Warpstock '99 Kickoff SpeakUp from 07/24/99

<mandie First I'd like to welcome the head of the Warpstock 99 Atlanta team, Gordon Roland
*  WarpHoss - Is my tie on striaght?
<mandie and thank you being our guest at this "special" speakup session
<gordon Thank you Judy
<mandie VOICE will be giving away some special prizes at the end of today's session
<mandie Abraxas: would you like to tell us about those plz
<Projects is someone logging?
<mandie aren't YOU!
<mandie whew :)
<Luc I am
<gordon I think we have more announcements today than any other day since we started
*  Longstaff is logging
*  Sector is logging
<Abraxas VOICE has several prizes to give away at the end of this meeting
<five9guy ok I have a question to help this meeting rolling
<mandie five9guy: plz hold your questions for a few :)
<Abraxas For VOICE Members only, a 2 day pass, party ticket and 1 night in the hotel for WS99
<five9guy would any of you happen to know ok
<five9guy ooop
<Abraxas Also for VOICE Members, a copy of OS/2 Warp Server Advanced
*  Projects doesn't know ok
<five9guy lol
<Abraxas For all in attendance (excluding VOICE and WS Board members) we have a list of software packages to give away
<Abraxas House/2, UPS Monitor, and a selection of apps from Pillarsoft
<Abraxas But this all comes AFTER the Warpstock meeting
<Abraxas We'll have details on the prizes later ... I'm ready to hear about Warpstock 99 :-)
<mandie oook :)
<mandie Gordon, would you like to get the show on the road...and when you're finished you can open the floor for question/input...thx
<gordon Yes, thank you Judy. First a personal note...
<Hawklord Hi all.
<Luc Hawklord: hi there
<mandie is it THAT personal..or would you like to share :)
<five9guy lol
<gordon ...Ethel and I would like to thank everyone for your kindness, consideration and condolences over the loss of our daughter Dimple...
<gordon You have no idea how helpful it can be to receive best wishes at a time like that. Again, thanks to everyone for your consideration.
<gordon OK, Now let's get on to some good stuff...
<mandie everyone, plz hold all comments (including me) until the floor is opened for discussion
<gordon We are pleased to announce that the VOICE challenge has been met by Mensys...
<gordon VOICE is taking the lead in sponsoring the Saturday Night Event (aka "the party") and Mensys is the first co-sponsor for the event.
<gordon We'll have more on this in official press release, but very warm thanks to VOICE for their generosity...
<gordon And very warm thanks to Mensys for picking up the challange:)
<gordon Now more good news!
<gordon We finally have have the official hotel and official airline finalized!
<Luc all right!!!
<Ratti clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap
<gordon We are pleased to announce that The Sherataton Gateway Hotel, Atlanta Airport is the official hotel and of Warpstock 99
<Luc very good news
<gordon As many of you know the hotel is attached to the convention center and, I can tell you, it is a very, very nice place to stay! Room rates will be $89/night single or double occupancy...
<Longstaff good work negotiating the rates
<gordon ...$99/night triple occupancy and $109/night quad occupancy. Children under 18 may stay for free in parent's room using existing bedding (quote from the agreement)...
<gordon ...We should have the registration code early Monday or Tuesday of next week and we will both post it and announce to Warpcast and other channels.
<larryf In additon to the rates that Gordon already mentioned, there is an "upgrade" to the club level for $114/night (normally $175/night).
<gordon We are pleased to announce that Delta Airlines is the official airline of Warpstock 99. A 10% discount will be available for round-trip travel to Atlanta.
<Longstaff what does club level include?
*  trouvere must take a LD phone call; will try to get back later.
<gordon Oh, right Larry. Forgot about that and also forgot to mention that the rate will be in effect from October 13 through October 20 for those of you who want to spend a little more time (highly recommended) in Atlanta.
<larryf Not completely sure ... you'll have to check the hotel web site.
<gordon The discount airline rate will also be in effect for that extended period.
<mandie on phone with hotel..will give details for club rate
<gordon Club level rooms at the Sheraton are BE-U-tiful...if you have a few extra bucks it's worth the upgrade.
<Sector Who's going to spend time in the rooms"
<Luc what about the standard rooms?
<mandie I have the info for the Club rooms
<mandie whenever you are ready Gordon
<gordon Standard rooms are pretty nice as well.
<gordon The hotel was recently renovated.
<gordon But we have several more announcements, so let me get those out and then we can chat;)
<gordon We are pleased to announce that Ziff-Davis columnist Peter Coffee will be a featured speaker at Warpstock 99.
<gordon Peter has a tight schedule that weekend so we haven't finalized the extent to which he will be participating. But he is very enthusiastic about Warpstock and will spend as much time as he can on Saturday.
<gordon We are pleased to announce that International Business Machines will be participating in Warpstock 99.
<gordon We simply haven't had time to work out all of the details with IBM. But, as of today, it is our understanding that Steven King will be presenting on Warp Server for e-Business.
*  Longstaff applauds
<gordon We have also heard from both Pat Sueltz and Jeff Smith.
<gordon We will be working with IBM Network Computing Software to develop the IBM program for Warpstock 99
<mandie nice job team!
<gordon For those who don't know, IBM Network Computing Software is the division that owns OS/2
<gordon OK, I think I got all of the official announcements. Did I miss anything Larry?
<five9guy can someone ping me please
<SteveS Please descibe who IBM'ers Steven King, Pat Sueltz and Jiff Smith are.
<mandie larry is afk
<mandie info on club rate
<mandie it is geared towards the business ppl
<mandie continental breakfast during the week
<mandie bath robes in rooms
<Projects [10:40:24] *** five9guy returned CTCP: PING 2 seconds
<mandie free local and voice msg'ing
<five9guy thanx everyone
<mandie in-room fax available
<mandie that's it
<mandie oh, and free 800 calls
<five9guy lol
<Longstaff no unlimited minibars? :)
<mandie not in YOUR room :)
<five9guy awww why not?
<mandie the floor is open folks
<Abraxas I'm still waiting for SteveS question to be answered :-)
<gordon Pat Sueltz is General Manager, Java and OS/2; Jeff Smith is Vice President, Development, IBM Network Computing Software...
<DaveWgt will we have the comm probs from last year resolved this time?
<five9guy ok I have what I feel to be a very important question everyone about warpstock 99
<gordon I'm not sure exactly what Steve's title is but he is the product manager for Warp Server for e-Business.
<five9guy do any of you know how many hours a day are going to be need to man the booth?
<Ratti 24
<five9guy yea right
<five9guy for does anyone here know?
<gordon DaveWgt: I certainly hope so. We are very concerned about this issue.
<five9guy for real that is
<WarpHoss Ratti knows.
<Abraxas I think the question is what are the show hours? .. the hours (on Sat and Sun) when the floor is open
<Longstaff five9guy - the floor opened at 08:30 and closed at 17:30 for the past two years's events
<Swanee five9guy: You mean, "how long will the exhibition hall be open"?
*  Projects asks the question that Swanee and Abraxas are itching to know... how far is the bar from the exhibit room?
<SteveS Gordon, can you mention some of the presentations sessions that are already committed?
<larryf I don't believe that the exact exhibit hall hours have been announced (or are available) yet.
<gordon Five9guy: the exhibition all will be open from 08:30 to 18:00 (8:30AM to 6:00PM) if I'm not mistaken
<Swanee Projects: LOL!!
<Projects mandie will need to know that too, for tracking purposes :)
<gordon Whoops, I meant to say 08:00, 8:00AM
*  Ratti was kidding (or dreaming).
<five9guy ok 12 hours a day to man that booth then?
<mandie projects: LOL
<Ratti Projects: about 4 sips.
<Projects hahahaha
<larryf Please realize that the exhibit hall hours are not 100% firm ... we may open/close the exhibit hall earlier/later on any given day to accomodate some of the other events.
<SteveS Gordon, and what presentation subjects are you still looking to book?
<five9guy only reason for my concern on a time frame is I can't get a schedule made up if I don't know any length of time
<mandie five9guy: we can discuss that in one of our voice meetings once it's posted :)
<gordon SteveS: no, we can't. We have officially announced that we will not make that decision on August 15. We want to stick to that...see the website, www.warpstock.org, for more information on presentations.
<five9guy whatever
<five9guy not a problem
<mandie :)
<gordon Good point Larry, I shouldn't have stated those times as if they were official.
<five9guy I just need to find out so I can get the 2 million people who are volunteering a rough idae
<five9guy lol
<Projects gordon: any accountingware exhibitors this year?
<five9guy idea even
<Abraxas gordon will there be any facilities to ship products into the show prior to the setup?
<larryf Abraxas. Warpstock will not be providing any facilities. You'll need to work that out yourself with the hotel.
<gordon Abraxas: No, that is a major undertaking that we just aren't in a position to handle
<Abraxas larryf , gordon ... OK ... Thanks ... I'll bring that up when I make my Reservation at the Hotel
<larryf Projects: Most of the exhibitors have been waiting for the hotel/airline announcements, so at this point, I don't believe that any accountingware exhibitors have committed yet.
<gordon You will be able to set-up on the 15th, the day before Warpstock opens
<Projects larryf: good point... hadn't thought of that.
<Ratti gordon: that's all day, am I right?
<Abraxas gordon Great .... we'll be able to setup a day ahead of time :-)
<Projects and hit that bar earlier...
<Projects :)
<WarpHoss As far as Communications go where do we stand on those plans and what are they?
<mandie and still have time for our "annual" dinner :)
<larryf The majority of the problems last year were our connection to the ISP (IBM Net) and the (home built) server.
*  WarpHoss thinks the "Annual Dinner" is the most important thing.
<mandie hehe
<Longstaff i have a suggestion regarding tcpip links.....i don't know if now or at the voice meeting would be best to get into it
<larryf This year, we are talking to both Dell and IBM Netfinity about providing *real* servers for us to use during the conference.
<larryf Longstaff ... are you volunteering to help with the networking this year? If so (and even if not), we can take this up offline.
<gordon John, I can't put my finger on that but it is all or most of the day. I'll see if I can find it in the contract.
<Abraxas larryf VOICE has arranged the donation of 1 copy of OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business to Warpstock ... I have it here awaiting shipping instructions :-)
<larryf Just ship it to me .
<larryf Seriously, if we get the Netfinity server, we'll probably try to get WS preloaded.
<Longstaff larryf - i'll mail you
<gordon Set-up time is 8AM to 11:59PM
<Abraxas larryf ok
<Ratti Gordon: Right. The vendors should be happy to hear that.
<rollin Gordon, we should allow some time for Saturday morning setup. Some vendors may be arriving late Friday.
<WarpHoss Comms- good so far. What about wiring infrastructure? Cabling and such little swarmy details.
*  Abraxas REMEMBERS SETTING UP AT 4:00am in Chicago, last year
<gordon Warphoss, Longstaff -- we are certainly not "overstaffed" in that respect. All help will be very welcome.
<mandie Abraxas: but you were in the bar until 2:30am!
<mandie j/k :)
<gordon WarpHoss: GICC is pretty well "endowed" in that respect. Let's talk off-line.
<Abraxas mandie true .. we were waiting to get into the hall to setup :-)
<Projects hahaha
<gordon Generally, Volunteers are needed!
<Ratti rollin: I think we'll need the whole day Saturday for sessions.
<larryf We have cable(s) from last year. We're considering the purchase of any necessary hubs/switches
<Swanee mandie: He had to stay in the bar until his butterflies were gone. It was soooo exciting just to be there...
<Longstaff WarpHoss - if you're interested in the tcpip side, you and i could work together
<gordon But more importantly Warpstock is a community event...Volunteers are the essence of Warpstock
<larryf Rollin - good point ... we'll need to make arrangements to open the exhibit hall as early as possible on Saturday morning.
<gordon Volunteer turnout has been pretty good so far, but their is plenty of room for more:)
<WarpHoss Certainly LongStaff, It would be my pleasure to work with you.
<mandie the success of Warpstock 97 and 98 can be attributed to the many generous volunteers!
<mandie and the Event teams of course :)
<larryf Gordon - who should people contact (ie, email address) to volunteer?
*  Abraxas has commitments to VOICE .... but will be in Atlanta early Friday AM and will gladly help where needed when the VOICE booth is setup
<five9guy for warpstock 99 larryf?
<gordon Hasan Kamal, hkamal@ibm.net is our current volunteer coordinator.
<mandie that's what we're talking about here ;)...VOICE volunteers are on hold for the moment :)
<Luc anyone interested in volunteering, ...
<Luc could fill in the form thats
<Luc on the website
<mandie may I interject on the volunteer process?
<Luc please do
<gordon Good point Luc, better that you visit the website and fill out the volunteer form so we're sure to capture all of your information
<mandie if you would like to volunteer, please go to www.warpstock.org and select "Volunteers" from the left menu
<mandie that will take you to a page where you can volunteer and a form to help us to Hasan to place you in the area of your choice
<WarpHoss Who's doin the floor plan/arrangement of the exhibit hall?
<five9guy well I hate to go and cut things short but I have to go and pick up a future warp user aka my beautiful 2 year old. please keep me informed as to what is going on for the voice booth ok.
<Ratti Hoss: The exhibit hall is HUGE! It's at least 5 times larger than the one in Chicago.
<gordon Mike O'Keefe is doing the diagram. You can see an architectural drawing on the website. We aren't settled yet on an actual layout, but it will probably be pretty straight-forward.
<Longstaff np five9guy - flip back in when you get back, if we're still here
<five9guy ok
<five9guy L8er
<WarpHoss thanx gordon.
<Longstaff gordon - power mains and phone connections can be easily overlooked.....and they're important
<WarpHoss you knew where I was going didn't you Longstaff.
<gordon Good point Ratti, Don't worry about size, and there really aren't really any bad locations in the hall.
<larryf Each exhibitor will be provided with power and a network connection.
<larryf If someone needs a phone connection, it will cost extra and we'll need to make special arrangements.
<Longstaff well, WarpHoss....i reached the same consideration independently - but you're right
<Luc registrations ...
<Luc may I remind everyone that July 31 is getting nearer
<Longstaff larryf - another consideration about any potential dialup is that would it work for a modem dialup or be strictly voiceline
<WarpHoss Are the machines that are networked gonna be able to be internet visible from the proivided network connection?
<Luc which is the cut-off date for the
<Luc registration at $59
<gordon If you take a look at that diagram (on the website) you'll see little boxes drawn on the floor. Those are the service ports for utility connections
<mandie Luc: July 31
<mandie then it will be $75
<WarpHoss k
<mandie and $95 after Sept 6
<larryf WarpHoss: I don't know, but I would assume that the internal exhibitor network will not be visible to the internet
<Luc do we have numbers on current registrations?
<gordon Longstaff: GICC has done voice and data connections before. We can pretty much do what we need/want.
<larryf Longstaff - I would imagine that either could be arranged, but to the best of my knowledge, none of the exhibitors (at least so far) have raised the issue of a voice/data phone line.
<Longstaff thank you gordon....that's reassuring
<larryf Luc, no. Registration numbers are not available yet ... but please realize that most/many attendees have been waiting for the hotel/airline information.
*  Longstaff points out that the people attending are almost delegates in a sense of a much broader warp community, and many of them not able to go will nonetheless be intensely interested
<mandie TS2!!!
<TS2 Hi Judy
<TS2 I made it : )
<Hawklord Longstaff: Well said.
<larryf Good point longstaff ... and we have had some preliminary discussions about ways to involve the global OS/2 community, but for now, we need to concentrate on actual event and those that WILL be attending!
<TS2 To hot for an airshow today
<TS2 did I miss all the big news?
<Ratti Tom: We put you in charge of everything that no one else wanted.
<mandie yep, and we're not telling you!
<Longstaff point taken larryf....but since we were discussing comm i thought it would be helpful to point out the reason we think it's important
<TS2 That is what I always get Ratti : )
<Ratti Poor ol' Tom...
<mandie Ratti: he can handle it :)
<TS2 weight 'o the world : )
<mandie Gordon: you might want to list your team members and the area of their expertise
<gordon Good idea Judy...
<WarpHoss That could be put at the warpstock site also.
<mandie would anyone who is a member of voice plz /msg projects
<mandie WarpHoss: it is :)
*  WarpHoss is having his v-8...
<Projects with?
<Projects :)
<gordon Mike O'Keefe is our copper-sulfate and lake club management expert, and also does some P.R. and graphics from time to time
<Luc WarpHoss: what exactly?
<WarpHoss Luc > what I was talking about already is on the website.
<gordon Anat Ovadia is our Exhibitor Coordinator and has experience with events hosting over 9000 attendees
<mandie Gordon: I've seen no input via you from <
<mandie oops
<Ratti WarpHoss: add 2 shots of vodka, a drop of bitters, 1/4 teaspoon horseradish, worchestershire and tabasco tot taste to that V8 - It's called a Bloody Awful.
<mandie , would she like to say a few words?
<Ratti but it's really quite tasty...
<WarpHoss Ratti: Waitn til 5pm for happy hour. I'm familiar with the flavor.
<Swanee Ratti: Sounds scary to me :-)
<Longstaff horseradish?
<WarpHoss absolutely horseradish.
<Ratti It's always 5 PM _somewhere_
<WarpHoss hehe
<gordon Anat says hello and don't make me look foolish and we will be contacting exhibitors to discuss co-promotions
<Abraxas Swanee sounds like something we need to try this year :-)
<Ratti It's my favorite breakfast cocktail.
<Swanee Abraxas: haha, include me out on that one. :-) I'll stick to the tried and true.
*  Swanee is a chicken
<Luc the other team members ...?
*  Abraxas will be having breakfast with Ratti, then :-)
<Ratti Great!
<Swanee Abraxas: Alot of golfers have that for breakfast after the front nine... I have different taste... :-)
<Ratti Wait until you taste my Zombies...
*  Longstaff salures Anat.....your experience and enthusiasm is sincerely appreciated
<gordon Alan Greenberg is our Network Coordinator, but has been busy chasing the Y2K bug around the world for the last couple of months.
<mandie maybe we can get some input from you folks on what presentations you would be interested in attending
<TS2 Has the issue of childern attendees been address? ( If so, I will just read the log : )
<mandie TS2: not yet
<Ratti not yet
<gordon Hasan Kamal has been covering Volunteers for Ethel and doing an outstanding job while Ethel was in the Philippines.
<TS2 That was a question brought up on the list.....
*  WarpHoss has to get the dogs in a thunderstorm approaches.
<Swanee TS2: They let Abraxas and I in so I would assume that kids are welcome.
<Longstaff last year there were a lot of programming and developer seminars....i came away with quite a lot from those
<Ratti Swanee: DUCK!
<TS2 Yea, they always let me in the door too : )
<mandie Swanee: that was their FIRST mistake!
<Swanee hehe
<Ratti This year I intend to actually attend the sessions...
<mandie Ratti: don't bet the farm on that one :)
<TS2 Could an offical policy re:childern be posted on the website?
<gordon Yeah, we have two outstanding issues on the list that I think we need to wrap up pretty soon. One being children attendees and the other is student volunteers. We should come to a conclusion on that pretty quickly.
<Ratti I said _intend_...
<Luc i always enjoy vendors presenting new OS/2 apps
<SteveS Mandie, it is tuff to tell you about what presentations I would be interested in as Gordon is not releasing any presentation details until after Aug 15th, per his statement earlier in the chat.
<Luc I'm also inters
<gordon Steve: Tell us what you'd like to see and we will "encourage" it. BTW, don't hesitate to submit a proposal yourself:)
<mandie SteveS: suggestions are always welcomed and could assist in determining the interest of the OS/2 community
<Luc I'm also interested in seeing WS, but that's been covered already
<Ratti My feeling is that children under (12? 13?), accompanied by a paying parent, should be free. Max 2 kids per parent.
<Luc I've also expressed my interest in seeing a lot of shareware authors this year
<gordon Ratti: I think we could even go to 16.
<Longstaff Ratti - now that you raise the point, i think a simple policy of children under 12 admitted free would be an excellent idea
<WarpHoss Why not 18?
<Ratti Must be with a parent, though...
<WarpHoss Absolutely.
<Ratti We don't want stray unattended children roaming around.
<Longstaff lol....drumpig is over 12 now :)
<TS2 As for presentations ( not that I have actually ever seen a whole one ), I like the how-to stuff, the discussions of the future of OS/2, new things, app demos.
<mandie the issue of children's admission will be added to the next WS BOD meeting for policy and then posted to the website
<mandie so hang in there folks :)
<larryf There are potential liability issues in letting children in unattended.
<Luc mandie: good
<mandie TS2: plz add to agenda :)
<TS2 done
<Luc any details yet on "the party"
<Luc Sylvie is asking ... :-)
<Projects will any voice members other than TS2, Sector, and the various BoD members please /msg me
<gordon Yes Luc, we are holding conversations with "The King" but he's not sure yet if he wants to come out of "retirement."
<mandie LOL
<TS2 gordon, offer doughnuts, lots of doughnuts
<Ratti There was some discussion a while ago about making the party a costume party...
<gordon He did say, however, that he likes the idea of returning to public life at Warpstock since so many people talk about him as if he were dead:)
<Ratti Anyone still interested?
<Zoltan Project: how?
<mandie gordon: don't give up your day job
<Projects Zoltan /msg Projects
<Longstaff nope.....not a costume party.....nope
<os2lurker hi Projects ;)
<Projects Hey os2*.*! :)
<Longstaff os2lurker - you're still comin' to warpstock, right?
<os2lurker i dont know yet
<larryf Are there any more questions for me before I have to leave?
<mandie are there any further questions or input for Gordon or Anat?
<mandie oops :)
<TS2 gordon, have your addressed the issue of press people attending? Last year we had two people show up and no proceedure to handle them.....
<Luc now registration, hotel, airline are all dealt with, what will the team be concentrating on next ?
<mandie TS2: might want to discuss in the ws-team list
<gordon TS2: We don't have a definitive policy yet, but this could be significant this year because we have had some interest from the Washington Post, the Atlanta Constitution Journal and CNN
<TS2 cnn? Cool!
<Longstaff gordon - if i may.....VOICE needs data for contact people, email addresses, phone numbers asap
<Swanee brb
<gordon Biggest single item on our agenda is exhibitors right now. This is both critical and time consuming so we are working this hard.
<mandie Longstaff: for what?
<Luc gordon: what can any of us do to help ?
<WarpHoss Gordon> Press Interest is one reason WarpStocks' Web Prescence needs to be "live".
<gordon TS2: Atlanta is CNN's back yard. But I have to give credit to Detlef Schebel of Warpstock Europe for getting this started.
<Longstaff mandie - media production assistants handling liasion
<DaveWgt ciao, ya'll. holler if I can help.
<gordon Luc: we will be publishing a list of potential exhibitors that we need to initiate contact with. We are currently talking to over 20 vendors, but there are many more...
<mandie Longstaff: I honestly believe that we should leave all of the press for Warpstock up to the atlanta team
<gordon ...The trick is to find the "events manager" for the vendor. Many vendors are starting to realize how important events and trade shows are to their marketing effort and have identified a specific contact for that...
<Longstaff mandie - perhaps we should.....what i had in mind is that the media need someone THEY can hit in a hurry when coverage issues arise.....and if we could get time on cnn that would be beautiful
<SteveS Luc, please update the Warpstock web page with today's announcements. Thanks.
<mandie Longstaff: I believe that Gordon's team has that covered :)
<gordon ...as we have been finding out, is that when you get to that person things move pretty quickly, when you miss that person you risk stepping on toes.
<Luc SteveS: sure thing, will work on that tomorrow
<Longstaff gordon - sounds like you're ahead of me kinda, but, yes.....media is about key people
<gordon We'll also have several official press releases before the end of the weekend. You should see a new press release every day next week.
<Abraxas We seem to be having a problem with private messaging .... If you are a member of VOICE, and are planning on attending Warpstock, please speakup now.
<mandie or forever hold your PC!
<Projects :)
<joel1 :)
<WarpHoss I'm going.
<gordon yeah, I seem to be able to receive but not send messages
<TS2 Abraxas, I am planning on attending
<mandie gordon: if you right mouse click on the persons nick you should be able to "chat"
<mandie if you have the nick list on the right side of the irc client
*  mandie noted that gordon is using gtirc
<mandie abraxas: might want to give the "rules" for the prizes one more time
<gordon yes I should, but I get a "cannot connect message"
<WarpHoss Abel McClendon = WarpHoss.
<mandie ah
<Abraxas OK ... The Prizes and rules .....
<Abraxas VOICE has a few prizes to gie away, today.
<Abraxas One of them is a free pass to Warpstock 99, a ticket to the Saturday Evening Party, and 1 night in the Sheraton Gateway hotel
<Abraxas To be eligible for this prize ... you MUST be a member of VOICE, and NOT a member of the VOICE Board of directors, the Warpstock Board of Directors or the Atlanta Organizing Committee
<gordon Anat is leaving now and I have to go shortly after 3:00PM
<Abraxas Anyone who fits within these rules, speakup now
<rollin Can I make a couple of resignations?
<Abraxas rollin I get asked that a LOT :-)
<mandie rollin: get in line behind me plz :)
<larryf And Judy's behind me!
<mandie lol
<mandie abraxas: carry on :)
<Swanee It looks like mostly Voice and warpstock BoD here so a very few will have a great chance for the motel prize
<Abraxas I got a message from Peter that Warphoss and Zoltan are both members, and are both planning on attending WS99 ....
<Swanee And both are good deserving members too
<TS2 Before you guys leave, I want to express my thanks to Anat, and Gordon...as an OS/2 user...for the work you are doing
*  WarpHoss mirrors TS2 thoughts.
*  Swanee too
<Longstaff hear hear
*  Ratti says Amen
<os2lurker cheers beer beer
<Abraxas gordon I need you, please, to pick a number .... either 1 or 2 .... and keep it to yourself for now
*  mandie says hurrah to the entire Atlanta team
<gordon TS2, WarpHoss: You are very welcome. And let me express my appreciation to the BoD, the extended Warpstock Team Family and especially VOICE for all of the support
*  Longstaff seconds mandie's comment
<gordon got it!
<os2lurker hiccup $%^$&#@
<mandie hold on one sec
<mandie joel: you here now?
*  Sector holds onto mandie
<gordon Abraxas: got it, it was a challanging decision, but I came up with a number
<Sector gordon: That one's easy, flip a coin heads=1 tails=2...
<mandie no, plz wait one second
<Abraxas gordon ok .... What is the number?
<mandie nevermind...go on :)
<os2lurker 3
<gordon Sector: oh yeah, I didn't think of that!
<gordon Um...I forgot...No I remember! It was 2! :)
<Sector tails!
<mandie and the lucky person is.............
<mandie oh, did we mention
<Longstaff syntax is as follows: rexxtry say random(2)
<Abraxas Congratulations WarpHoss .... he's going to Atlanta
<mandie the lucky winner has to volunteer for warpstock 99 :) both for ws99 and voice booth ;)
<mandie Warphoss: congrats!!!!!!!!!!!1
<WarpHoss YEEESSSSS!!!!
<Abraxas Courtesy of VOICE
<Swanee woo hoo WarpHoss!!!
<TS2 Atta Boy WarpHoss!!!
<WarpHoss My pleasure to volunteer for the booth as well!
<gordon Congratulations WarpHoss!
<Sector Congradulations
*  Longstaff congratulates WarpHoss
<TS2 you get to buy me a beer : )
<Luc WarpHoss: congrats!!!
*  os2lurker shakes WarpHoss's congradulation it could not happend to a better guy ;)
*  WarpHoss sends donuts to everyone http://www.krispykreme.com/
<mandie server down :)
<Longstaff WarpHoss - shoot five9guy a note about the booth
*  Sector takes a cinnamon role
<WarpHoss Will do.
*  WarpHoss Thanks Voice for their generosity.
<gordon OK, I'm going to have to sign off now. Thanks again to everyone for attending. Hope to see all of you at Warpstock 99 Atlanta!
<TS2 Thank *you* Gordon
<Abraxas Thanks, gordon .... we all appreciate the time and effort you've put into this
<Luc gordon: thanks!!!
<mandie gordon: thank you!
*  Longstaff will be there.....and you've done a great job
<mandie abraxas: ok, want to tell the rules for the remainder of the prizes and get this show on the road :)
*  WarpHoss is still jumping up down...typing is difficult when Hi-Fiving everyone around!
<Luc I'm leaving too. See you all on the list...
<Abraxas mandie I can do that :-)
<Abraxas We have some more software to give away
<Swanee Luc: Stick tight... YOU could still win something :-)
<TS2 Thank you also Luc, didn't know what you were getting into do you? : )
<Abraxas Everyone is eligible except VOICE Board of Directors members
<mandie oops...let me recompile my list here :)
<Luc TS2: it's been fun so far!!!
<Projects yeah, we never get any of the good stuff :)
<Swanee Abraxas: I will make my prizes available to Voice BoD members also if it is acceptable
<Abraxas Traditionally, VOICE Board members have been excluded from eligibility due to possible conflicts (and the fact that we'd be in here anyway) :-)
<mandie Abraxas: you name of the prize and I'll have someone select a # bet 1 and 11
<Longstaff maybe we should hold the remainder of the prizes for the social event
*  Projects says stick with tradition
*  Longstaff declines prize eligibility
<mandie nope...there will be enough at ws99
<mandie longstaff: good thing..because you're not eligible :)
<Projects hehehe
<Abraxas We are holding the copy of OS/2 Warp Server Advanced for another meeting (due to lack of eligible participants)
<Swanee As the donater of some of the prizes, I would like to include "everyone" that is here. except myself
<Swanee for the ones that I am giving
<Abraxas First up on the table is a copy of House/2, the home automation software that works with the X-10 modules
<mandie let's stick with past practice
<Swanee If that is ok... :-)
*  Longstaff moves past practice
<mandie Larryf: pick a # bet 1 - 11
<rollin Don't kick a gift Swanee in the mouth.
<mandie hehe
<Projects hahahaha
<joel1 :)
<larryf OK ... I've got a number
<mandie do tell :)
<larryf It's 7
<mandie Rollin white is # 7 :)
<mandie congrats Rollin :)
<rollin Gee thanks!
<TS2 Way to go Rollin!
<mandie abraxas: plz make note of these and get email addresses :)
<Luc rollin: congrats
<Abraxas Congrats to rollin ... next up, also from Armin, is a copy of UPS Monitor
*  WarpHoss was salivating over the ods for WarpServer Advanced. Now is crying. But real glad he won the WarpStock PrizePackage! ;-)
<mandie ok rollin pick a number bet 1-11
<os2lurker sure beats snake eyes ;)
<WarpHoss Congrats Rollin!
<rollin 4
<Swanee rollin: msg me your name & address info and I will relay it to Armin
<mandie Zoltan is the winner :)
<TS2 Yeah Zoltan!!!
<mandie next prize?
*  WarpHoss heartily shakes Zoltan/s hand in congrats.
<Abraxas Next up is WarpZip, from Pillarsoft
<Luc Zoltan: congrats
<mandie zoltan: pick a # plz
<Zoltan Thanks what did I won?
<Projects :)
<Luc Zoltan: wake up pls
<mandie hehe
<Zoltan 3
<mandie zoltan: a copy of UPS monitor from Armin Swartz
<Swanee mandie: What did Zoltan win so I can keep track :-)
<mandie TS2 is the winner
<Zoltan Thanks.
<mandie congrats Tom
<Luc TS2: congrats
<Swanee Zoltan: msg me with your address info & I will relay it to Armin
<mandie TS2: won Warpzip ;)
<TS2 Don't need that new HD now!!!
<Abraxas Next is Enhanced E (the editor) also from Pillarsoft
<mandie TS2: # plz
<Swanee TS2: msg me with your address info
<TS2 6
<mandie Luc..congrats :)
<Luc YES!!!
<Abraxas I love giving stuff away :-)
<mandie luc: # bet 1 -12
<Projects makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside, don't it? :)
<Luc Can I donate that to WS, for the social event?
<TS2 See what sticking around losing sleep does for you Luc?
<Abraxas Next up is Showtime/2 (again, from Pillarsoft)
<Luc 8
<mandie Sector..congrats :)
<Sector Who me"
<mandie yep :)
*  Sector wonders how that could have happened...
<Projects no, the other Sector...
<Sector Projects: Oh ok, that explains it then
<Abraxas Last but not least is (again, from Pillarsoft), Desktop Backup
<Projects hehehe
<Ratti Only 20:19:50 in Paris...
<mandie sector: # bet 1-12 plz
<Sector 12
<Luc Ratti: who's in Paris?
<mandie ckap...congrats :)
<ckap How soon before the transcript will be up. I got in late this afternoon
<TS2 ckap! Horray!
<Ratti Luc: Aren't you in the same timezone?
<WarpHoss congrats ckap
<Luc it's 21:20 here
<mandie on behalf of VOICE and Warpstock, Inc. I would like to thank everyone for attending the speakup today and thank you for your continued "undying" support :)
<ckap I just got back Horray for what
<Abraxas Speaking of Backup .... will ALL winners please e-mail abraxas@os2voice.org with your name and e-mail address