar> is Stardock thinking of going into the BIOS market?
06-18-97 21:36:13 <Stryder> Thank you for coming The_Frogs.
06-18-97 21:36:19 <os2hq> Pt: LOL!!
06-18-97 21:36:22 * Projects wonders when we'll see Stardock's membership $$ :)
06-18-97 21:36:35 <MHA1> LOL Projects!
06-18-97 21:36:40 <The_Frogs> ptackbar: :)
06-18-97 21:36:44 <Stryder> Your support of OS/2 and VOICE is GREATLY appreciated.
06-18-97 21:36:47 <Projects> heh... had to say it :)
06-18-97 21:36:58 <The_Frogs> Well ladies and gentlemen, I must return to coding Entrepreneur. We have a big beta release this Friday.
06-18-97 21:37:01 <os2hq> Glad so many people came... let's keep it up!
06-18-97 21:37:05 <MHA1> Just couldn't resist, huh?!
06-18-97 21:37:08 <ptackbar> what is VOICE anyway?
06-18-97 21:37:10 <mandie> The_Frogs..see ya :)
06-18-97 21:37:13 <NewOrder> The_Frogs FREE?
06-18-97 21:37:18 <os2hq> Brad: any way you could get me in for the Ent beta??
06-18-97 21:37:20 <MADodel> !ask voice
06-18-97 21:37:24 <VoiceBot> [voice] Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (mandie)
06-18-97 21:37:24 <MHA1> Nite The_Frogs!
06-18-97 21:37:29 <VoiceBot> [web] VOICE (mandie)
06-18-97 21:37:47 <os2hq> Stryder: sounds okay to me.
06-18-97 21:37:47 <VoiceBot> [purpose] OS/2 users united with a common goal for the advancement of OS/2. Through education, promotion and marketing we want to increase the public awareness/knowledge of OS/2 and see it become more widely recognized. (mandie)
06-18-97 21:38:14 <os2hq>
06-18-97 21:38:20 <MADodel> I send a log to ptackbar tomorrow to be posted at the os2voice site
06-18-97 21:38:30 <ptackbar> MADodel: sounds godo
06-18-97 21:38:33 <os2hq> Pt: Warpstock is an LA gathering this Oct. for OS/2
06-18-97 21:38:43 <Stryder> I just want to say thanks to everybody for coming tonight. With teamwork OS/2 and OS/2 users are unstoppable.
06-18-97 21:38:43 <os2hq> Like Woodstock for OS/2!
06-18-97 21:39:17 <os2hq> Hey, any word on Moskowitz's book?
06-18-97 21:39:20 <VoiceBot> [warpstock] for information (mandie)