VOICE - General Meeting for 2004-06-26

    ===> This report has been lightly edited -Sec.
12:05:20 <eCSNL> This meeting of VOICE is now in session.
<eCSNL> Chairman is Roderick Klein
<WalterOS2> :-)
<eCSNL> and WDL is secretary
<eCSNL> (Or do you only say that "in session" in a courtroom ?)
<KenKrchnr> You got all three magic words :-)
<Gord> Your usage is correct.
<wdl> It's one of the "magic words" -- good to put them in...
<eCSNL> Oke
<eCSNL> The agenda
<eCSNL> can be found here:
<eCSNL> home.wanadoo.nl/rwklein/agenda.txt
<eCSNL> POint one of the agenda
<eCSNL> The VOICE 1 server
<eCSNL> this is wrapped up now ?
<KenKrchnr> voice1 is here, I haven't had a chance to backup then pull the drives yet, but I did check that it still boots.
<eCSNL> Ooops I forgot :-)
<eCSNL> Thats why I put it on the agenda.
<KenKrchnr> So the shipping went OK. There was only a card guide dislodged.
<eCSNL> I forgot it arrived at your place.
<WalterOS2> Ken, let me know when it's ready and I'll come get it.
<WalterOS2> I'd like to pick it up at the Fort Erie bridge instead of Niagara if that's OK.
<KenKrchnr> I hope to be able to do the switch ocer July 4 weekend
<WalterOS2> near the Ft Erie bridge. :-)
<KenKrchnr> After that we'll arraqnge the pickup.
<WalterOS2> OK.
<Gord> Which end of Lake Erie is the Fort Erie bridge at?
<WalterOS2> Canada side.
* eCSNL notes Walter does not cross the border :-)
<Gord> East end or west end of Lake Erie?
<WalterOS2> East, I think, but don't trust me.
<Gord> OK.
<WalterOS2> Ft. Erie is just a little ways west of Niagara.
<Gord> Ah.
<WalterOS2> Niagara is so crowded this time of year, and the line-ups tend to be quite long. :-(
<eCSNL> I gues that wraps up this agenda point
<eCSNL> Second point
<eCSNL> Gord the spot light is on you.
<eCSNL> 3
<eCSNL> 2
<eCSNL> 1
<eCSNL> and action
<Gord> I have a report that covers my activity for the last few months.
<eCSNL> Status of member database updating (Gordon)
<Gord> Start Of Report     [NB: From private email, not IRC -Sec.]
  When I began this job the first thing I needed to know was 'What is the Treasurer
  responsible for?' 
  I have come up with the following list, so far: 
  1. Bank Account 
  2. Memberships 
  3. The Discounted Software Program 
  4. Members Mailing List on the Server 
  5. Data Backups 
  This is what has happened with each of these items. 
  1. Bank Account: 
     The balance of the VOICE bank account has been transferred from Kitimat to 
     an account here in Toronto and the Kitimat account has been closed.   
     (The account here is a Canadian dollar account. Whoever does this job next  
     should look seriously at the possibility of having an American dollar account, 
     no matter what country the account is in.  ALL of our revenue and most of our  
     bills are in American dollars and figuring the exchange all the time is a real PITA.) 
     I started keeping paper records of the transactions but Roderick encouraged  
     me to use an electronic system, so I have set one up using In Charge.   
     (I looked briefly at MoneyDance but did not use it because it seems to have  
     only one field for recording the particulars of the transaction.) 
     In In Charge I have used the COMMENT field to name the member and   
     (mis)used the TAX field to record the reason for the income  
     (e.g. the membership type, or Norman purchase), or outgo (e.g.   
     purchase of Norman Licence); and the BUDGET field to record the channel of  
     payment, (i.e. Mensys or BMT or cheque),     
     We need to keep track of this because Mensys wants us to let them know when they  
     owe us [bleep!], and also we should be able to determine how much BMT Micro  
     owes us at any given time. 
     Ken has put my address on our website for applicants to mail cheques to me if  
     they don't want to use Mensys or BMT Micro.  That line is working OK. 
     There is a difficulty entering the transactions into In Charge, (or any such  
     program).  When I enter a new member or renewal I am showing the date of  
     and the amount of the entry as zero dollars because we have no money to deposit at 
     that time, as the money has gone to Mensys or BMT Micro.  The money is entered  
     into In Charge at the time the money is deposited into the account,  
     i.e. when BMT sends a cheque or Mensys makes a transfer.  This way In Charge  
     shows correctly both the date of the membership application and our bank balance.   
     I have received a cheque from BMT Micro, so they have my address.  There are  
     still 2 cheques from them unaccounted for.  I'm still investigating this. 
     The bank account has received a SWIFT transfer from Mensys, so this line seems  
     to be OK. 
     I recently heard from Mark Dodel that the cheque from the membership applicants 
     at last year's Warpstock had not been cashed.  He has offered to send me a  
     I also heard from Matt Walsh that his cheque for the last membership had not been  
     cashed.  He mailed me a replacement. 
  2. Memberships:  
     I got the membership database from Peter.  It runs under DBExpert.   
     It showed far fewer members than were listed on our website in the 'members' list.   
     I sent out a notice to each person whose membership had expired inviting  
     them to rejoin and a dozen or so did.  
     I also discovered that many e-mail addresses were bad.  Where the e-mail address 
     is bad I have opted to remove the bad address from the database. 
     There is a problem with the personal information about applicants that Mensys sends  
     us.  They send us only the name, e-mail address, date of application, and level of 
     membership.  In contrast, BMT Micro collects and sends that information plus  
     home address, phone number, IRC nick, user type, etc.  
     So one 'action item' is to contact Mensys to see if they can collect and send us 
     more data on applicants. 
     I am now scanning the database at intervals to catch those whose membership will  
     expire soon and sending them a reminder.  I am also sending each new member a  
     confirmation notice that I have received and processed his application.  These 
     letters are stored in PMMail as canned replies.  I'm trying to automate this  
     work as much as possible.  To that end I'm learning how to use the canned replies 
     in PMMail, macros, forms, and queries in DBExpert, and the batch processing in  
     In Charge.  I'm hoping to tie it all together with REXX programs. 
     We are getting a small but steady stream of renewals.  We have about [bleep!] paid  
  3. Discounted Software Program:    
     I exchanged many e-mails with Vaughn Bender, sorting out the Norman Anti-Virus  
     and how it works.  I think I have that straight now.  It is written up in the 
     Treasurer Hat document. 
     I got the info on Contact/2.  It is written up. 
  4. Members Mailing List On the Server: 
     This was showing around [bleep!] so-called members.  However, according to the  
     database this number included everyone who had ever been a member but hadn't  
     Based on the responses I got from the broad mailing and the the dates in the  
     that showed the active members, the 'members' mailing list on the server now  
     includes only those who are paid up, around [bleep!] people. 
     Maintaining the mailing list has been a bit difficult to date.  Ken is working on 
     this for me.  The only method currently available is to add and remove members by
     e-mails to majormajor. 
  5. Data Backups:  
     At present I am backing up:  
     the entire VOICE set of books in In Charge;  
     the entire PMMail VOICE account (all e-mails and replies and canned replies);  
     the entire DBExpert database (including tables, queries, forms, reports and macros); 
     the hat writeup;      other supporting text files.   
     These are all put into a ZIP file and uploaded to the VOICE server.  I'm still working on 
     the best timing and frequency for the uploads. 
  The main activity now is keeping information to see what accumulates and then 
  deciding how to organize it to save it for posterity and to make information easy to find.
  This is an ongoing activity.
  Something new I have started is a 'hat writeup'.  This is a job description with fairly
  complete descriptions of each action I do, so that if I get hit by a low-flying plane the next
  treasurer will know what to do.  I recommend each of you do a similar writeup.
  Gordon Snider
  Acting Treasurer - VOICE
<Gord> End Of Report
<WalterOS2> Doesn't MajorMajor have a bulk remove/add?
<WalterOS2> Gord, what do mean by "hat"?
<Gord> When I do the Treasurer's job I wear the Treasurers hat.
<Gord> The hat is the description of what I am doing at the time.
<WalterOS2> :-)
<wdl> Gord: Please email me the entire text file you loaded into IRC.
<Gord> OK
<wdl> Gord: There are a number of "doubles" and also truncations showing at my end.
<WalterOS2> Ditto.
<WalterOS2> :-)
<Gord> They show here too
<wdl> Gord: I'll need clean text to make the Log mahke good sense.
<eCSNL> The chairman needs to leave 3 minutes
<eCSNL> one moment please
<WalterOS2> Next time, we'll have to have the secretary lock the door once the meeting has started. :-)
<KenKrchnr> If Gord can send me the text I'll put it on the server and reference it from the log. That should be easier to deal with.
<Gord> Bill, e-mail is on its way.
<wdl> Gord: t'anks.
<Gord> Ken, e-mail is on its way
<Gord> I seem to have tested the limits of my IRC client.
<Gord> Next time, just a paragraph at a time.
<Gord> If there is a next time for such a long report.
<KenKrchnr> And you're lucky you didn't get knocked off for "flooding" the channel ;-)
<Gord> Ooops
<Gord> Slap on the wrist for that.
<eCSNL> The meeting can resume
<eCSNL> sorry for the delay
<eCSNL> Gordon thanks for the
<eCSNL> extensive update
<Gord> You're welcome.
<eCSNL> Next part
<eCSNL> Hmm
<eCSNL> Ahaaa
<eCSNL> Backup treasurer.
<eCSNL> I have send an email
<eCSNL> to Walter
<eCSNL> you
<eCSNL> Gordon
<eCSNL> and Piet van Zon.
<eCSNL> From here you are on your own. I don't think its efficient
<eCSNL> to keep sitting in between as communication medium :-)
<Gord> Yup, just now got a return e-mail from Piet.
<Gord> We are talking.
<Gord> Should have put that in my report 8-)
<eCSNL> Great I will step back.
<eCSNL> Keep us posted Gordon.
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> How is it with co signing for the bank account of VOICE ?
<wdl> ALL: Okay - *I object* to a non-BOD member having access to member account/information.
<Gord> No one can do it yet.
<eCSNL> WDL who says that ?
<wdl> ALL: ...land *I object* to a non-BOD member having signature authority...
<wdl> ...if that's being contemplated.
<Gord> I agree with Bill.
<Gord> We need an election first, to get some BOD members elected.
<wdl> eCSNL: My interpretation of a "Backup Treasurer's" duties...
<eCSNL> I have discussed matters already. And Piet would not co sign for the bank account.
<eCSNL> Sinc he is the Netherlands
<eCSNL> that is not realy easy to do.
<eCSNL> Piet would only help Gord out with financial matters.
<Gord> And he is.
<Gord> I have useful info from him already.
<wdl> eCSNL: easy or hard - no matter. It's The Principal of the thing...
<wdl> ...to say nothing of the realities.
<eCSNL> And when needed he can take over to keep the books organized.
<wdl> Aargh!! "take over" ...
<Gord> Some on could DEPOSIT money to the account without being a signing authority.
<WalterOS2> wdl: How would you feel if Piet were to become a BOD member?
<wdl> Walter, I won't/can't object to ANYone being *elected* to the Board.
<Gord> Walter, will you be coming to Toronto soon?
<eCSNL> Oke
<eCSNL> Thanks for the short coffee break.
<eCSNL> This point of the agenda will be closed for now
<eCSNL> and become part
<WalterOS2> Gord: I will have to make a special trip just for that purpose.
<eCSNL> of the election discussion.
<eCSNL> (Later on on this agenda).
<eCSNL> Makes more sense.
<Gord> Walter, when, do you think..
<Gord> eCSNL ok
<eCSNL> Ohoo I don't even remeber the order of the agenda items :-)
<eCSNL> Elections is now on the agenda :-)
<WalterOS2> I was hoping you talk to our Jamie and find out if he could fax me the documents, or if I could fax him a letter on VOICE letterhead to the effect that I was to be given signing authority.
<eCSNL> Point 3A
<WalterOS2> I have done that with a company that I owned in the past.
<Gord> OK, I will check with him. He doesn't seem to answer e-mails.
<eCSNL> OKe its ellection time!
<eCSNL> Yep its time for the board to put away the sigars
<WalterOS2> "sigars"?
<eCSNL> and we must quickly clean out the books and kill the rumors about expensive vacations to the Bahames etc :-)
<eCSNL> :-)
<eCSNL> Just kidding.
<eCSNL> First of all when does everybody think we should keep elections ?
<eCSNL> Walter you had a suggestion.
* eCSNL knocks on walters door ?
<eCSNL> Well WDL this is where I would like to address your concern.
<eCSNL> The BOD would need to be expanded with a backup treasurer who would also need to voted on by
<eCSNL> the
<eCSNL> VOICE members.
<eCSNL> Who maintains the VOICE bylaws ?
<WalterOS2> As I told Roderick on the phone, we normally have elections in May-June. However this year we didn't make, so I suggested September after school's back in session.
<WalterOS2> Bill does. <aka wdl>
<wdl> No, Bill does not. Bill offered to write a revision, to be vetted by the BOD, *then* voted on by the members.
<eCSNL> Oke so first the revision needs to be introduced with the back treasurer mentioned in it.
<eCSNL> Then we can vote on it.
<eCSNL> Then the VOICE members
<eCSNL> and then we can keep elections.
<eCSNL> back=backup
<wdl> The revision is on the "back burner" here...
<wdl> I posted what I had, soliciting comment...
<wdl> ...got none, really...
<wdl> This BOD needs to decide what the Officers *should* be, then I could continue.
<Gord> Where is the revision now?
<wdl> For the record: Any second-seat Treasurer is a Bad Idea.
<WalterOS2> wdl: That means we like what you did. :-)
<WalterOS2> I was generally happy with it.
<WalterOS2> How does a second-seat treasurer differ from a backup treasurer.
<WalterOS2> Bill?
<KenKrchnr> Same thing
<Gord> What we need is a second SIGNING AUTHORITY.
<wdl> Gord: Wait one...
<WalterOS2> Gord: I've sent you an email about that.
<wdl> Gord/All: It's still on my website, but not directly referenced from the main/subsidiary pages...
<WalterOS2> I thought we agreed that the two signing authorities would be me and Gord.
<KenKrchnr> Generally, the signing authorities are; President, Treasurer. Some add the Vice-President.
<wdl> ... I *think* this should get it...
<WalterOS2> Ken: I agree but having a second authority in Holland might create some problems. :-)
<wdl> ... http://pws.prserv.net/wdl/VoiceByLaws.htm ...
<KenKrchnr> Long arms?
<wdl> ... but I remember now that some (Walter? Gord? ...?) can't see any portion of my site....
<wdl> ... unresolved "blocking" issue with Walter/Gord 's ISPs ????
<KenKrchnr> I don't get a page there either right now.
<Gord> Just tried. I still can't.
<Gord> Can they be posted on VOICE?
<WalterOS2> I can't see it now, but I have been able to in the past. The error message is: The requested URL /wdl/VoiceByLaws.htm was not found on this server
<wdl> Gord: Neither can I... ;( Wait a bit...
<WalterOS2> Only US users allowed, I guess. :-)

<wdl> ... It's there!
<wdl> Walter: Noooo, my website ISP has been on "blocklists" = "BLACKlists" in the past. Seems it...
<wdl> ...still is on old lists being used by *some* ISPs.
<Gord> Tried again. Timed out.
<KenKrchnr> try http://www.os2voice.com/wdl/voicebylaws.htm
<Gord> Ahhh! Much better.
<wdl> Ken: Bless you!!
<wdl> ALL: remember the document is *not* even finished in it's present state.
<wdl> ... much still untouched, even.
<KenKrchnr> Hmmm, says Walter can't be fiduciary signatory :-)
<eCSNL> Oke so in a nut shell
<eCSNL> we should first
<eCSNL> get the voicebylaws finished
<eCSNL> and add an item for
<wdl> Ken: Does it? IMHO, that needs revision then. The President is a common alternate fid authority...
<Gord> wdl, Article III section A, should mention Senior Membership along with Student Membership.
<wdl> I'm listening to all - will incorporate suggestions from this log...
<wdl> ...when next I'm moved to get back at he ByLaws.
<WalterOS2> We need a clause that says the Treasurer plus any BOD members appointed by the Board shall have signing authority.
<wdl> Walter. YES!!
<wdl> Gord: "Senior Membership" ?? Is there such a real category?
<WalterOS2> wdl: If we don't have a 2nd or backup Treasurer, how do we prevent VOICE from experiencing another financial/bank account debacle like the one we're in?
<wdl> Gord: Does it carry a discount? ;-) Ie, do I qualify for cheap rates?? ;) ;)
<wdl> Walter: The same way other organizations do. The BOD as a body has access to "the books"...
<wdl> ...and any BOD member in principle can do the job.
<wdl> It needn't be the President. The BOD can simple apponit a member to have that...
<eCSNL> So we can create a backup treasurer as part of the BOB
<wdl> ...secondary role.
<wdl> eCSNL: Yes.
<Gord> Senior is the same price as Student.
<wdl> Gord: Am I a Senior? (72, and counting...)
<WalterOS2> Senior member is not in the BL as far as I could see, but it is on the Membership form.
<KenKrchnr> No, Senior starts at 85 ;-)
<WalterOS2> I guess it should be defined and added to the BL.
<wdl> Walter: Well I can put anything at all in a draft. Arguwe 'bout it later.
<wdl> Ken: ???? "Surely You're Joking, Mr...." ;-)
<Gord> wdl, see www.os2voice.org/membership.html
<wdl> Gord: OK, later. That's part of the cleanup process - a worldwide/global endevor.
<wdl> "endevor" = "Endeavor"
<eCSNL> WDL two ther things about the bylaws
<eCSNL> this link is broken
<eCSNL> Online Membership Order Form
<eCSNL> Change it to this
<eCSNL> http://www.bmtmicro.com/BMTCatalog/os2/voicememberships.html
<KenKrchnr> That's because the bylaws expect to be on www.os2voice.org, not .com. Not Bill's fault.
<wdl> eCSNL: As I said - 1st *rough*/*INcomplete* draft.
<eCSNL> It points to secure falcon something.
<eCSNL> Thats not problem wdl. I'm not commenting negative.
<eCSNL> Just bumped into it :-)
<wdl> eCSNL: *All* links need to be settled, then verified - of course.
<eCSNL> Oke...
<wdl> eCDNL: Negative comments welcome. I can take it, as well as dish it out. I think.
<wdl> While we're on the subject, generally...
<wdl> ...how in HTML does one create "line-through' or "opverstrike" characters???
<wdl> ...a better way to create a document for members' voting-on.
<wdl> "opverstrike" = "overstrike"
<KenKrchnr> HTML tag, "<st> .... </st>" (if I remember the code correctly)
<wdl> Ken: Thanks. I'll start with that.
<eCSNL> I would like to suggest the following.
<eCSNL> Since the board must approve the Voice Bylaws first.
<eCSNL> I urge everybody to read them closely and send Bill your comments.
<wdl> Yes, Yes, yes,...!
<eCSNL> Next meeting we will approve them or reject them
<Gord> What!!!! Article III, Section D, Point 3, says I got to issue an annual financial statement to each member. ARGHHHHH
<eCSNL> Well change that!
<wdl> Uh, "next meeting" ... depends a LOT on my Time Available...!!
<eCSNL> Oke.
<Gord> I don't know how to write a finacial statement.
<eCSNL> Then the second meeting in July ?
<wdl> Gord: In most small organizations it's a *simple* thing. More like a bhoushold budget summary.
<Gord> Don't know how to do that, either.
<eCSNL> Oke he is proposal text.
<wdl> As in: "we got this much, spent this much, and here's what's left"
<Gord> See Money -- Spend Money.
<KenKrchnr> Gord, it should be a prescripted report in your acctg program.
<eCSNL> "The treasurer will post on the first week of each year a financial report on the VOICE website at the location www.os2voice.org/treasurer
<eCSNL> Makes much more sense then what is in there now.
<Gord> OK, Ken
<Gord> eCSNL I like that better.
<KenKrchnr> Too public that way, needs to be restricted to members.
<Gord> Good point.
<wdl> Ken: Yes.
<wdl> ALL: Let me get back to making a completed revision - a few weeks maybe.
<wdl> ALL: Then it can be posted for more productive discussion.
<wdl> And we can get on with *this* agenda.
<eCSNL> Oke in nutshell.
<eCSNL> WDL is possible you can get it revised by the third week in July ?
<wdl> Meantime, y'all send me comments/changes/deletion by email???
<eCSNL> You see if we want to keep elections in September.
<Gord> WalterOS2, you mentioned once you wanted an audit done. Can you e-mail me details?
<eCSNL> We need to get this approved by the board in 4 weeks.
<eCSNL> Then the VOICE members to approve it.
<wdl> eCSNL: Why 4 weeks?
<eCSNL> Then we need to make public the annouchment about the elections.
<eCSNL> Since its an election other VOICE members would need to have the posibility
<eCSNL> to put them self forward as a candidate
<eCSNL> for president or vice president etc.
<eCSNL> Then the elections can be held in septemer.
<Gord> Self or someone else.
<eCSNL> Also possible.
<wdl> eCSNL: Any election at present must be under the Bylaws as they are *now*.
<eCSNL> So how do we deal with the backup treasurer ?
<wdl> eCSNL: *then* the Bylaws could be changed... At lweast that's the *regular* way of doing things.
<eCSNL> I want to have somebody else be able to handle keep the bookkeeping if Gordon is for what ever reason not able to do this.
<eCSNL> It can not be somebody from the BOD at this moment. Otherwhise this could have been already.
<eCSNL> If there is one thing that has damaged VOICE to some extend it was the way this treasurer problem has went.
<eCSNL> Mensys has refunded 3 people there membership somewhere last year because there was no respose.
<Gord> Ouch.
<Gord> I have heard from several people that they got no response.
<Gord> I have extended memberships as amends.
<eCSNL> Thats why at all cost we want to prevent this kind of problems. Gordon your doing a great job.
<eCSNL> But if you need to go into hospital for what ever reason or you are not able to keep our books organized who does ?
<Gord> It IS a problem!!
<eCSNL> WDL from what I understand from you you don't want to see an external problem not voted by VOICE members
<eCSNL> having access to our financial data
<eCSNL> But I don't want to wait to long bringing in a second person and first having to wait before the elections in september are over.
<eCSNL> Then having the VOICE laws changest.
<eCSNL> Sorry for long typing... But I hope you understand my concerns.
<Gord> I don't think any change in the bylaws will affect that requirement.
<Gord> I have to go soon.
<eCSNL> Oke well we can continue to discuss this next meeting.
<Gord> Wen is next meeting?
<eCSNL> First week of july.
<eCSNL> I think its the third of July.
<Gord> Next Saturday?
<eCSNL> Yes.
<eCSNL> Yeh I know.
<Gord> OK
<eCSNL> There should have been a meeting the previous week.
<eCSNL> But thank my Nokia agenda for that.
<wdl> What is the nominal schedule??? I've understood it's 1st and 3rd Saturdays.
<eCSNL> Thats true yes.
<wdl> We're going to *keep* to that schedule?
<Gord> First I think we should get caught up on the agendas.
<eCSNL> Well I don't know how I restore the old schedule I disruppted.
<eCSNL> :-)
<Gord> Most meetings we don't finish the agenda.
<wdl> Like Gord, I have to go soon too. ...TTW. Who's granted me a little extra time.
<eCSNL> I will skip point B and C for now.
<eCSNL> Next meeting.
<eCSNL> Point D)
<eCSNL> Hmmm I could look into this.
<eCSNL> But there was apoint that somehow IRC seems to out fashion these days.
<eCSNL> Ken I think it was you who mentioned
<eCSNL> that
<eCSNL> for webbnet there is a
<Gord> However an IRC client is available for OS/2.
<eCSNL> web interface.
<eCSNL> Look its seems to be to difficult.
<eCSNL> If people can just drop by by going to a webpage and clicking on a link.
<eCSNL> http://www.os2voice.org/meetinginfo.html
<KenKrchnr> There is the IBM Java applet at http://www.webbnet.info
<eCSNL> Ken could see if you could build a page on os2voice.org/meetinginfo.html
<eCSNL> where people can choose between warpdoctor
<eCSNL> or voice
<eCSNL> Look at www.ecomstation.com
<KenKrchnr> With Mozilla users can just click the link and use Chatzilla. Others can click the Java applet link.
<eCSNL> Well I think we should support both.
<eCSNL> A java IRC client
<eCSNL> and a link
<eCSNL> for Mozilla.
<eCSNL> People who use firefox
<eCSNL> can't use
<eCSNL> IRC links.
<KenKrchnr> Yes, both are there.
<KenKrchnr> Actually they can, but they'd need the add-on for Firefox.
<eCSNL> Ooops you are right.
<eCSNL> I will include that link
<eCSNL> in future postings.
<eCSNL> So that agenda item is scrapped.
<eCSNL> I did not look good :-)
<eCSNL> Last agenda item.
<eCSNL> An update on firewire.
<eCSNL> speakup.
<eCSNL> I send out an email to
<eCSNL> Robert Henschell
<eCSNL> he confirmed he liked the schedule
<eCSNL> I also send an email to Adriaan Geschwend.
<eCSNL> I have not received an answer from him yet.
<eCSNL> I will contact him again!
<eCSNL> So there is an update on the speakup.
<eCSNL> I already working on getting a speakup setup with Peter Koller.
<eCSNL> The author of Maul Publisher.
<WalterOS2> Speakups should improve attendance at VOICE meetings.
<Gord> Great!
<WalterOS2> We'll all have to brush up on our French. :-)
<eCSNL> He is English :-)
<eCSNL> But he lives in France.
<eCSNL> Oke in a nutshell.
<WalterOS2> OK. Thanks for the info.
<eCSNL> I gues that wraps up this meeting.
<eCSNL> And unless other people want comment.
<eCSNL> I would like to suggest to close to meeting.
<eCSNL> Who is in favour of that ?
<Gord> I move we adjourn.
<WalterOS2> I second the motion.
<WalterOS2> Oops! Two slaps on the wrist!
<eCSNL> I support that as well
<WalterOS2> :-)
<eCSNL> I hereby declare this VOICE meeting closed
<Gord> eCSNL, ask for who is in favor.
<eCSNL> and I see you all next week.
<wdl> Magic words????
<WalterOS2> We should ask for a vote to pass the motion.
<eCSNL> Sorry I'm not still used to the procedures.
<eCSNL> But I gues that this motion has already been voted unanymous for.
<wdl> eCSNL: "all in favor of the motion, respond by..."
<Gord> No it hasn't.
<eCSNL> <WalterOS2> typed Oops! Two slaps on the wrist!
<WalterOS2> wdl DOES need his magic words. :-)
<eCSNL> All in favor of the motion, respond by saying AYE.
<Gord> Aye
<wdl> aye
<WalterOS2> Aye
<eCSNL> aye
<WarpedOS2> sye
<KenKrchnr> Aye
<JWE> aaye
<eCSNL> This meeting is closed.
<eCSNL> Now I suggest the people who need run of to dinner.
14:26:57 <KenKrchnr> He means "This meeting is adjourned" :-)

Respectfully submitted,
WD Loughman, Acting Secretary - VOICE