[07-20-98] [16:50:30] <freiheit> Hey all!
[07-20-98] [16:50:38] <Abraxas> Hiya, freiheit
[07-20-98] [16:50:40] <freiheit> just got your message abraxas
[07-20-98] [16:50:57] <Abraxas> I love it when people pay attention :-)))
[07-20-98] [16:51:02] <freiheit> huh?
[07-20-98] [16:51:23] <Abraxas> to their e-mail :-)
[07-20-98] [16:51:25] <freiheit> Anyway, no Chris's client won't time out--GTIRC 3.0 doesn't do that
[07-20-98] [16:51:37] <Abraxas> Ahhh ... I thought it did
[07-20-98] [16:51:39] <freiheit> it just doesn't save settings between sessions
[07-20-98] [16:51:43] <Abraxas> kewl!!!
[07-20-98] [16:52:21] <chrisg> cool. (The previous versions did indeed timeout, but I never got that far...)
[07-20-98] [16:52:54] <Longstaff> brb
[07-20-98] [16:52:55] <chrisg> I just saw #VOICE Mode Change: +o freheit by VoiceBot - what does that mean?
[07-20-98] [16:52:58] <freiheit> By the way, welcome Chris--thanks for joining us
[07-20-98] [16:53:11] <chrisg> Not a problem. I'll just be late to work today!
[07-20-98] [16:53:19] <freiheit> means the bot auto-ops me when I join the channel
[07-20-98] [16:53:36] <chrisg>
[07-20-98] [16:53:40] <Abraxas> Channel Opearator
[07-20-98] [16:53:43] <Longstaff> still no nicklist...try again
[07-20-98] [16:54:42] <Longstaff> this is ok...hello everyone :)
[07-20-98] [16:55:10] <chrisg> Can I get the GT 3 client to log this?
[07-20-98] [16:55:14] <Abraxas> Hiya, Longstaff
[07-20-98] [16:55:36] <Abraxas> chrisg yes, you should be able to .... freiheit can tell you how to do it
[07-20-98] [16:56:01] <Swanee> Hi all
[07-20-98] [16:56:02] <Longstaff> hello Abraxas
[07-20-98] [16:56:07] <chrisg> hello
[07-20-98] [16:56:13] <Longstaff> hi Swanee
[07-20-98] [16:56:16] <Abraxas> chrisg if you have probs, several of us are logging ... we can e-mail it to you ... and it wil be posted on the VOICE website
[07-20-98] [16:56:29] <Abraxas> Swanee!!!!!! Hiya!!!
[07-20-98] [16:56:30] <chrisg> excellent!
[07-20-98] [16:56:43] <Swanee> Just got home... going to grab a bite... Hi Abraxas! brgb
[07-20-98] [16:56:52] <Swanee> I meant brb
[07-20-98] [16:57:02] <Abraxas> Swanee OK!
[07-20-98] [16:57:13] <Abraxas> Hi, Projects
[07-20-98] [16:57:22] <Projects> hey Dan
[07-20-98] [16:57:32] <Abraxas> Projects How are you enjoying your "vacation"?
[07-20-98] [16:57:53] <Projects> Abraxas: loving it :)
[07-20-98] [16:58:13] <Projects> sure is quiet around here... :)
[07-20-98] [16:59:03] <Abraxas> Projects I'll bet :-)
[07-20-98] [16:59:13] <Projects> hehehe
[07-20-98] [16:59:34] <Abraxas> Projects did you get the story on the "suites" at the Wyndham?
[07-20-98] [16:59:47] <Projects> Abraxas: just going through it now...
[07-20-98] [16:59:51] <Longstaff> story?
[07-20-98] [16:59:51] <Abraxas> k
[07-20-98] [17:00:02] <chrisg> what story?
[07-20-98] [17:00:04] <freiheit> back
[07-20-98] [17:00:14] <mandie> hello :)
[07-20-98] [17:00:22] <Longstaff> hi mandie
[07-20-98] [17:00:23] <chrisg> hello mandie
[07-20-98] [17:00:28] <Arkay> hello all
[07-20-98] [17:00:28] <freiheit> hey mandie
[07-20-98] [17:00:29] <mandie> longstaff: hi :)
[07-20-98] [17:00:33] <Abraxas> Apparantley, the Wyndham people have been offerring Suites at the same $99.00/night rate that the rooms (for Warpstock) go for .... IN ERROR
[07-20-98] [17:00:36] <mandie> Chrisg!! hi and welcome :)
[07-20-98] [17:00:41] <mandie> freiheit :)
[07-20-98] [17:00:50 * freiheit just had a slight accident involving a brand new 2 liter of 7-Up :(
[07-20-98] [17:00:52] <mandie> abraxas: just the 800#
[07-20-98] [17:01:01] <Longstaff> Abraxas - wow!
[07-20-98] [17:01:02] <Abraxas> mandie feeling better tonight? (I hope)
[07-20-98] [17:01:10] <mandie> abraxas: much..thx :)
[07-20-98] [17:01:25] <chrisg> All right! Does that mean that those of us who have them already booked are safe? Or are they going to pull a swifty on us? (Illegally I suspect!)
[07-20-98] [17:01:46] <Abraxas> chrisg dunno .... I'm going to wait to hear from THEM
[07-20-98] [17:01:46] <mandie> chrisg: nope..means when you checkout you'll pay $258/night :(
[07-20-98] [17:01:49] <chrisg> freiheit: Sticky business this
[07-20-98] [17:02:03 * Projects will have to see what the confirmation says as well...
[07-20-98] [17:02:30] <chrisg> I was given the price of USD$188/night for extra nights (that I was told did not come under the WARPSTOCK special rates bit)
[07-20-98] [17:03:10] <Abraxas> chrisg I was given a rate of $99.00/night for 2 nights (Fri and Sat) in a Suite w/2 double beds
[07-20-98] [17:03:37 * Projects reserved a deluxe suite w/king for $99
[07-20-98] [17:04:06] <Abraxas> This oughta get *interesting*
[07-20-98] [17:04:14] <Projects> yup :)
[07-20-98] [17:04:20 * Projects lives for interest
[07-20-98] [17:04:41] <freiheit> so does my bank :)
[07-20-98] [17:04:47] <Abraxas> hehe
[07-20-98] [17:04:51] <chrisg> It would be an interesting legal perspective. (Here at least) for a contract (verbal or otherwise) to be valid/firm, an offer has to be made, acceptance has to be made and $'s have to exchange hands. I suspect that it could be argued that the giving of a credit card number could be considered = $'s changing hands. I which case they are bound by their mistake.
[07-20-98] [17:05:02] <chrisg> I got a king
[07-20-98] [17:05:21] <Abraxas> I'm not one to make a fuss .... but I do have a confirmation # for a Suite for 2 nights at $99.00/night
[07-20-98] [17:05:50] <Swanee> I'm back...
[07-20-98] [17:05:56] <freiheit> hey Swanee!
[07-20-98] [17:06:01] <Swanee> Hi freiheit
[07-20-98] [17:06:02] <chrisg> how I love ya
[07-20-98] [17:06:08] <mandie> I already changed my room ...so it's no biggie..won't be in it that much anyway
[07-20-98] [17:06:09] <Swanee> hehe chrisg
[07-20-98] [17:06:17] <Abraxas> I'd take a room, with one bed (then I wouldn't have to chase her from bed to bed) :-)))
[07-20-98] [17:06:37] <chrisg> Abraxas: Not when I have a mouth full of coffee!
[07-20-98] [17:06:39] <Swanee> I was hoping we'd slip by and be able to keep our suites.
[07-20-98] [17:06:41] <mandie> abraxas: that's known as conserving energy :)
[07-20-98] [17:07:01] <Abraxas> mandie and at my age, that's a PLUS :-)
[07-20-98] [17:07:04] <Swanee> Abraxas: Shouldn't she be chasing YOU?
[07-20-98] [17:07:05] <Abraxas> sorry, chrisg
[07-20-98] [17:07:15] <chrisg> he he
[07-20-98] [17:07:22] <mandie> :)
[07-20-98] [17:08:09] <Swanee> freiheit: How close are you to the 1000 party!
[07-20-98] [17:08:16] <chrisg> Shall we officially get under way, whatever that may entail, or wait a little longer?
[07-20-98] [17:08:46] <Abraxas> It's after 8:00 ... we can start now, if you wish
[07-20-98] [17:09:07] <chrisg> Doesn't worry me, I'm just enjoying the banter...
[07-20-98] [17:09:24] <freiheit> Swanee, I'm at 1,022 :)
[07-20-98] [17:09:29] <freiheit> no party yet, though
[07-20-98] [17:09:46] <chrisg> 1022? Que?
[07-20-98] [17:09:59] <freiheit> 1,022 current native OS/2 apps on my website
[07-20-98] [17:10:09] <freiheit> but yes, we ought to begin, I think...
[07-20-98] [17:10:14] <Swanee> Really? I must have had a lost weekend, I though you were at 990 something. Congrats!
[07-20-98] [17:10:15] <Arkay> outstanding, freiheit
[07-20-98] [17:10:22] <mandie> VOICE would like to welcome our guest speaker ..Chris Graham and thank him for supporting OS/2
[07-20-98] [17:10:44] <WarpGuru> Hi!
[07-20-98] [17:10:53] <mandie> Chris, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with programming for OS/2...then tell us about Graham Utilities :)
[07-20-98] [17:10:56] <chrisg> Ahhh! Coolness. You do make the links or do the authors contact you to be added (or in otherwords, do you have an email address of everyone on the list, if not, it would be a good idead to add it).
[07-20-98] [17:10:56] <mandie> Warpguru!!!!!
[07-20-98] [17:12:02] <Swanee> Hi Egon
[07-20-98] [17:12:13] <Egon> hey Swanee, what's up?
[07-20-98] [17:13:53] <chrisg> Ok, my first computer was a TRS 80, that was good for a bit of basic (got a graphics card extension) and I started some assembler. Then we moved up to some HP Series 80 (85 from memory), then to the HP 150 touch screens. On that I did a lot of 8088 assembler and HLL interfacing. That paid for some collage (in Communications and Electronics engineering (of which I've gorgotten most of it)). When that run out I got a job writing computer games professionally.
[07-20-98] [17:15:08] <chrisg> At the same time, I got involved with FidoNet, and I wanted to use my machine for something else at the same time, so I finally started with OS/2 V1.1 or probably V1.2. Maximus and Bink were both OS/2 apps, so I could actually do something else when the computer was busy.
[07-20-98] [17:16:09] <chrisg> *THEN* I discovered that my two fingers were used to typing FF and TM (Yes, I come from the Norton background, obviously) and also discovered the complete lack of OS/2 utilities. So, like many others at the time, I started writing my own. That was in 1989.
[07-20-98] [17:17:41] <chrisg> Once you've done a FF, the othes (FS, FA etc) fall out of the woodwork and before long, I had a suite of 22 apps (the diskeditor was the last to go into V1.00) that was released to the waiting world in Jul 94 at the OS/2 Magazine sponsored OS/2 World conference in San Jose, CA.
[07-20-98] [17:19:06] <freiheit> Wish I'd known about it :)
[07-20-98] [17:19:15] <chrisg> Not being in the US didn't help sales, and not having _any_ advertising budget didn't help even more, but although it was tight, I survived (the SAMS OS/2 Warp Companion didn't hurt either :-)) and what you have today is V2.1 with around 80 modules and apps.
[07-20-98] [17:20:41] <chrisg> My biggest problem is (still) this: Getting in contact with customers, telling them that I exist and what I do. The most common comment that I receive is "woah, this is a huge treasure chest of goodies".
[07-20-98] [17:21:12] <chrisg> Maybe I've given people too much, because the next comment generally is, oh, I didn't know that that was there!
[07-20-98] [17:21:47] <freiheit> Can there ever be too much OS/2 software, though?
[07-20-98] [17:22:03] <mandie> all under one *roof* :)
[07-20-98] [17:22:04] <Projects> never...
[07-20-98] [17:22:24] <chrisg> My problem with OS/2 is that, the more that I do with it, the more that I love it. Like the WPS stuff. Frustrating, yes (I had to get IBM to fix a few broken things, because noone else had _ever_ subclassed the WPPalette class outside of IBM), but when I look at NT - I shudder cold.
[07-20-98] [17:23:22] <chrisg> Well, that was my though. I consider it a strength to have them all under the one roof, working in the same consistient way. That is the way that they were indeed designed.
[07-20-98] [17:24:02] <mandie> especially if they're coded by the same person...less chance of conflicts
[07-20-98] [17:24:12] <trixer> evening
[07-20-98] [17:24:32] <mandie> trixer: hi :)
[07-20-98] [17:24:41] <chrisg> Now that my day job (I had to get one, when I got married in May 97, to pay for a few things...) has me doing a lot of PM work, you know what you can all expect... There is a little surprise coming up for you all tonight.
[07-20-98] [17:24:44] <Arkay> chrisg: could you go into a coupld of highlights of what's in the utilities?
[07-20-98] [17:25:07] <chrisg> Have a look at http://www.warpspeed.com.au/graham.htm
[07-20-98] [17:25:12] <Swanee> chrisg: We like surprises
[07-20-98] [17:25:18] <trixer> mandie, just got home from work...did I miss anything?
[07-20-98] [17:25:27] <Arkay> i knew you were going to say that :-)
[07-20-98] [17:25:44] <mandie> trixer: chrisg was telling us how he got started programming for os2 :)
[07-20-98] [17:25:57] <chrisg> It lists the overall lsit of features. One of the uniqe features of them, that they all work from a boot disk.
[07-20-98] [17:26:07] <trixer> mandie, oic
[07-20-98] [17:26:14] <trixer> mandie, I *REAL* coder
[07-20-98] [17:26:25] <trixer> not like us fake GNU coders :)
[07-20-98] [17:26:30] <chrisg> This allows you to actually do something when your system is hosed. Something that a PM app can not do.
[07-20-98] [17:27:00] <freiheit> Chris, what do you think is the most challenging part of programming for OS/2?
[07-20-98] [17:27:06] <chrisg> Also, then offer the ability to do remote disk work (yes, undelete files, defrag etc (although I'd not want to do that) on a remote (LAN) drive).
[07-20-98] [17:27:35] <mandie> trixer: you get the job done :)
[07-20-98] [17:27:37] <chrisg> I've always believed in giving people the functionity that need first, rather than the sex/gloss that they want.
[07-20-98] [17:27:55] <trixer> mandie, nah...I'm still a novice :)
[07-20-98] [17:28:21] <chrisg> The entire 424 page (1" thick) manual is available on the web, so you can find out what you need to know when I'm not around.
[07-20-98] [17:28:29] <trixer> chrisg, Which environment do you prefer? VAC++ or Wattcom?
[07-20-98] [17:29:28] <chrisg> Watcom sucks. I use CSet/2 for the V2 of the utilities, as DIAG would not work under the version of VA available at mastering time (V2 = July 96).
[07-20-98] [17:29:36] <os2hq> Howdy, neighbors!
[07-20-98] [17:30:21] <trixer> chrisg, oic....I've heard that Wattcom is faster than VAC++ and I wanted to hear what you thought
[07-20-98] [17:30:47] <chrisg> I used Watcom V10 and V10.5, *AND* had a friend who used them all the time, I quickly came up with 12 different bugs in the IDE, COMPILER and RUNTIME LIBRARY. I gave them 10 *WEEKS* to answer *ONE* of my questions. I never heard from them. This is after my friend paid over $1000 to it. No thanks.
[07-20-98] [17:31:43] <chrisg> WatCom IDE bug: If a filename has a '-' in it, double click on it to edit the error. The IDE can not work out the filename/line number. Kind of broke HPFS-BAD... etc.
[07-20-98] [17:31:56] <trixer> oh
[07-20-98] [17:32:00] <chrisg> I guess that VA is still supported under OS/2
[07-20-98] [17:32:15] <chrisg> trixer: what does oic stand for?
[07-20-98] [17:32:37] <freiheit> oic = Oh, I see
[07-20-98] [17:32:40] <Longstaff> i saw something about a va c++ version 4 supposed to be in the works
[07-20-98] [17:33:27] <Arkay> Longstaff: heard that to. also that an OS/2 version was going to be release same time as win95/nt
[07-20-98] [17:34:00] <chrisg> From me or IBM? I just got the V4 VisAge for AIX CD, reaches, ..., a pre-release from the Object Connection. The NT and OS/2 versions will be shipped at the same time in a few months time...
[07-20-98] [17:34:35] <Arkay> chrisg: have you had the oportunity to take a look at the v4 AIX version?
[07-20-98] [17:35:21] <chrisg> Not yet. I've got to get my power PC's (left over from OS/2 for the Power PC project) up and running AIX. One has NT, the other will have AIX.
[07-20-98] [17:35:51] <chrisg> I was hoping that they include the source to the OCL for Motif on it, then I could port it to Linux etc... :-)
[07-20-98] [17:36:12] <Arkay> that would be cool.
[07-20-98] [17:36:57] <chrisg> It would certainly open things up a little...
[07-20-98] [17:36:57] <trixer> wlep
[07-20-98] [17:36:57] <chrisg> Gee, we are over half way there... :-(
[07-20-98] [17:36:57] <trixer> have to run
[07-20-98] [17:37:07] <Arkay> chrisg: how much work was it to make your utilities y2k compliant
[07-20-98] [17:38:12] <chrisg> Not that much. I simply found all of the date code through out the code, heh, what did you think that I wrote GREP for??? (that is one of my most used apps) and checked it out. It took me less than a week.
[07-20-98] [17:38:40] <chrisg> The only problems with it were that 2008 was being printed as 108, not 08. This was fixed in CSD 6 and above.
[07-20-98] [17:39:27] <chrisg> Kind of burns me that GT V4 was a bug fix and they _charged_ you for it...
[07-20-98] [17:39:33] <chrisg> BTW, how many of you actually use my utils?
[07-20-98] [17:39:33] <Arkay> does it require OS/2 to be patched up to the y2k fix packs?
[07-20-98] [17:40:10] <Swanee> chrisg: How did the Sam's OS/2 Warp Companion come about and how much did that affect your work.
[07-20-98] [17:40:11] <mandie> I received a complimentary copy of GT v4..I wrote the .inf file for it
[07-20-98] [17:40:20 * freiheit doesn't use anyones utils (yet)--can't afford it (yet)
[07-20-98] [17:40:26] <chrisg> Arkey: No, is was purely to do with my code. Because the dates returned from the OS/2 kernel are correct, I was just mulching them (what is mulch?)
[07-20-98] [17:40:35] <Abraxas> chrisg haven't had the need (so far) .... but I'm planning on buying it at Warpstock :-)
[07-20-98] [17:40:48 * Macgyver has set away! (auto away after idling 15 minutes) .gz.
[07-20-98] [17:41:10] <amoskh> chrisg: Not yet... but I will now!
[07-20-98] [17:41:26 * Projects is waiting for the voice member discount :)
[07-20-98] [17:41:36] <chrisg> The SAMS Warp Companion came about from one of those 4am phone calls, but he soon had my complete attention.
[07-20-98] [17:41:41] <Projects> subtle reminder to chris...
[07-20-98] [17:42:20] <chrisg> Gammatech could not move fast enough (one of my advantages!) for them, so they then came to me. I was give *TWO* weeks, to have a master ready for them.
[07-20-98] [17:42:52] <Swanee> Did you scale down a version
[07-20-98] [17:43:00] <chrisg> That was whilst I was in the middle of doing V1.04, which was a major rewrite, as all language sensitive text was being moved to MSG files. SO, you got V1.03cd.
[07-20-98] [17:43:48] <chrisg> No, it was a full version of V1.03, simply mastered for CD. V1.04 was out a few months later, as as with all of my point releases, a free upgrade was given. I only had 7 requests for it anyway.
[07-20-98] [17:44:09] <chrisg> There currently is a spanish version in the works.
[07-20-98] [17:44:15] <Arkay> i'm back
[07-20-98] [17:44:21] <mandie> welcome back :)
[07-20-98] [17:45:01] <chrisg> V2 added FAT support, and about 10-15 other general type apps. Mime support, EABacku, EARestor etc.
[07-20-98] [17:47:04 * freiheit was just looking at the manual for GU and was surprised to see MIME and XX/UU encoding & decoding :)
[07-20-98] [17:47:32] <freiheit> not something I expected from a non-internet based program (but then I've never had to deal with exchanging files between unlike systems)
[07-20-98] [17:47:44] <chrisg> V2.1 added a few more apps and some WPS support. The WPS support includes the GUDisk class, which subclasses and replaces the WPDisk calls (so each of your drives in the drives folder, now has a GU menu option for it) and the WPSoundPalette class, that implements a WP Palette object for the Warp 4 Sound Schemes and also implements it under Warp 3 as well. (I develop under Warp Server Advanced (now the SMP version with my new toy)).
[07-20-98] [17:48:59] <freiheit> chrisg, what exactly do you mean about the sound palette? Simple way to edit soundschems like you can edit color schemes or ??
[07-20-98] [17:49:15] <chrisg> The MIME, UU and XX stuff was written before mailers were generally aware of the concept of attachments. I had to at once point decode the ROMS for my AHA 1542B... So, I wrote it. My general philosphy for the apps, was "I've I've used it twice, then someone else probably needs it, so include it"!
[07-20-98] [17:49:42] <Swanee> chrisg: Good reason. :)
[07-20-98] [17:50:25] <chrisg> freiheit: Exactly that. You get an extra object in your system setup folder, which is a palette object. Each palette entry represents a sound scheme, you can edit and drag and drop it to the desktop.
[07-20-98] [17:51:47] <Abraxas> Sorry to interrupt, but if you are a member of VOICE, please /msg me
[07-20-98] [17:53:00] <chrisg> Give me a minute and I'll put some screen shots up.
[07-20-98] [17:55:25] <freiheit> Wow, so we get a surprise _and_ screenshots tonight :)
[07-20-98] [17:55:52] <chrisg> Yup, that is where RSM comes in handy...
[07-20-98] [17:56:39] <Abraxas> The Door Prize, tonight, is a license to The Graham Utilities. You *MUST* be a member to be eligible to participate. Confirm membership by ?msg Abraxas
[07-20-98] [17:56:56] <chrisg> Please see: [edit: sorry, you had to be there]
[07-20-98] [17:57:01] <Abraxas> That should be: /msg
[07-20-98] [17:57:15] <freiheit> err--RSM = Remote Services Management?
[07-20-98] [17:57:40] <Arkay> I'll get around to joining voice one of these days. :-)
[07-20-98] [17:57:46] <chrisg> Ignore that fact that there are two Sound Schemes of the same name... That is me mucking around (read, I just discovered a bug...)
[07-20-98] [17:57:49] <Projects> RSM = Real Soon Maybe
[07-20-98] [17:57:59] <Arkay> I'll probably do it this week. Guess I'll just have to pay for the utilities.
[07-20-98] [17:58:16 * freiheit sees GU 2.2 coming soon :)
[07-20-98] [17:58:27] <mandie> arkay: are you going to warpstock?
[07-20-98] [17:58:30] <chrisg> RSM, yes. My inet.warpspeed.com.au is 20+ miles away from me here, sitting on a 128K link (you do not want to know what they charge here for access). I use RSM over a 33K to manage it.
[07-20-98] [17:58:55] <Arkay> mandie: still not sure. life is uncertain these days.
[07-20-98] [17:59:49] <Swanee> chrisg: We probably WANT to know but SHOULDN'T ask!
[07-20-98] [17:59:54] <Swanee> :)
[07-20-98] [18:00:10] <chrisg> Speaking of paying. There will be an extra special deal for members here, at WarpStock. The GU/2 V2 CD-ROM ONLY (no printed manual) is going to be available for USD$40 ea. That is USD$9 less that what you can get from my specials page (http://www.warpspeed.com.au/special.htm) and about USD$29 less than retail.
[07-20-98] [18:00:12] <mandie> VOICE will have a booth at Warpstock
[07-20-98] [18:01:03] <mandie> chrisg: thank you for supporting VOICE, Warpstock and OS/2 :)
[07-20-98] [18:01:20] <chrisg> I don't way for it, but you are looking at renta chages of over AUD$1700 per month just for the _line_ (fiber, Frame Relay) and AUD$200 per Gb. For exchange rates see http://www.warpspeed.com.au/United_States.htm.
[07-20-98] [18:01:34] <mandie> we're also working on a Warpstock only members only discount for Internet Adventurer
[07-20-98] [18:01:34] <Swanee> chrisg: I'll bring a bit extra in the $ department. :)
[07-20-98] [18:01:44] <freiheit> Sound Scheme Palette looks nice--and easier to manage than that sound16 app
[07-20-98] [18:02:57] <chrisg> As you can see, I use my OS/2 on the web box for a whole lot more than just a web server. I also run updates for an number of other companies. See http://www.warpspeed.com.au/updates.htm for details. I've just decided to open that up to shareware as well.
[07-20-98] [18:03:49] <chrisg> Oh, if your buying (or intend to), plese let me know in advance so that I know how many to bring. CC is preferable to check, as that costs me more to cash (as it is a foreign check (to me)).
[07-20-98] [18:04:57] <chrisg> No, I guess that it is moving on to the special time. How many you how have seen NT's TaskManager app (RMB on the task bar at the bottom)????
[07-20-98] [18:05:03] <Swanee> Will do, chrisg
[07-20-98] [18:05:30] <Swanee> I haven't seen NT or whatever that is... :)
[07-20-98] [18:05:42] <Longstaff> i haven't...i pay very little attention to m$ products :)
[07-20-98] [18:05:48] <chrisg> Swanee: :-)))))))))))))))))))
[07-20-98] [18:05:49 * freiheit didn't pay much attention to NT4 and 3.51 didn't have that :)
[07-20-98] [18:06:09] <chrisg> Well, that is actually nice to see!
[07-20-98] [18:06:09] <Projects> chrisg: seen it, but didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it. With NT, I tend to get in and get out real quick :)
[07-20-98] [18:06:46] <chrisg> Well, my next question was to have been, how many people have wanted an OS/2 version? And that is what you get!
[07-20-98] [18:07:04] <Swanee> I saw 95 once but that partition is old and unused...
[07-20-98] [18:07:07] <Projects> cool... I think :)
[07-20-98] [18:07:12] <mandie> chrisg: tell us about it
[07-20-98] [18:07:22] <mandie> arkay: you're having a heck of a time tonight :)
[07-20-98] [18:07:23] <chrisg> I'm in the middle of doing (read: UNFINISHED) an OS/2 version of the NT task manger.
[07-20-98] [18:07:24] <Swanee> Yes, please do...
[07-20-98] [18:07:25] <freiheit> Well, not having seen it, I can't know if I want an Os/2 version :)
[07-20-98] [18:07:35 * Projects goes to boot NT on the other box...
[07-20-98] [18:07:36] <chrisg> Let me give you another screen shot, hang on...
[07-20-98] [18:07:43] <freiheit> alright!
[07-20-98] [18:07:57] <amoskh> chrisg: Cool!
[07-20-98] [18:08:06] <Swanee> chrisg: You're with some real-died-in-the-wool OS/2 users here... :)
[07-20-98] [18:08:33] <amoskh> Swanee: maybe dyed-in-the-wool?
[07-20-98] [18:08:42] <freiheit> hahaha
[07-20-98] [18:08:49] <Longstaff> ROFL
[07-20-98] [18:08:51] <Magellan> NT's task manager is similar to the graphical version of Process Commander
[07-20-98] [18:08:56] <Projects> hehehe
[07-20-98] [18:09:04 * freiheit reminds Swanee that "OS/2 is not dead"
[07-20-98] [18:09:12] <Swanee> amoskh: hehe, now where's that spell chekker... um checker...
[07-20-98] [18:09:15] <Projects> .topic #voice come here to lament the deaths of many Voice members
[07-20-98] [18:09:46 * Projects reminds Swanee that there's a Voice member discount for SpellGuard
[07-20-98] [18:09:52] <Projects> :)
[07-20-98] [18:09:53] <freiheit> haha
[07-20-98] [18:09:58] <Swanee> Projects: lol
[07-20-98] [18:10:16] <chrisg> Please see [edit: sorry, you had to be there]
[07-20-98] [18:10:24 * freiheit may, himself, be looking into that to make my editing easier (both for my website and the VOICE Newsletter)
[07-20-98] [18:10:47] <Abraxas> freiheit I *highly* recommend it
[07-20-98] [18:11:06 * Projects finally has NT booted so can check and compare...
[07-20-98] [18:11:29] <chrisg> RSM is useful, I can see what you guys are doing to my remote machine... :-)
[07-20-98] [18:11:33] <freiheit> wow chrisg, looks nice
[07-20-98] [18:11:39] <Projects> hey cool... they look similar :)
[07-20-98] [18:11:49] <amoskh> chrisg: very nice....
[07-20-98] [18:12:09] <chrisg> Oh, I forgot to add, under Warp 4 you get the coloured tabbed notebook tabs...
[07-20-98] [18:12:12] <Projects> os/2 one looks nicer though... more like a real notebook
[07-20-98] [18:13:16] <chrisg> I tried using Matt's NOTETAB control (the PMCX one from Prominare's URE and Designer), but it didn't work the way that I needed it to). The NoteTab control made it look like NT's, which is originally, what I wanted... But...
[07-20-98] [18:13:37] <Swanee> Can you fill us non-NT types in on what funtions the Task Manager handles?
[07-20-98] [18:14:00] <mandie> does it just report or allow you to change things such as priorities?
[07-20-98] [18:14:09] <chrisg> I'll end up adding disk space (as a bar graph), and HPFS/386 info as well. Eventually I want to make it into an app that is like Theseus/2 and OS20MEMU in capability.
[07-20-98] [18:14:52] <Swanee> mandie: Just as I wondered... :)
[07-20-98] [18:15:07] <Projects> uh oh... /me just ended the task "Explorer.exe" and it killed most of NT
[07-20-98] [18:16:05] <chrisg> The first tab is the Applications tab, which simply lists the contents of the Task List (and a few more things). The second tab is the Processes tab, which lists threads, PID, PPID etc, and you can see the third page. As I delve further into the OS/2 kernel's internalstructures I may be able to list open files by process etc.
[07-20-98] [18:17:06] <Swanee> chrisg: Is that possible? Personally, I haven't been able to find a way to control threads from other apps. I'm hoping you can?
[07-20-98] [18:17:07] <amoskh> chrisg: Including things not marked visible on the switch list?
[07-20-98] [18:17:56] <chrisg> No, currently it will not be able to modify other apps, thread priorities, as to do that they have to be a decendant of mine. However, a nice later though occured to me (and I'm a good later thinker) a WPS obect _should_ be able to do it, as it runs as a thread in the PMSHELL workspace, and thus any apps started by the shell, as technically children of mine, so I _may_ be able to tweak them that way.
[07-20-98] [18:18:15] <Projects> chrisg: now that you made me play with the NT task manager thingy, am I gonna have a horrible time next time I boot NT? (had to use the power switch after killing "explore.exe")
[07-20-98] [18:18:52] <freiheit> chris, that sounds interesting--write it as an enhancement to the WPS class itself (?)
[07-20-98] [18:19:22] <chrisg> Process Cmdr etc all replace the shell, and call the shell as a child. By communicating to the parent app, they can control the priorities of threads in children. There are been a recent discussion thread on this somehere recently, and that I what I remember.
[07-20-98] [18:19:42] <mandie> chrisg: will it allow you to kill PID's?
[07-20-98] [18:20:43] <chrisg> Projects: Ahh, so you've discovered that multiple message queues are not all they are cracked to to be too eh? I've found that when NT hangs like that there is _NO_ coming back from it. Only sometimes does OS/2 do this to me.
[07-20-98] [18:21:08] <chrisg> freiheit: That is the idea.
[07-20-98] [18:21:21] <chrisg> mandie: You can do that from the Applications and Processes page.
[07-20-98] [18:21:41] <mandie> ok
[07-20-98] [18:21:46] <chrisg> Now, that you've all worked up an appetitite for it, please see [edit: sorry, you had to be there] to download it for yourselves
[07-20-98] [18:21:48] <Projects> chrisg: heh... well, I boot to NT so seldom that I haven't really mucked with anything. I just know that I cannot configure NT the way I'd like, and I can with OS/2
[07-20-98] [18:22:01] <freiheit> Well, as long as it can kill a hung NS/2 + Java session, I'd be happy :)
[07-20-98] [18:22:08] <mandie> yayayay, I love surprises! :)
[07-20-98] [18:22:25] <Arkay> i just had a power surge and missed the last 10 minutes. chrisg: did you have a screen shot of the task manager thing?
[07-20-98] [18:22:38] <chrisg> Projects: The shell, despite all of its' problems, is 1000% better than anything else a microsoft weenie can come up with.
[07-20-98] [18:23:09] <chrisg> Arkay: Yes, [edit: sorry, you had to be there]
[07-20-98] [18:23:11] <Projects> chrisg: the NT shell?
[07-20-98] [18:23:56] <chrisg> My two theories on MS: Microsoft, communism by another name, and 2) They are trying to send us all blind with those damn small fonts and dialogs that they use!
[07-20-98] [18:24:04] <Arkay> chrisg: cool, but it might look a bit TOO much like the NT task manager. :-)
[07-20-98] [18:24:06] <chrisg> Projects: Yes.
[07-20-98] [18:24:42] <mandie> chrisg: is this beta public yet?
[07-20-98] [18:24:58] <Projects> chrisg: I'm not impressed :) The NT shell is not all that friendly
[07-20-98] [18:25:10] <Swanee> Done, downloaded, tested and running...
[07-20-98] [18:25:19] <Projects> same here :)
[07-20-98] [18:25:49 * Longstaff agrees with the comparison of m$ and communism
[07-20-98] [18:25:54] <chrisg> Arkey: Not a) with the warp4 tabbed dialogs and b) when I add more pages. It is SMP aware, as shown by the Spin Button on the Performance page. To test it, I _had_ to go out any buy a new SMP machine, 2 Pentium II's at 333MHz and 256Mb RAM, Millenium II (which DIAG breaks) and an IBM 9Gb 10020 RPM Ultra Wide SCSI HD.
[07-20-98] [18:26:01 * Abraxas has *NEVER* seen the NT shell (and, hopefully, never will)
[07-20-98] [18:26:33] <Swanee> Hopefully this is as close as I get to NT for a LONG time. :)
[07-20-98] [18:27:23] <chrisg> No it is not public. Someone uploaded the previous offerings (the WPSndPal) stuff to hobbes. The other day I got a bug report on it, and naturally enough I assumeed that it was the final production code. It wasn't - drove me nuts. So, no, please do not upload it anywhere else. It will officially come out in CSD 11.
[07-20-98] [18:27:26] <Abraxas> Just being in a channel where NT is mentioned gives me the willy's
[07-20-98] [18:27:46] <mandie> is this blinking because it's loading the apps...hmmm
[07-20-98] [18:27:53] <chrisg> It is _GOOD_ to be surrounded by some OS/2 zealots such as myself.
[07-20-98] [18:28:17] <Arkay> chrisg: it looks pretty good running on my system. :-)
[07-20-98] [18:28:25] <Abraxas> chrisg you're in good company, here :-)
[07-20-98] [18:28:25 * freiheit is just a "choice enthusiast" :)
[07-20-98] [18:28:45 * Projects is a zealot :P
[07-20-98] [18:28:47] <chrisg> :-)))))))))))
[07-20-98] [18:28:58] <Abraxas> freiheit is dangerous ... don't let him fool you :-)
[07-20-98] [18:29:11] <Projects> only voted once in that vote thingy though
[07-20-98] [18:29:11] <amoskh> chrisg: Looks good!!! (esp. for a beta)
[07-20-98] [18:29:17 * freiheit doesn't like zealots--they kick you out of #windows95 channels just for mentioning OS/2
[07-20-98] [18:29:24] <mandie> why is it jumping on my machine..the applications and the processes page
[07-20-98] [18:29:42] <chrisg> amoskh: Thanks. This is why I prefer to work alone. I can trust myself.
[07-20-98] [18:29:46] <Abraxas> freiheit: Ignorance is Bliss
[07-20-98] [18:29:50] <Projects> mandie: does here too... and can't select a process 'cause the choice zooms back to the top each flash
[07-20-98] [18:30:10] <mandie> right
[07-20-98] [18:30:17] <Projects> mandie: but remember... beta code :)
[07-20-98] [18:30:25] <chrisg> mandie: 'Cause I empty the container each time, just before I fill it again. As listed on the beta.htm page, that is one of the things that I have to fix, and thus a beta designation.
[07-20-98] [18:30:37] <Arkay> mandie/projects: same here. looks like we found a bug. what's the process for reporting these things. :-)
[07-20-98] [18:30:43] <mandie> ah..guess I'd better read the page before I say anything :)
[07-20-98] [18:30:45] <Projects> hahahahahaha
[07-20-98] [18:30:50] <mandie> arkay: hehe
[07-20-98] [18:30:51] <freiheit> RTFM
[07-20-98] [18:30:55] <Swanee> I think the updates to the data are flashing at each repainting. Are you all on Warp4?
[07-20-98] [18:31:04] <Arkay> Still, it's better than some companies release products.:-)
[07-20-98] [18:31:12] <Arkay> Swanee: yes
[07-20-98] [18:31:49] <chrisg> Arkay: Thanks.
[07-20-98] [18:31:58] <mandie> well this gives us a hands on idea of what's to come :)
[07-20-98] [18:32:00] <Arkay> chrisg: did you say this might kill NS/2 hangs?
[07-20-98] [18:32:21] <Swanee> chrisg: Have you run it on Warp4 yet? The reason I ask is that it appears to be a Warp3 pic on the website...
[07-20-98] [18:32:25] <mandie> arkay: I haven't had a ns/2 hang that I haven't been able to kill since installing fp6
[07-20-98] [18:32:28] <freiheit> no, that was me saying I'd like it to
[07-20-98] [18:32:32] <chrisg> Now, all of you go and get [edit: sorry, you had to be there] (this is a 2sec (not a 750MSec) timer). Obviously I also have to add a menu item to change the speed...
[07-20-98] [18:33:37] <Arkay> mandie: I've been pretty lucky with NS/2 lately, but I don't like to say it out loud too often.:-)
[07-20-98] [18:33:40] <chrisg> In my expierence, it has been able to kill _some_ of them, but occasionally the app is block on the kill signal sent to it, which is OS/2's way of saying I've already done that, but it is not listening.
[07-20-98] [18:33:49] <Projects> "instant beta test" :)
[07-20-98] [18:34:01] <Egon> I haven't had a problem with NS/2 since the 6/19 refresh
[07-20-98] [18:34:01] <Swanee> haha, mandie, I was off, I thought it was a .8 sec timer. :)
[07-20-98] [18:34:18] <chrisg> Swanee: LOL
[07-20-98] [18:34:26] <freiheit> Egon, me either, but I'm not ruling it out :)
[07-20-98] [18:34:35] <chrisg> Pjoects: We out to do this more often.
[07-20-98] [18:34:42] <mandie> swanee: what's a couple of .x secs :)
[07-20-98] [18:34:53] <Projects> chrisg: sure! :)
[07-20-98] [18:34:55] <chrisg> oops, out should be ought...
[07-20-98] [18:35:46] <chrisg> Does that make it better?
[07-20-98] [18:35:50 * Projects understood..
[07-20-98] [18:35:59] <mandie> hehe...sure ..it blinks slower now :)
[07-20-98] [18:36:12] <mandie> less disco like :)
[07-20-98] [18:36:14] <Projects> ah... much better. Can select and kill one know if I'm quick :)
[07-20-98] [18:36:21] <mandie> lol
[07-20-98] [18:36:22] <Projects> now even
[07-20-98] [18:36:43] <Projects> got one :)
[07-20-98] [18:36:46] <mandie> chrisg: will this be ready for warpstock?
[07-20-98] [18:36:57] <chrisg> It had better be. (so yes)
[07-20-98] [18:37:07] <Arkay> quick draw!
[07-20-98] [18:37:18] <mandie> yep, I killed pmmail ...
[07-20-98] [18:37:43 * Projects killed tsearch pro
[07-20-98] [18:37:52] <Arkay> got one! killed a folder (i know, i'm a wimp)
[07-20-98] [18:37:52] <Abraxas> mandie not too tough ... Ameritech did it last night :-(
[07-20-98] [18:38:11] <mandie> lol
[07-20-98] [18:38:17] <Arkay> huh?
[07-20-98] [18:38:18] <chrisg> Yes, I'll have to track it by PID, update it if it is there, otherwise add or delete it.
[07-20-98] [18:38:29] <amoskh> I got disconnected - is there a way to slow down the refresh?
[07-20-98] [18:39:05] <chrisg> Not without a recompile. Currently it uses the one timer value for everything, so it would also slow down the graph update speed.
[07-20-98] [18:39:23] <amoskh> chrisg: OK
[07-20-98] [18:39:26] <chrisg> As I said, it's a beta...
[07-20-98] [18:39:34] <Arkay> chrisg: okay, we'll wait.:-)
[07-20-98] [18:39:38] <chrisg> Ta
[07-20-98] [18:39:53] <mandie> ya'll can say...I saw it FIRST at a VOICE meeting :)
[07-20-98] [18:40:05] <chrisg> :=))))))))))))))
[07-20-98] [18:40:09] <Projects> :)
[07-20-98] [18:40:09] <mandie> chrisg: what does the memory compact do?
[07-20-98] [18:40:39] <Abraxas> chrisg: NOW you are famous :-)
[07-20-98] [18:40:39] <mandie> I'd hate to compact my 96megs RAM down to 32 :)
[07-20-98] [18:40:44] <Projects> mandie: halts everything and puts your heart in your mouth for a minute or two :)
[07-20-98] [18:40:57] <Arkay> Projects: :-)
[07-20-98] [18:41:00] <mandie> projects: exactly why I asked :)
[07-20-98] [18:41:12] <Projects> mandie: I just went ahead and pressed the button :)
[07-20-98] [18:41:13] <Abraxas> chrisg This will be on Warp City by Morning
[07-20-98] [18:41:14] <chrisg> It physically commits all of your physical memory at once! This forces just about everything to be paged out. It will then be reloaded as needed. Think of it as forcable garbage collection.
[07-20-98] [18:41:43] <mandie> ahhh
[07-20-98] [18:41:43] <Swanee> mandie: A memory compact holds all the cosmetics for your memory, I think! :)
[07-20-98] [18:41:45] <chrisg> OS/2 caches things in memory using a LRU method (as it should) I just force it to get rid of a few things...
[07-20-98] [18:41:49] <Arkay> groan
[07-20-98] [18:42:03] <freiheit> chris, so it's like the Allocmem utility?
[07-20-98] [18:42:04] <mandie> arkay ?
[07-20-98] [18:42:15] <mandie> UNallocmem :)
[07-20-98] [18:42:19 * Projects noticed the cpu usage dropped radically after the memory compact
[07-20-98] [18:42:21] <chrisg> Never seen/heard of it, so I guess so.
[07-20-98] [18:42:27] <freiheit> heh, okay
[07-20-98] [18:42:35] <Arkay> mandie: Swanee's joke about the compact. almost as bad as something I wouls say.
[07-20-98] [18:42:46] <mandie> LOL
[07-20-98] [18:42:58] <chrisg> Pjoects: I've notnoticed that before...
[07-20-98] [18:42:59] <Arkay> would say. can't type
[07-20-98] [18:43:08] <Swanee> hehe, Arkay you used to be so nice! :)
[07-20-98] [18:43:37] <Arkay> Swanee: it's late, i'm tired, brain's fried. sorry
[07-20-98] [18:44:07] <Swanee> Arkay: We still love you... in a manly sort of way...
[07-20-98] [18:44:12] <chrisg> Yes, it is almost midday here. I'd better be getting off to work...
[07-20-98] [18:44:25] <Projects> chrisg: was at 7x%, did the memory compact, and after it was done was at 13%
[07-20-98] [18:44:31] <Arkay> Swanee: of course, manly. :-)
[07-20-98] [18:44:32] <chrisg> There is one more thing, the trivia contest...
[07-20-98] [18:44:51] <Swanee> Thank you Chris, we look forward to seeing you at WarpStock!
[07-20-98] [18:44:54] <chrisg> Projects: Consistiently? Look at the grph, or just a peak reading?
[07-20-98] [18:45:40] <Projects> er... it was memory usage... sorry
[07-20-98] [18:45:49] <Projects> didn't have it running when I said that
[07-20-98] [18:45:59] <chrisg> I''l be at warpstock. ThinkPad in hand, just for any of those customcode cutting problems... :-)
[07-20-98] [18:46:13] <chrisg> Projects: That makes sense... :-)
[07-20-98] [18:46:27] <Arkay> I'm still hoping I make it to warpstock. if so, hope to see you there.
[07-20-98] [18:46:41] <Arkay> I'll make it to warpstock. still can't type.
[07-20-98] [18:46:48] <Projects> chrisg: :)
[07-20-98] [18:46:55] <mandie> ok, I'll try compact....hold on to your seats@!
[07-20-98] [18:47:13 * Projects holds on to mandie's seat
[07-20-98] [18:47:39] <Swanee> Projects! I'm telling!
[07-20-98] [18:47:42] <Swanee> :)
[07-20-98] [18:47:52] <Abraxas> Projects Watch it! She's married :-)
[07-20-98] [18:47:54] <mandie> wow!
[07-20-98] [18:47:54] <Arkay> isn't this a PG rated channel?
[07-20-98] [18:47:57] <mandie> lol
[07-20-98] [18:47:57] <Projects> Swanee: get yer mind outta the gutter!
[07-20-98] [18:48:01] <mandie> thought it was hung :)
[07-20-98] [18:48:08] <mandie> went from 68% to 25%
[07-20-98] [18:48:28] <Projects> mandie: that's why I was holding your seat... saving it for when you got back. Not like what these dirty old men are thinking :)
[07-20-98] [18:48:39] <Swanee> Ohhhh... I've got a line for that one! but I won't use it... :)
[07-20-98] [18:48:43] <mandie> projects: LOL...I know where you were holding!
[07-20-98] [18:48:48] <chrisg> No, it will freeze your system for as long as it takes to page everything out and what is needed back in again.
[07-20-98] [18:48:49] <Arkay> Projects: I'll have you know, I'm a dirty YOUNG man.
[07-20-98] [18:48:55] <Projects> hehehehehe
[07-20-98] [18:49:19] <Arkay> well, gotta go pretty soon. great stuff chrisg. I'll keep on eye on your site for updates.
[07-20-98] [18:49:22] <mandie> ahhh..I went from 37kb to 72 kb
[07-20-98] [18:49:26] <Swanee> haha, That's right Arkay, who's he calling old! :)
[07-20-98] [18:49:32] <chrisg> I'll be in Chicago a day or two early, anyone else?
[07-20-98] [18:49:35] <mandie> arkay: thx for coming tonight
[07-20-98] [18:49:41] <mandie> chrisg: I'll be there Fri
[07-20-98] [18:49:48] <amoskh> chrisg: I will (I live here!)
[07-20-98] [18:49:50 * Projects hopes to make it there
[07-20-98] [18:49:52] <Arkay> thanks mandie, bye all
[07-20-98] [18:49:54] <mandie> chrisg: where are you staying?
[07-20-98] [18:50:00 * Abraxas will be in Fri Afternoon
[07-20-98] [18:50:01] <mandie> amoskh: great! :)
[07-20-98] [18:50:26] <Swanee> I had planned on it but don't know until it gets closer. At least Friday afternoon...
[07-20-98] [18:50:50] <chrisg> Anyone feel like acting as a tourist guide? I saw Clive James report on Chicago recently (and who could forget Ferris Buehler... ) so I'd like to spend a day or two being shown the sights...
[07-20-98] [18:50:51] <mandie> ok, trivia time for voice members...
[07-20-98] [18:50:55] <mandie> ready chris?
[07-20-98] [18:50:59] <chrisg> At the hotel.
[07-20-98] [18:51:16] <mandie> the Wyndham I take it
[07-20-98] [18:51:26] <chrisg> yes and yes
[07-20-98] [18:51:27] <mandie> I believe *most* will stay there
[07-20-98] [18:51:41] <chrisg> I thought that it made sense to do so.
[07-20-98] [18:51:46] <mandie> me too
[07-20-98] [18:51:55] <mandie> hubby will have to take the metra into chicago :)
[07-20-98] [18:51:57] <Longstaff> besides, they have a good bar
[07-20-98] [18:52:01] <mandie> lol
[07-20-98] [18:52:18 * Abraxas will be at the bar :-)
[07-20-98] [18:52:26] <Swanee> Longstaff: I'll be there for that part too! :)
[07-20-98] [18:52:44] <mandie> I don't drink, but I can occupy a mean bar stool!
[07-20-98] [18:52:47] <chrisg> want me to ask the trivia question?
[07-20-98] [18:52:50] <Swanee> Abraxas: Well at least I'll see you and Longstaff
[07-20-98] [18:52:53] <mandie> chris: please do
[07-20-98] [18:53:00] <Abraxas> OK .... We have 2 VOICE members eligible for tonight's Door Prize
[07-20-98] [18:53:06] <chrisg> When were the release to the unsuspecting world?
[07-20-98] [18:53:13] <chrisg> first in gets it
[07-20-98] [18:53:15] <Abraxas> 50-50 chance, guys !!!
[07-20-98] [18:53:20] <chrisg> that I see, that is.
[07-20-98] [18:53:24] <amoskh> 1994
[07-20-98] [18:53:45] <chrisg> Ok, a little more specific would have been better, but that will have to do!
[07-20-98] [18:54:33] <chrisg> Amoskh: Well, I guess that I can hand deliver it to you! Email me your address details (chrisg@warpspeed.com.au) and we'll arrange things. Thanks.
[07-20-98] [18:54:39] <Longstaff> oct 4, 1994?
[07-20-98] [18:54:48] <amoskh> os/2 magazine thingy...lost connection and that part of the conversation!
[07-20-98] [18:54:53] <chrisg> No, it was Jun-July 94.
[07-20-98] [18:55:14] <mandie> joc: hi
[07-20-98] [18:55:19] <Joc> Hi
[07-20-98] [18:55:20] <chrisg> hello
[07-20-98] [18:55:55] <mandie> chrisg: we will announce the winner of the contest...can we say anthing about the new beta?
[07-20-98] [18:56:23] <chrisg> hate to be rude (this has been such fun) but it is 11:55 am here and I've got to have kunch and go.
[07-20-98] [18:56:30] <Joc> I guess I'm too late for the Graham meeting?
[07-20-98] [18:56:36] <mandie> joc: just ending :(
[07-20-98] [18:56:40] <Projects> kunch is aussie for something?
[07-20-98] [18:56:55] <Joc> mandie, I'm good at that! :(
[07-20-98] [18:56:55] <freiheit> heh
[07-20-98] [18:56:56] <Abraxas> Lunch?
[07-20-98] [18:56:57] <chrisg> Please announce the winner, but don't make the beta public knowledge, as currently it is stand alone, not a part of the utilities as a whole.
[07-20-98] [18:57:02] <mandie> chrisg: thank you so much for coming tonight ..this was a very interesting meeting :)
[07-20-98] [18:57:04] <freiheit> Thank you for coming chrisg, it's been enjoyable
[07-20-98] [18:57:07] <chrisg> er, make that lunch.
[07-20-98] [18:57:11] <mandie> chrisg: ok..thx
[07-20-98] [18:57:16] <Projects> kunch = Kangaroo sandwiches for lunch?
[07-20-98] [18:57:23] <Abraxas> Hey .... I can speak Aussie :-)
[07-20-98] [18:57:26] <Swanee> Thanks Chris!
[07-20-98] [18:57:28] <Longstaff> yes chris...let's do this again sometime :)
[07-20-98] [18:57:47] <Abraxas> Yes, Thank you, Chris .... it has been enlightening
[07-20-98] [18:57:54] <chrisg> 'By gar, it's been a while', but no, not today. I have to drive about 10 hours north from there to where we go hunting.
[07-20-98] [18:57:57] <Projects> and enjoyable
[07-20-98] [18:58:24] <Swanee> chrisg: What are we hunting?
[07-20-98] [18:58:26] <amoskh> Been enjoyable- Thanks!
[07-20-98] [18:58:32] <Projects> kangaroo's don't just hope around in the cities like bears do here?
[07-20-98] [18:58:36] <Projects> hop even
[07-20-98] [18:58:50] <freiheit> All right all--I must depart as well. The log for this meeting ought to be online within a few hours (if Seth is awake) or tomorrow at latest
[07-20-98] [18:58:51] <chrisg> anything that moves, including feral fridges. But I'd better save that for a bar story.
[07-20-98] [18:59:24] <chrisg> Projects: Only when we have really bad droughts, the dryness inlad makes them come towards the coast where the water is.
[07-20-98] [18:59:28] <Projects> damn... gonna really have to try and make warpstock then
[07-20-98] [18:59:39] <Swanee> chrisg: I'll expect to get them all. Oct is when we are getting busy with that activity
[07-20-98] [18:59:42] <chrisg> Projects: LOL
[07-20-98] [18:59:46] <Projects> chrisg: heh... we have bears all the time
[07-20-98] [19:00:01] <chrisg> Projects: Where are youz/
[07-20-98] [19:00:28] <Projects> chrisg: BC, Canada... about 2 hours drive from the Alaska panhandle
[07-20-98] [19:00:41] <chrisg> Cool. Nice part of the world.
[07-20-98] [19:00:42] <Projects> chrisg: closer to you than I am to chicago I think :p
[07-20-98] [19:01:12] <chrisg> Miday, sorry, I could keep at this all day, but I've really got to go and solve someone else's shit. PM Freezes in a telephony app.
[07-20-98] [19:01:34] <Swanee> See you in October!
[07-20-98] [19:01:36] <chrisg> Tis about 9,000 miles for me (at least)
[07-20-98] [19:01:43] <chrisg> bye yall.
[07-20-98] [19:01:43] <Projects> chrisg: we'll see you again then... and thanks
[07-20-98] [19:01:47] <mandie> hope to see you ALL in Oct :)
[07-20-98] [19:02:03] <freiheit> g'night all
[07-20-98] [19:02:05] Connection Closed [19:02]