General Meeting from 07/22/02

<Walter>  This meeting of VOICE on the 3rd Monday of July is now in session.
<Walter>  The agenda is located at
<Walter>  Agenda Item 3--Old Business
<Walter>  We have a whole hangar-full of things waiting for a working members@ list.
<Walter>  Here they are:
<Walter>  1. Nomination/Election
<Walter>  2. Membership-wide Norman order.
<Walter>  3. e-Store page vote
<Walter>  Vaughn, can you give us the status of the membersnew@ list, please?
<WarpedOS2>  members@ should be working.... the people I checked had errors in the email and Xrange was not even in the list
<WarpedOS2>  I believe the Secretary T. maintains the member list for currency
<WarpedOS2>  So I have no idea who is supposed to be in there or not...
<Walter>  Vaughn, my concern is that those people I gave you are only a few people who I happened to ask or were in a small chat and mentioned it. I fear they represent the "tip of the iceberg". :-(
<Rat-Salad>  about the form you want made up...
<Walter>  Go ahead R-S.
<Walter>  Jeremy, did you want to say something about the form?
<Rat-Salad>  you said we are to have a field for member #.. most of the members probably aren't going to know what the heck that is.. we agreed to leave the field to prevent non-members from voting.. but we need to give the members a number.. and any vote that doesn't give the correct number the nomination is disreguarded
<Walter>  R-S: You agreed.... :-)
<Walter>  What I wanted was for users who didn't know ther member number to email Peter for it.
<Walter>  Before they filled in the form.
<Rat-Salad>  hmm Peter isn't around a lot though... correct?
<Walter>  If I send him an email, he usually answers within a day or two.
<Rat-Salad>  I did not mean that the way it may have sounded.. that was not a attack on Peter
<Walter>  My problem is we're going to send out an announcement (via VOICE NEWS, etc) informing people about your ballot, and specifying the URL. How do we give *just* the members a number?
<Rat-Salad>  but.. heres what I would suggest.. instead of member #.. how about validation number.. that will be given out on the members list
<Walter>  RS: Let's discuss using email. It's getting confusing!
<SiuueD>  When you email for a vote, include a unique number to each voting member.
<Rat-Salad>  Walter: now you've confused me :)
<Walter>  Our big problem is getting a membership mailing list we can trust. Plus we should verify it's working once it's fixed.
<Rat-Salad>  what I'm suggesting would be more effective in keeping non-members from participating
<WarpedOS2>  We should also make sure it is current...I just recieved a email indicating no destination
<WarpedOS2>  for a particular email id from the members it should be updated... I think.
<MADecsSMP>  WarpedOS2: problem is how do you get the correct email address if the old one is nolonger valid?
<WarpedOS2>  I notice many emails that were dead when I redid the list...
<WarpedOS2>  So it doesn't seem to be maintained very there a process on keeping the member list or any list updated ?
<MADecsSMP>  people don't send in a new address when the change it.
<Walter>  Vaughn: What do you need to get a solid members@ list?
<WarpedOS2>  I guess just the list from Peter....and I can verify the emails to what is currently working but that does not solve outdated emails.
<WarpedOS2>  I think I still have the hard copy of the emails I nuked off the list so I can tell what is out dated with the current list I get from Peter.
<WarpedOS2>  If not I can do another dump from majormajor of the list and print it off...
<Walter>  Vaughn: I've already emailed Peter and asked him to send you the list asap.
<WarpedOS2>  Ok...Walter....will stand by for the list...
<Walter>  Earlier Mark gave us an abbreviate Warpstock report. Here it is:
<Walter>  MADecsSMP> Right now everything is pretty well on course, except we don't have the social event location picked yet, and our exhibit coordinator hasn't started contacting anypotential exhibiters yet. When he does VOICE will be offered a free booth.
<Walter>  MADecsSMP> I expect the Vernon (the Warpstock exhibit coordinator) to begin contacting people over the next few days.
<Walter>  Jeremy, can you tell us briefly the status of the SSH server on VOICE1?
<Rat-Salad>  sure... its working.. and I can add users on request.. thats about as breif as I can be :)
<Walter>  Jeremy, perhaps you elaborate just a little. Like tell us what SSH does for us, how we can use it, etc.
<Sector>  Briefly: Encrypted telnet
<WarpedOS2>  What can we do with a command prompt...?
<Rat-Salad>  basically SSH gives us access to the command line on the server in a encrypted, secure manner like Sector just said
<WarpedOS2>  So how do we see what is happening on the server if it is a gui app?
<Rat-Salad>  WarpedOS2: for one thing.. and most importantly.. if DTOC hangs we can reboot the machine from the command prompt
<Rat-Salad>  SSH is not meant to replace DTOC..
<Rat-Salad>  SSH is more like plan B
<WarpedOS2>  I know that...RS but what can we do with telnet on a Warpserver....I know what I do on a Netware server which utillizes telnet big time
<Rat-Salad>  the fact that we can tell VOICE1 to reboot isn't enough?
<Walter>  Vaughn: Just for clarity, VOICE1 runs Apache, not Warp Server.
<Rat-Salad>  thats been a problem.. when DTOC hangs were screwed.. we have to contact the folks at Walkabout to fix it for us
<WarpedOS2>  Walter....what is Apache....doesn't it run on WSeB?
<Walter>  We had a day when this happened about a dozen times in one day.
<Rat-Salad>  Apache is a HTTP server... Warp Server is a operating system
<WarpedOS2>  So what your are saying RS is you can initiate a reboot with SSH?
<WarpedOS2>  by telneting in to do that reboot
<Rat-Salad>  yes... and thats the most important thing
<Walter>  We can also edit system files from the command line.
<Walter>  Right, Jeremy?
<Rat-Salad>  sure...
<Sector>  Yup
<Walter>  Like the Apache config files.
<WarpedOS2>  just http.conf though for the most part
<Rat-Salad>  why just httpd.conf?
<Rat-Salad>  you can edit anything you need
<WarpedOS2>  can't do anything on Weasel, majormajor...etc..
<Rat-Salad>  as I said... its not our intentions to replace DTOC with it
<WarpedOS2>  but you can do lots with INISERVE for Weasel...FTP, not sure about Majormajor
<WarpedOS2>  Yes...I understand what you are saying RS...
<Rat-Salad>  I'm just happy that we don't have to go running to Bill Rook everytime something goes wrong
<Rat-Salad>  hehe and Vaugh.. if theres SSH for Netware I would suggest switching to it :)
<Walter>  Access to VOICE1 SSH is restricted by userids and passwords.
<Walter>  I think it best if allow access to SSH to those who have a genuine need for that kind of low-level access to our live server.
<Rat-Salad>  I'm thinking who needs it has it
<Rat-Salad>  you, doug, mark, and myself
<Walter>  Right.
<Walter>  I'm thinking WarpedOS2 may also need it. What do you think?
<Rat-Salad>  it can be arranged
<WarpedOS2>  I updated my ZOC to support SSH
<Walter>  OK, Vaughn, if you want access to SSH, please email RS with your desired UserID and Password. :-)
<Rat-Salad>  Mark said he had problems getting his keyboard to work in a SSH session.. wonder if he resolved that
<Rat-Salad>  with Zoc I mean