General Meeting from 07/05/99

<five9guy tadda
<Longstaff good shot five9guy
<five9guy hello there everyone
<five9guy made and in one peice to
<five9guy can someone ping me please
<Longstaff it's a little early yet.....not scheduled to get undrway for another 15 minutes
<Longstaff five9guy: instantaneous
<five9guy kewl
<five9guy at least I am not lagging
<five9guy well whaile we are waiting I am going to go and get a drink and get some smokes. I am down to 2
<five9guy brb
<Longstaff good time.....keep the line open :)
<five9guy I think in the mean time inbetween time I am going to go ahead and keep working on my page
<five9guy got any suggestions for it
<Longstaff go for it.....warp can multitask, so you can keep gtirc running while you hack - no suggestions offhand
<five9guy I know I can do multiple things while on here
<five9guy that is one of the things I love about it
<Joc_ that is great, I finally remembered to connect at the right time and on the right day, that is so tough to do!
<five9guy lol
<Sector Whats so tough about it¨
<Longstaff Joc_ - i know!
<Joc_ sector, there are many more hours when there no meeting...
<Sector True, you just need to check the VOICE website where it tells you when and where
<Joc_ sector, usually I either have a meeting, or remember about it the next day, or remember it way too early.
<Sector Sounds like you need a reminder
<Joc_ Sector, I need a brain... :)
*  Sector gives Joc_ Longstaffs brain
<Joc_ mmmh, is it a good one? :)
<Joc_ but a reminder might be a good idea, just I need to remember to set it...
<Longstaff a secretary might be a good idea :)
*  Sector volunteers Longstaff to be Joc_'s secretary
<Longstaff oh gawd :)
<trouvere Hello, all
<five9guy LOL
<Longstaff hiya trouvere
<Joc_ Sector seems to be a good leader, he/she like to volunteer peoples :)
<Sector It's a dirty job but someones got to do it
<Joc_ lol
<madodel Well it's after 8PM. Longstaff want to start things off, since no one else from the BoD is here?
<Joc_ now, I don't want to take anybody's job, but it's 6 past eight! (I would hate to have made all those effort for nothing!)
<madodel Or shall we give them a few more minutes?
*  Longstaff rises
*  Sector doesn't have any time to give
<Longstaff the general meeting is now underway officially......are there any items for the agenda?
<madodel0 But Andrew you don't actually ever seem to do anything
<Sector Who said you had to be doing anything¨
<StevenL Sector is working in virtual mode.
<Longstaff if nobody else has anything pressing, i'd like to take a moment to announce that VOICE has an event chairperson for warpstock, and he's here tonight
<maximum Here. Here.
<madodel0 hip hip horray
<Longstaff five9guy - dunno if you'd like to say a few words?
<maximum Don't keep us in suspense.
<five9guy hello there everyone
<StevenL Hi.
<madodel0 And you are in reality? Any intro?
<westwind hello five9guy
<Joc_ what is a "event chairperson"?
<Joc_ what event?
<Longstaff five9guy - how would you like to be introduced? :)
<freiheit Hello there!
<Longstaff welcome freiheit
<five9guy it doesn't matter
<mandie hello :)
<Longstaff hiya mandie
<five9guy bob will do just fine
<Sector Hi
<freiheit Bob, Bob the chatter.
<five9guy it is for warpstock Joc_
<five9guy how is everyone doing this eve?
*  freiheit is doing well.
<Longstaff bob has very helpfully volunteered to man the booth for warpstock
<maximum Altogether now.
<Joc_ five9guy, you are taking of one event in particular, or WarpStock in general?
<freiheit Woohoo! You go Bob!
<mandie and who might Bob be?
<Joc_ err, taking _care_
<five9guy just this years event as far as I know
<Sector Bob be five9guy in disguise
<madodel0 hmmm, not the Bob of microsoft fame?
<Longstaff mandie - bob is five9guy
<five9guy no
<maximum Steve, are you doing two chat sessions at a time?
<Longstaff lol - bob runs warp windoze
<Sector maximum: Why stop at two¨
<maximum I'm new to this chat thing.
<mandie maximum: you catch on quick :)
<five9guy lol
<maximum Steve, you must believe in chaos and fractals.
<mandie five9guy: have you attended warpstock in the past?
<five9guy no
<maximum Well, I am using the GTIRC.
<mandie five9guy: can I ask your real name plz?
<westwind warpstock location?
<mandie Atlanta
<five9guy bob wagstaff
<Sector With GTIRC you can have muliple channels open at the same time
<maximum Thank you.
<mandie hmm
<five9guy what?
<maximum hmm, she said.
<mandie is wagstaff your real last name?
<mandie lol
<freiheit mandie!
<StevenL Sector, multiple nets too.
<five9guy why?
<mandie freiheit!! :)
<freiheit geez
<freiheit heheh
*  Sector only needs one net
*  StevenL Well, webbnet is the best :).
<Joc_ StevenL, multiple net??? By running multiple session of GTIRC?
<five9guy almost anything you would like to know about me is on my web page mandie
<StevenL Yes.
<maximum I assume we will get a more definite response on the VOICE website.
<mandie five9guy: welcome :) what's your url?
<five9guy is what my url is for now
<westwind with open chat/2 multiple nets on one session... :) (not a salesman) :)
<five9guy however I am in the middle of changing that as we speak
<maximum Does anyone want to talk about WarpStock events?
<mandie five9guy: you've volunteered to be exhibit chair for VOICE warpstock 99?
*  freiheit chant's "Warpstock, Warpstock, Warpstock, Warp Expo West, Warpstock"
<five9guy yes
<madodel0 Don you going to WEW?
<mandie five9guy: thank you and welcome aboard :)
<freiheit Not positive yet.
<freiheit I would like to, though.
<Joc_ five9guy, each person have a different view on their responsabilities, what are yours regarding WarpStock? How many will have the same functions are yours?
<mandie maximum: sure...where would you like to start?
<five9guy as far as how many I am unsure at this point in time
<Joc_ more than one?
<maximum Do we have an events or exhibit person we are introducing here?
<madodel0 maximum: he is the VOICE event chairperson.
<mandie we need to get an annoucement posted with this information
<madodel0 Responsible for co-ordinating volunteers at the VOICE booth
<maximum Could we enumerate the various chairpersons?
<five9guy as far as the responsibalities I am going to be in charge of contacting the volunteers through Email and getting everything set up for the booth as well as a schedule of when the ppl are to man the booth
<mandie Longstaff: would you get that done and posted to admin for review plz?
<Longstaff mandie - i'd be delighted :)
*  madodel0 volunteers for the booth. :-)
<mandie maximum: this is just for VOICE, nothing to do with the warpstock chair ppl
<Joc_ five9guy, thanks for the answer
<five9guy np
<maximum I've done overstepped the scope again.
<madodel0 maximum: you going to ws99?
<mandie maximum :)
<mandie going! I would expect that maximum will be making a presentation again this year?
<maximum I certainly plan on being there. Will they let me present again?
<madodel0 maximum: Is there a reason they shouldn't? :-O
<StevenL Back in while folks...
<freiheit heheh
<maximum Well, last year I was the last presenter.
<mandie then you need to remedy that this year
<Longstaff maximum - we're very interested....what would be your presentation topic?
<maximum Brad Wardell joked twenty minutes into my session.
<mandie maximum: doubt that you'll have that problem this year
<mandie although off to a slow start, I feel this year will show much more organization than past events
<Joc_ maximum what was your topic last year?
<maximum Warpicity.
<freiheit (not to be confused with WarpCity) :)
*  madodel0 notes that next Monday there will be a speakup on that topic
<mandie maximum: I'm awaiting a reply from Larry F about accessing the compuserve forum for your speakup
<maximum Please note also that there will also be one this Saturday morning 6:am PDT.
<freiheit Oops, bbl
<maximum mandie, that depends upon input from Glenn Meadows.
<Joc_ mmh, I will try to assist, I find out what is "Warpicity". Just too bad WarpStock is on the other side of the continent. :(
<mandie maximum: he is?
<maximum As far as I know Larry F is cohosting this next Monday's session.
<mandie Joc: there's a good article that maximum wrote in the VOICE newsletter re: warpicity
<Joc_ k
<maximum Joc, does that put you on the west coast?
<Joc_ west coast??? Atlanta is on east coast??? I need to review my geography!
<Timka hello all!
<Longstaff hiya Timka
<mandie Timka: hi :)
<maximum Joc, what is the other side of the continent to you?
<Joc_ west
<Longstaff atlanta is actually farther west than cleveland :)
<Joc_ I'm in Ottawa, Canada
<maximum Joc, then ws99 is on your side of the continent?
<five9guy alot futher south to
<maximum The great circle route.
<Longstaff Joc_ - if you're driving, head for detroit and bear south
<Joc_ I'm checking the map at the moment...
<maximum When is it appropriate to speak about WS99 events?
<maximum Must be in the wrong pew.
<Joc_ mmmh, Atlanta is not where I thought it was...,cw8%7c.5wbg5u,4kqmp%28at2%24msjsmm-1yb%3bndhmn%3bt%3bejkcj%3ba%3bBBDnklqr%280,QXO2jrblji%3ba%3bBBDnn7m-u.WIKu3rs%3b7%3bBBDnklqr%280,QXO2jrblji%3ba%3bBBDnn7m-lat55f,QXO2cw8%7c.5wbg5u,%1
<os2OChat man o man that is the longest url ive seen yet
<madodel0 Nothing like a simple URL
<Longstaff a url like that deserves some kinda prize :)
<os2OChat rotfl
<Joc_ if it's the right Atlanta, it's just above Florida
<five9guy no doubt
<Timka grr... re
<maximum I was about to send my machine in for repairs.
<madodel0 Atlanta is in Georgia, just North of Florida
<Sector maximum: Why is that?
<mel25 which url?
<Longstaff Joc_ that sounds like the one, only check your's a couple of hundred miles above the florida state line
<maximum I have enough trouble with plain english. Unplain scares me.
<Sector mel25:
<Sector level=1&mscsid=&uid=uc18v6n8q0hdb7iv:2x0aawuua&SNVData=7%3d%2a%26
<Sector :%3d%2a%26%5e%5e%12j33wjv%5eS%17%5e%5e9%5e%10F%12%26:xl-t55f7n%2a
<Sector %3dy5%21ayg967%3dn7m-lat55f,cw8%7c.5wbg5u,4kqmp%28at2%24msjsmm-1y
<Sector b%3bndhmn%3bt%3bejkcj%3ba%3bBBDnklqr%280,QXO2jrblji%3ba%3bBBDnn7m
<Sector -u.WIKu3rs%3b7%3bBBDnklqr%280,QXO2jrblji%3ba%3bBBDnn7m-lat55f,QXO
<Sector 2cw8%7c.5wbg5u,%1
<Sector That URL
<mel25 oh my
<maximum that URL!
<mel25 yep would have to agree
<Joc_ Longstaff, I'm not at plus or minus 100 km, it's just about 10% error, good enough for me...
<maximum Joc, anywhere within two hundred miles is beautiful country.
<mel25 so may I ask what VOICE is without seeming too blatantly foolish?
<Longstaff not foolish at all mel25
<mandie !ask voice
<VoiceBot [voice] Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (mandie)
<Longstaff voice is a kinda warp community
<Joc_ could I define voice as a virtual user group?
<madodel0 mel25: Do you know what OS/2 is?
<mandie mel: we're a "virtual" OS/2 user group that promotes OS/2 and supports the OS/2 community
<mandie Joc: yes :)
<mel25 thanks appreciate the info...kept wondering why this was the most highly populated chat here
<maximum VOICE sponsors WarpStock.
<mel25 nod
<mandie VOICE "supports" warpstock
<mel25 OS/2 was the IBM operating system right?
<maximum mandie, don't lose me in this thing.
<Joc_ no, it _is_
<madodel0 mel25: still is
<Longstaff yes, but os/2 is still a current ibm product
<madodel0 !ask os/2
<VoiceBot [os/2] Premium 32-bit multitasking, multithreaded O.S. for PCs. (os2hq)
<mel25 thought os/2 had been left behind because of WIndows...actually glad to hear it hasn't
<mandie maximum: hehe...we have contributed $500.00 towards the Sat. night WS99 social event and will contribute another $500 when our $500 challenge is met by another contributor
<five9guy os/2 warp to me is a better O.S. then "windoze"
<Longstaff mel25 - windows has serious limitations
*  mandie likes five9guy's thinking!
<mel25 I know Windows has limitations, I actually would like to invest in Linux if it weren't for the compatibility issues
<mel25 no offense intended
<maximum0 Sorry, I got disconnected there.
<Joc_ Is the financing of WarpStock difficult?
<mandie os2Ochat: hi :)
<five9guy seems to me like all the viruses are created by microsoft for their own operating sysems so that ppl will have to go get a newer version of it for their pc's
<Longstaff mel25 - i respect linux technically, but am staying with warp for the indefinite future.......billyware can go to blazes
<mandie Joc: yes, it's totally dependent upon registrations
<madodel0 mel25: no problem. We are all about choice. We just don't like microsoft shoving windoze down our throts.
<madodel0 ah throats
<mandie hubby is downstairs right now fighting with "billy" ware..very very upset
<maximum0 I look at WarpStock as a unifying event.
<mel25 I definetely agree with that statement completely
<mandie maximum: same here...
<Longstaff that's what i dislike most about windoze i disfigures it's users
<mandie kinda like a "family" reunion :)
<mandie Projects!!!
<madodel0 most OS/2 users are forced to use windoze in work, but buy OS/2 to install on their home pcs
<Projects mandie!
<mel25 ok now what is Warpstock..iwhere will it be held?
<mandie !ask warpstock
<westwind what will be at the #voice booth @ ws99???
<VoiceBot [warpstock] for information (mandie)
<maximum0 Warps
<Longstaff mel25 - it's in atlanta in october......we're goin' :)
<Joc_ I'm proud to say that I use OS/2 at work, all day long (the only here!)
<mel25 doesn't os/2 have compatibility issues as well? apologies again..I thought it would have problems with the preconfigured win software as well
<five9guy the first time I got on a pc it had windoze and I know alot of other ppl who have it but then I found out about warp through my mother and I would much rather use this than the junk called windoze
<madodel0 mel25: OS/2 runs DOS, win 3.1, *NIX ports, and some win32 software
*  Projects never did the windows thing... dos -> OS/2 and never looked back
<Joc_ mel25, yes it does have compatibility problems, especially new devices
<Longstaff mel25 - os/2 can run most win16 apps, but gate$ invested millions to make sure it won't run win32
<maximum0 You have a compatibility problem if you need what they offer.
<mel25 billyboy strikes again
*  Longstaff runs warp all day and night at work also
<mel25 really irks me that he is permitted to squash competitors
<westwind what will be at the #voice booth @ ws99???
<mandie westwind: us :)
<Longstaff t-shirts!
<westwind :)
<five9guy I run a buffer at work and do all the pc stuff on warp
<Joc_ mel25, but there is lots of hardware that works fine with Os/2, so if you buy a new computer, it's a matter to check what availble and to choose one that has supports.
<Projects BTW, this is last call for anyone wishing to take advantage of the June DTB deal... if you registered/renewed with Voice in June, speak up now, or forever hold your peace :)
<mandie westwind: last year we had quite a few software discounts to offer to our existing and new members
<westwind not who, what...
<mandie sold t-shirts
<five9guy as far as t-shirts are concerned what is going to be on them
<mandie gave away floppy's with irc clients
<five9guy anyone here know
<mandie five9guy: we have quite a few left from last year, they are Raspberry pink with a voice logo :)
<westwind DTB deal?
<five9guy ok
<mandie we chose not to put anything pertaining to WS on them so that we could use again this year
<Projects westwind: DeskTop Backup from Pillarsoft
<five9guy just wondering....and as long as I don't wonder to long I won't get lost
<Projects luckily...
<mel25 ok are there any patches being made to convert from win over to os/2 as far as software is concerned?
<maximum0 Yes.
<madodel0 !ask odin
<VoiceBot [odin] Not found.
<madodel0 hmmm
<madodel0 !ask netlabs
<VoiceBot [netlabs] Not found.
<Projects well find it, silly bot
<Projects !ask win32-os2
<VoiceBot [win32-os2] Not found.
<mandie !ask win32
<VoiceBot [win32] Not found.
<maximum0 Naw, Warpicity addresses that as well.
<mandie hmm
<mandie I need to do some entries
<Joc_ mandie, try to kick the but...
<Joc_ err, but=bot
<Projects or in that context, bott? :)
<Joc_ hehe
<mel25 well it has been nice chatting with you all, I will stop back in again sometime.
<maximum0 I think Esther is right when it comes to locating OS/2 users?
<mandie !set netlabs NetL@bs
<VoiceBot [netlabs] Has been added.
<mandie mad: why not the main page?
<Projects maximum0: what did she say?
<madodel0 That is the main page for the Odin project
<maximum0 Said you we had no idea of their number or location.
<maximum0 They wander in. They wander out.
<Projects maximum0: ya... sounds about right.
<madodel0 !set Odin The re-born win32-OS/2 project -
<VoiceBot [Odin] Has been added.
<five9guy hey mandie did you glance at my page at all?
<mandie five9guy: yes :)
<mandie five9guy: enough to find out that you like all music except polka's :)
<madodel0 !set win32-os/2 Now re-born as the Odin project -
<VoiceBot [win32-os/2] Has been added.
<five9guy lol
<mandie five9guy: every been to my page?
<mandie !ask mandie
<VoiceBot [mandie] (mandie)
<five9guy no
<maximum0 Would it be possible to invite Brad back to discuss his infrastructure concept?
<madodel0 Everybody has been to Judy's page
<Projects five9guy: go there now. Do not pass GO. Do not collect...
<mandie !set MoonScape Moon Scape Designs
<VoiceBot [MoonScape] Has been added.
<mandie mad :)
<Projects .!set blatant advertising ->mandie<-
<Projects :)
<mandie maximum: sure, I email him and tell him to let me know when he has some new info
<Longstaff maximum0 - can you give us an encapsulation of brad's infrastructure concept?
<madodel0 Judy is the Queen of OS/2 websites
<mandie LOL
<five9guy I am there now
<Projects guess you're allowed though, it's your bot :)
<mandie projects: you can set your page if you'd like :)
<mandie !ask projects
<VoiceBot [projects] Not found.
<Projects !ask Spoken
<VoiceBot [Spoken] OS/2 Spoken Here! at (Projects)
<Projects already have :)
<mandie hehe
<maximum0 longstaff: he talked about feeding part of the proceeds from the proposed new os/2 client back into funded support for an user infrastructure.
<maximum0 longstaff?
<Longstaff maximum0 - thanx....that would be interesting
<Joc_ an user infrstructure is nice, but without new development it won't do much.
<maximum0 It's interesting because all current proposals depend upon a funded source, entirely different from approach taken with Linux.
<mandie Joc: but if they get the project for a new client, there will be new development
<maximum0 Joc, Warpicity addresses the new development/maintenance issues.
<mandie maximum: from what I understand of the warpicity...there would be only one developer?
<maximum0 mandie, you need to reexamine your statement. Brad is not doing new development. Neither is IBM.
<Joc_ I need to read about Warpicity
*  Longstaff notes that the list of new warp apps continues to expand irrespective of warp5 client initatives
*  mandie needs to reread the log from Brad's speakup :(
<maximum0 longstaff notes correctly.
<maximum0 Warpicity allows a single developer to produce what now takes hundreds.
<Projects still no accounting apps though...
<mandie John Urbanik may be releasing a new childrens (age 3-7) educational game at WS 99
<Projects cool, got one who'll play with it now, and one on the way
<Longstaff lol mandie - five9guy may snag a copy :)
<maximum0 However Warpicity does not limit the world to one developer. Warpicity simply states that you do not need more than one at a time.
<mandie :)
<five9guy lol
<five9guy yea for my daughters
<mandie I will certainly buy it for my grandaughter :)
<Longstaff five9guy - future warpers! :)
*  Projects wishes he could get his kids away from win-os2
<five9guy I have a few of them
<five9guy lol
<Sector Projects: That's easy, disable it better yet delete it
<Projects Sector: can't, 'cause of the software available... but, it is win-os2 and not windows, so I let it slide :)
<Sector tell the kids it's broke and they'll have to use different software
*  Projects needs Chips Challenge/2 and that silly mouse/cat thing to keep one daughter happy
<Projects hehe
<Projects Sector: done that with lots already :)
*  Longstaff has clients still running win3 - the majority of windoze machines are still win3
<Projects my only true win box is weenie, and that's inactive 99% of the time
<maximum0 longstaff ought to really force the SEC to look at MS accounting practice. You can't buy Windows 3.1
<madodel0 Have we announced the Warpstock99 Kickoff Speakup yet?
*  Projects put it to work doing seti@home
<mandie madodel: I just sent the info out tonight...
<mandie Longstaff: can you also compose an announcement for the ws99 speakup and post to admin?
<madodel0 July 24, 1999 at 1 p.m. EST < Shouldn't that be EDT?
<mandie yep
<Projects why not just say "eastern" and leave it at that?
<Longstaff mandie - will see to it
<five9guy hey mandie would you mind if I put your url on my page for a link to other pages?
<mandie corrected and email sent
<mandie five9guy: be my guest :)
<five9guy ok
<madodel0 Any more raffle prizes for that event?
<five9guy b.t.w. I also signed the guestbook ok
<mandie madodel: I don't think we need more than a couple of additional raffle prizes for that night
<mandie five9: thx!! :)
<Projects oh oh...
<Projects now she knows where you live...
<Projects :)
<five9guy lol
<five9guy let her come visit me I don't care
<mandie but will she "remember"! :)
<Projects hahahaha
<five9guy lol she has a reference to look at
<mandie five9: thx for the nice entry :)
<five9guy np
<five9guy All drugs have a generic name. Tylenol is Acetaminophen...Advil is Ibuprofen...And so on...What's the generic name for Viagra?
<five9guy Mycoxafailin
<mandie LOL
<mandie "I" find that amusing :)
<Longstaff hehe
<five9guy I got a ton of them
<five9guy I am making my web site with a ton of jokes on it
<mandie I think we should add five9guy to our admin
<mandie mailing list that is
<Longstaff hey, we're planning on doing irc from the voice booth, right?
<Projects hehehe
<Longstaff mandie - i second that
<mandie longstaff: god willing and the network permits :)
<Projects hope so... I wanna be there too
<mandie longstaff: drop dan a note requesting he add him
<Longstaff mandie - i will
<mandie longstaff: I hope your taking notes :)
<mandie 2 announcements, and one email :)
*  Longstaff is logging :)
<mandie as soon as we hear from Larry, we need to get a reminder out about the Lynn Maxson speakup
<mandie maximum to be exact :)
<mandie maximum: is your hair blondish?
<maximum The darn thing ask me for a nickname. All I could come up with was a moniker my cousins gave me when we were children.
<mandie maximum: it's appropriate :)
<maximum blondish, grayish, horriblish.
<Projects hehe
<mandie maximum: kind of longish?..I recall you from last year..met you when Rollin and the group was in the lobby :)
<maximum Very longish. Ponytailish.
<Sector mandie: Are you sure it wasn't the bar¨
<mandie hehe
<mandie maximum: yep, that's you!
<maximum Rollin's father and I worked together for many, many years with IBM.
<mandie ah, small world ;)
<maximum Rollin's father remains a manufacturing industry guru.
<mandie still with IBM?
<maximum No, we are both "retired". Downsized.
<mandie ah
<maximum But we still bleed blue.
<mandie :)
<Sector So your Bluebloods
<maximum If it's IBM blue.
<mandie well, I have to take off....been nice chatting to you all :)
<mandie nytol :)
<Longstaff ibm have cool offices :)
<maximum If you can find them.
<Longstaff maximum - true....their restraint with publicity extends to signage!
<five9guy I getting closer to having my next page done there ppl
<maximum If IBM knew how to handle publicity, there would not be an MS, only a better OS than MS.
*  madodel would like to know the names of the IBM lawyers that OK's the original DOS contract
<Longstaff five9guy - you should include a warpstock logo so you can get your site on the supporters page - only wait until you have the site location steady
<maximum You know, sometimes you can be overly independent.
<five9guy sounds like a plan
<madodel I think I figured out why WSe-b has been freezing a lot on me. I forgot to apply the OD 2.0 Fixkit.
<maximum Let's not forget that DOS was not IBM's first choice.
<five9guy ADULT: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.
<Projects let's also not forget that the only *original* thing ever coming out of redmond was Bob
<Longstaff maximum - that's something wrong with 'pirates of silicon valley' which i presume everybody never mentioned dan bricklin
<maximum It wasn't Bricklin. It was DR.
<WhiteDrag bye!
<maximum Besides 'pirates of silicon valley' was more fantasy than fact.
<madodel I understand the personalities were captured pretty well
<maximum I'll give you that. Neither Steve Jobs nor Billy G would make my most admired list.
<maximum When I want to see an arrogant asshole I just look in the mirror.
<Longstaff that part was interesting: unsympathetic good guy - partly sympathetic bad guy
<maximum IBM came off looking stupid. No one should ever make that mistake.
<madodel Appears wealth had nothing to do with making either a scumbag
<maximum Well, there are some things that money cannot prevent.
<Longstaff well, i speak as a strong ibm supporter, but i can't help saying that ibm stupidity on occasions has been legendary
<five9guy no doubt
<maximum No, IBM has made inappropriate decisions, but never stupid ones. They make no decisions without horrendous discussion.
<Longstaff maximum - it goes with a company that size
<Joc_ it easier to say it was stupid when know what happen afterward, but it's quite different when one does know.
<maximum Its size is what got in the way.
<Joc_ err, does _not_ know
<maximum What?
<Longstaff maximum - i think their own monopoly settlement in 1982 with the gov't was traumatic and influential to this day
<maximum Sorry. Missed your message.
<Joc_ just that it's easy to say NOW that it was stupid, but at the time, I dounbt you could have predicted what would have happen.
<Joc_ dounb=doubt
<maximum The settlement was anticlimatic. It settled nothing. The fifteen year trial period with its FUD changed things internally.
<madodel According to Dave Both IBM never planned to sell more then afew thousand pc's. They couldn't see a use for them outside mega-corps.
<Joc_ at the time it was a reasonable assumption
<maximum Look, from the start IBM sought a non-IBM OS for the PC.
<Longstaff well, that was then......i'm looking ahead to when the 1990s will be remembered as the decade of windoze, and thought of as a dark age. in the next century we're gonna get some real innovation back
<maximum longstaff, you got it.
<Joc_ wishfull thinking
<madodel Yes but why from a scum sucking toad like gates?
<maximum Joc, nope
<maximum We have never depended on Gates for innovation.
<Longstaff gate$ doesn't depend on gate$ for innovation....he steals things :)
<maximum Gates has been the one seeking out innovation and fearing it if elsewhere.
<maximum Steve, should I be over on the SCOUG channel?
<Joc_ companies MUST make money, and perfectly good software needs no support, no update, etc, and that brings no money!
<Joc_ companies must ensure that people will BUY again, and again, to survive
<Sector maximum: Your welcome to join in
*  Projects would be happy to pay for a v5 of this perfectly good OS
<maximum Joc, the dynamics of the environment forces change. That affects software.
<maximum Joc, Warpicity offers a different economic model.
<Joc_ maximum, I get a very distinct that we are reaching a plateau, people are a lot more reluctant to buy a new computer because theirs is fast enough, and people are reluctant to buy new software because theirs everything they want.
<Joc_ err, distinct _feeling_
<Longstaff Joc_ most businesses reached that mindset surprisingly soon after the debut of windoze
<maximum Joc, we are blind men on different parts of an elephant.
<Joc_ ?
<maximum The problem is for blind men not to insist upon what they cannot see.
<maximum Joc, you have a portion of truth for a portion of the community.
<Longstaff well, at the very least blind men should not drive taxis, or do qa for video cards :)
<maximum longstaff, thank you.
<Joc_ right
<madodel Good night all
<Longstaff good night madodel
<Projects night Mark
<maximum I'm going to switch to the SCOUG session.
<Longstaff oh yeah - that just started
<Sector You can have two channels, no need to "switch"
<Joc_ is it on the same net?
<Sector Yup, right where you are
<maximum You don't understand my limited multitasking ability. It has nothing to do with the software.
<_os2OChat its been fun goint to #scoug ;)
<Projects Joc: yup... #scoug
<Joc_ I'm there, nothing's happening at the moment
<maximum Be patient.
<Joc_ what is GMT?
<Sector Monday nights is the help desk, sometimes since OS/2 works so well it's a little slow
<Sector Greenich Mean Time
<Joc_ ah, ok, I should have know.
<Longstaff well, since there are no more agenda items, i'm going to declare the meeting officially concluded, unless someone objects
<Sector Also there's UT which is Universal Time.
*  Sector objects just for the sake of objecting
<Joc_ from what I understand, GMT is obsolete
<Projects hehehe
<Longstaff lol Sector - please state yer objection :)
<Sector Supposedly, but most people are more apt to recognize GMT as opposed to UT
<Joc_ right
*  Sector objects on the grounds of it's too early
<Joc_ eventhouhg I did not recognize it...
*  Longstaff overrules the objection on the grounds that Sector oughta get a life :)
<Joc_ I would object, but I'm too tired, so I simply stay quiet, and try to catch a few zzzz
<Sector Whatz that¨
<Projects the middle part of a pizza
<Joc_ the zzz?
*  Sector knows what a Pizza is
<Projects take off the pi and the a and catch what's in between :)
<Joc_ the sound that one does when he sleeps. You never reads comics???
*  Sector doesn't know what a life is
<Joc_ lol
<StevenL By all. See you at #scoug.