General Meeting from 06/21/99

<Projects Abraxas: 'sec... lemme close a few of these annoying things I'm trying :p
*  Abraxas knows that membership is increasing ...
<Abraxas I just added 4 new members to the mailing list this past week
<Swanee brb
<Projects members: 139 Bank bal: $4240.69 cdn @ exhange rate of 1.444
<Projects NT: 20 Projects: 0 :p
<Abraxas that'd be 2936.77 US
<Longstaff that's correct!
<Abraxas OK ..... On the agenda tonight is:
<Sector Well, close enough I guess
<Abraxas Warp Pharmacy
<Abraxas Longstaff did you get anything interesting from your seminar?
<Abraxas crap ... hope someone is logging .... I just started
<Longstaff i guess i should give a brief commentary ob warp pharmacy progress - i got a lot of db2 techno insight at spc, which i won't go into in detail here. the other major external event influencing development and implementation is the announcement by hursley of java 1.1.8 the end of the week before last
<Longstaff i have a log running in the hope this connection holds up
<madodel I think I have a log running, but I can never tell in VIRC
<Abraxas Longstaff OK .... only thing I mised was Peters report
<Projects madodel: under Options -> if there's a little diamond beside "logging" you are
<Longstaff this has also been a very busy and disruptive week, so not a great deal has moved, but i'm looking for a way to implement swing components at the 1.1.8 level into vaj and into the pharmacy gui
<Swanee I just changed mine so I can get the earlier stuff from an old one if we need to.
<Swanee Am I still here? (hmmm... I'll ping the bot...)
<madodel Projects: that's what I thought but when I clicked on it it said that logging was terminated. :-P
<Sector *** PING (Swanee): 1 Seconds
<Projects madodel: it will be terminated if you click on it
<Swanee Sector: Yep, same to the bot
<madodel Projects: but there was no indicator next to it.
<Swanee I have a log running
<Projects madodel: hrm
<Longstaff swing components will give pharmacy a more modern, with-it look, as well as simplyfy the db2 connectivity issues substantially, and fit in completely with my strategy of maximum possible ibm outreach
<Swanee Longstaff: Did a new swing come with 1.1.8 or did you dwld that separately from sun?
*  Abraxas thought he heard Swanee mention a copy of DB2/2 Enterprise Edition last week .....
<Longstaff Swanee - ibm have swing on the same site as the 1.1.8 prerelease but it's a separate file download
<Swanee Abraxas: I "can" get one at a very cheap rate but I skimmed the license and I don't believe i can transfer it legally
<Swanee Abraxas: I ordered a number of things a week ago and checked on that too. :-(
<Longstaff enterprise edition would be a breathtaking coup if we could get it at low cost, but it isn't needed for pharmacy......we do need workgroup edition though to simultaneously logon more than one applet simultaneously
<Swanee Longstaff: I assumed that the swing release would be the same as previous editions and you would be ablt to point vaj to the new zip
<Swanee ablt=able
<Longstaff vaj class imports aren't quite that simple....i have a backchannel dialog going on now on that issue alone
<Swanee Longstaff: oh... bummer. I haven't tried much in vaj yet. I am waiting on delivery of 2.0 ent
<Longstaff keep this next comment just between us, but sun made things difficult with swing 1.0.3 when they changed function they changed'em back
<Swanee Well... so we are in a holding pattern on this?
<Projects !ask mandie
<VoiceBot [mandie] Not found.
<Swanee I knew that already Projects :-)
<Projects heh
<Swanee hahaha
<Projects what's her url?
<Swanee Abraxas: Are we in hold on the Pharmacy?
<Swanee warpedworld? maybe...
<Longstaff Swanee - no....i need some time in the next week or two to kill that one conclusively - i'll be back from portland on friday and will get into it over the weekend.....i also have to finish the letter to tim sipples about the discounted db2 workgroup edition
<Projects !ask warpedworld
<VoiceBot [warpedworld] Not found.
<Swanee She has too
<Projects want warpedworld
<Projects !ask Judy
<VoiceBot [Judy] Not found.
<Abraxas Swanee we can't afford to be "on hold" .... we have to move on with the tools we have available NOW
<Swanee So what can we do to move things along?
<Longstaff awt is a possible technical option
<Swanee Even if we got the basic operation up and running with awt, we could refine the interface later?
<Abraxas Swanee we just need to make do with what we have available .... if we have to buy an upgrade to DB2/2 Personal, we'll have to do it ...
<Longstaff it's more than cosmetic, but yes, broadly
<Swanee Abraxas: let me see if I can find that license again...
<Swanee Here is what they say... This software may be used only for the express purposes of evaluation, development, testing or demonstration.
<Longstaff 31L0061 is the workgroup upgrade from personal edition we're talking about
<Longstaff that's priced at $518 at ib
<mandie sorry I'm late
<Longstaff hi mandie
<mandie hi Longstaff
<Sector Well, hello stranger
<mandie well, hiya Sector :)
<mandie what's going on with the dB?
*  Longstaff almost didn't make it on time either.....daughter of important client brokenhearted over problems with game multimedia
<mandie I've had my mother in the hospital since last Wed so it's been crazy here...she'll be d/c'd tomorrow...thank goodness!
*  Projects read that as "...she'll be dcc/d tomorrow..."
<mandie are we having a meeting?
<mandie hehe :)
<Abraxas mandie Yes , we are
<Longstaff mandie - i'd like to integrate the swing version components ibm released last week with 1.1.8 but there's some thrust here to press ahead with awt
<Sector Well, we where until mandie dropped by at least >:
<Swanee Well, we're wondering what we'll do for a db. I can get one cheap but don't belive I can legally transfer it. We haven't contacted Tim Sipples yet and we are checking the price of a copy
<mandie Longstaff: everyone who used the db would have to have swing or 1.1.8 installed in order to use it
<Abraxas Longstaff Yes .... Dirk already has the Personal Edition (as do I) .... all we need is the ipgrade from Personal to Workgroup to make this fly
*  Abraxas would rather see (in the beginning, anyway) a standard JAVA appletlet, web based, that anyone with JAVA acpabilities could use (1.1.7 at least)
<Longstaff why am i taking this thing about the note to tim so seriously? i should just write the damn thing instead of treating it like an inaguration speech
<Abraxas Longstaff You'll find Tim very easy to get along with (I thinK) .... I did :-)
<Swanee Longstaff: sure, just jot him a note and we'll have to keep our eyes peeled in the meanwhile
<Longstaff he gave a presentation at ws97 only we didn't talk long
<mandie what is the note to Tim for?
<Swanee mandie: Bumping him for a copy of db2
<Longstaff mandie - db2 workgroup edition discount
<Abraxas Longstaff I flat out asked him for a copy of Warp Server for e-Business ... and I have it sitting on my desk in front of me :-)
<Abraxas VERY easy to get along with :-)
<mandie oh, he'll more than likely accomodate
<Longstaff this is off topic but i SOLD a copy of warp server for eb today
<Abraxas Though when I asked him for a copy of Enterprise DB2/2 for this project, he wanted to know particulars
<Swanee Longstaff: I would ask for a full copy and tell him that we could get by with an upgrade along with a donation for another user (Dan or Dirk) They'll probably do a clean copy for us
<Longstaff isn't enterprise db2 like a $23k pricetag?
<Swanee for another user=from another user
<Swanee 2.3
<Abraxas His main concern is that we'll put it to good use ... in a manner that encompasses ALL the available info on OS/2 Support (including archiving of usenet posts a;a dejanews)
<Swanee Longstaff: WSeB is 1700 and he did it.
<Swanee I think for a good cause, this is such a big deal to them.
<Longstaff Swanee - i know
<Swanee "this isn't"
<Abraxas WSeB came in a NFS (Not For Sale) box .... as is available for most ALL IBM software
<madodel We can accept NFS
*  Abraxas also has a NFS copy of VACPP :-)
<Longstaff hehe....i can certainly assure tim i have no intention of selling that copy :)
*  Swanee has some NFS stuff too. That's what he would get if he got the db2 enterprise version
<Swanee Hi maximum
<Abraxas Longstaff If you want, I can personally follow up with Tim on the DB2/2 ..... I've already approached him about it, and he didn't say "no" :-)
<Longstaff how does this sound - let me shoot the note tonight, before i leave for maine.....i'll follow up friday when i'm back at this location
<Swanee Abraxas has a way with words and "schmoozing"
<Swanee 'cept when it comes to girls :-)
<Swanee hehe
<maximum Hi, Swanee, I'm a little late. What's the subject matter?
<Abraxas Swanee :-))) .... you owe me a Guiness for that one :-)
*  Longstaff , as president has no comment :)
<Swanee maximum: We're discussing the Warp Pharmacy idea and how we go about getting the right database setup
<Swanee Abraxas: hehe :-)
<Abraxas Longstaff As pres of VOICE I can't be impeached :-) Swanee doesn't want the job :-)))))))))
<Swanee You giot that right. No one else wants me to have it either so it's unanimous
<Swanee :-)
<Projects hahahaha
<Swanee So we'll contact Tim and go from there right?
<Longstaff i, uhh, don't have any more database commentary at this time, so maybe we should move on
<Abraxas OK ... so we are in a light holding pattern on Warp Pharmacy
<Swanee OK, next?
<Abraxas Rests on Tim's response
<Abraxas Next .... WS99
<Abraxas Warpstock Planning
<Longstaff Swanee - i'll post my letter in os2admin so everybody can see it
<Swanee OK, sounds good
<Abraxas mandie you still with us?
<Projects in "nick" at least :)
<Abraxas somebody wake mandie up :-)
*  Sector dumps a bucket of cold water on mandie
*  Abraxas doesn't know how to do the bells thingie :-)
<Longstaff mandie - i was gonna say before i hope your mom is ok
<Projects Abraxas: alt-007
<Projects heh
<Abraxas We have to start planning for WS99 .... time is getting short
<Projects like Sector did :)
<Abraxas I'm awake :-)
*  Swanee throws 
<Sector Actually I just used the good old Ctrl-G (less typing)
<Longstaff what's the deal with the hotel? i'd like to book a room as soon as i can
<mandie wouldn't we all :(
<Abraxas Seems as if the WS, Inc. lawyers are looking it over
<mandie right
<Abraxas I need to book a room, flight and passes
<Swanee Yah! mandie lives!
<mandie Swanee :)
<mandie sorry...I've got my grandaughter here and daughter...and...and.... :)
<Abraxas mandie hehe
<Abraxas Houseful. heh?
*  Sector dumps a bucket of cold water on the whole bunch of em...
<mandie sort of :)
<mandie sector: I'll second that one :)
<Swanee Who was it that said he may be interested in overseeing it?
*  Sector hands mandie a full bucket
<Abraxas OK ... WS99 ... We need a WS99 Chairperson
<Abraxas ANyone have a problem with giving that volunteer one of our 2-day passes?
*  Swanee stepped into a bucket of it once or twice
<Swanee Abraxas: I like the idea
<Swanee I think whoever does it will deserve that
*  Abraxas just had a thought
*  Sector is worried now
<Swanee Sector: :-)
<Abraxas Longstaff I have to e-mail Tim about a software donation from IBM for our big "Giveaway" night ....
<Longstaff Abraxas - yes....i think i see where you're going
<Abraxas I'm wonderring if it's a good idea to have 2 members of VOICE e-mailing him asking for free sofdtware
<maximum What software would you have in mind? Simply free?
<mandie he just may get the feeling that we're taking advantage of his position
<Longstaff Abraxas - would you prefer if i held off until the giveaway issue is settled, and 2; i wasn't asking for free software overtly, just a discount
<Abraxas maximum whatever IBM would care to donate as a "door prize" to a VOICE Speakup/Meeting
<maximum If he appears on any more of these chat sessions, we ought to get him a fire resistant suit.
<Swanee maximum: We're going to have a software giveaway and will be soliciting donations
<madodel Have we a date in mind yet for the give-away?
<Abraxas Longstaff What I was thinking is that I will e-mail Tim in regards to our giveaway night ... and ask him about the DB2/2 upgrade in the same e-mail .... I think I know how I can work them both in
<maximum I guess it would not be cordial to ask why?:-)
<Swanee madodel: We haven't yet but we need to set it up soon.
<Swanee maximum: Why a giveawat night?
<Abraxas Swanee I agree ... we need to do it in July for sure ... planning time for the Grand Prize :-)
<maximum yep!
<Longstaff Abraxas - that's ok with me....copy me on the correspondence?
<Abraxas maximum just FYI, the Grand Prize is a 2-day pass to Warpstock 99 with 1 night in the hotel
<Abraxas Longstaff OK ... will do
<Swanee It's just a promotion idea originally and we wanted to tie it into our giveaway of a pass and a night at WarpStock
<madodel maximum: VOICE has done this every year for the past two in support of Warpstock. The prizes are only available to members.
<maximum Realise you're talking to someone bypasses the raffles at the SCOUG meeting.
<Sector Abraxas: Presidential Suiteł ;)
*  Longstaff was wondering if they have a presidential suite :)
<Abraxas Sector The "Presidential Suite" is Occupied :-)
*  Sector thinks Abraxas should share
<Swanee maximum: Ahh... but it's not a raffle. It's a drawing. :-)
<Abraxas maximum ?? Please explain
<mandie maximum: what do you mean by "bypasses" the raffles?
<Swanee Projects has a question
*  Sector can't hear anything so he turns the volume up
<Projects he does?
<Swanee Yes Projects? haha
<mandie he should!
<Abraxas Seems VOICE paid a bit extra for WS99 :-)
<Projects I have tons of questions... which one you want first?
*  Abraxas wants the one with "what to do with the extra party tickets"
<Swanee Projects: You tell me big fella! :-)
<Projects No, /me paid too much... voice doesn't get billed for a month yet (until my visa bill comes in)
*  Sector wonders how much each question weighs
<Abraxas Sector their rated on a bell curve
<Swanee Sector: About 20 lbs
<Abraxas which brings to mind the question ... "What does a bell weigh"?
<Swanee Sector: That is english lbs (convert to about $35)
<Projects I registered Voice for Warpstock... 2 people are included in an exhibitors reg... mistakenly I also said they'd be attending the party... so now I also have 2 party tickets...
<Abraxas Shall we raffle them off??
<Projects or hide them from Dan and Wayne?
<Abraxas Give one to the "Grand Prize Winner"?
<Projects :)
<Abraxas Dan and Wayne will be at the party come hell or high water ... we don't need no steenking tickets :-)
<Swanee Do we give them to the pass winners? Give them away separately? Raffle them? Burn them? Let Dan and I handle them? :-)
<Projects hehehehe
<Projects we could raffle them
<Swanee Abraxas: I've been looking at the convention center plans... I think we can sneak in
<Projects or... one goes with the hotel/pass, and then we have a spare
<Longstaff raffle might be cool....or offer them as inducements for volunteers
<Projects a.k.a. bribes?
<Abraxas As far as I'm concerned, we can give them away with the passes (make it a package deal)
<Projects :)
<Projects pass(es)?
<Swanee Abraxas: For the event coordinator, I think it would be nice that he would have access to the party also.
<Projects thought we gave one pass last year? Could be mistaken though...
<Abraxas So ... the Event Chairperson would get a 2-day pass and a party ticket ... the grand prize winner would get a 2-day pass, a party ticket, and 1 night in the Shearaton
<maximum madodel: I understand. It's one thing to engage in a "standard" practice with exhibitors who use it as a marketing or promotional activity. I'm just looking to not exceeding that boundary.
<Swanee Abraxas: I like that
<mandie I really don't think that's appropriate
<Abraxas As a matter of honor, I (as President) will pay for my own pass, hotel and paty ticket (as I did last year)
*  Projects is confused... bought only one exhibitor's ticket that comes with two people...
<mandie a 2 day pass and party ticket is a bit much I think
<mandie projects: yes, last year we gave those away and we paid our own way
*  Projects will brb
*  Swanee too
<maximum Could someone offer a basic price list for tickets?
<Abraxas Projects the Exhibitors booth comes with 2 2-day passes
<Projects mandie: ah... ok. Well, I've paid for that now, and the 2 party tickets
<Projects Abraxas: yup
<mandie maximum: 2day/$55.00 with the early bird special
*  Longstaff paid $55 for a warpstock ticket at bmt micro this week
<Abraxas maximum Before July 31, $50.00/ea for passesd and $35.00 for the aprty .... $89.00 for the hotel
<Swanee maximum: I think they are about $90 for a weekend pass and apparently the social is $35
<Projects I didn't realize we raffled both off last year... somehow I thought it was just the one
<Abraxas errrr .... $55.00
<Projects anyway... bbiaf
<Longstaff when can we book hotel tickets?
<Swanee Projects: I know we gave them both away but don't remember exactly how we did it
<Abraxas Projects last year we raffled off both passes ... one was pass only (Esther won it) and other was pass and hotel (Greg won it)
<mandie as soon as the lawyer approves the contract
<mandie and we get a reg code from the hotel
<Swanee Abraxas: That's right. I rememeber now
<Longstaff mandie - thanx for that clarification
<Abraxas This year is different .... we give away 1 pass w/hotel in a raffle/drawing and the other pass goes to the Event Chair
<Swanee mandie: Did you say you thought they should be split up? (the passes and the party tickets)
<Abraxas If everyone is in agreement with that
<Swanee Abraxas: I agree
*  Longstaff votes aye
<Abraxas Also .... VOICE BoD members *ARE* eligible to volunteer as Event Chairperson (OK?????)
<mandie OK????? :)
<mandie aye here also
<Abraxas mandie I'm asking :-))
<Abraxas if that's OK:-)
<Swanee That's fine with me although I dare not unless it's an emergency
<mandie I's ok ..really too bad that we have to got to that extreme in order to get a volunteer :(
<Abraxas Swanee well, I figure that I'm going to have to do it unless we get a volunteer ......
<mandie Swanee: I won't even offer to help this year..if I can I will..but impossible to sign up for a definite time period :(
<Swanee Let's hope we don't have to but if so, so be it.
<Abraxas mandie you're excused from official duty (I saw you with both hats on last year) :-)))
<Sector White and Black hatsł
*  sProject is happy to report that Seti@home is now running properly on that "other" box
<mandie Abraxas: thx :)
<Swanee mandie: I'm afraid that will be my case. I have to approach it a bit more professionally this year as opposed to last years "24 hour social" attitude :-)
<Abraxas sProject Great:-)
<mandie Swanee: sure, go ahead and ruin your image this year :)
<Abraxas Swanee who are you trying to fool :-)
<Swanee Hey, I didn't say NO socializing... I just have to cut it back to 18 to 20 hours per day :-)
<Abraxas Swanee just remember ... you meet more people and make more contacts in the bar (or on the golf course) than you do in a meeting or on a show floor.
<Projects sound like an excuse if I ever heard one...
<Swanee haha, That's very true. I've made more money on a golf course than elsewhere
<Swanee :-)
<mandie Abraxas: sure if that's where you're at, of course you'll meet more ppl there!
<Abraxas My brother is a professional salesman .... he told me that years ago ... and I found it to be true at last years Warpstock
<Longstaff that's part of my dilemma.....i have an agenda of my own at warpstocks - they're very important events
<Swanee Abraxas: Yep, I am amazed at how much stuff you can trade to a bartender
<Abraxas I met a lot of people at Warpstcok last year ... and the ones I'm still in cointact with (weekly) are the ones I met outside of the main show area
*  Longstaff hired a couple
<Abraxas Only exception to that is Dirk
<Swanee a'lll give ya this beltbukkle fer anudder one budddyy!
<Swanee haha
<Abraxas Hell, I sat next to Brad Wardell for 2 days, and only talk to him at Speakups .... but I never saw him in the bar :-)
<mandie and you probably won't
<Swanee Abraxas: He got carded just like me but I had a fake ID
<Swanee hehe
<Abraxas ehehehehe
<mandie LOL
<Swanee You guys aren't laughing AT me are you? You must be laughing WITH me.
*  Sector wonders how Abraxas could have sat next to Brad Wardell for 2 days if he never saw him in the bar...
*  Projects changes his laughing from "at" to "with"
<Abraxas I sat and shared a cheesburger. beer and conversation with a priest at WS98 ..... what makes Brad so special?
*  Swanee pulls another gray hair from his head and silently cries
<Projects Sector: excellent question. Abraxas: well?
<Swanee Sector: LOL I just saw that.
*  Abraxas didn't see Sector in the bar, either :-)
<Longstaff how could you stand sitting next to brad for 2 days :)
<mandie Swanee: leave them alone or you'll be bald!
<mandie longstaff: we ignored him :)
<Abraxas Longstaff I told him he was late for his presentation (and he wasn't) :-)))
<Sector But Abraxas didn't spend two days sitting next to Sector
<Projects hahaha
<Swanee After a couple of days Abraxas couldn't see me either. We carried him to his room
<Swanee OK, so where were we? :-)
<Abraxas We are....
*  Sector thought half of this channel was in the bar
<mandie carrying abraxas to his room :)
<Swanee do we split the party passes from the day passes
<Swanee Is that decided?
<Abraxas Giving a pass to the Event Chair volunteer, raffling off a pass and hotel room (1 night) and still undecided about the party tickets
*  Longstaff was at the fifth stool from the window
<Swanee I like the idea of event chair getting a party pass also
<Abraxas Longstaff there were no windows in the oakroom
<Swanee AND I hate to see us give a pass to someone without a party pass too. Judy, did you mention a differing idea here?
*  Abraxas doesn't remember seeing Windows all weekend :-))))))
<mandie Swanee: yes, why should it include the party pass?
<mandie a 2 day pass should be more than sufficient
<mandie we're all volunteers....
<Swanee mandie: I just felt like it was part of the weekend but I am open to hear what you have to say.
<Projects even if we're "in absentia"
<Abraxas mandie we all signed on for the long haul :-) .... this is a one weekend event
<Swanee I don't have a problem with that and am willing to go whatever way makes sense to the rest of us
<mandie abraxas: exactly...and everything we do is for VOICE not $....yet we're going to give a 2 day pass to the event chair..shouldn't that be sufficient?
<Projects figures... Swanee goes both ways...
*  Projects runs and hides!
<mandie lol
<Longstaff glass doors then.....the term windows is, i concede, profoundly depressing
<Swanee Projects: NOT quite the way that sounded though :-)
<Abraxas mandie I would think it was ..... but we do seem to have 2 Party Tickets .... what shall we do with them?
<Projects Swanee: :)
<mandie drawing for members only
<Projects I could sell 'em to Abraxas and Swanee...
<mandie lol
<Swanee That's alright by me
*  Abraxas needs 2 party tickets anyway :-)
<Sector Prize for attending meetings/speakups?
<Projects That's kinda where I was driving all along :p
<Swanee Projects: I'd rather pay for my own and have you show up and us one of them
<mandie hello trouvere
<Abraxas What sense does it make to give away 2 party tickets separately to someone who may not be going to WS99?
<Projects Swanee: sure... you'll mail my plane ticket where? :-/
<mandie let's cash in all of the freebies and pay to fly projects to atlanta!!!
<Swanee LOL
<Projects hehe
<mandie it doesn't matter to me how it's done
<Swanee mandie... you're the king baby! er... Queen baby!
<Abraxas mandie if we cash in ALL the freebies ... he'll have to buy a pass and party ticket :-)
<mandie abraxas: we'll pass the hat for those :)
<Abraxas hehe
<Projects for simplicity's sake, I say Wayne and Dan each buy them from me... they're already "named"...
<Swanee We'll feed him 8 or 10 drinks and slide him under the door
<madodel0 Just a quick note has added OS/2 to it's OS poll -
<mandie yayayaya....we speak...they listen!!! ;)
<Sector Amazing
*  Projects will take the poll now
<Abraxas If we offer the party tickets separateley (from the passes), we'll have to have a special drawing for VOICE members only who are going to WS99
<Abraxas Sounds complicated to me :-)
<mandie then let's do this
*  Projects says no party tickets up for grabs
<mandie send email to members
<mandie inform them of what we're doing
<Projects keep with what we did last year
<Projects consistency and all that...
<mandie tell them if they will be attending ws99
<Projects inform whom?
<Abraxas Projects members@
<Projects oh, those whom :)
<mandie that they will need to be present at the designated drawing to winn
<mandie win too
<Projects Abraxas: yeah, finally saw that :)
<Abraxas mandie a separate drawing?
<mandie who knows...maybe someone will be lucky enough to win both :)
<Projects members only?
<Longstaff *mandie* is there some skirmish point in the hotel deal fine print?
<mandie 4 drawings on the same night
<Abraxas 3 drawings:-)?
<mandie 3, yes...
<madodel0 I think it should stay as a package.
<mandie forgot about the exhibit chair
<Abraxas 1 drawing for the pass and hotel
<mandie then leave it as a package...I don't care
<Abraxas 2 drawings for the party tickets (1 each)
<Projects argh!
<Projects can we get an "all in favour" motion?
<mandie aye
<madodel0 Can the winner of pass, purchase a ticket to the dinner seperately?
<Swanee "all in favour"
<mandie mad: yes
*  Projects looks at the president
<Projects argh!
<Abraxas I lean more towards a package or no party tickets at all (I'll buy them from voice as I need 2 tickets anyway) ... the thouight of a separate drawing for the party tickets sounds too complicated ... it would have to be limited to VOICE members who are planning on attending WS99
<Projects ok, sounds good
<Longstaff aye
<madodel0 But isn't the grand prize limited to members who are going to WS99?
<Abraxas That would leave out a fairly good number of voice members who may be in attendnce
<Abraxas madodel0 yes ... it is
<Swanee We can have some other prizes that night too for the members that won't be going
*  Swanee will donate some like we talked about before
<Abraxas Swanee that's the purpose of the software giveaways .... for thos members who are NOT going to plan on attending WS99
<Swanee Yeah, agreed. I didn't know when we were doing that though.
<Projects should all be done the same night, so has to be after hotel reservations can be made...
<Abraxas mandie has a good point .... the pass for the volunteer (Event Chair) and the pass and hotel giveaway should be enough .... the question is......
<Swanee Hi DaveWgt
<mandie DaveWgt: hi :)
<Abraxas do we include the Party Tickets as a package deal or not (as I said, if not, I'll re-imburse VOICE for the party tickets)
<DaveWgt I gotta start getting here on time
<Sector Well, you made it to #scoug on time...
<mandie Abraxas: seeing that we have them available...we should go ahead and include will help one of the members out a bit
<Abraxas mandie it will help 2 of the members out a bit :-) .... and it will make for some great socializing :-)
<mandie ok, so I can't count :)
<Projects he always thinks "party"...
<Abraxas man that's all right ... it *IS* Monday, after all :-)))
<mandie "hearty!"
<mandie or is that hardy :)
*  Abraxas calls for an official vote:
<Sector Maybe it's "hardly"
<mandie officially I say aye
<Abraxas Include the Party tickets or not?
<Swanee Abraxas: Can you reread the mtion?
<Longstaff Abraxas - please state the motion?
<Abraxas Swanee I don't know what a mtion is :-)
<Abraxas The motion is to include a Party Ticket with each of the Passes that come with the VOICE booth (to be given away)
<mandie aye
<Projects hrm... and the hotel winner gets the hotel only? or is there another pass involved?
<Swanee Abraxas: You seemed to know after a couple of saspys at the Oajk Bar & Grill. You had the mtion all over the bar. We couldn't get you down! :-)
<Abraxas The Volunteer Event Chairperson would get a 2-day pass and Party Ticket and the Grand Prize at the drawing would be a 2-day pass, 1 night in the hotel and a Party Ticket
*  Longstaff votes aye
<Swanee eye
<Abraxas aye
*  Projects votes aye now that he has a clue
<madodel0 yes
<Swanee I
<Projects TheSeer: that a yes or a no?
<Projects :)
<Sector Hey, Swanee is stuffing the balot box...
<Projects zealot
<Swanee Sector: Shhh.... I thought you were covering for me.
<Abraxas any nay's?
<Projects nay
<Projects to your last question that is :)
<Swanee Just the pony outside my window but he's not a member
*  Sector gives Projects some hay
<Longstaff hey, get with it, willya???
<Abraxas OK ... The "aye's" have it ....
*  Projects passes it along to Swanee who needs it...
<mandie Motion passed
<Swanee Cool
<Abraxas The Volunteer Event Chairperson will get a 2-day pass and a ticket to the party
<Abraxas The Grand Prize Winner at the drawing will get a 2-day pass, 1 night in the Sheraton Gateway and a Party Ticket
<Projects so hotel only left to purchase
<Abraxas Projects yep
<mandie We need to notify Warpstock, Inc of our intent to contribute $500 to the social event and will match one $500 contribution by another user group for a total of $1000
<Projects when they get it handled...
<Swanee Projects: Just get a room. Don't purchase the hotel
<mandie once the check is in the mail for the $500..then we need to get a "HOT" announcement out
<Abraxas mandie you took the words right off the tips of my fingers :-)
<mandie abraxas :)
<Projects Swanee: what? argh, there goes the budget all to hell again...
<Swanee :-)
<Abraxas mandie who do we "notify" of this ?
<Abraxas Warpstock, Inc. or Warpstock, Atlanta?
<mandie if you go to the can notify all members of the BOD
*  Projects thinks we should notify Judy
<DaveWgt got any user groups in mind to coerce the matching funds from?
*  Abraxas thinks Judy already knows :-)
<mandie I can formally inform the bod if you'd like
<Projects :)
<madodel0 Sounds good
<Abraxas mandie what method would you think best?
<mandie Dave: hopefully we won't have to coerce...I hope atleast one comes forward
<madodel0 We could put a note in a bottle
<madodel0 :-)
*  Projects thinks coming from the pres. to warpstock bod would be best
<Swanee DaveWgt: We haven't targeted anyone but are just soliciting a response
<mandie Abraxas: I think it would be nice if it came from the VOICE pres :)
<Sector Where would we send the bottle
*  Abraxas thought that WS already knew
<madodel0 What about carrier pigeon?
<mandie abraxas: it's been mentioned a few times...but send it officially
<Abraxas OK ... so we need some sort of Public Announcement .... the "official Challenge"
<Abraxas mandie OK
<Projects yeah, presidential seal and all that...
<Swanee Projects: I though we had a presidential walrus?
<Abraxas madodel0 Rats?
<Projects Swanee: and a carpenter?
<mandie abraxas: if you go to the warpstock page and select "About Us" it will allow you to email the entire BOD
<madodel0 Rats? Where? I don't see any stinking Rats.
*  Abraxas has heard a radio spot for Nextel Digital .... messages sent by trained rats ... carrier pigeons are used to carry the rats :-)))
<Longstaff no, SEALS
<mandie are we done for tonight?
<Abraxas mandie not quite
<Swanee I have a small item
<Abraxas New Business
<mandie Abraxas: a bit more
<Longstaff anything further for the agenda?
<Sector Let's send a message out through a radio telescope...
<Abraxas Warpfest
<madodel0 Warp Expo and Warpstock Europe I thought were on the Agenda?
<Abraxas and a VOICE presence there
<madodel0 Will SETI hear it?
<mandie Abraxas: you need to stipulate that we want to be recognized as a Contributor towards the Social with some type of Signage at the social
<Projects we have a few european members...
<Abraxas Anyone here palnning on attending the Warp Expo (Warpfest) sponsored by SCOUG?
<Abraxas \planning, even
<madodel0 Do we have any martian members yet?
*  Sector might be
<mandie wish I could :(
<DaveWgt I'll be there
<Abraxas DaveWgt great
<Sector Kinda thought so :>
<Swanee I have been thinking about it but won't know for a while.
<Projects hmm...
<Longstaff DaveWgt - you're the guy we're looking for :)
<mandie do we have any members that are also members of SCOUG?
<Abraxas DaveWgt would you be interested in at the least handing out VOICE brochures?
<Sector DaveWgt...
<DaveWgt as a member of SCOUG and VOICE, don't know if I have conflict of interest or anything,but would be happy to rep VOICE
<mandie DaveWgt: great!!!!
<Abraxas DaveWgt we don't see a conflict of interest :-)
<Sector Shouldn't be any conflict there. VOICE and SCOUG are on the same side
<mandie maybe we can contribute a couple of VOICE t-shirts towards a raffle
<DaveWgt Actually, I speak highly and publicly of VOICE at SCOUG affairs fairly often
<madodel0 Course we couldn't pass a field sobriety test either
<Abraxas DaveWgt Thanks ... we appreciate the support
<mandie lol
<Swanee We like the way you speak :-)
<Longstaff DaveWgt - if you operate in the open with scoug and let them know in advance what you have in mind, i don't think thehere's any risk of a conflict
<mandie no forked tongue there :)
<Abraxas madodel0 .... now you don't know that (yet) ... but you will :-)))
*  Abraxas is glad he doesn't have to drive home from these meetings :-)
<Swanee Abraxas: haha
<DaveWgt The big prob w/ Warp Expo is the brewing controversy about perceived competition with Warpstock
<Projects is it *that* kind of meeting?
<Abraxas mandie T-Shirts are a GREAT Idea .... I know where there are a BUNCH of them :-)))
<DaveWgt A couple of SCOUGers are on steroids or something, hyping it big, but basicly a routine annual open house by the club
<mandie DaveWgt: there should be no controversy....SCOUG has held the open house for what...3 years now? This is the same, in my eyes, on under a different event name
<Abraxas DaveWgt I'll admit that the announcement I received seemed a bit competitive .....
<Swanee DaveWgt: It's great that it can be held, It's just a problem for vendors and users that have to decide on one or the other. I'm sure the intention is good.
<DaveWgt Not the intention of most of the staff
<DaveWgt I recommend to anyone who has to decide between them to take Warpstock. Gotta be our "premier" event
<Abraxas DaveWgt But I weigh the facts that it's the 3rd annual and that a member of SCOUG that is planning the event is also on the Warpstock Steering Committee
<mandie Swanee:'s basically been geared towards the members and locals and been kept low key in the past...this year, as Dave mentioned, it's been hyped up
<Longstaff DaveWgt - i'm glad you brought that out in the open.....speaking for myself, i'd be sorry if it turned into a contest
<DaveWgt I'm going to great lengths to keep it amiable
*  madodel0 is excited that there are now potentially 4 Warp events to choose from.
<mandie it's just an opportunity for those in the CA area that can't make it to Atlanta to get together with other OS/2ers
<Projects 4?
<madodel0 I'm going to WS99 this year, but I want to go to at least one other next year.
<Abraxas Personally, I'd LOVE to go to CA in the fall .... just don't think my schedule can handle 2 weekends out of the busy-season :-)
<DaveWgt Atlanta's a long ways.
<DaveWgt opps .. a fur piece, they say over there?
<mandie right
<mandie :)
<Projects Atlanta's nearly t'other side of the world...
<DaveWgt That's where the internet comes in
<DaveWgt we neet to boost the digital output
<mandie I also want to try to attend 2 events next year...but it's not an option this year
<Swanee Abraxas: Me too Dan, but I am considering it. I have relatives there so it could be 2 birds with one hard disk
<Abraxas Projects from you ..... Chicago is the other side of the world :-)
<DaveWgt need to have the whole warp world involved in all warp meets
<Longstaff admittedly alana is on the far fringe of the civilized universe :)
<madodel0 WS99, WS Europe, Waarp Expo and next year POSSI's Tech conference
*  madodel0 thinks Projects fell off the edge of the world
<Projects Abraxas: from me, everywhere's the other side of the world :)
<Abraxas Swanee Well, you know I have a "friend" in CA .... kill 2 something wih a hard what?
<DaveWgt even at one meeting, we can't see everything.
<Swanee Shoot... Projects could canoe to CA
<mandie back to our representation at WArpfest
<Projects it's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here...
<Abraxas mandie YES
<Swanee Abraxas: LOL I know who you're talking about! :-)
<mandie Dave: you'll make brochures available at SCOUG?
<DaveWgt We're going to tape all 4 "tracks" at Warp Expo and I'll provide copies to any club that asks
<mandie Dave: will they have a raffle that we could contribute a couple of VOICE t-shirts as prizes?
*  Projects may be able to swing an all expense paid trip to CA...
<DaveWgt yes, I'll even set up a booth and coerce memberships if you want
<Swanee Projects!!! DO IT!!!
<mandie excellent!!!!
<Abraxas While I don't think it's practical (this year) to have a VOICE Booth at both events, it wopuld be nice to have at least some sort of VOICE presence at WarpFest
<madodel0 OS/2 is now leading in the poll. :-)
<DaveWgt Yes, tokens for the raffle would be very effective
<Sector That didn't take long
<mandie Abraxas: we have it :)
<Abraxas mandie Great :-)))
<DaveWgt warp fest isn't until next spring?
<Projects madodel: yeah, I've already voted :)
<mandie no's in Sept
<mandie 1 month before Warpstock 99
<DaveWgt sept is warpexpo
<madodel0 No Warp Expo is in Sept
<mandie oops....sorry
<DaveWgt have a web site now on the scoug site.
<mandie POSSI is WarpFest
<madodel0 Warp fest AKA Warp Technical Conference is in the Spring
<Abraxas DaveWgt e-mail me your snail-mail address ( and I'll send you a batch of brochures and some T-Shirts
<mandie that's over memorial day weekend
<mandie 2000
<Projects which one's the CA one?
<mandie WarpExpo
<DaveWgt I think POSSI is planning about a year out
<DaveWgt I'm close enough to Phoenix I'll probably attend that one too.
<Abraxas sorry ..... I was confusing 2 differentr shows .... Warp Expo is what I was thinking of
<Projects the scoug one is the september one?
<DaveWgt yeah
<Sector Yes
<mandie projects: ys
<mandie ok, on to Warpstock Europe
<Projects ok, the scoug one I can possibly get that trip for... not the phoneix one though
<Swanee DaveWgt: Where are you from?
<mandie projects: we want you in ALANA!
<Abraxas Warpstock Europe
<Abraxas Is this really going to happen this year?
<Projects unfortunately, my mother's moving from Europe to... CA...
<mandie abraxas: that's my question...I see no progress on the website
<madodel0 CA as in California or CA as in Canada?
<mandie I say for now, we support them with the logo/link on our homepage
<Projects or we coulda been in europe too :p
<Abraxas mandie I agree ... last year we were all set to throw some $$$ to them as a show of support ... and it fell through .... I think we should takje a wait-n-see approach this year
<Projects CA as in california... canada's ca (case sensitive) :)
<mandie Abraxas: agreed
<Swanee DaveWgt: What part of AZ are you?
<mandie how did AZ get into this conversation
<DaveWgt not AZ, just south of LA, Cal
<Abraxas So .... we need to compose a "challenge" to other user groups for the Warpstock 99 Party sponsorship
<Sector I'm close enough to Phoenix I'll probably attend that one
<Sector too.
<DaveWgt AZ is in the mix for a POSSI show being planned for next spring
<Swanee DaveWgt said he wasn't far from Phoenix. I guess socal is only 5 hours
<Swanee :-)
<mandie ok
<Projects Swanee's meandering again...
<madodel0 If we find someone who is planning on going can we ask them to distribute brochures also? I'd likw to see more VOICE presence n Europe.
<Longstaff they sure drive slow out west :)
*  Sector is >200 miles from AZ...
<Abraxas TheSeer will go to WS Europe (he's planning on WS in Atlanta)
<mandie Abraxas: yes, we can include that challenge in our announcement of contributing the initial $500
<Swanee Projects: I just wanted to make sure he wasn't in the same town as my wife and telling her bad things about me
<Abraxas I'm sure I can talk him into distributing some brochures
<mandie Abraxas: she could probably tell HIM a few things about you!
<Abraxas mandie OK ... kind of an all-in-one announcement
<Projects Swanee: hahaha
<Sector Err, Less then 5 hours from AZ. It depends on which part of socal your in...
<madodel0 OK anything else?
<mandie abraxas: yes, while we have their attention :)
<mandie longstaff?
<Swanee I'm starting to miss her. I haven't had a good meal in a couple of weeks and had to actually wash my own clothes a couple fo times
*  Sector looks around to find who stole his attention
<Abraxas So ... I'll compose an announcement (post to admin first) to send to the Warpstock BoD and then to: ???
<Abraxas Warpcast, the Warpstock List, Usenet???
<mandie Abraxas: Longstaff should be composing the announcement and posting for approval :)
*  Projects sneaks around and puts Sector's attention back
<mandie that's the secretary's yob!
<mandie abraxas: You're personal notice to the WS bod will be seperate from the official public announcement
<Abraxas mandie I thought we were talking about the pres making the announcement to WS BoD ... and then including the Chjallenge in that announcement .... or are you thinking of 2 separate annpuncements
<Abraxas mandie Gotcha :-)
<mandie :)
<mandie I make more sense in person :)
<mandie I think!
<Abraxas I know .... I've been there :-)))
<Projects hehehe
<mandie I always have about 15 thoughts running through my mind at the same time :)
*  Sector borrows 14 of mandies thoughts
<mandie hehe
<mandie longstaff
<mandie copy-cat!
<Abraxas mandie did you get my message about the FRS radios? ... I'll have 4 of them at WS99 so you can always find me (and Wayne) :-)))
<Projects dammit, you guys scared me...
<Sector Um, as I recall that was copied from me...
<mandie lol
<Sector Abraxas: mandie already knows where to look... (in the bar)
*  Projects was looking to see just *what* was beeping *this time* :p
<mandie abraxas: no, I didn't see what will I do...setup 2 channels on my radio?
<mandie sector: you got it!
<DaveWgt what are we planning for online activities at WS?
<mandie dave: probably the same as last year...all day irc
<Abraxas mandie Could :-))) ... or could carry 2 radios (and look REALLY important) :-)))
<Projects damn well better be...
<mandie hopefully this year we will be able to immediately u/l pics from the site
*  Projects hopes its not the same as last year!
<mandie abraxas: I don't need to carry radios :)
<Abraxas mandie any idea what kind of net connection we'll have?
<mandie longstaff: could you start preparing a public announcement about our contribution and challenge
<mandie then post to admin for approval and we'll send out once we put the check in the mail
<mandie abraxas: not sure yet..but they're trying to do better than last year
<Longstaff yes....based on the information i have here
<mandie longstaff: yes, thx :)
*  Abraxas is also bringing to WS99 a Digital Camera and Laptop .... w/DCITU installed
*  Swanee hopes the WarpStock censors don't stop our risque pix this year.
<Sector Swanee: Was that you dancing on the tablesł
<mandie I'll have my laptop at the VOICE booth for use...and also have my digital camera...doesn't require software...just a floppy and pmview :)
<Abraxas mandie mine requires software :-(
<Longstaff mavica!
<mandie yep :)
*  Swanee doesn't know how he'll be able to get a computer on the plane and have it get there in one piece
<Abraxas But I only paid $139.00 for it :-)
<mandie abraxas: then worth it :)
*  Abraxas has an Epson PhotoPC
<mandie I will miss a monitor..hopefully we can borrow/rent one
<Longstaff mavica rules :)
<mandie should I setup the slide show of our supporters like I had last year?
<Projects Abraxas: and there's OS/2 software for it?
<Abraxas mandie YES ....
<Swanee Sector: Nope, I was going to show you all a picture of Dan's machine "under the covers"
<Abraxas Projects DCITU supports it :-)
<mandie hmmm
<Abraxas DCITU=Digital camera Image Transfer Utility
<mandie swanee: we don't care to see Dan's "machine" under the covers!
<Sector Swanee: you'll scare everyone away
<mandie hehe
<Swanee :-)
<mandie ok, are we done?
<mandie StevenL: hi :)
<StevenL Hi.
<Swanee Hi _os2OChat & StevenL
<Abraxas mandie Yes .... I'm done ... did Wayne have something?
<mandie os20chat!! hi
<Swanee OH, yes
<madodel0 definitely. shouldn't we check with them though. For the most part the supporters list is pretty old, and other then Wayne's recent promotion, we haven't had much support.
<DaveWgt I'm planning to experiment with a webcam app that pushes quickcam to web server
<Swanee I just had a little discussion with Jared Tarbell who is the new archiver for Hobbes
<mandie madodel: yes, we should ...
<mandie give me a couple of more weeks and hopefully I'll have a bit more time to devote to VOICE and get back in the swing
<Longstaff any outstanding agenda items?
<Projects Swanee: and...?
<mandie Dave: that would be great!
<Swanee I think we should send out a little blurb about him as he will not promote himself. He is a self described diehard OS/2 fan
<mandie Swanee: how about an interview for the newsletter
<Swanee And plans to keep Hobbes afloat
<Abraxas Swanee I didn't even know who he was (the new archiver)
<mandie abraxas: I didn't see his name listed either
<Swanee I'd love to mandie but I'm not sure I can get it done just now.
<DaveWgt I've got a possible interview for you
<mandie dave: with......
<Abraxas I agree that we should give him credit where credit is due .... the Hobbes Archiver is no small task
<DaveWgt SCOUG member gave dynamite presentation saturday on video with OS2
<StevenL Dave, actually quite a bit more than just video.
<Swanee I do have a small blurb that he gave permission to quote so maybe we can start out by sending a small blurb out just to pacify those that are concerned about Hobbes
<DaveWgt he's developed this as a hobby, but cobbled together a system that replaces his stereo and vcr
<mandie DaveWgt: would it be possible for you to interview him and submit to the newsletter
<mandie Dave: you would know the right questions to ask him
<mandie wow
<DaveWgt not being a trained interviewer, maybe better to get him on a chat.
<DaveWgt but yes, I'll interview him
<Swanee I will put the info together for the admin list and maybe get it out to WarpCast this weekend
<mandie great...and we can do a chat also
<mandie do you have an email for him?
<DaveWgt what schedule do you need? What size and format for the article?
<mandie mark...
<Swanee DaveWgt: size=BIG and format=HPFS :-) (just kidding)
<madodel0 DaveWgt: I prefer ASCII or HTML, but can use about anything except for IBM Works
*  _os2OChat brb rebooting client
<mandie mad: by the 10th of July?
*  _os2OChat brb rebooting client
<mandie that's 2 clients :)
<Swanee DaveWgt: Take a peek at the newsletter for an example. Mark is also very helpful when it come time for the final preparations.
<madodel0 If you want it in the July issue :-)
<mandie well it's too late for June silllllly!
<Projects heh
<DaveWgt what's the deadline for the july issue?
<Projects july 10
<madodel0 Send the article to
<mandie daveWgt: and when you find his email, send it to and I'll setup a speakup with him...thx ;)
<mandie ok, I'm going to take off
<Swanee Good night mandie
<mandie I'll be going to a computer show in a couple of weeks so I'll purchase some of the RAM chips for our key rings
<mandie Swanee: niters :)
<mandie nytol :)
<mandie 150-200....correct?
<mandie hmm
<mandie we get the msg Mark :)
<mandie nytol :)
<Swanee mandie: Sounds good to me :-)
<madodel0 VIRC messed it up
<Abraxas mandie we still need to get the little fob thingies
<madodel0 then GTIRC messed it up
<Abraxas Unless we can get the URL screen printed on the ram chips :-)
<Projects funny to see 33 ratings making OS/2 #1 against hundreds on the other platforms :)
<Sector It just goes to show, we like it
<Abraxas I gotta go .... do we have anything else?
<madodel0 Me to. Good night
<Swanee I think that's it from me
<Swanee Good night all
<Projects night wayne
<Abraxas Great .... thanks, all .... post any and all ideas/info/news to admin
*  Swanee has to get some winks. %am comes right after 4:59
<Longstaff i believe this concludes formal business.....if there any agenda items not covered please bring them to my attention
<Sector I guess that means we're ready for the informal business now